Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4405, A Shocked Hua Yong


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Although Yang Kai and the others were powerful Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, they had never come across a pregnant Open Heaven Realm Master prior to this, so it was expected that they knew nothing about it. As they gazed at Shu Mu Dan’s bulging belly, they tutted in amazement.


After a bit of a chat, Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan left. Before that, Yang Kai and the others were told that some people were standing guard outside the bamboo forest, so they could just tell them if they had any requests.


Yang Kai thanked them and personally saw the couple off.


Nothing major happened in the following days.


The Proprietress was still recuperating while Yang Kai had gained immense benefits as a result of the great battle he fought some time ago, so he needed time to sort through them. The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel especially needed some improvement, which couldn’t be achieved in just a day or two. Chef and Accountant had to recuperate as well.


Therefore, all of them remained silent in the bamboo forest.


A few days later, the Proprietress stepped out of her room. The three of them, who were standing guard outside, immediately opened their eyes and gazed at the second floor, only to see a charming Proprietress standing there, looking down at them with a smile.


All of them were elated as Chef exclaimed, “You’re awake, Proprietress.”


The Proprietress beckoned to them, “Come up.”


Upon finishing her words, she turned around and stepped into the room.


The trio made a beeline for the bamboo hut and went upstairs before staring at the Proprietress with concern.


Yang Kai suddenly frowned and said, “Proprietress, the Monster Qi around you…”


She was still evidently shrouded in Monster Qi, which was the same as the aura exuded from the Blood Monster Battle Dress that she wore previously. Although it was now significantly weaker, it couldn’t be underestimated.


The Proprietress explained, “It’ll take me a long time before I can dispel this Monster Qi entirely, but I’m fine now. It was thanks to you that I was saved.”


If Yang Kai hadn’t used the Soul Warming Lotus to cleanse her Knowledge Sea, she would’ve ended up in a horrible state. She could’ve been transformed by the Monster Qi and become a real Monster who had lost all sense of self.


After she finished speaking, she furrowed her brow and looked doubtfully at Yang Kai, “Why are you in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm now?”


Chef hurriedly replied, “Proprietress, let me explain. This Brat had some World Fruits…”


Upon hearing his explanation, the Proprietress figured everything out and nodded, “You had quite the opportunity there.”


Then, she recalled that Yang Kai had previously obtained some Innate Open Heaven Pills born in the Universe Furnace in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. She couldn’t help but be amazed at Yang Kai’s luck, for he was always able to obtain things that were rarely seen in the world.


Furthermore, the Soul Warming Lotus was still inside her body. She wondered where he found this kind of Supreme Treasure.


However, since he had consumed a Mid-Rank World Fruit and ascended to the Sixth Order, it had slightly made up for her regrets. Yang Kai was originally a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so his limit in the future would be the Seventh-Order. After consuming the Mid-Rank World Fruit though, his limit would be the Eighth-Order.


If he had a chance to obtain a good enough amount of Innate Open Heaven Pills, he would then have hope of ascending to the Ninth-Order. With that said, once the Universe Furnace appeared, it would lead to a period of turmoil, so it wasn’t easy to snatch such pills.


After returning the Soul Warming Lotus to Yang Kai, the Proprietress said, “Follow me to meet the Island Masters of Twin Spirit Island later. We’ll probably be staying here for a long time. Since this is their territory, we have to show them due respect.”


“Yes,” the three of them replied respectfully.


In the Main Hall of Twin Spirit Island, Hua Yong was seated on the Master’s seat as he widened his eyes in disbelief while an equally shocked Shu Mu Dan was seated just beside him. In front of them was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who was reporting his findings to them.


The Open Heaven Realm Master was the subordinate that Hua Yong had sent to find out what had happened in Profound Yang Mountain a few days ago. Upon his return on this day, he immediately reported to Hua Yong what he had discovered.


However, Hua Yong found it hard to believe what his subordinate was telling him.


“You say that Profound Yang Mountain is now engulfed in pitch-black flames, all of its Spirit Peaks are destroyed, and the ground has been cleaved apart? It’s been completely destroyed?”


“I couldn’t believe it either, but that was indeed what I saw,” the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master replied with his head hung low, “The traces of an epic battle are everywhere around Profound Yang Mountain. There are also some remnant fluctuations of World Forces.”


“Yun Fei Bai is dead?” Hua Yong asked again, “And even Mao Zhe fled after he was defeated?”


“I didn’t see it, but that was what I heard.”


“Where did you hear this news from?” Hua Yong inquired in shock.


The Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master replied, “It was the people from Profound Yang Mountain who told me about it. After Profound Yang Mountain was destroyed, those Open Heaven Realm Masters had nowhere to go. Some of them left with the Mountain Lords, and no one knows where they are now. Others didn’t know what to do next. When I arrived to investigate the situation, they saw me and came over to express their willingness to join Twin Spirit Island. I heard the news from them.”


“Where are those people now?” Hua Yong asked.


“I wouldn’t dare to make a decision, so I told them to wait outside the island as I had to report the matter to you both, Island Masters. They await your decision now.”


“Tell them to come in,” Hua Yong ordered.


The person nodded and dashed out of the hall. A moment later, he led seven people into the Main Hall. The strength of these people varied from the Third-Order to the Fifth-Order. Upon entering the hall, they appeared apprehensive and afraid.


Hua Yong found them to be familiar, so he reckoned that they were indeed from Profound Yang Mountain.


The Shadowless Cave Heaven was only so big, and the three great forces had co-existed in this place for thousands of years, so even though Hua Yong didn’t know their names, he had at least seen some of these people before.


The person at the front was an elderly man in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. He stepped forward and cupped his fist at Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan, “Zhang Shun greets the Island Masters.”


“You are Zhang Shun?” Hua Yong asked.


The elderly man nodded his head, “Yes.”


“I will ask you some questions, so you’d better answer me honestly. If you dare to lie to me, you know what the consequences are!” Hua Yong bellowed with a solemn expression.


Zhang Shun hurriedly replied, “Please ask me right away, Island Master Hua. This Old Master will definitely tell you everything he knows without the slightest omission or deception.”


Hua Yong nodded gently and questioned, “Is Yun Fei Bai dead or alive?”


Zhang Shun said, “The Second Mountain Lord… I’m sorry. Yun Fei Bai is dead. He was killed by a young man wielding a spear. His head exploded. As for what the young man’s name is, this Old Master has no idea.”


“Are you serious?” Hua Yong widened his eyes as he felt a chill running down his spine. Yun Fei Bai was the Second Mountain Lord of Profound Yang Mountain. Just like Hua Yong, he was a powerful Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so how could he be killed just like that?


“This Old Master saw it with his own eyes.” As Zhang Shun spoke, he couldn’t help but shudder as though he recalled something terrifying.


“What about the other Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain?” Hua Yong asked again.


Zhang Shun shook his head, “After Profound Yang Mountain was destroyed, the Head Mountain Lord disappeared with the unconscious Third and Fourth Mountain Lord. This Old Master has no idea where they are and how they’re doing.”


“Tell me what you saw that day in detail!”


Not daring to be negligent, Zhang Shun immediately narrated everything he saw back then.


When Hua Yong heard that Yang Kai had intercepted Yun Fei Bai and the others just outside of Profound Yang Mountain, he widened his eyes in disbelief, thinking that a madman had arrived in the Shadowless Cave Heaven. How did the young man have the guts to do such a thing on his own?


He had single-handedly dealt with the Mountain Lords and eventually killed Yun Fei Bai. Even the Head Mountain Lord was unable to stop him in time.


In the following battle, even Mao Zhe was no match for him as he had to return to Profound Yang Mountain and take advantage of the Grand Array, seemingly not daring to meet the young man head-on again.


Nevertheless, the relentless young man turned into a 4,000-metre-long Dragon and even lifted a mountain which he smashed onto Profound Yang Mountain until they were unable to resist. In the end, the young man turned Dragon spat out Golden Crow’s True Fire and burned the entire Profound Yang Mountain to the ground. After the Head Mountain Lord went missing, the young man then nonchalantly left.


Zhang Shun was pretty articulate, so he was able to retell what had happened in a vivid and descriptive manner. As Hua Yong listened to him, he couldn’t help but visualise the epic battle.


After Zhang Shun finished speaking, the Main Hall fell into dead silence.


A dazed Hua Yong remained seated as a myriad of expressions came over him.


Upon Yang Kai’s return a few days ago, he had indirectly asked him what happened in Profound Yang Mountain. At the mention of Mao Zhe, Yang Kai only said that the Head Mountain Lord was worthy of his reputation.


Therefore, Hua Yong thought that Yang Kai’s trip to Profound Yang Mountain was unfruitful, but he hadn’t expected that the outcome was actually the opposite.


Yang Kai had killed the Second Mountain Lord, injured the remaining Mountain Lords, and even destroyed Profound Yang Mountain. So, what did he mean when he praised Mao Zhe for being strong?


Hua Yong couldn’t help but think that a great change was about to happen in the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


Over thousands of years, even though there had been some grudges between the three great forces in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, they were able to co-exist peacefully. That was mainly because resources in this place were scarce, so no one was willing to get into unnecessary fights. The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had tacitly remained at peace with one another.


Therefore, even though there were only two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on Twin Spirit Island, which meant that they were the weakest among the three great forces, they were still able to exist for such a long time. That was because in order to swallow Twin Spirit Island, Profound Yang Mountain or Unrivalled Guild would have to pay a hefty price, and the rewards might not even be worth it.


However, now, even a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Yun Fei Bai was killed while the injured Mao Zhe had gone missing. There was practically no one in the Shadowless Cave Heaven that was a match for Yang Kai.


Profound Yang Mountain was destroyed, and given the power Yang Kai had showcased, both Unrivalled Guild and Twin Spirit Island wouldn’t be able to resist him.


The young man was able to single-handedly turn things upside down in the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


If Yang Kai had the intention, he could easily become the Overlord of the Shadowless Cave Heaven. Unless all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Shadowless Cave Heaven joined forces, no one would be able to stop him.


Zhang Shun wondered what was on Hua Yong’s mind as the latter’s expression repeatedly changed, so he called out in a gentle voice, “Island Master Hua…”


It was then Hua Yong’s gaze refocused.


Zhang Shun said, “Island Master Hua, please show us mercy. Now that Profound Yang Mountain has been destroyed, we have become homeless. If you can accept us, we will pledge to be loyal to you both until death!”




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