Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4413, Unrivalled Guild


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Yang Kai’s expression changed when he heard that, then he replied with a smile, “Don’t worry, Island Master Hua. You have full control over the affairs in Twin Spirit Island. I won’t interfere.”


It was then Hua Yong thanked him and left the place.


After the couple was gone, the Proprietress said with a smile, “He’s pretty cautious. He must be worried that his subordinates will start having other ideas if the news is leaked.”


“It can’t be helped.” Yang Kai could understand. If word got out that he was able to bring some people out of Shadowless Cave Heaven, many of those from Twin Spirit Island would be tempted to join him. If Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan decided to stay in the end, but Yang Kai brought most of their people away, the power of Twin Spirit Island would be greatly weakened.


It was expected that Hua Yong didn’t want the news to be leaked so soon, and he was able to set his mind at ease since Yang Kai had given him the assurance.


“Are you really going to inform those from Unrivalled Guild about this?” The Proprietress asked.


Yang Kai nodded, “They’re all pitiful people, so I don’t mind lending them a hand. It’s up to them whether they’ll believe me or not.”


The Proprietress paused before nodding as well, “Give me a month. If it’s just like what you’ve said, we’re going to face a lot of trouble after leaving the Shadowless Cave Heaven, so I should restore my full strength before we depart.”


“Of course.”


A moment later, Yang Kai stepped out of the bamboo hut.


The people outside the hut were still staring at one another, so Yang Kai directly wedged into the spot between both parties before turning to look at Mao Zhe, “I’m going to Unrivalled Guild.”


Mao Zhe retracted his gaze and frowned, “Why are you going there?”


“I’m going to ask them whether they want to leave Shadowless Cave Heaven. I don’t mind bringing them with me.”


Geng Qing widened his eyes, “You want to bring those from Unrivalled Guild with you?”


“What’s wrong with that?”


After a moment of silence, Geng Qing shook his head, “There’s no problem.” If possible, he wouldn’t want those from Unrivalled Guild to tag along. After Profound Yang Mountain was destroyed, the three of them headed to Unrivalled Guild in an attempt to seek shelter, but the Three Chiefs had no qualms about mocking them, which was why they eventually left in exasperation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have taken such a huge risk to look for the exit.


Geng Qing naturally wished for those from Unrivalled Guild to be trapped inside the Shadowless Cave Heaven forever.


However, since Yang Kai had made a decision, he wasn’t in any place to object to it. Technically, the three of them were now Yang Kai’s subordinates as their lives were under his control. They didn’t have the right to change his mind.


“You’ll come with me, Zhou Ya. I don’t know where Unrivalled Guild is after all.” Yang Kai gazed at her.


Zhou Ya looked inquisitively at Mao Zhe, who then said, “Since Sir has given the order, you should go with him.”


It was then Zhou Ya nodded gently.


Yang Kai swept a dispassionate glance over Mao Zhe before shuffling forward.


After leaving Twin Spirit Island, Zhou Ya led the way and headed to Unrivalled Guild.


While they were on the road, Zhou Ya asked, “Sir, you’re already so powerful at such a young age. I’m sure you’re from one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises.”


Yang Kai shot her a glance and said, “Did Mao Zhe tell you to inquire about my background?”


Zhou Ya’s face stiffened as she forced a smile, “Don’t get me wrong, Sir. I’m just curious. Since you’re not willing to tell me, please just ignore my question.” She tucked her hair behind her ear and revealed her alluring profile and her snow-white skin.


“You’ll find out about my background after we leave this place. Even if I tell you about it now, you probably won’t believe me.”


“En,” Zhou Ya replied with her head hung low. 


Over the years, she had always been in an important position. As the Fourth Mountain Lord of Profound Yang Mountain, she was famous throughout the Shadowless Cave Heaven. Now that she had become someone else’s servant who had lost control over her own life, she wasn’t used to it.


The three Mountain Lords speculated that Yang Kai was a Core Disciple nurtured by one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises. Otherwise, he couldn’t have possessed a power that was in the same Order.


Furthermore, the fact that Yang Kai had refined so many High-Rank materials strengthened their beliefs.


Unrivalled Guild was pretty far away from Twin Spirit Island, so it took them five days to arrive at their destination. Upon their arrival, Zhou Ya said, “We’ll soon reach the Headquarters of Unrivalled Guild. You must act carefully, Sir.”


Yang Kai looked up but couldn’t see anything unusual. Suppressing the doubt in his heart, he continued following Zhou Ya as they moved forward.


In just a moment, they saw a smooth-looking cliff, which was so flat that it was as though it was cut using a knife. There was a protruded rock in the middle that served as a platform.


Zhou Ya and Yang Kai landed on the platform, then she pointed at the wall, “This is the Headquarters of Unrivalled Guild.”


Yang Kai released his Divine Sense and realised that there was a barrier in front of the wall of this platform. There must be some space behind the wall.


“Inform them of our arrival,” Yang Kai ordered.


Zhou Ya nodded, then she performed a hand seal and pressed both her hands against the wall, whereupon a layer of visible ripples spread around.


A moment later, rumbling sounds were heard coming from behind the wall. A passage was revealed in the flat wall, then more than 100 people flooded out of it. There were three bald men, whose figures were built like bulls, at the front. What surprised Yang Kai was that the three of them looked identical. They were apparently triplets.


The auras of the three of them suggested that they were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Needless to say, they were the Three Chiefs of Unrivalled Guild.


Yang Kai tutted in amazement. Over the years, he had met quite a number of twins, but it was the first time he came across triplets. What was especially rare was that these three burly brothers had all ascended to the Sixth Order.


It was no wonder that Unrivalled Guild was able to face off against Profound Yang Mountain as the Brothers were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Furthermore, since they were triplets, they probably had some kind of innate connection. It wouldn’t be surprising if they had cultivated a Combined Attack Technique. If both parties got into a scuffle, Mao Zhe on his own wouldn’t be a match for them.


Now, it seemed that among the three great forces in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, Twin Spirit Island was indeed the weakest. Besides the fact that they only had two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on their side, their collective power was also no match for the other two great forces.


The reason they had survived until this day was that the environment in the Shadowless Cave Heaven was truly hostile as the resources were scarce. Among the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, unless there was a great blood feud, they wouldn’t easily get into a fight as once they were exhausted or injured, it would be hard for them to recuperate.


As soon as the Brothers appeared, Zhou Ya gently spoke to Yang Kai, “Sir, they’re the Three Chiefs of Unrivalled Guild. Their names are Shi Shan, Shi Qiu, and Shi Yue. As for who is who, I can’t really tell.”


A speechless Yang Kai swept a glance over the Brothers and realized he couldn’t tell them apart either.


The Brothers were fierce upon their appearance, but when they saw Zhou Ya, their eyes seemed to be glowing. One of them called out, “I was just wondering who had the guts to knock on our door. It’s you, beautiful little girl.”


Another person said smilingly, “What’s wrong? Have you changed your mind and decided to be our Wife?”


The last person said, “That’s great! We’ll marry you today and let you know what it’s like to be a bride.”


Zhou Ya was so exasperated that she started flushing, then she said through gritted teeth, “Stop spouting nonsense, you ugly men! I’ll never be your Wife.”


The first person who spoke stroked his bald head and sported a ferocious expression, “Beautiful girl, since you’re not willing to be our Wife, why are you even here? Are you sick of living? We don’t mind granting your wish as we’re adept at torturing women.”


The second person glanced at Yang Kai and tutted, “Who is this pretty boy? I’ve never seen him before.”


The last person remarked, “He must be this woman’s lover.”


Just then, a person rushed over and spoke to the Brothers with a horrified expression.


Since the downfall of Profound Yang Mountain, the survivors had either gone to Twin Spirit Island or Unrivalled Guild. Presently, some of the people standing behind the Brothers were originally from Profound Yang Mountain, so they could immediately recognise Yang Kai. At that instant, they started trembling in fear, wondering if he wasn’t happy with destroying Profound Yang Mountain alone. Had he come all the way here to ruin Unrivalled Guild?


Upon hearing the subordinate’s words, the three Brothers stiffened and gazed at Yang Kai with widened eyes. They examined the young man as though they were trying to look into his Soul.


One of them suddenly said in a small voice, “That’s Yang Kai? I thought he’d look mighty. You know, with more muscles. It’s surprising that he has such thin arms.”


The second Brother nodded, “Don’t be negligent, Third Brother. You can’t judge a book by its cover. This person really doesn’t seem ordinary.”


“Why do you think so, Big Brother?”


“He doesn’t even flinch when facing the three of us, so he’s definitely not an average cultivator.”


“You’re right, Big Brother. But why is he here?” The Third Brother asked in puzzlement.


“I don’t think he’s well-meaning. I heard that it hasn’t been a long time since this person arrived in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, but he has already destroyed Profound Yang Mountain. I’m worried that he has the intention of ruling over this place.”


“He wants to rule over this place? Over our dead bodies!”


“That’s right. We’re united against anyone who dares to invade our territory.”


“Let’s get ready to fight, Big Brother.”


“I’m worried that we’re no match for him. I heard that he had barged into Profound Yang Mountain and severely wounded Mao Zhe. Although the three of us can join forces to defeat Mao Zhe, I don’t think we’d be able to achieve what he’s done. It proves that he’s… just a bit more powerful than us.”


“We’ll just give it a try to find out whether we’re a match for him. Why don’t we just summon our trump cards later to make sure that he won’t have enough time to respond?”


The Brothers gathered together as they stared at Yang Kai and discussed their tactics, out loud.


Yang Kai’s brow twitched as he turned to look at Zhou Ya, who lowered her head and secretly spoke, “These guys seem to have been born dim-witted.”


A speechless Yang Kai wondered how they even ascended to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. With that said, they obviously had extraordinary aptitudes.


Presently, the Brothers seemed to be in a conflict as they were arguing about who would make the first move. Their faces had reddened as they were agitated.


Yang Kai coughed into his fist, then cupped his fist at them, “Greetings, Three Chiefs. My name is Yang Kai. I’m sorry for the sudden visit. Hmm… What are your names?”


The three of them immediately stopped arguing. One of them loudly patted his own chest, “My name is Shi Shan.”


The second person said, “I’m Shi Qiu.”


The third person said in a grim voice, “Shi Yue.”




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