Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4398, Paying a Visit to Profound Yang Mountain


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The Island Masters of Twin Spirit Island were experts in the Dao of Music. The melody coming from the flute and zither were soft, which soothed the mind and soul of those who listened to it.


Both of them were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and the music they were playing was targeted at the Proprietress, so it was fairly effective.


While they were locked in a pitched battle, Yang Kai could feel that the Proprietress had suddenly become less violent, and there was a sense of struggle behind her bloodshot eyes. It was apparent that she was starting to regain her senses.


All of a sudden, she turned her head and glowered at Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan with a gaze filled with murderous intent. The next moment, her Monster Qi surged as she charged towards the couple with her sword in an imposing manner.


Hua Yong was stunned while Shu Mu Dan paled.


They had witnessed how formidable the Proprietress was, so they knew that they wouldn’t be a match for her even if they joined forces. Furthermore, it wasn’t appropriate for Shu Mu Dan to fight in her current condition.


Therefore, after only a short moment of hesitation, Hua Yong dashed towards his Wife and draped his arm around her waist before returning to Twin Spirit Island. At the same time, he yelled, “Her mind is completely controlled by Monster Qi. We’re unable to help her!”


After they crashed into the barrier, the fog moved and concealed the entrance.


Upon seeing that, Chef and Accountant stomped their feet on the ground with exasperation.


A relentless Proprietress turned her sword into a beam of red light and slashed across the fog. In an instant, a huge gap was carved out and revealed the view inside Twin Spirit Island.


Seeing that she was about to attack again, Yang Kai charged towards her and widened his arms before confining her to his embrace.


Yang Kai was incredibly strong, and as he embraced the Proprietress, the scarlet Battle Armour on her body started cracking. With her hands restricted, she let out a bestial roar and sank her teeth into his shoulder.


Feeling that a piece of his flesh on the shoulder had been ripped off, Yang Kai groaned. As he endured the excruciating pain, he yelled, “Proprietress, forgive me!”


Then, he bent his head backwards before forcefully smashing it into her forehead, delivering a vicious headbutt!


Following a loud thud, the Proprietress almost fell unconscious.


*Hong hong hong…* 


After three more headbutts, Yang Kai started seeing stars as well, but he could feel that the woman in his embrace had calmed down a little. Without hesitation, he took off her helmet and threw it away. Then, he pressed his forehead against hers and pushed his Divine Sense, transferring his Soul Warming Lotus to her.


He wasn’t certain whether the Soul Warming Lotus could help the Proprietress at this point; however, since she couldn’t even recognise him as she beat him up, it was obvious that her mind had been heavily affected by the Monster Qi.


The Soul Warming Lotus had an incredibly soothing effect, so it might help restore her mental clarity.


It was the first time Yang Kai showed the Soul Warming Lotus in public since he obtained it. This kind of Supreme Treasure could not be exposed easily, or else it would attract some unnecessary attention.


However, since the Proprietress was in danger, he had no choice but to do it.


Yang Kai could feel the Proprietress shuddering as the Soul Warming Lotus entered her body. Following that, the redness in her eyes receded like a tide as her gaze became clear again.


An elated Yang Kai to know that the Soul Warming Lotus had started taking effect.


A moment later, the Proprietress darted her gaze around as her vision focused. She seemed a little lost while staring at the man.


Yang Kai placated her by saying, “You’re fine now.”


The Proprietress batted her eyes, but upon realising something, she started struggling, “Let go of me!”


An uncertain Yang Kai asked, “Are you sure you’re awake?”


The woman glowered at him, then he let her go. Following that, she shook her figure a little, whereupon the scarlet Artifact Armour on her body turned into a layer of blood mist and disappeared into thin air. The sword she had been holding in her hands was also gone all of a sudden.


However, at this moment, the Proprietress seemed to be in a terrible state. Her aura was unstable, and her entire figure was crimson as a metallic tang exuded from her body.


Apparently, the side effects of activating the Blood Monster Battle Dress were quite intense. The redness in her skin was caused by the burning of her own Blood Essence.


Chef and Accountant rushed over before looking worriedly at her, “Proprietress!”


“I’m fine,” she shook her head.


Still anxious, they stared fixedly at her.


The Proprietress saw this and burst into laughter, “I’m really fine. I just need some time to recuperate.”


It was only then that Chef and Accountant breathed a sigh of relief.


The fog around Twin Spirit Island separated as Hua Yong stepped out of it again; however, this time, Shu Mu Dan wasn’t by his side this time. He was still reeling from shock. Earlier, he and his Wife were unable to suppress Lan You Ruo’s Monster Qi even though they had joined forces. Instead of calming her down, they had only drawn her aggression towards them. Left with no other choice, they could only retreat to Twin Spirit Island.


He couldn’t figure out what this strange young man had done that could allow Lan You Ruo to return to her senses in such a short time.


However, it wasn’t the right time to inquire about this issue. Since his expression of goodwill didn’t yield any results earlier, he naturally wanted to make up for it this time around. Therefore, upon his appearance, he immediately said in embarrassment, “Congratulations, Madam Lan, for overcoming this crisis. My Wife and I are truly sorry that we were unable to help you in any way as we were too weak.”


The Proprietress shot him a dispassionate glance. She was vexed at the fact that Hua Yong didn’t even bother to meet her despite the fact that she had brought Chef, Accountant, and Yang Kai to side with Twin Spirit Island.


Nevertheless, if she were in his shoes, she might have done the same. So, she knew that he had done nothing wrong; after all, they were neither friends nor relatives to begin with. They only had one discussion during her previous visit; hence, it was understandable that he wasn’t willing to invite trouble to himself.


Although her mind was a mess earlier, she could still faintly remember what was going on. Certainly, she was aware that Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan attempted to help her with their music.


After a nod, she said faintly, “I appreciate your thoughts, Island Master Hua.”


Yang Kai gazed at Hua Yong and asked, “Island Master Hua, my Proprietress desperately needs a place to recuperate. Will you please open your doors for us?”


Hua Yong replied, “If you’re okay with it, you can recuperate on my Twin Spirit Island.” Faced with this Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm young man who was able to use a Divine Manifestation, he didn’t dare to be negligent. Yun Fei Bai was severely wounded by this young man while Geng Qing and Zhou Ya were forced to retreat. In the entire Shadowless Cave Heaven, perhaps only the Head Mountain Lord of Profound Yang Mountain was a match for him.


Hua Yong already had the intention to express his goodwill, so he naturally wouldn’t turn him down at this point.


“Good,” Yang Kai nodded his head and turned to look at the Proprietress.


With a pale face, she coughed but didn’t reject the idea. She indeed needed a quiet place to recover. In the entire Shadowless Cave Heaven, all other places were unsafe except for the Headquarters of the three great forces. After all, she wouldn’t want to be affected by the Astral Wind while she was trying to heal herself.


The fog moved again and revealed a passageway. Hua Yong warmly led the way while Yang Kai and the others followed the Proprietress, stepping into Twin Spirit Island.


Shu Mu Dan, whose belly was bulging, came over and greeted them in an elegant manner.


The Proprietress’ injuries needed immediate treatment. Even though the Soul Warming Lotus had soothed her mind and dispelled the Monster Qi for her, her condition would exacerbate if she didn’t start healing herself soon; therefore, after only the briefest of small talk, Hua Yong immediately arranged a secret room for her to recuperate in seclusion.


Outside the secret room, Yang Kai said, “Please take good care of Proprietress.”


A stunned Chef asked, “Where are you going?”


Yang Kai grinned, “To pay a visit to Profound Yang Mountain.”


Chef exclaimed, “You want to head to Profound Yang Mountain?” Accountant was shocked as well.


To the side, Hua Yong dissuaded him by saying, “Please don’t be impetuous, Little Brother. Profound Yang Mountain is the most powerful great force in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, and they have many strong Masters on their side. Although you’re formidable, you won’t be able to deal with so many people on your own. Besides the fact that Geng Qing and Zhou Ya are in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, the Head Mountain Lord Mao Zhe is just one step away from the Seventh-Order. He is the strongest person in the Shadowless Cave Heaven.”


Yang Kai arched his brow, “He’s the most powerful here? I should meet him, then.”


Chef worriedly tried to change his mind, “Yang Boy, why don’t you wait for the Proprietress to recover? You can’t go there on your own. If anything happens to you, how are we supposed to explain ourselves to her?”


Yang Kai patted his shoulder, “Don’t worry. Although the people from Profound Yang Mountain are strong, they can’t possibly harm me. I’ll be back soon.”


The young man’s arrogance stunned Hua Yong. Even though Yang Kai had indeed showcased incredible might in the battle just now, Profound Yang Mountain was deeply rooted in this place and wasn’t easy to infringe upon. If he wasn’t careful enough, he would lose his life there.


However, since they were not friends or relatives, Hua Yong reckoned that he wasn’t in any place to keep dissuading him.


Yang Kai turned to look at him, “Do you have some wine, Island Master Hua?”


Hua Yong became startled for a moment before fishing out a gourd from his Space Ring, “This wine took me over 300 years to brew.”


“Is it strong enough?” Yang Kai asked.


A proud Hua Yong replied, “It’s definitely strong enough.”


With a smile, Yang Kai carried the wine gourd in one arm and said, “That’s great. See you soon!”


After finishing his words, he shot into the sky.


Chef said anxiously, “Be careful!”


As Hua Yong watched him leave, he slowly shook his head, “Little Brother Yang… is pretty feisty.” 


He sighed, then turned to gaze at Chef and Accountant, “If you need anything, just inform my subordinates, and they’ll handle it for you. My Wife and I will stop bothering you.”


“Many thanks,” Chef and Accountant cupped their fists at him.


Up in the air, Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he moved towards Profound Yang Mountain at full speed, Space Principles swirling around him.


In order to deal with those from Profound Yang Mountain, the Proprietress had paid a hefty price. If it weren’t for Yang Kai having the Soul Warming Lotus with him, she would’ve lost her mind to madness.


Certainly, he wouldn’t let those from Profound Yang Mountain off so easily. If it weren’t because the Proprietress needed help, he would’ve chased after them instead of waiting until now.


With that said, it wasn’t too late to pursue them. He was a Master of the Dao of Space, so none were comparable to him when it came to the speed of fleeing or pursuing enemies.


On top of that, Yun Fei Bai was severely wounded, so although Geng Qing and Zhou Ya were not injured, having to drag the former with them would slow them down significantly. Yang Kai was confident he could intercept them before they returned to Profound Yang Mountain.




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