Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4414, Hua Yong’s Hesitation


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Yang Kai gazed seriously at them in an attempt to connect their faces to their names, but his effort was in vain. Not only did these burly men look alike, but their demeanours and voices were also similar. More importantly, their auras were almost identical.


Perhaps even their own mother wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.


Yang Kai decided to give up as he said, “Please don’t get me wrong. This Yang has no ill intentions against Unrivalled Guild. I also don’t intend to rule over the Shadowless Cave Heaven like what you were worrying about.”


Shi Yue exclaimed, “He heard our conversation, Big Brother!”


A hint of ruthlessness flashed through Shi Qiu’s face, “We’d better make a move first, or else we’ll be at a disadvantage, Big Brother.”


Shi Shan widened his eyes in shock as he puffed out a scorching breath through his nostrils. As he glared at Yang Kai, his gaze became increasingly ferocious.


Faced with the imminent danger, Yang Kai took some steps backwards and raised his hands, “Wait a moment. I don’t intend to go against the three of you, nor am I here to fight. I’ve come all the way here to tell you that I’ve found the exit of this Shadowless Cave Heaven, and I’m going to leave in one month. If you want, you can come with me. If not, I’m not going to force you.”


Yang Kai found it hard to deal with these three. Before coming to this place, he had imagined various circumstances when he met the Three Chiefs of Unrivalled Guild, but he hadn’t expected that it would turn out this way.


“You’ve found the exit?” Shi Shan was startled as the ruthlessness in his eyes went away.


“Yes.” Yang Kai bowed his head.


“Why should we believe you?” Distrust was written all over Shi Yue’s face as he gazed at Yang Kai, “We’ve been looking for the exit for thousands of years but to no avail. How did you even find it?”


“I have my methods.” Yang Kai shook his head, “As for how I’ve found it, I can’t really tell you. However, Zhou Ya was with me at that time. If you don’t believe me, you can ask her about it.”


In an instant, the three Brothers shifted their attention to Zhou Ya.


Zhou Ya frowned, apparently not willing to talk to them, but she still nodded her head in the end, “Sir Yang is not lying to you. He has really found the exit of the Shadowless Cave Heaven. The reason we’ve come all the way here is to inform you about it.”


The doubt of the brothers evaporated as they appeared ecstatic, “He’s really found the exit?”


Yang Kai was dumbfounded. It seemed that these guys were truly dim-witted as they readily believed Zhou Ya’s words. Nevertheless, it saved him a lot of trouble so he just went with it.


The brothers could barely contain their excitement while the cultivators from Unrivalled Guild looked at Yang Kai with fervent gazes. No one was willing to stay in the Shadowless Cave Heaven if they had a chance to leave. Resources in this damned place were scarce, so they had no future if they stayed here.


Many of them had been stuck in this place for thousands of years. Due to the Astral Wind, Ma Tian Yuan’s cultivation had dropped from the Sixth Order to the Fifth Order, so he was rather pitiful. Many of them were indeed tempted by Yang Kai’s words.


Yang Kai said, “Just so you know, even though I’ve found the exit, we might come across some trouble if we want to leave. There might be some unforeseeable danger.”


Shi Shan stroked his bald head and stared at Yang Kai, “We have nothing to do with one another. Since you’ve found the exit, you could’ve left on your own. Why have you come over to inform us? Do you have any ulterior motive?”


Shi Qiu and Shi Yue immediately gazed vigilantly at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai burst into laughter, “What ulterior motive could I have? Just like what I’ve said, even though I’ve found the exit, there might be some danger ahead; therefore, having more people to help is a good thing. If you’re willing to come with me, I may need your assistance when the time comes.”


Upon hearing his explanation, the brothers understood his intentions.


“I’m going to leave the Shadowless Cave Heaven in one month. If you want to come with me, you can look for me in Twin Spirit Island before then. I’ll be staying there during this period of time.” Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai cupped his fist and left with Zhou Ya.


The reason he had come over was to inform the Three Chiefs about his plan. Since he had achieved his goal, he didn’t remain. These three were truly dim-witted, so it might do more harm than good if he talked any further.


The brothers were rooted to the spot as they watched Yang Kai leave.


Behind them, the Open Heaven Realm Masters exchanged glances.


Meanwhile, in a luxuriously decorated room on Twin Spirit Island, Hua Yong was drinking on his own. A series of footsteps were heard coming from behind him, then a warm body pressed against his head. A pair of slender hands were placed on his forehead as the woman gently massaged him.


Hua Yong closed his eyes and rested his head against his Wife’s belly. He could clearly feel the fetal movements coming through the skin. As he took a whiff of the pleasant fragrance, his mind was slowly soothed.


“Are you in a dilemma, Husband?” Shu Mu Dan asked gently.


“Yes.” Hua Yong sighed, “It’s too difficult to make a decision, my Wife.”


Yang Kai had put him in a really tight spot. Before his arrival, Hua Yong and his Wife had stayed in the Shadowless Cave Heaven for about 10,000 years. Although the environment was hostile, their lives had been quite peaceful. However, in just a few days, Yang Kai had basically turned this place upside down. Profound Yang Mountain was destroyed, and only three of the Four Great Mountain Lords were left. Moreover, those three had become Yang Kai’s subordinates.


On top of that, Yang Kai found the Shadowless Cave Heaven’s exit, which the cultivators in this place were unable to do for thousands of years.


Certainly, Hua Yong wanted to leave the Shadowless Cave Heaven as well. They practically had no future in this place; however, it took a lot of courage and determination if they wanted to leave.


Others had no idea what they could face after going past the exit, but Hua Yong was fully aware of it; after all, Yang Kai had explained the situation to him already.


Upon moving past the exit, they would probably fall into the source of the Astral Wind, which was a death trap. The Astral Wind coming into the Shadowless Cave Heaven was already so violent, so Hua Yong couldn’t imagine what would happen if they really fell into its source. Although he was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it wouldn’t take long before his Small Universe was worn away entirely.


Shu Mu Dan said gently, “Sir Yang has said that he has a way to defend against the Astral Wind, hasn’t he?”


Hua Yong replied, “Yes, but he’s going to bring a lot of people with him. Lan You Ruo, Mao Zhe, and the others are going with him. If we also join them, are you sure he will have enough power to protect all of us? Moreover, he has left to inform Unrivalled Guild about it. Once the news is leaked, many people will be tempted to leave with him.”


Shu Mu Dan said, “Since he has made such a decision, he probably has the power to do it.”


Hua Yong shook his head, “I’m worried that an accident might happen.”


Shu Mu Dan flashed a smile at him, “Since you find it hard to make a decision, why don’t we think about what will happen if we stay?”


“If we stay…” Hua Yong narrowed his eyes.


Shu Mu Dan went on to say, “If we stay here, we’ll probably become the sole Rulers of the Shadowless Cave Heaven. Mao Zhe and the others are definitely leaving, and now Sir Yang has left for Unrivalled Guild. I believe those three brothers won’t be able to resist such a temptation, so they’ll most likely tag along. By then, we will be the only two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Shadowless Cave Heaven.”


Hua Yong’s gaze brightened as he listened to his Wife. If that was the case, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing to stay.


Shu Mu Dan continued to say, “Afterwards, we can consolidate the forces in the Shadowless Cave Heaven. There won’t be three great forces anymore; only Twin Spirit Island will be left.”


“You’re right.” Hua Yong repeatedly nodded as he could barely contain his joy.


Shu Mu Dan then continued, “Lin’er will be born in a year or two. Given our capabilities, we definitely can raise him well; however, resources in the Shadowless Cave Heaven are scarce, and the situation has been exacerbated since the three great forces have basically dug up every last useable resource over the years. We can’t be certain about Lin’er’s aptitude, but it obviously won’t be too weak. Nevertheless, how far can he go without resources? The World Energy in the Shadowless Cave Heaven is poor to begin with, so perhaps he’ll be able to reach the Origin King Realm or the Dao Source Realm. At any rate, he can never make it to the Open Heaven Realm, which means his life will be pretty short. After he dies of old age, we’ll have to personally bury him.”


As Hua Yong listened to her speak up until now, he couldn’t help but shudder. Then, he turned around and pressed his hands against her belly as though he was trying to protect his child. He gazed at his Wife and said, “Please don’t say such terrifying things.”


Shu Mu Dan just stared silently at him.


As their eyes met, Hua Yong finally realised his Wife’s intention, “You’re trying to persuade me to leave, aren’t you?”


Shu Mu Dan shook her head, “Since this Mistress is married to you, I will follow you forever and will support whatever decisions you make. If you want to stay in this place, I’ll stay here with you. If you want to leave, I’ll follow. However… we have a child now, so I hope that you’ll think about his future too.”


As she spoke, she lovingly stroked her belly.


A hesitant Hua Yong said, “But the origin of the Astral Wind…”


Shu Mu Dan said, “Since Sir Yang is determined to leave, he must have the confidence to achieve his goal. He wouldn’t have taken such a huge risk if there was no chance of survival. No one is willing to throw their life away for nothing.”


Hua Yong furrowed his brows for a moment before he said, “Please let me sleep on it.”


Shu Mu Dan nodded gently, “Please don’t feel burdened in any way. I’ll support you no matter what.”


A moved Hua Yong took her hands. There was nothing else he would ask for since he already had a wife like her.


After she was gone, Hua Yong drained another few bottles of wine and became a bit tipsy. Upon making a decision, he told his subordinate to immediately inform him when Yang Kai returned.


The subordinate nodded and withdrew.


About five days later, Yang Kai returned to Twin Spirit Island and started arranging a Space Array in the bamboo forest.


The Proprietress needed a month or so to fully heal from the backlash from wearing the Blood Monster Battle Dress, so Yang Kai used this time productively.


Since there was already a Space Array in front of the exit, arranging one here allowed him to move around easily.


While he was busy, someone informed him that Hua Yong was inviting him to a banquet.




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