Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4401, Sun and Moon Divine Wheel


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Certainly, Mao Zhe couldn’t tolerate the fact that the Second Mountain Lord was killed right in front of him just outside of Profound Yang Mountain. If he put up with this, he would lose all face.


Therefore, right after Yun Fei Bai was killed, Mao Zhe immediately attacked Yang Kai.


Zhou Ya and Geng Qing came to their senses, and as their eyes turned bloodshot, they clenched their teeth and charged towards their enemy from both sides.


Yang Kai guffawed, “Good! Let’s fight!”


Without backing down, he lifted his spear and dashed towards the three of them. In an instant, a series of clanging sounds were heard as they fell into a fierce melee. All of them were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and as their World Forces collided, the entire Shadowless Cave Heaven fell into turmoil. People from Profound Yang Mountain looked in the direction of the battle with horrified expressions.


As the four figures flew around in the air, the lights of their Divine Abilities blossomed. It was as though both parties were determined to completely destroy the other.


However, Yang Kai seemed to be on the losing side.


Previously, the reason he was able to fight against three people on his own was that Yun Fei Bai and the others were restricted in their movements. Yun Fei Bai was severely wounded to begin with, and in order to protect him, Zhou Ya and Geng Qing were not able to fully use their powers.


Nevertheless, things were different now.


Without Yun Fei Bai burdening them, Zhou Ya and Geng Qing had no more constraints and were able to fully utilize their powers. Furthermore, the Head Mountain Lord was significantly stronger than the wounded Yun Fei Bai.


As soon as they traded moves, Yang Kai could feel that even though he had merged his Small Sealed World with his Small Universe, the richness of his World Force was still not comparable to that of the Head Mountain Lord.


He indeed lived up to the expectations of a person who was just one step away from the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


However, Yang Kai had no intention of retreating. As a Master of the Dao of Space, his mobility was vastly superior to others in the same realm. At that moment, the three Mountain Lords didn’t have a way to lock down Yang Kai, so although they could hurt him from time to time, it didn’t matter to him given his physical strength and restorative power.


The Head Mountain Lord bellowed, “Stop jumping around like a monkey! How disgraceful!”


Yang Kai ignored him as he swept, stabbed, and slashed with his Azure Dragon Spear. Spear shadows fell on them like rain, and every attack carried a horrifying force. Geng Qing and Zhou Ya were terrified as they didn’t dare to directly meet these attacks.


After half a day of intense battle, Mao Zhe suddenly furrowed his brow. That was because he realised that as time passed, the young man’s strength was steadily increasing.


Compared to half a day ago, this young man was significantly stronger.


Initially, this young man could only jump around to dodge their attacks, but now, he was able to counterattack while defending himself. This kind of tendency became increasingly conspicuous.


Mao Zhe couldn’t figure out what was going on.


In fact, the reason Yang Kai managed to make it to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm was that he had consumed a World Fruit; however, be it the Fifth-Order or the Sixth-Order, he had only just broken through so he didn’t have enough time to solidify his cultivation.


He entered the Shadowless Cave Heaven right after he ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and while the battles with Ma Tian Yuan and Yun Fei Bai had slightly stabilized his cultivation, it wasn’t complete.


Then, he cultivated in seclusion to refine a World Fruit and ascended to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


He hadn’t even solidified his Fifth-Order cultivation when he rose to the Sixth-Order, so his cultivation was pretty unstable.


Nevertheless, the intense battle Yang Kai was presently engaged in was perfect for strengthening his foundation and consolidating his cultivation. This kind of fight was much more effective than simply cultivating in seclusion.


It could be said that as time passed, the power he was able to showcase would intensify until he reached his current limit. That was the reason Mao Zhe had this strange feeling.


The four figures darted around. One moment they were in the sky, and the next moment they were on the ground, then the same process repeated. Wherever they went, the ground cracked and the sky trembled as their World Forces continuously clashed with one another.


Zhou Ya’s eyes trembled as the figure who was flickering around the three of them shocked her.


All of them were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but why was this young man so ridiculously strong? She initially thought that since the Head Mountain Lord had joined them, there was no way this young man could resist. To her surprise, it turned out to be a difficult battle.


There were probably over a hundred wounds on the young man’s figure, and some of his bones must have cracked. Nevertheless, instead of growing weaker, he only became stronger with each passing breath.


She also realised that it was getting harder for her to parry his attacks.


All of a sudden, Mao Zhe narrowed his eyes and bellowed, “Are you using us in this battle to adapt to your new strength?”


After a long fight, he finally figured out that the young man must have just ascended to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so he wasn’t familiar with his own power yet. That was the reason the young man became stronger as the battle dragged on.


Upon that realization, he roared in indignation, “Brat, how dare you!”


He was just one step away from the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, so he was practically unmatched in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. If it weren’t because the young man was proficient in the Dao of Space, Mao Zhe was confident he could easily defeat him in a one-on-one fight; however, it was never easy dealing with a Master of the Dao of Space as it was simply impossible to corner one. This was what made the young man before him so arrogant.


After realising the young man’s intention, it was expected that Mao Zhe was infuriated.


Yang Kai grinned at him and said, “You’re touted to be the strongest cultivator in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, but this is all you’ve got?” After he finished speaking, he retracted all the spear shadows and fell silent with a solemn expression. Then, he yelled, “Golden Crow Casts the Sun!”


Following that, a bird was heard cawing while a Great Sun rose from his back.


Geng Qing’s expression changed drastically as he shouted, “Watch out, Big Brother! This brat possesses a Divine Manifestation!”


“What!?” An astounded Mao Zhe looked up, and when he saw the magnificent Great Sun, his eyes couldn’t help but shrink.


It was indeed a Divine Manifestation! A Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was able to cast a Divine Manifestation. Mao Zhe couldn’t believe what he was seeing.


While Mao Zhe fell into a dazed state, Yang Kai had integrated himself with the Great Sun and charged towards the Head Mountain Lord.


Mao Zhe immediately retreated. Although he was very close to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, he wouldn’t dare to directly meet a Divine Manifestation; after all, this was something only High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were able to use.


However, his efforts were futile. He was instantly engulfed in Space Principles as Near Distant Horizon infinitely extended the space around him.


“Water Reflects the Moon!” Yang Kai roared.


A full Moon appeared out of thin air as it cast its icy glow across the land, causing a chill to shoot up everyone’s spine.


The Sun and the Moon appearing together was a miraculous sight. The three Mountain Lords stared dazedly at the sky where the dazzling Great Sun and the Ice Cold Moon rose and set in a seemingly endless cycle. The immense power coming from the swirling cycle seemed to engulf the entire universe.


Everything in this world seemed to have been covered by this gyro formed from the Sun and the Moon.


As the cycle spun, those present at the scene felt as though they were travelling across time. Coupled with the Space Principles that Yang Kai continuously surged, it formed into an extremely profound Space-Time warping effect.


It was an entirely new power that Yang Kai had yet to use.


A force that could destroy the Heavens and shatter the Earth came over the three Mountain Lords and they immediately surged their World Forces to try to defend themselves.


Following a deafening boom, a huge halo of light erupted. It was as though the entire World had shattered at that instant.


The energies of the spinning Sun and the Moon exploded and sent shockwaves out across the entire Shadowless Cave Heaven. The forces of scorching heat and bone-piercing cold clashed and formed into an immense destructive power.


Everything at the centre of the explosion was seemingly wiped from existence.


A moment later, a figure, whose clothes were ragged, shot out of the light with a horrified expression. He was none other than the Head Mountain Lord of Profound Yang Mountain.


As expected of a man just one step away from the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, he was still able to escape alive despite facing such an attack. Nevertheless, his pale face and the blood at the corner of his lips clearly indicated that he was wounded.


Presently, he was holding Geng Qing in one hand and Zhou Ya in the other.


Compared to him, Geng Qing and Zhou Ya were more severely wounded and had passed out. Moreover, their bodies looked like they were being corroded by a strange power that continuously ate away at their vitality. This odd strength was profound and unpredictable, alternating between hot and cold, turning their skin from red to blue randomly. The condition they were in was extremely strange.


Still reeling from shock, Mao Zhe took a look in Yang Kai’s direction, only to see that the young man had fallen into a dazed state. With the spear in his hand still outstretched, Yang Kai seemed to be lost in his own thoughts while a mysterious light that contained some profound secret swirled around him.


Mao Zhe was dumbfounded as he realised that the young man had comprehended something about his Grand Dao during this life-and-death battle.


If he interrupted Yang Kai now, the latter would surely suffer an immense loss.


However, Mao Zhe was too terrified of the attack just now and didn’t have the courage to create trouble for Yang Kai. With Geng Qing and Zhou Ya in his hands, he shot towards Profound Yang Mountain and activated its Grand Array as soon as he was inside.


In the centre of the battlefield, the chaotic force slowly subsided. Yang Kai stood there silently as he comprehended the explosion of power just now.


The Dao of Space was the foundation on which he built his Dao Seal, and it could be said that his mastery over the Dao of Space was unrivalled.


Nevertheless, when it came to the Dao of Time, he had always been an amateur.


After ascending to the Open Heaven Realm, he had his own Small Universe in his body. There were the Manifestations of Golden Crow Casts the Sun and Water Reflects the Moon in his Small Universe. The rising and falling of these celestial entities granted him a deeper understanding of the Dao of Time.


Both the Dao of Space and Dao of Time were extremely esoteric and abstruse Grand Daos. The average person would be extremely fortunate to comprehend even the slightest bit of either of them, let alone master both.


It was only thanks to some rare opportunities that Yang Kai managed to achieve this.


In fact, he had never thought about merging these two Grand Daos into one. It wasn’t until he engaged in a life-and-death battle with the three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain that he gave it a try on a whim.


Yang Kai never imagined the results would be so shocking.


Space Principles and Time Principles had perfectly blended together through the integration of the Golden Crow Casts the Sun, Water Reflects the Moon, and Near Distant Horizon, forming a brand-new Divine Ability.


A glint flashed through Yang Kai’s eyes as he muttered under his breath, “Let’s call it Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.”


The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel wasn’t complete yet, and had plenty of room for improvement. Nevertheless, this Divine Ability contained an entirely new power, something akin to Space-Time Strength that combined both Space Principles and Time Principles.


However, it wasn’t the right time to think about this. Yang Kai raised his gaze and looked at Profound Yang Mountain.


The three Mountain Lords had returned to Profound Yang Mountain, and presently, the Grand Array was activated in full defensive mode. Many people were seen moving around as they got ready to face a formidable enemy.


Yang Kai snorted and placed his Azure Dragon Spear over his shoulder before striding towards Profound Yang Mountain. With a grin, he called out, “Do you think you’re safe hiding behind this thin wall? Since you dared harm my Proprietress, I’ll destroy your entire Sect today!”




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