Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4403, No More Profound Yang Mountain


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As soon as Mao Zhe gave this order, he heard Yang Kai roaring as the latter hurled the mountain, which was on his back, at the Grand Array. The expansive shadow blocked the light out of everyone’s sight.


Those from Profound Yang Mountain immediately focused the Grand Array’s power to defend.


A loud boom rang out as the mountain crashed into the Grand Array and formed a huge dent on it. The light barrier kept flickering as though it would shatter at any moment.


Following that, Yang Kai brought down his spear on the Grand Array and worsened the dent in the light barrier.


Mao Zhe roared, “Do you really want to kill us all, brat? Do you think this Monarch is afraid of you!?”


Yang Kai had crossed his bottom line by appearing determined to wipe out Profound Yang Mountain.


“Come then!” Yang Kai pushed out his spear, “Fight with me if you have the gall!”


Mao Zhe was so infuriated that he looked like a volcano that was about to erupt.




As the ground shook, the light barrier appeared dimmer than before. The horrifying force coming through the air caused the cultivators on Profound Yang Mountain to turn pale and stagger.


Spear shadows poured down on the Grand Array like rain and caused it to flicker even more wildly.


Mao Zhe was terrified to learn that even though he had shrunk the protection range to consolidate the Spirit Array’s power, it was still nearly impossible to fend off the other party’s violent attacks.


Under such a bombardment, it would only take half an hour before the Grand Array of Profound Yang Mountain was destroyed.


Mao Zhe reckoned that he had to make a move now. It would be too late by the time the Grand Array was shattered.


Having made up his mind, he said through clenched teeth, “Come with me and kill this brat! Whoever can behead him, this Monarch will promote to the position of Fifth Mountain Lord of Profound Yang Mountain!”


Upon finishing his words, he flung away the Array Jade and charged out towards Yang Kai.


Many cultivators followed him closely. Although they were wary of Yang Kai’s strength, they were tempted by Mao Zhe’s promise. Since Mao Zhe had made such a declaration in public, he wouldn’t go back on his word. If one of them was lucky enough to kill this gigantic monster, that person would really become the Fifth Mountain Lord.


As they flew into the air, those from Profound Yang Mountain were totally united at this moment. Before they even arrived, the lights of their Secret Techniques and artifacts started blossoming. All the attacks contained the World Forces of these Open Heaven Realm Masters as they bombarded Yang Kai.


Ignoring this barrage, Yang Kai swept his several-thousand-metres long spear through the air, seemingly cutting space in half. As he aimed at the area with most people, he yelled, “How dare mere ants act so impudent in front of this King!”


The spear’s might was overwhelming. The clever ones had quickly dodged it while the sluggish ones got struck in mid-air and directly exploded into blood mist, leaving no trace of their existence behind.


Following the attack, those from Profound Yang Mountain started backing down. As they looked at the blood rain pouring down from the sky, they were no longer as hot-headed as before.


*Hong hong hong…* 


The wave of Secret Techniques and artifact attacks peppered Yang Kai, causing him to stagger backwards.


Although a 4,000-metre-long Dragon was intimidating, being so large made it nearly impossible for Yang Kai to dodge incoming attacks.


All of those attacks were powerful Secret Techniques sent out by Open Heaven Realm Masters.


However, other than the Divine Abilities of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters that could slightly harm him, the rest of these attacks were essentially negated by Yang Kai’s Dragon Scales. Even the attacks from Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t damage his foundation as they were only capable of leaving some small flesh wounds.


It was a well-known fact that Dragons had superb defence.


Yang Kai stepped forward while kicking the peaks in front of him, sweeping his spear across the mountains below. At that instant, there wasn’t even a single person in a radius of several kilometres around him. Wherever he went, the cultivators from Profound Yang Mountain would immediately flee.


Mao Zhe was infuriated as he attempted to boost morale once more, but his efforts yielded no results.


Yang Kai turned his head and extended his claw towards him as he said with a grin, “There will be no more Profound Yang Mountain in the Shadowless Cave Heaven from today onwards!”


As Space Principles undulated, the claw ignored space and distance and directly grasped Mao Zhe.


Yang Kai exerted more force with his hand and a series of cracking sounds were heard coming from his palm.


Nevertheless, the next moment, an immense force exploded inside his fist. Then, Yang Kai felt excruciating pain as a bloody hole was formed on the back of his hand, out of which a ray of light shot. It was Mao Zhe, who was formerly grasped in his claw.


As his Dragon Blood dripped onto the ground, Yang Kai looked down and saw a huge hole in his claw, one through which he could see the ground below.


However, it didn’t bother him one bit as he swung his hand and roared in a thunderous voice, “Good, you indeed live up to your reputation as the strongest Master in the Shadowless Cave Heaven!”


It was impossible for an average Master to break through Yang Kai’s flesh, but Mao Zhe had easily done just that. Otherwise, he couldn’t have gotten rid of his restriction.


As Yang Kai took a deep breath, his chest started bulging as it was filled with air.


Right after Mao Zhe got out of the death grip, he shot towards Yang Kai. As his World Force surged, he rapidly formed a set of hand seals and sent out a powerful Divine Ability towards him.


However, when he saw Yang Kai’s posture, Mao Zhe felt his chest tightening. Sensing an impending crisis, he immediately dodged.


“Fire Dragon’s… Flaming Breath!” As Yang Kai roared, he spat out a jet of black flames.


As the scorching fire shot from his mouth, it burned down the sky and ground without distinction. As Golden Crow’s True Fire permeated the area, Mao Zhe’s Divine Ability was vaporized.


In an instant, the remaining Spirit Peaks of Profound Yang Mountain were engulfed in Golden Crow’s True Fire. Under the scorching heat, the peaks started melting into lava.


Yang Kai swung his head around as the fire coming from his mouth swept out. Many of the cultivators, who were unable to dodge it, were burned and fell from the sky shrieking.


Mao Zhe immediately retreated and narrowly escaped from the Golden Crow’s True Fire. He hadn’t forgotten about the unconscious Geng Qing and Zhou Ya as he held them in his hands.


It took Yang Kai a moment before he stopped spitting fire as his chest shrank back down to normal size. With a scornful gaze, he looked up at Mao Zhe, who was floating in mid-air.


Mao Zhe felt his heart sinking as he watched the dark flame burning through the mountains. He knew that after this battle, Profound Yang Mountain would be completely destroyed. Just like what Yang Kai had said, there would be no Profound Yang Mountain in the Shadowless Cave Heaven from today onwards.


He narrowed his eyes and wondered what kind of monster his Second Brother had offended. Not only was his Second Brother killed, but Profound Yang Mountain was also destroyed alongside him.


Yang Kai lifted his spear and pointed at Mao Zhe. His message was clear. [Come fight with me!]


Mao Zhe looked down at him, then took a glance at the unconscious Geng Qing and Zhou Ya. After taking a deep breath, he shouted, “This Monarch shall never forget what has happened here today, and will one day settle accounts with you!”


Following that, his figure started fading.


Yang Kai bellowed, “Do you think you can run away?”


He thrust out his spear and penetrated Mao Zhe’s figure, but he felt like he had struck nothing but air. Mao Zhe remained looking dispassionately at Yang Kai as his figure shattered and vanished into thin air.


Yang Kai immediately released his Divine Sense and frowned, for he was unable to locate Mao Zhe, as though the latter had disappeared from this world. He shook his head and remarked, “How strange!”


In fact, he was fully aware that as a seasoned Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Mao Zhe must have some trump cards that could save his life. If he was determined to flee, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to stop him despite being a Master of the Dao of Space.


With that said, Yang Kai had achieved his goal through this battle. He managed to kill Yun Fei Bai while the latter was fleeing and even destroyed Profound Yang Mountain. It could be said that he had gotten revenge on the Proprietress’ behalf.


The figures around him gaped at him in horror. They were the surviving survivors of Profound Yang Mountain.


Since the Head Mountain Lord had fled, they were now at a crossroads. Certainly, they wouldn’t have the guts to go against Yang Kai. Even the Head Mountain Lord was defeated, so how were they supposed to be a match for him?


However, where else could they go? Profound Yang Mountain was where their foundation was. Presently, the dark Golden Crow’s True Fire was still burning through everything, so they didn’t know what to do even though they wanted to put out the flames.


When Yang Kai shot a cold glance at them, they became horrified and subconsciously stepped backwards, worrying that this guy might slaughter them to the last.


Fortunately, Yang Kai only snorted as his humongous figure shrunk and returned to his Human Form. With his spear resting on his shoulder, he shook his head and declared, “He fled just because he can’t beat me. What a useless guy!”


Then, he leapt into the air and disappeared into the distance.


It wasn’t until Yang Kai’s aura was completely out of their perception range that these surviving cultivators from Profound Yang Mountain let out a sigh of relief, as though they had just escaped from death’s door.


As they exchanged glances, they had no idea what to do now.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai landed on a spot that was 100 kilometres away. With Azure Dragon Spear over his shoulder, he squatted on a certain hill. 


There was a woman standing silently nearby. Noticing the movements, she looked up and met with Yang Kai’s eyes, whereupon she subconsciously took a few steps back. As she pressed her lips together, she saluted Yang Kai in an elegant manner.


“Yun Fei Bai is dead,” Yang Kai said.


The woman never responded to him, as though she was born mute.


“Many thanks for your directions some time ago,” Yang Kai said and got up. Then, he swung his spear and jabbed it into the ground, “If it weren’t for you, I couldn’t have easily found my Proprietress.”


“That was the least I could do,” the woman replied gently.


“Where do you want to go?” Yang Kai asked as he looked in Profound Yang Mountain’s direction, “That place is destroyed, so can’t go back anymore.”


The woman seemed lost. After giving it a thought, she shook her head, “I’m not going back, and I don’t know where I can go.”


Yang Kai suggested by saying, “There’s Astral Wind in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, so if you don’t look for a safe place, your Small Universe will collapse one day, costing you your life. Since Profound Yang Mountain is gone for good, you can either go to Unrivalled Guild or Twin Spirit Island. I’d suggest that you go to Twin Spirit Island because I’ll be staying there for the time being. If you go there, just tell them my name. Right, my name is Yang Kai.”


Then, he leapt into the air and headed straight to Twin Spirit Island.


The woman remained on the spot for a while before she saluted in the direction Yang Kai had left, then she turned around and headed in a different direction.




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