Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4402, Lifting a Mountain


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Seeing that Yang Kai was coming over, Mao Zhe, who was standing on a peak of Profound Yang Mountain, bellowed, “Don’t go too far, boy!”


He had returned to his home territory and activated the Grand Array, but Yang Kai still pursued them as though he was determined to destroy them, which infuriated him.


Prior to this day, Mao Zhe had never expected that someone in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm would be able to defeat him. Furthermore, it was in a three-on-one fight in his favour.


He had joined forces with Geng Qing and Zhou Ya earlier, but after the battle, the two of them became injured and passed out while he was scared out of his wits.


[Where does this brat come from? One month ago, Second Brother said he was just a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!] Since he was in a rush earlier, Mao Zhe didn’t have the chance to ask about what had happened.


There was no way a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could break through to the Sixth-Order in just one month and showcase such horrifying power.


If Mao Zhe knew that the other party was so formidable, he would’ve been more polite; however, now, those from Profound Yang Mountain had fallen out with him, and even the Second Mountain Lord was killed. It had turned into a blood feud that could never be resolved.


In just a moment, Yang Kai arrived at Profound Yang Mountain and saw a thick light barrier surrounding it.


Thrusting his spear into the light barrier caused a dent to form, but it soon recovered.


After probing it lightly, Yang Kai nodded. Although the Grand Array here wasn’t as profound as his own Nine Heavenly Layers, it was still quite extraordinary. After all, Profound Yang Mountain had been around in the Shadowless Cave Heaven for over ten thousand years. Their heritage which had been accumulated over the years couldn’t be underestimated.


Nevertheless, since Yang Kai had arrived at this place, he would not back down easily.


Then, he looked up at Mao Zhe, who was staring coldly at him atop the main peak, and grinned. The smile was so eerie that Mao Zhe felt his chest tightening.


“What is that brat trying to do?” Mao Zhe muttered with a frown.


Before he could figure it out, he heard the young man yelling, “Dragon… Transformation!”


A deafening Dragon Roar was heard, then a gigantic golden Dragon Head manifested behind Yang Kai’s back before disappearing into his body. Following that, a series of cracking sounds were heard.


As the sounds rang out, the gazes of those on Profound Yang Mountain slowly lifted and filled with horror. They were rooted to the spot as they witnessed the small figure of a man rapidly transform into an enormous monster.


The creature was covered in Dragon Scales and his hands had turned into razor-sharp Dragon Claws. The Dragon Tail behind him swung heavily, and the Dragon Horns on his forehead looked as though they were made from pure gold. His whiskers flapped in the air, and as he breathed, the entire world seemed to pale.


If this 4,000-metre-long creature wasn’t intimidating enough, the colossal spear in his claws was capable of freezing everyone’s heart.


Yang Kai’s Azure Dragon Spear was now a 4,000 metres long weapon, matching his own length as it gleamed with a terrifying glow.


As rich Dragon Pressure permeated the air, those on Profound Yang Mountain found it hard to breathe even though they had the protection of the Grand Array.


“Dragon Clan!” Mao Zhe exclaimed as his pupils contracted to the size of needles, “Impossible!”


Yang Kai shook his head as the scorching breath he puffed out seemed able to burn a hole in space. As he raised his gigantic spear, he roared in a thunderous voice, “Taste my spear!”


He bluntly pushed his spear forward, whereupon a gale brought up all the sand and stones around him. The cultivators on Profound Yang Mountain screamed, panicked, and ran about randomly.


Not daring to be negligent, Mao Zhe quickly fished out the Array Jade and focused the Grand Array’s power to defend against this strike.


The long spear fell heavily on the Grand Array’s light barrier like it was a giant tree.


Following a loud boom, a deep indent was formed on the light barrier as its glow flickered wildly.


Yang Kai roared and exerted more force with his hands, but he was still unable to penetrate the Grand Array. The horrifying shockwave coming through the Grand Array shook the entire Profound Yang Mountain, causing many cultivators to fall to the ground. Some of the weaker cultivators even started bleeding, looking quite battered.


A moment later, the light barrier bounced back, pushing Yang Kai away as he was forced backwards several hundred metres.


As he arched his brow, Yang Kai praised, “Truly incredible!”


The heritage accumulated for over thousands of years by Profound Yang Mountain was indeed extraordinary. The Grand Array was so sturdy that Yang Kai wasn’t able to break it with one strike. A hint of ruthlessness flashed across his eyes as he stepped forward in an imposing manner.


Mao Zhe widened his eyes and exclaimed, “Junior Brother, please stop! We can talk this out!”


Yang Kai cackled wildly, “There’s nothing to talk about between us!”


Then, he heavily struck the light barrier once more.


Following that, some people were heard grunting. In one of the Array Nodes, three Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, who assisted Mao Zhe in maintaining the Grand Array, sprayed out mouthfuls of blood as their auras withered. It was apparent that they were injured by the horrifying force coming through the barrier.


Mao Zhe looked at them and felt his chest tightening. Then, he turned to gaze at Yang Kai, and upon seeing that the latter was preparing to strike again, he said through gritted teeth, “Junior Brother, the Shadowless Cave Heaven is only this big. Don’t go too far lest we meet again in the future as enemies!”


Yang Kai snorted and roared, “Why must I worry about the future? Today I will destroy Profound Yang Mountain and sacrifice all of you to my spear. We won’t ever see each other again!”


Mao Zhe was so exasperated that he almost spat blood, but there was nothing he could say to refute him.


Following a series of strikes, the Open Heaven Realm Masters, who assisted in running the Grand Array in its several Array Nodes all became injured as their auras dimmed. Some of them had even passed out already.


A resentful Mao Zhe had the urge to go out and fight Yang Kai to the death, but he didn’t have the guts to do so seeing as the other party was so imposing. They were defeated earlier even though the three Mountain Lords had joined forces. Now that Geng Qing and Zhou Ya had passed out and he himself was injured, there was no way he could be a match for Yang Kai on his own.


Mao Zhe let out a sigh then performed different hand seals to mobilise the Grand Array’s power.


Now, he could only sacrifice some of the outer peaks by shrinking the protection range of the Grand Array. Only by doing so would he stand a chance to ward off the other party’s horrifying attacks.


Following a strike, the light barrier broke apart as Yang Kai continued pushing his spear forward and jabbed into a peak, which caused it to shake and almost collapse.


Yang Kai took a glance with his cold-looking eyes and realised that some of the peaks were no longer in the protection range of the Grand Array. Only a small area in the centre was still protected by the light barrier. Upon seeing that, he knew that Mao Zhe must have given up on the outer peaks to protect the centre. By doing so, not only would Mao Zhe consume less energy, but he could also focus the Grand Array’s power to better fend off Yang Kai’s attacks.


Yang Kai snorted, and then his Dragon Pressure permeated the air as though it had materialised, which caused the surrounding space to become extremely heavy.


On the peaks that were completely exposed, the cultivators from Profound Yang Mountain shivered like quails without a home in the winter. All of their eyes were filled with horror as they watched the behemoth approach them.


Yang Kai directly swept his spear across one of the peaks. As the cultivators shrieked, a terrifying World Force surged and broke the peak into halves. Stones rolled down what was left of the mountain as the peak crumbled, plunging its inhabitants into turmoil.


Standing in the centre of the Grand Array, Mao Zhe widened his eyes with fury.


Profound Yang Mountain was the foundation he had built in the Shadowless Cave Heaven. It was also one of the safest places in the Shadowless Cave Heaven from the Astral Wind. If this place was destroyed, Profound Yang Mountain would cease to exist. Without this shelter, no one would stay there and obey his orders.


*Hong long long!* 


More peaks collapsed. Yang Kai’s arrival was no different from a doomsday for them. He kept on destroying the peaks with a power that could destroy the Heavens and shatter the Earth.


The peaks that were exposed outside of the Grand Array were soon turned into ruins. Just when Yang Kai was about to sweep his spear across the last peak, he stopped as his gaze fell upon a certain figure.


She was a woman who was standing still and silently gaping at him. Instead of feeling terrified about her imminent death though, she looked as though she was about to be liberated.


[It’s her!] At first glance, Yang Kai could recognise that she was the one who had secretly looked for him and gave him the directions that led to the Proprietress’ whereabouts.


At that time, he speculated that she must have been forced to become Yun Fei Bai’s plaything for reasons that were beyond her control. That was the reason she secretly gave Yang Kai a hand.


It was thanks to the directions in the jade slip that he was able to find the Proprietress and the others.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai moved towards the peak and thrust his spear into the ground before his giant figure turned blurry and disappeared beneath the mountain.


The people inside the Grand Array gazed at Yang Kai as they had no idea what he was up to now.


All of a sudden, the mountain started trembling, as though an immense force was coming from beneath it. Mao Zhe narrowed his eyes as he thought of a possibility.


The next moment, as all of them widened their eyes in disbelief, the mountain slowly rose into the air. Beneath the mountain was a gigantic creature whose nostrils puffed out a scorching breath as he hoisted the mountain on his hunched back. Following a great roar, the figure straightened up.


All of them couldn’t believe their eyes while Mao Zhe’s pupils contracted. This man actually lifted a mountain!


What kind of horrifying power was required to do that? Although Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters could easily showcase immense power, they had to use the World Force in their Small Universes to achieve that.


Rarely anyone in the entire 3,000 Worlds was able to literally lift a mountain like this one using solely physical strength. At the very least, it was the first time Mao Zhe saw someone capable of this.


Following that, Yang Kai shook the mountain and roared, “All you ants crawling on this mountain, scram!”


The cultivators on the mountain started falling and crashed to the ground. The quiet woman, who was originally standing on the peak, happened to fall down in front of Yang Kai, who gently then let out a breath and sent her over a hundred kilometres away before she lightly landed on the ground.




Yang Kai shuffled towards the centre of Profound Yang Mountain. With every step he took, the ground shook violently.


*Hong hong hong…* 


His movements were initially slow, as every step he took would leave a huge mark on the ground. However, after several steps, he started running in light steps as his figure bent forward a little.


Inside the Grand Array, Mao Zhe had his expression change drastically as he bellowed, “Activate the Grand Array’s full might now!”




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