Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4416, Setting Off


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“What’s there to think through?” The first brother who spoke yelled, “Since there’s a chance to leave, why wouldn’t we seize it? Do we really have to wait for death here?”


The three of them were simple-minded and straightforward, so it wasn’t surprising that they were so resolute in their actions. Yang Kai had just informed them about it some time ago, but they really called the roll and came over.


It had to be noted that they were not friends to begin with, nor had they come into contact prior to the previous meeting. Most people would have some doubts. Hua Yong had to join Void Land before he had the audacity to leave with Yang Kai; otherwise, he would never be able to set his mind at ease.


More than 100 people from Unrivalled Guild had arrived. These people were standing behind the brothers as they stared at Yang Kai with fervent and fawning gazes.


Certainly, not everyone from Unrivalled Guild had come. Some people were still in doubt, so they had decided to stay. With that said, 100 cultivators was a lot of people.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai said, “We can’t leave now. Please calm down and wait for me here for some time. We’ll only set off when everything is prepared.” Then, he turned to look at Hua Yong, “Please help settle them down.”


This matter was giving Hua Yong a headache, but he still replied, “Yes.”


Then, he welcomed those from Unrivalled Guild into the island.


Although Shi Shan and the others were displeased, Yang Kai had the final say in this matter. Since he wasn’t leaving yet, none of them could set off. After they entered Twin Spirit Island, Hua Yong welcomed them with a banquet. At that moment, noise filled the island.


Prior to this, Hua Yong already had a conversation with his confidants and informed them that he was leaving with Yang Kai. He had even joined Void Land. These people could decide whether they wanted to leave.


However, Hua Yong only had a small number of confidants, so the news wasn’t leaked yet. Since those from Unrivalled Guild had arrived, however, basically everyone was aware of it now.


At that instant, those from Twin Spirit Island were tempted.


As the days went by, Shi Shan and the others would visit Yang Kai from time to time and urge him to depart. A frustrated Yang Kai told Mao Zhe and the others to keep guard outside the bamboo forest so that no one could disturb the Proprietress.


After one month, the barrier outside the bamboo hut dissipated as the Proprietress stepped out.


Yang Kai, Chef, and Accountant, who had been waiting outside, turned to look at her. When they saw that her skin was glowing and her aura was stable, which meant that she had gotten rid of the lingering Monster Qi, they heaved a collective sigh of relief.


In the Shadowless Cave Heaven, the Proprietress and the others had endured the Astral Wind many times before, which inevitably caused some losses to their Small Universes. However, as long as their foundations were not damaged, they could make up for the losses sooner or later, so it was no big deal.


After Yang Kai told the Proprietress about what was going on in Twin Spirit Island, she sported a worried expression, “Can you protect so many people on your own? Based on what you’ve said, there are probably more than 200 people who will be tagging along.”


“There won’t be a problem if the wind in the origin of the Astral Wind isn’t too strong; however, if it’s significantly more violent, it might be hard for me to fend it off entirely.” Yang Kai gave it a thought, “I have the Six Fated Paths Bag that can store some people.”


He had obtained the Six Fated Paths Bag from Xu Huang. As for how the artifact was made, he had no idea. Nevertheless, the space inside the bag was expandable, so it was pretty amazing. More importantly, it could also accommodate Open Heaven Realm Masters.


However, regardless of how incredible the bag was, there must be a limit. Previously, Yang Kai had only kept a small number of Open Heaven Realm Masters inside it, so he had no idea what the limit was.


The Proprietress sighed, “Unfortunately, there’s no High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master with us. The Small Universe of such a person can accommodate a lot of people and help share your burden.”


The Small Universe of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master had fully materialised, so it could accommodate living creatures. Anyone could enter it as long as their Order wasn’t higher than that of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


In other words, any Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could keep people in the Seventh-Order and below inside his or her Small Universe.


When Yang Kai arrived at the Outer Universe in the past, he came across the Fire Spirit Land Protector Venerable Duan Hai from Seven Wonders Land who led him to a portal, behind which was a ‘universe’.


Now, it was apparent to Yang Kai that it wasn’t Duan Hai’s Small Universe. That was because Duan Hai was only in the Fourth Order, so his Small Universe couldn’t accommodate living creatures.


What he saw at that time was probably a Divine Ability cast by Duan Hai or the projection of his Small Universe. However, Yang Kai and the others were too weak in the past, so they were not able to judge. Hence, they thought that it was Duan Hai’s Small Universe.


Although Yang Kai was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, his Small Universe was different from those of other Open Heaven Realm Masters. That was because his Small Universe could accommodate living creatures since he had merged it with his Small Sealed World.


However, a High-Rank cultivator wouldn’t usually keep anyone inside their Small Universe because there was a huge risk associated with doing so. If an ill-intentioned person caused some damage inside their Small Universe, the owner would suffer an immense loss.


One would only let someone enter their Small Universe if they had complete trust in that person.


After a brief discussion, Yang Kai sent a message to Hua Yong, who replied promptly. Since all of those from Twin Spirit Island and Unrivalled Guild were ready, they could set off at any moment.


Following that, Yang Kai told them to gather together in the bamboo forest.


Just a while later, a large group of people marched into the bamboo forest. These 200-plus people were divided into two groups. One of the groups was from Twin Spirit Island and was led by Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan. The other group was from Unrivalled Guild, which was led by the Shi Brothers.


The couple shuffled forward and saluted Yang Kai, then Hua Yong said, “Sect Master, everyone from Twin Spirit Island is ready. The people who are willing to leave are all here.”


Yang Kai swept a glance over the people behind him and nodded.


When Mao Zhe and the others, who were standing behind Yang Kai, heard how Hua Yong addressed him, their expressions changed slightly as they fell into their own thoughts.


The Shi Brothers had grown impatient after waiting these past few days, so at this moment, one of them urged Yang Kai in a loud voice, “When are we setting off? Why are you always dawdling?”


Yang Kai gazed at them with a smile, “We’re ready to go now.”


The brothers were elated as one of them said with a smile, “Good, good! We don’t have to keep waiting anymore.”


As Yang Kai swept a glance over the crowd, he said, “Many of you are from different forces, and there might be some grudges between you; however, since you’ve decided to leave with me, I hope you’ll set those grudges aside and work with one another. If anyone dares to pull any dirty tricks or sow discord on the road, I’ll teach them a lesson regardless of who they are. Even though I’ve found the exit of Shadowless Cave Heaven and I have the confidence to leave this place, we might come across some unforeseeable danger during the process. We might lose our lives at any moment, so if you’re not willing to take the risk, you’d better stay here so that you won’t regret it later.”


Everyone stared at him in silence but no one left.


Just then, Hua Yong cupped his fist and said, “We’ll obey your orders, Sect Master. If anyone dares to jeopardise our plan, this Hua will not let them off!”


Yang Kai nodded gently, “If everyone is prepared, we’ll set off now.”


Then, he turned around and led them to the Space Array he had built before sending a signal to Mao Zhe and the others, “You go over first and get prepared.”


Mao Zhe and the others stepped into the Space Array in silence, whereupon Yang Kai pushed his Space Principles and activated the array. After a light flashed, Mao Zhe and the others were gone.


Upon seeing that Mao Zhe and the others were safely sent over, these people set their minds at ease.


The Space Array that Yang Kai had built was neither big nor small, so six people could be sent over at a time.


It took Yang Kai about an hour before he delivered all 200 or so people over.


After Yang Kai stepped into the array, a light flashed through it as the world around him started spinning. When his vision refocused, he was already standing in front of the wind source. More than 200 people were already there as they looked around. Upon seeing Yang Kai, they immediately shifted their attention to him.


Yang Kai pointed at a particular spot in front of him and said, “The exit is right there. I’ll tear the space apart later and bring all of you out; however, since this place is connected to the outside world, the Astral Wind is just outside of here. After the crack appears, the Astral Wind will also come gusting in.”


Many of them gasped and appeared horrified. Basically everyone in the Shadowless Cave Heaven had experienced the brutality of the Astral Wind before. No one could ward it off.


That was the reason they were terrified the moment they heard that the Astral Wind would come in through the crack. It was only now that they figured out what kind of danger Yang Kai was referring to earlier. If they wanted to leave, they would have to face the Astral Wind.


“I will do my best to protect all of you; however, since there are many of us here, I might not be able to take care of everyone. As such, I’d like the weaker cultivators to enter my Six Fated Paths Bag to lighten the burden.” As Yang Kai spoke, he summoned the Six Fated Paths Bag and briefly talked about its abilities.


At that moment, many people exchanged glances as they fell into a dilemma.


The Six Fated Paths Bag was indeed amazing as it could accommodate Open Heaven Realm Masters; however, once they entered the bag, they would lose control over their own lives. If the bag was destroyed, the people inside it would instantly be killed without a chance to resist.


However, they were not in any position to object now. Yang Kai was only one man, and since so many people were tagging along now, some of them had to enter the bag to lighten the load.


Hua Yong and the Shi Brothers directly told the weaker cultivators to enter the bag. Although they were reluctant, they had no other choice.


With the bag in his hand, Yang Kai stored people inside it one after another, mostly those in the Second Order and the Third Order.


After putting about 100 people inside, Yang Kai finally realised that the bag had reached its limit. If he kept stuffing more people inside it, there was a risk of the bag exploding. That was why he stopped.


Nevertheless, now, he also had a vague judgement of the bag’s limit. The number of people the bag could keep seemed to have something to do with cultivation. If the people being kept inside the bag were strong, the artifact could only accommodate a small number. If they were all Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, the bag could probably only keep 20 or so people inside.




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