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Martial Peak – Chapter 4408, Searching for a Way Out

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After returning from Chef’s place, Yang Kai immediately attempted to harmonise his Yin, Yang, and Five Elements in order to get rid of the hidden dangers in his Small Universe.


He had ample resources with him, so he didn’t need to be thrifty. As he refined a lot of Fifth-Order materials, not only had the heritage of his Small Universe improved, but his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation had also been solidified.


While refining these materials, he didn’t forget to improve his comprehension of his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel. However, since this Divine Ability involved an entirely new Space-Time Strength, he had no idea where to start.


Therefore, he could use a wisp of his consciousness to study the movements of the celestial entities and the passing of time in his Small Universe in the hope that he would be able to comprehend something out of it.


Two months later, Yang Kai stepped out of his bamboo hut.


The Proprietress was still recuperating. She was left with some serious backlash from using the Blood Monster Battle Dress, so it wasn’t easy to dispel the Monster Qi in her body.


On the other hand, Chef and Accountant were cultivating, so Yang Kai decided not to bother them. After leaving a jade slip behind, he dashed out of the bamboo forest.


It had been three months since he arrived in the Shadowless Cave Heaven. Now that his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation had been sufficiently fortified, it was time he searched for a way out. 


Yang Kai had to return to Void Land to take charge of everything. On top of that Yue He and Bai Qi must be worried about him.


However, before he tried to look for the exit, he had to visit Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan. They had been around in the Shadowless Cave Heaven for over 10,000 years, so they must be aware of everything in this place. Perhaps they could give him some useful hints.


Hua Yong hospitably greeted Yang Kai in the reception hall. During this period of time, Twin Spirit Island had accepted a lot of Open Heaven Realm Masters from Profound Yang Mountain, which greatly strengthened them. As the Island Master, Hua Yong appeared to be glowing.


“Are you going to look for a way out, Brother Yang?” Hua Yong appeared solemn upon hearing Yang Kai’s intention.


Yang Kai nodded, “Since we can enter the Shadowless Cave Heaven, we must be able to leave as well. I’m going to look for the exit. Do you happen to have any clues, Island Master Hua?”


Hua Yong was quite eager to see Yang Kai leave. The young man was horrendously powerful and had destroyed Profound Yang Mountain. The fact that he was staying on Twin Spirit Island was a potential concern.


Moreover, if Yang Kai could really find a way out, it would be beneficial to Hua Yong as well.


Therefore, upon hearing Yang Kai’s intentions, he didn’t attempt to stop him. After giving it a thought, Hua Yong suddenly dipped his finger into his tea and drew a circle on the table.


Yang Kai looked doubtfully at him.


Hua Yong pointed at the table and said, “If this table is the entire Shadowless Cave Heaven, this circle represents the region the three great forces are able to operate. Well, there are only two great forces now.”


Yang Kai took a glance and pondered on it, “You mean you haven’t fully explored the entire Shadowless Cave Heaven?”


Hua Yong shook his head, “It’s impossible to explore the entire Shadowless Cave Heaven.”


He pointed at the centre of the circle and said, “It takes half a month to go from this place to the edge of the circle. Basically, the Astral Wind will appear once every month; therefore, once you reach the edge of the circle, you have to hurry back; otherwise, you won’t have a place to hide when the Astral Wind strikes, which will destabilise your Small Universe.”


Upon hearing his explanation, Yang Kai nodded, “In that case, with their respective Headquarters as the centres, the people from the three great forces can only move around in a range that they can go back and forth in one month.”


“That’s right.” Hua Yong bowed his head, “Once, many years ago, the three great forces cooperated and mobilised all of our subordinates to look for a potential exit. Unfortunately, we were unable to find anything within the range that we could reach. It will likely be extremely difficult for you to look for the exit.”


There were many people in the three great forces and they had been trying for years but still couldn’t find a clue about how to leave. It had only been a few months since Yang Kai arrived in this place, so it was impossible that he could do something that the three great forces couldn’t after millennia of trying.


On the other hand, Yang Kai’s eyes seemed to be glowing, “In that case, the exit might just be outside this circle.”


The other cultivators could only move around within the circle, or else they would be harmed by the Astral Wind; however, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of it at all. If the exit was really in a place that was outside the circle, he would be able to find it sooner or later.


Hua Yong said, “Mao Zhe thought the same thing. He even hypothesized that the source of the Astral Wind might be where an exit could be found.”


“Why would he say that?” Yang Kai asked in puzzlement.


Hua Yong replied, “He suspected that the Astral Wind isn’t native to the Shadowless Cave Heaven and instead comes from the outside world. Therefore, the place where the Astral Wind comes from must have a passageway that leads to the outside world.”


“Perhaps he’s right,” Yang Kai nodded in agreement.


“If that’s really the case, there won’t be any hope for us.” Hua Yong smiled helplessly, “Can anyone resist the Astral Wind and reach the exit? Even if the person can leave the Shadowless Cave Heaven, no one can guarantee he won’t fall into the source of the Astral Wind. By then, he won’t be able to save himself.”


His worries were not unfounded. If Mao Zhe’s speculation was right, once a person left the Shadowless Cave Heaven, they would immediately fall into the origin of the Astral Wind. The wind that was coming from the outside world was already horrifying enough, so its source would definitely be even more terrible.


However, while others were unable to bear the Astral Wind, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of it.


After giving it a thought, he asked, “Do you happen to know the direction the Astral Wind comes from?”


Although Yang Kai had experienced the Astral Wind several times now, he had never paid attention to the direction it came from.


An astounded Hua Yong gazed at him and asked, “Are you going to search in that direction, Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai replied, “I have to give it a try since the exit might just be over there.”


Hua Yong stared at him in stunned shock for a time before a look of admiration filled his face, “You’re a pretty audacious man. Since you’re so determined, I won’t dissuade you. However, once you leave Twin Spirit Island, you’d better be careful of the Astral Wind. Once the wind rises, you have to look for a place to avoid it.”


Yang Kai nodded. After the direction was pointed out to him by Hua Yong, he turned around and left.


Hua Yong saw him off and wished him success, then he watched the young man disappear in the direction he had pointed out.


A glint flashed through his eyes as he shook his head. There was no doubt that Yang Kai’s venture wouldn’t be fruitful. Although he was powerful, there was no way he could resist the Astral Wind. It could be expected that he would return in a month or two looking battered and defeated.


After leaving Twin Spirit Island, Yang Kai headed in the direction Hua Yong had pointed out at full speed.


More than ten days later, Yang Kai stopped in his tracks and sensed his surroundings, then he became ecstatic. That was because the wind was blowing towards him!


He was certain he was outside of the circle Hua Yong had drawn after more than ten days of moving forward; after all, he was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who was also a Master of the Dao of Space, so he was much faster than the average Open Heaven Realm Master.


Presently, he was worried that he might be heading in the wrong direction as he didn’t have a way of fixing his bearings. Since the wind was blowing at his face though, he could trace it back to its source.


A moment later, the wind became stronger. Yang Kai could clearly feel that the Astral Wind had directly entered his Small Universe as it swept his World Force away and began wearing down his heritage.


In the next instant, a gigantic ancient tree appeared behind Yang Kai. The tree crown was so vast that it was as though it could cover the entire sky. As the branches hung low, a burst of vitality filled the air and the Astral Wind was immediately blocked outside of the tree’s range.


Yang Kai still had no idea why his Towering Evergreen Divine Manifestation was able to block the Astral Wind, but he speculated that the Wood Element Power he had condensed from the Immortal Tree was simply powerful enough to ward it off.


That was the reason he had the confidence to leave Twin Spirit Island.


Other cultivators could only move around in a range that would take them half a month to return to their Headquarters from, or else they would be harmed by the Astral Wind. However, Yang Kai was immune to it. When the Astral Wind came, he just had to use his Towering Evergreen to fend it off.


After identifying the right direction, Yang Kai flew against the wind, the Manifestation of the gigantic tree hovering behind him.


One hour later, the Astral Wind stopped as all the noise died down.


Yang Kai, who was moving at full speed, stopped in his tracks and looked ahead. That was because three rays of light suddenly rose from a hill on the horizon and dashed into the distance. They happened to be heading in the same direction as him.


Yang Kai was shocked as he hadn’t expected to come across anyone here. It was said that the cultivators from the three great forces couldn’t come out this far, so supposedly, there shouldn’t be anyone in this place.


After all, there was nowhere in this region that could ward off the Astral Wind, so it must have affected these three people just now.


As Yang Kai stared intently in their direction, he suddenly burst into laughter, “So it’s them! Did they decide to take such a big risk?”


The three rays of light were actually the Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai realised that it wasn’t surprising that they were here.


Since Profound Yang Mountain was destroyed, they had nowhere else to go. They obviously wouldn’t go to Twin Spirit Island as the Proprietress and Yang Kai were there, so they would only embarrass themselves if they did.


It was impossible for Unrivalled Guild to accept them as well. Although there were three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Unrivalled Guild, Mao Zhe and the others also numbered three. If they were accepted, conflicts would arise in Unrivalled Guild. Mao Zhe wasn’t known for being unreasonable and ruthless, but he also had his pride, so the Three Chiefs would be worried that Mao Zhe would covet their great force.


Since these two places wouldn’t welcome them, Mao Zhe and the others really had nowhere to go.


Hua Yong had said that Mao Zhe was the one who suggested that the origin of the Astral Wind was probably an exit to this place. Since there were no other safe places in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, it was only reasonable that Mao Zhe would take a risk and go against the wind to look for the way out.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai had never expected to bump into them here.


He never intended to hunt them down as the reason he destroyed Profound Yang Mountain some time ago was simply to get revenge for the Proprietress. Since Profound Yang Mountain was gone, Mao Zhe and the others had become as pitiful as stray dogs and there wasn’t a need for Yang Kai to add insult to injury.


However, since they were heading in the same direction, they would meet up sooner or later.


Half a day later, Mao Zhe and the others seemed to have noticed something as they looked behind them.


Zhou Ya’s eyes trembled when she looked back, then she exclaimed, “There’s someone following us, Big Brother!”


A stunned Mao Zhe turned his head, then he widened his eyes and gritted his teeth, “It’s Yang Kai!”



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