Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4418, Enter My Small Universe


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At that instant, lights of different colours flickered. The Open Heaven Realm Masters summoned their artifacts and attacked the Wind Spirit. The violent fluctuations of energy were chaotic as all sorts of Elements surged out.


The Wind Spirit was extremely agile and it could easily dodge most of the attacks. On the other hand, many of the cultivators were accidentally hurt since they were all crammed together.


With that said, some of the attacks still struck the Wind Spirit. Every strike could make its figure fall apart, but it would soon re-form. However, its colour became increasingly dimmer.


Seeing that, Hua Yong yelled, “Hang in there and don’t panic! As long as we’re united, we don’t have to be afraid of this Wind Spirit!”


He wasn’t boasting wildly. Even though the Wind Spirit born in this place was eerie as it could kill a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in a short time, there were many Open Heaven Realm Masters around, including nine in the Sixth-Order. If they couldn’t even deal with a single Wind Spirit, they should just give up and let it kill them.


The powers of the artifacts continuously blossomed and the Wind Spirit had become so dim that it was almost transparent. Just when it was about to be destroyed, a crack suddenly appeared on its flat face as though it had opened its mouth and it released a fierce howl.


No one knew what this Wind Spirit was doing, but they still put up their guard with solemn expressions.


Although the wind was heard howling, it didn’t appear to be intimidating or lethal at all.


However, Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically as he said, “Stay alert! We might be in trouble!”


“What?” Hua Yong turned his head to ask, then his pupils contracted.


In the meantime, cracks that were caused by a mysterious force started appearing around the protection range of the Towering Evergreen. Puffs of green smoke snuck in through the cracks, then contorted and turned into odd-looking creatures.


Just like the Wind Spirit they had seen previously, these things had limbs but not facial features. Their faces were flat in an eerie way. Some of them looked like tigers, wolves, and some other animals.


The creatures that had barged in were all Wind Spirits. It was just that they were of different forms and there were more than ten of them.


Everyone felt a crawling sensation on their scalp.


Just one Wind Spirit was enough to give them a headache as over 100 Open Heaven Realm Masters were unable to kill it in a short time. Just when they were starting to see a glimmer of hope though, more of these Wind Spirits rushed in.


Apparently, the Wind Spirit was calling out to its companions just now by making that howling sound.


Many appeared to be in despair.


As soon as these Wind Spirits took shape, they started flying around. The cultivators exclaimed and tried to avoid them, but there was nowhere they could go. In just a moment, these Wind Spirits snuck into the bodies of over ten cultivators and disappeared.


These people widened their eyes in horror as they were desperate to fight for a chance to survive. They madly pushed their World Force in an attempt to force these Wind Spirits out of their Small Universes, but their efforts proved futile.


Many of them called out desperately for help.


The nine Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters sported solemn expressions.


None of them could have expected that they would come across this kind of danger after leaving Shadowless Cave Heaven with Yang Kai, including Yang Kai himself. He thought that after leaving Shadowless Cave Heaven, the biggest risk he would face would be a more intense Astral Wind. With his Towering Evergreen though, he was confident he could ensure their safety.


However, it never crossed his mind that Wind Spirits existed in the Astral Wind source. Even his Towering Evergreen was unable to block them out.


Right in front of everyone’s eyes, the auras of these people plunged. Just like the deceased Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from earlier, the heritages of their Small Universes were swallowed by the Wind Spirits and their Orders plummeted. Their Small Universes trembled and then collapsed.


In just over ten breaths of time, explosive sounds started ringing out. These people subsequently exploded into blood mists, leaving no traces behind.


One of these deceased Open Heaven Realm Masters was even in the Fifth Order, which was why Chef and Accountant gulped with pale faces.


Both of them were in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so had any of the Wind Spirits snuck into their bodies, they would’ve ended up like these people.


Then, the Wind Spirits appeared again. It was obvious that their colours had become deeper, which was thanks to the fact that they had just swallowed the heritages of those Open Heaven Realm Masters’ Small Universes.


People who were still alive immediately leaped away with vigilance.


Just one Wind Spirit could make this place descend into chaos, so how were they supposed to deal with a dozen of them?


Many of them regretted not getting into Yang Kai’s Six Fated Paths Bag earlier. When Yang Kai fished out the bag in an attempt to keep some people inside it, many of them were reluctant; after all, once they entered the bag, they would lose control over their own lives. Eventually, it was Hua Yong and the Shi Brothers who dealt with the situation. Now, it seemed that the bag was the safest place to be.


Yang Kai glared at the Wind Spirits as he had the urge to summon his Azure Dragon Spear and kill all of them with it; however, he was now in the Astral Wind source, and he had to sustain the Towering Evergreen while looking for a way out, so he was incapable of helping to deal with these creatures.


Fortunately, when the Wind Spirits struck again, everyone was better prepared. Things were much better now as they could temporarily ward off the Wind Spirits. Nevertheless, as they used their artifacts, the violent forces fluctuated, which made it difficult for Yang Kai to sustain his Towering Evergreen.


However, their defences weren’t impenetrable. Just a moment later, some of the Wind Spirits broke through the bombardment and rushed towards the cultivators before sneaking into their Small Universes. These unfortunate cultivators appeared to have lost all hope.


They had seen how their companions died a horrible death in front of them, so they could imagine what it would be like.


“Proprietress!” Chef’s chubby figure suddenly shook as he turned to look at the Proprietress with a helpless smile.


The Proprietress’ pupils contracted as she exclaimed, “Chef!”


An anxious Accountant gazed at Chef in disbelief.


Just now, a Wind Spirit circled around Chef and snuck into his body from behind when no one was aware of it.


Chef parted his lips in an attempt to say something. Despite having countless things to say, he eventually condensed everything into two sentences, “It was my greatest honour to have met you, Proprietress. Many thanks for taking care of me over the years.”


After he finished speaking, he appeared relieved.


The Proprietress charged towards Chef and pressed her hand against his dantian before madly surging her own World Force power in an attempt to force the Wind Spirit out; however, the Wind Spirit had already snuck into his Small Universe, so she was unable to target it.


Chef shook his head as his aura plunged.


Just then, Yang Kai suddenly extended his hand and yelled, “Come here, Chef!”


Chef turned his head, but before he could react, he felt a force engulfing him. The next moment, the world around him started spinning, and then he arrived at a very strange world. 


In this world, the Moon was hanging in the sky as it cast its eerie glow on everything. Besides the refreshing air, this place was filled with dense World Force.


[Where is this place?] Chef was dumbfounded, then he soon realised in shock that a puff of green smoke billowed out of his body and turned into a snake. The Wind Spirit then hissed.


Chef widened his eyes as he couldn’t believe that the Wind Spirit had actually voluntarily left his body.


As the Wind Spirit hissed, Chef could clearly feel that the World Force in this world was being madly devoured by the creature. At the same time, it was also growing quickly.


Under the Towering Evergreen, Yang Kai grunted and staggered with a pale expression.


Since Chef was in trouble, there was no way he would sit back and do nothing. Left with no choice, he decided to put Chef into his Small Universe, thinking that he could deal with the Wind Spirit after that; however, he was stunned to see that the Wind Spirit had left Chef’s body and entered his Small Universe instead.


Yang Kai wasn’t certain about the reason behind it, but he reckoned that his Small Universe was probably more attractive to the Wind Spirit.


The next moment, his speculation was proven right.


He had exposed some of his aura just now when he opened up his Small Universe to keep Chef inside it. The remaining Wind Spirits of different forms halted and turned to face Yang Kai. Even the Wind Spirits that had previously snuck into those cultivators left their bodies now.


Since these Wind Spirits didn’t have facial features, they were supposedly not able to see; however, at this moment, Yang Kai could clearly feel that they were staring at him as though they were drooling over a delicious dish.


These cultivators were both shocked and stunned at the turn of events.


They had no idea what Yang Kai had done so that he could attract the attention of all Wind Spirits.


*Shua shua shua…* 


The Wind Spirits turned into green streaks and charged towards Yang Kai in the next instant.


A flustered the Proprietress exclaimed, “Watch out, Yang Kai!” She then rushed over in an attempt to fend off those Wind Spirits for him.


Mao Zhe and the others frowned as they dashed forward. Their names were on the Loyalty List, so if anything happened to Yang Kai, they would be doomed as well.


“Let them come!” Yang Kai bellowed.


The Proprietress stopped in her tracks and stared dazedly at him as though she was asking what he was trying to do.


Unfortunately, Yang Kai didn’t have time to explain anything. Faced with these Wind Spirits, he opened his Small Universe wide. As his aura was exposed, these Wind Spirits became excited and hastened their pace.


These puffs of green smoke then penetrated Yang Kai’s body and disappeared instantly.


Yang Kai’s figure shook, and then he checked on his Small Universe and realised that the dozen or so Wind Spirits of different forms were madly absorbing his heritage to strengthen themselves. Meanwhile, Chef was trembling nearby.


“Proprietress, Mao Zhe, enter my Small Universe and help me deal with them!” As Yang Kai spoke, he extended his hands to them.


The Proprietress lowered her defences and allowed his strength to engulf her. She disappeared the next moment. At the same time, Mao Zhe and the other Mountain Lords also vanished.


When the four of them came to their senses, they realised that they were in a different world. 


Looking up, they saw the Wind Spirits wolfing down the World Force around them while Chef stood rooted to the spot.




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