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Martial Peak – Chapter 4412, No Regrets in Life

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Upon hearing Yang Kai’s words, Mao Zhe set his mind at ease.


Since Yang Kai was ready to bring the people from Twin Spirit Island over, he should have the confidence to achieve his goal; otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken such a huge risk.


“Are you all coming to Twin Spirit Island with me? Or are you going to wait for me here?” Yang Kai asked.


After pondering on it for a moment, Mao Zhe asked, “According to the regular pattern, the Astral Wind will strike again in ten days. Will you be able to come back here in ten days, Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t think so.”


It would take him more than ten days to arrive at Twin Spirit Island, so there was no way he could return to this place before the wind came; moreover, he would have to spend some time on Twin Spirit Island.


“We’re going with you, then,” Mao Zhe decided. They would have Yang Kai’s protection by following him while they would be powerless to resist the wind if they stayed here.


Since an agreement had been reached, they immediately set off on their journey towards Twin Spirit Island.


They didn’t speak to each other on the road, and ten days later, the Astral Wind indeed struck again. Yang Kai used his Towering Evergreen to ensure everyone’s safety. Although the three of them had experienced it before, they were still awestruck by the Divine Manifestation.


A few days later, they finally arrived at Twin Spirit Island.


After a message was sent out, the fog around the island separated and Yang Kai led the three Mountain Lords towards the bamboo forest where the Proprietress and the others resided.


When the person, who was guarding the Grand Array, saw Mao Zhe and the others, he was shocked and immediately reported it to Hua Yong.


As Yang Kai shuffled into the bamboo forest with the three of them, Chef and Accountant, who were cultivating, were astounded. Upon leaving their huts to have a look, they were startled.


“Where’s Proprietress?” Yang Kai asked.


“She’s still cultivating in seclusion,” Chef replied, then pulled Yang Kai away and pointed in the direction of Mao Zhe and the others, “What’s going on? Why have they come here with you?”


Yang Kai took a glance at the three of them and explained, “They were captivated by my charm, so they’ve surrendered to me. Now, they have to obey my command.”


Chef shot him a dry glance as he apparently didn’t believe him.


“I’m going to meet Proprietress,” Yang Kai said, then headed to the bamboo hut where she resided. Chef, Accountant, and the three Mountain Lords exchanged glances.


Standing outside the hut, Yang Kai raised his hand and gently knocked on the door. He only opened the door and entered the place upon getting her response.


Outside the bamboo forest, Hua Yong was covered in cold sweat as he dashed forward alongside Shu Mu Dan. They both appeared worried.


When he was told that Yang Kai had returned to Twin Spirit Island with the three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain, he didn’t believe his subordinate at first; after all, Yang Kai had previously burned down Profound Yang Mountain and killed the Second Mountain Lord Yun Fei Bai.


That was a blood feud that was practically irreconcilable. 


It would be a miracle if they didn’t fight the moment they met, so how was it possible that they had come back together?


However, since the subordinate swore that he had seen it with his own eyes, Hua Yong had no choice but to believe him and rushed over to look into the matter.


“What’s Yang Kai trying to achieve?” Hua Yong was befuddled. Previously, Yang Kai said he was going to look for the exit of the Shadowless Cave Heaven, but he returned with Mao Zhe and the others after just one month.


Was he going to make a move on Twin Spirit Island? Had he come to any agreement with Mao Zhe and the others?


Hua Yong couldn’t help but let his thoughts run wild.


When he reached the bamboo forest and saw those people who seemed to be in a confrontation, he narrowed his eyes and called out, “Head Mountain Lord Mao!”


Shu Mu Dan’s face stiffened as she put up her guard.


Mao Zhe turned to look at Hua Yong and cupped his fist, “Island Master Hua.”


Hua Yong gulped with difficulty as he wasn’t certain what he was about to face. Regardless, he still stepped forward and said in a bitter voice, “You should’ve informed us that you were coming to Twin Spirit Island, Head Mountain Lord Mao. It’s rather impolite of us to not at least welcome you at our doors.”


Despite his polite tone, he was practically implying that Mao Zhe was too disrespectful by coming to his territory without informing him. Although Hua Yong was timid, he wasn’t a pushover.


Mao Zhe said impassively, “We have nowhere to go. Since Profound Yang Mountain was destroyed, I’m no longer the Head Mountain Lord. It wasn’t this Mao’s intention to come to Twin Spirit Island. We were merely following Sir Yang.”


“Sir Yang?” Hua Yong was stunned, wondering who the person was that Mao Zhe was talking about.


Just then, Yang Kai’s voice was heard coming from the hut, “You’re here, Island Master Hua. Please come up together with your Wife. I need to tell you something.”


Upon hearing that, Hua Yong darted his gaze between the hut and Mao Zhe in puzzlement. Since he was unable to figure anything out, he gave a signal to Shu Mu Dan to tell her to be careful, then strode towards the hut with a frown.


After entering the place, they saw Yang Kai and Lan You Ruo seated across from each other as they seemed to be having a chat. When the latter pair saw the couple, they quickly rose from the chairs.


Upon saluting one another, everyone took a seat.


An anxious Hua Yong asked, “What’s going on with Head Mountain Lord Mao and the others, Brother Yang? I heard that they came here with you.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Relax, Island Master Hua. They’ve indeed come here with me, but they don’t have any ill intentions against Twin Spirit Island.”


Hua Yong fell silent with a grim expression. Although he had allowed Yang Kai to come and go from Twin Spirit Island as he pleased, it didn’t mean the young man could bring Mao Zhe and the other Mountain Lords with him. However, since he wasn’t a match for Yang Kai to begin with, Hua Yong decided to keep his mouth shut.


Upon seeing his expression, the Proprietress comforted him by saying, “Island Master Hua, just so you know, Mao Zhe and the others have submitted to Yang Kai. Without his order, they won’t make any rash moves.”


“They’ve submitted to him?” Hua Yong’s brow twitched. He had the urge to ask Lan You Ruo whether she even understood what she was talking about. However, when he recalled that Mao Zhe had called Yang Kai ‘Sir Yang’, he couldn’t help but fall into a state of disbelief.


“Let’s not talk about them just now.” Yang Kai waved his hand, “I’d like to talk about leaving the Shadowless Cave Heaven.”


A shocked Hua Yong lifted his head, “Have you found the exit, Brother Yang?”


Shu Mu Dan couldn’t help but cover her mouth and gaze at Yang Kai in shock.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai nodded, “En, I’ve found the exit. Just like what Mao Zhe speculated, the origin of the Astral Wind is the passageway that’s connected to the outside world. By moving past it, we’ll be able to leave the Shadowless Cave Heaven.”


“You went to the source of the Astral Wind?” Hua Yong exclaimed.


Yang Kai nodded in response.


After giving it a thought, Shu Mu Dan spoke, “The Astral Wind suddenly struck again for no reason more than ten days ago, and it lasted for about half a day. It’s different from the regular pattern…”


Yang Kai explained, “That’s because I tore the space around the source of the Astral Wind apart and opened a passageway to it.”


Shu Mu Dan exclaimed.


Disbelief was written all over Hua Yong’s face as he said, “In just one month, Brother Yang has achieved something that we haven’t been able to do for over 10,000 years!”


A humble Yang Kai replied, “Luck played a big part in it.”


An excited Hua Yong said, “Since you’ve found the exit, do you have the confidence to leave this place?”


Yang Kai said, “I was about to talk about this very issue, Island Master Hua. It’s not hard to leave this place, but the problem is what we will face after leaving Shadowless Cave Heaven.”


Hua Yong furrowed his brow, “What do you think we’ll face, Brother Yang?”


“Have you forgotten about what you’ve told me before?” Yang Kai stared at him.


After giving it a thought, Hua Yong replied, “We’ll probably fall into the source of the Astral Wind after leaving the Shadowless Cave Heaven. It must be very dangerous there.”


Yang Kai nodded, “That’s right. Once we leave the Shadowless Cave Heaven, we’ll fall into the origin of the Astral Wind. I have no idea how dangerous it will be. To be honest with you, I have a way of fending off the Astral Wind. At the very least, the Astral Wind gusting into the Shadowless Cave Heaven doesn’t bother me at all; however, I don’t know what will happen after we fall into the Astral Wind’s source.”


Hua Yong was shocked upon hearing this. It was only now that he understood the reason Yang Kai had the confidence to leave Twin Spirit Island and look for the exit.


It was no wonder that Yang Kai’s aura didn’t seem to have been affected one bit even though the Astral Wind had struck twice over the last month. He actually had a way to defend against it.


After a moment of silence, Hua Yong asked, “Are you going to leave the Shadowless Cave Heaven, Brother Yang?”


“Yes.” Yang Kai nodded, “Many thanks to both of you for taking care of us. If you want, you can come with us, and I’ll do my best to take care of you. Of course, I welcome the rest of the people from Twin Spirit Island if they want to leave as well. I’m also going to inform those from Unrivalled Guild about it.”


“Unrivalled Guild?” Hua Yong looked doubtfully at him, “Are you friends with them?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “No. However, we will have greater strength with more people accompanying us. We don’t know what will happen after we leave the Shadowless Cave Heaven, so I’m willing to bring those who want to come with me.”


Hua Yong bowed his head, “I admire how righteous and just Brother Yang is.”


“Island Master Hua is too kind, it’s the least I can do.”


Shu Mu Dan, who had remained silent all along, suddenly asked, “The origin of the Astral Wind must be extremely dangerous. Do you have the confidence to move past it, Senior Brother Yang?”


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai replied with a serious expression, “I cannot give you an affirmative reply since I have no idea what the situation is like on the other side.”


“Even if it’s a path of certain death, do you still insist on leaving the Shadowless Cave Heaven?”


Yang Kai said with a smile, “Life is not a clear path laid out before us. I don’t strive for everything to be perfect, only to not have any regrets. Rather than remaining trapped here forever, I’m willing to give it a try.”


Shu Mu Dan became startled for a moment before she pressed her lips together and nodded, “I understand.”


Hua Yong said, “This is a serious matter, so I cannot make a decision in a short time. Please give us a few days to sleep on it, Brother Yang.”


“En,” Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Proprietress still needs another month or so to recover, so we won’t be leaving so soon. You can tell me about it after you make a decision.”


“Many thanks,” Hua Yong cupped his fists, then he rose from the chair and left with Shu Mu Dan. Upon reaching the door, he suddenly turned around, “This is a serious matter, Brother Yang, so I hope you won’t break it to the rest of the people on Twin Spirit Island for now.”



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