Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4399, He’s Really Coming After Us


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Three figures were seen rapidly flying through the air. They were the three Mountain Lords who were in a rush to return to Profound Yang Mountain. Geng Qing and Zhou Ya supported Yun Fei Bai’s weight on either side as they moved at the speed of lightning.


Yun Fei Bai still coughed up boiling blood from time to time and there was also a black flame burning around the wound in his chest. Although he was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he could only suppress the flame to stop his wound from worsening. He was unable to disperse it.


Golden Crow’s True Fire was a High-Rank Fire Element Power that could burn all of creation. Unless Yun Fei Bai had an Element Power in the same order that could restrict the flames, he would be unable to resolve it in a short period of time.


Therefore, he had to return to Profound Yang Mountain and seek the Head Mountain Lord’s help. Or, he could spend a painfully long time recuperating in seclusion to resolve the crisis.


While he looked very battered, his eyes were filled with resentment.


His chest was injured twice. One month ago, he had underestimated the young man, who successfully launched a sneak attack on him. However, this time, he was wounded in a frontal clash with him.


He could not figure out how the young man could go from the Fifth Order to the Sixth Order in just one month. Did he conceal his cultivation previously? Or did he really achieve an ascension after one month?


He had a feeling it was the former.


The young man must have a method to conceal his cultivation, which made Yun Fei Bai misjudge his true strength, resulting in the series of setbacks he had suffered.


Yun Fei Bai was completely vexed, thinking that he had to be more careful when dealing with that strange young man in the future as he was pretty cunning.


As his emotions fluctuated, his wounds became irritated and he sprayed out a mouthful of boiling blood.


“How are you, Second Brother?” Zhou Ya asked with concern.


Yun Fei Bai shook his head, “It won’t kill me.”


Geng Qing let out a sigh. Many of the top cultivators from Profound Yang Mountain had taken part in this siege. Initially, they thought that they could easily defeat Lan You Ruo and her small group, but not only did they become battered, but they had also lost quite a number of subordinates.


With that said, their siege this time wasn’t totally unfruitful. At the very least, they had found out Lan You Ruo’s true strength as well as that of the mysterious young man.


As a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, that young man was able to use a Divine Manifestation, which was simply inconceivable. They reckoned that they had to report this discovery to the Head Mountain Lord so that he could be prepared.


One of the reasons Profound Yang Mountain had become the most powerful great force in the Shadowless Cave Heaven was that they had the highest number of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Secondly, the Head Mountain Lord was truly mighty as he was just one step away from the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. If it weren’t because resources in the Shadowless Cave Heaven were scarce, he would’ve broken through already.


However, now, there came a young man who was able to use a Divine Manifestation in the Shadowless Cave Heaven. He was probably just as powerful as the Head Mountain Lord.


Faced with such a foe, they had to put their guard up.


While pondering on these issues, Zhou Ya suddenly took a glance behind her with concern, “Will he come after us?”


Geng Qing replied, “I don’t think so. Lan You Ruo must have used an artifact that comes with extreme drawbacks, so she should be in a terrible state. That guy will have to deal with her instead of coming after us. Moreover, we’re not pushovers.”


The reason they had fled was that Yun Fei Bai was injured, so they had to bring him back to heal. Their wariness of Yang Kai and Lan You Ruo came second.


As soon as he finished speaking, he heard someone bellowing from behind, “Yun Fei Bai, where do you think you’re going!?”


Zhou Ya’s expression changed as she turned her head, only to see a ray of light rapidly approaching them from the horizon. The ray of light kept flickering, and with every flicker, the distance between them shortened significantly. It wouldn’t take long before the ray of light caught up with them, so she exclaimed, “He’s really coming after us!”


Geng Qing bellowed, “That brat is going too far!”


Profound Yang Mountain had been around in the Shadowless Cave Heaven for over 10,000 years, and they were undoubtedly the most powerful great force here. All of the Mountain Lords were famous and formidable. There had never been a time when they were chased down like they were beat dogs.


He turned his head and ordered, “Stop him!”


The dozens of Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, who had been following the three Mountain Lords, sported bitter expressions upon hearing that. Earlier, Yang Kai easily killed nine of their companions and even injured the Second Mountain Lord, so how were they supposed to oppose him?


However, they wouldn’t dare to disobey Geng Qing’s order, so they forced themselves to stop and took up a formation to await their enemy’s arrival.


On the other hand, Geng Qing and the others kept flying towards Profound Yang Mountain at full speed.


Yang Kai’s figure kept flickering as he watched Geng Qing and the others flee. Popping off the lid of the wine gourd, he lifted it to his mouth and downed a large swig.


After he was done with the wine, he threw the gourd away, shattering it on the ground below.


While feeling tipsy, Yang Kai raised his spear as his murderous intent surged. Slowly moving forward, he shook his head and declared, “I’ll only say this once! Scram if you don’t want to die. I won’t spare anyone who dares to get in my way!”


Yang Kai became increasingly overbearing as he flew forward, his aura erupting as it covered the sky and caused the clouds to welter.


The dozens of Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were horrified as many of them subconsciously took a few steps back. As they recalled the sight of their nine companions being killed, they started shuddering.


Just then, a thin and tall man yelled, “What’s there to be afraid of? He’s on his own while we have so many people on our side. As long as we make a move together, there’s no way he…”


Before he could finish his words, he gasped as Yang Kai, who was supposed to be kilometres away, abruptly appeared in front of him, their faces almost touching. Yang Kai belched and puffed out a breath filled with alcohol at him.


The person was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so he was pretty agile. He immediately leapt backwards in an attempt to widen the gap between Yang Kai and him.


However, the next moment, his expression was transformed by fear as he realised that regardless of how much he moved backwards, Yang Kai remained standing right in front of him. The view around him never changed one bit, as though the space around him had been extended infinitely.


Near Distant Horizon!


Following Yang Kai’s sharp rise in cultivation, the power of the Secret Techniques he could use had improved proportionally. He was already able to injure the Sixth-Order Yun Fei Bai when he was still in the Fifth Order. Since he was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, there was no way a Fifth-Order Master like this man could escape from him.


This tall man was apparently a resolute person, so upon realising that he was unable to flee, he roared and surged his World Force before sending out a Divine Ability at Yang Kai.


His companions around him also made a move at the same time. At that instant, the lights of Divine Abilities erupted as they flew at Yang Kai.


“Water Reflects the Moon!” Yang Kai shouted as a full Moon rose behind him. The Moon cast a glow on all of them and sent chills down their spines. Their Divine Abilities seemed to have been frozen as they moved forward like snails.


The tall man and the others were soon covered in a layer of frost, causing them to shiver like quails in the winter.


Additionally, shields with Dragon patterns on them started appearing around Yang Kai. A Dragon Pressure could be felt coming from these thick shields, and every Dragon had its head connected with its tail.


Dragon Shields! 


Upon activating these two Secret Techniques, Yang Kai thrust out his spear in rapid succession.


Wherever the spear shadows passed, time seemed to freeze.


When Yang Kai retracted his spear, the tall man and the others were rendered immovable on their spots. It wasn’t until this moment that their Divine Abilities crashed into the Dragon Shields around Yang Kai and caused them to flicker. In the end, they couldn’t harm him one bit.


“The louder you shout, the quicker you die.” Yang Kai swept his spear across the air, and then the people standing in front of him exploded into a blood mist, leaving no trace behind.


Holding the spear with one hand, he swept a cold glance over the survivors in an imposing manner and asked, “Who else would like to make a move?”


All of them fell silent as they stared dazedly at Yang Kai. Gulps were clearly audible, and all of their eyes were filled with terror.


Although Yang Kai had previously killed nine of their companions just outside Twin Spirit Island, they were still astounded upon seeing the same thing now.


They knew that they might be able to stop this young man from going further if they joined forces; after all, he was only one man regardless of how powerful he was. On the other hand, they had many people on their side who could fight.


Nevertheless, given the power Yang Kai had showcased, it wasn’t hard for him to kill ten or twenty of them. No one was willing to be the unlucky one. After what had happened to the tall man, none of them dared to say a word.


“If no one is making a move, I’m leaving.” Yang Kai snorted and walked off. His chest felt like it was burning due to the alcohol as his murderous intent was rampaging. All of them looked despicable to him, and he had the urge to kill them with his spear.


However, since these people were not willing to make a move, Yang Kai didn’t have a reason to flare up. Furthermore, his destination wasn’t this place.


The people separated to the sides as Yang Kai safely passed through the crowd.


It wasn’t until Yang Kai flew off that they breathed a sigh of relief, as though they had just escaped from death’s door.


One of them exclaimed, “High-Rank Powers. All the Powers that guy showed were High-Rank!”


They couldn’t detect anything before Yang Kai made a move, but once he did, they realised that both Yang Kai’s Water Reflects the Moon and Dragon Shield Secret Techniques were derived from High-Rank Powers, to say nothing of the fact that he had previously showcased Golden Crow Casts the Sun, which was a Divine Manifestation exclusive to High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


“It’s no wonder that he’s so powerful,” someone remarked.


Since all the Element Powers he refined were High-Rank, it explained why he was so formidable.


“What should we do now?” A woman asked, looking lost.


Geng Qing told them to stop Yang Kai, but other than the tall man and the others from his group, the rest of them had never made a move. They couldn’t explain themselves when they returned, so it was expected that they would be punished.


However, if they never returned, there was nowhere else they could settle in the Shadowless Cave Heaven. Faced with such a dilemma, they weren’t sure what to do.


After a brief discussion, they decided to go back to Profound Yang Mountain first and accept punishment. It was still better than wandering around the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


Geng Qing and Zhou Ya, while supporting Yun Fei Bai’s weight, kept looking back. Upon realising that Yang Kai was nowhere in sight, they set their minds at ease, thinking that he had been intercepted. In the end, it seemed their subordinates were not really useless.




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