Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4415, Joining Void Land


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In the Main Hall, Hua Yong and Yang Kai were seated as a group of curvaceous ladies danced in front of them.


This sight was pretty rare as no one in Shadowless Cave Heaven was below the Open Heaven Realm. That was because anyone who wasn’t in the Open Heaven Realm wasn’t allowed to enter. In other words, the ladies who were dancing were all Open Heaven Realm Masters. Although they were in the Low-Rank, they were still Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Only in a special environment such as the Shadowless Cave Heaven would these ladies put down their pride and dignity to survive in such a way. In the outside world, even the Cave Heavens and Paradises wouldn’t let Open Heaven Realm Masters do such a thing.


As the melodic music sounded, the hourglass figures danced elegantly. These ladies, who were of different styles of beauty, tried their best to showcase their advantages and seduce Yang Kai.


They heard that Yang Kai had single-handedly destroyed Profound Yang Mountain, and even the three Mountain Lords had become his subordinates. If Yang Kai were interested in them and willing to protect them, they would be able to enjoy a great life.


To the side, Hua Yong observed Yang Kai and realised that even though the young man was enjoying the show, he didn’t show any lust towards these women. While Hua Yong was disappointed, he admired the fact that Yang Kai didn’t seem to indulge in such amorous hobbies, which was a rare quality.


After three rounds of wine, Hua Yong waved his hand to motion for the ladies to leave.


Yang Kai put down his wine cup and gazed at the older man, “Do you have anything you need me to do, Island Master Hua?”


Hua Yong must have a reason for inviting him to a banquet. Yang Kai speculated that it was about leaving the Shadowless Cave Heaven, but he wasn’t certain what he was up to.


A horrified Hua Yong replied, “I wouldn’t dare, Brother Yang. You’re a powerful man who single-handedly destroyed Profound Yang Mountain and subdued Mao Zhe. This Hua can never achieve what you’ve done. I wouldn’t dare to tell you to do anything. There are just some questions I’d like to ask you.”


Yang Kai motioned for him to ask.


After measuring his words, Hua Yong asked, “Which Cave Heaven or Paradise are you from, Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai couldn’t believe that Hua Yong had this kind of speculation as well. Zhou Ya had previously asked him about it, which should be an order from Mao Zhe. It was only now that he realized Hua Yong shared the same sentiment.


Nevertheless, it wasn’t surprising. He had showcased a power that was much greater than those in the same Order. To most people, only an elite from one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises was capable of doing that.


Yang Kai shook his head with a helpless smile, “That would be a misunderstanding, Island Master Hua. This Yang is just a rogue cultivator. I’m not from one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises.”


Hua Yong exclaimed, “No way!” He couldn’t believe that Yang Kai could be so powerful if the latter wasn’t from one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises.


Yang Kai said, “It’s true.”


Hua Yong gasped as he increasingly admired the young man. Yang Kai was already so mighty when he wasn’t from one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises. Would he have been even more formidable had he come from one of those?


After a moment of hesitation, Hua Yong asked, “Are you without any foundation in the outside world, Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai replied honestly, “I’ve founded a force called Void Land and now serve as its Lord.”


Upon hearing that, Hua Yong became relieved, thinking that the young man had a base at the very least. Although Void Land sounded like the name of a Second Class great force, it was expected as Yang Kai was a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


Hua Yong couldn’t help reminiscing about the past, “Before coming to the Shadowless Cave Heaven, my Wife and I had a territory in the outside world as well, but… 10,000 years have passed. That place has probably been occupied by someone else by now.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “What is there to worry about since you’re still alive? Both of you are in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. If you leave Shadowless Cave Heaven, you can occupy any Spirit Province and rise again.”


Hua Yong shook his head, “This Hua is old now, so I’m not as ambitious as when I was young. Now, I just hope to look for a peaceful place so that my Wife and I can nurture our child together.” All of a sudden, he rose from the chair and cupped his fist at Yang Kai with a solemn expression, “Brother Yang, this Hua has an impolite request.”


Yang Kai quickly stood up and replied, “Please don’t be overly formal with me, Island Master Hua. Please tell me right away.”


Hua Yong said, “My Wife and I would like to join your Void Land. Are you willing to accept us? This Hua will be grateful if you do!”


Yang Kai’s expression changed, “You want to join Void Land?”


Hua Yong said, “En. Do you not accept any outsiders?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “That’s not it. It’s just that it’s only been slightly more than 10 years since Void Land was established, so its foundation is rather weak…” He paused for a moment, “If you don’t mind my place being small, this Yang is more than willing to welcome you.”


An ecstatic Hua Yong said, “We’re more than grateful that you’re willing to accept us so that we’ll have a place to stay. Why would we even mind it?” Following that, he swung his sleeves and cupped his fists with a serious expression, “Sect Master.”


Yang Kai took his hands and said with a smile, “You’re being too formal again, Elder Hua!”


“Elder?” Hua Yong arched his brow.


Yang Kai explained, “Since both of you are in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, you’ll be the Elders after you join Void Land.”


An elated Hua Yong said, “Many thanks, Sect Master. This Hua will definitely do everything he can to contribute to Void Land.”


Certainly, Yang Kai didn’t think this old man was sincere. Hua Yong didn’t even know where Void Land was, so why would he really do everything he could for the Sect? Yang Kai never took his words seriously.


Still, just like that, Void Land had two new Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, which was why Yang Kai was excited. Even though Hua Yong had his own considerations, and he might not even be sincere about joining Void Land, they would be a part of the Sect after they were given the brand of Void Land. If Void Land really fell into danger in the future, the couple would be pretty useful.


Since they were one family now, Hua Yong became increasingly passionate as he invited Yang Kai to take a seat and filled his cup again.


Meanwhile, he attempted to find out more about Void Land. Upon learning that there were two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, more than ten Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and about 300 hundred people in the Fourth-Order and below, Hua Yong was astounded.


A Second Class great force like that could be considered extraordinary by having this kind of heritage. It could be said that Void Land was at the peak among the Second Class great forces. He couldn’t figure out how a great force that was founded just a decade ago grew to be so formidable.


With that said, he was relieved that Void Land was strong. He and his Wife were going to join Void Land after leaving the Shadowless Cave Heaven, so with such a strong Sect as their support, they would be more confident when dealing with any affairs in the outside world.


After they drank for a bit more, Yang Kai retired to his room.


Hua Yong probingly asked whether Yang Kai wanted the ladies who danced earlier to serve him in bed, but the latter rejected it outright. He stopped mentioning it as he saw him off and cupped his fist, “Sect Master, I’ll inform the people from Twin Spirit Island about this tomorrow so they can decide whether they want to leave. When the time comes to leave the Shadowless Cave Heaven, my Wife and I will follow you. Please take care of us then.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Don’t worry, Elder Hua.”


After Yang Kai was gone, Hua Yong breathed a sigh of relief, then he shuffled towards his bedroom to tell his Wife about what had happened.


As Yang Kai recalled the incident earlier while heading towards the bamboo forest, he couldn’t help smiling.


He was indeed surprised that Hua Yong asked to join Void Land all of a sudden; however, if he were in his shoes, he would’ve made the same decision.


Hua Yong had decided to leave the Shadowless Cave Heaven with Yang Kai, but he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to protect his Wife and himself after falling into the source of the Astral Wind. By then, their lives would hinge on Yang Kai. With Yang Kai’s protection, they probably would be safe. Nevertheless, if Yang Kai didn’t protect them, they were bound for death.


Now that they had joined Void Land though, Yang Kai had to ensure their safety since he was now their Sect Master. With this connection between them, the couple could follow Yang Kai with peace of mind; otherwise, they wouldn’t have easily sided with any great force since they were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


However, since Hua Yong had agreed to it, a lot of people would tag along as many of those from Twin Spirit Island would want to leave together. It wasn’t certain whether those from Unrivalled Guild would want to come but Yang Kai wasn’t bothered either way.


Upon returning to the bamboo forest, Yang Kai started getting busy. Half a day later, the Space Array was completed. He gave it a try and confirmed that he could easily reach the exit.


Now that everything was prepared, he just had to wait for the Proprietress to recover before they set off.


Life was peaceful for the following days as Yang Kai refined Open Heaven Pills and resources to strengthen the heritage and World Force of his Small Universe.


Just like what Chef had said, when a cultivator reached the Open Heaven Realm, he had to manage his Small Universe seriously. Accumulation took a painfully long time, so it wasn’t easy to ascend to the next Order.


A few days later, Hua Yong rushed to the bamboo forest and reported, “Sect Master, the three brothers from Unrivalled Guild have come over with a group of people and shouted that they want to see you.”


A glint flashed through Yang Kai’s eyes. As he recalled the three burly men, his face twitched slightly, “Are they here to fight, or do they want to leave with me?”


“They didn’t say anything.” Hua Yong shook his head, “They just wanted to meet you and mentioned that you were the one who told them to come here. They look quite fierce, so I think they’re probably up to no good.”


A headache came over Yang Kai as he said, “Let’s meet them.”


He was the one who told them to come here, so he couldn’t keep hiding from them. At that instant, he regretted informing those three about it. He should’ve let them perish in this place on their own. If they really left, they would surely create trouble in the outside world sooner or later.


After leaving Twin Spirit Island, Yang Kai saw the brothers standing outside the island with a group of Open Heaven Realm Masters behind them. Upon seeing Yang Kai, the brothers immediately glared at him. One of them bellowed, “Yang Kai, all of us are here now. When are we setting off?”


A speechless Yang Kai gazed at them and asked, “Are you all leaving Shadowless Cave Heaven with me?”


“Of course!” Another person yelled impatiently, “Otherwise, why would we have come all the way here?”


The third person demanded, “Cut the crap. Let’s leave now!”


Yang Kai’s face twitched even harder than before as he explained, “There might be some unforeseeable danger. If you’re not careful, you might lose your lives. Will you all please think it through?”


All of a sudden, he didn’t feel like bringing these brothers with him anymore.




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