Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4420, It’s a Divine Ability


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The closer the Wind Spirits got to the Moon, the colder they felt. Showered in the Moonlight, they found themselves becoming increasingly sluggish as the frost on their figures thickened.


Despite that, they still wouldn’t back down, so Yang Kai had to watch as the Wind Spirits crept closer to the Moon.


The Moon in Yang Kai’s Small Universe was the manifestation of his Water Element Divine Ability, which was somewhere between illusory and real. He wasn’t certain what would happen if these Wind Spirits managed to reach it.


He wouldn’t dare to take the risk. Seeing as Water Reflects the Moon was unable to stop these Wind Spirits, he decided to use his first Divine Manifestation and bellowed, “Golden Crow Casts the Sun!”


The Moon suddenly sank beyond the horizon, and as the Golden Crow cawed, a Great Sun leapt into the sky, a three-legged exotic bird flying around it gayly.


The icy cold power was instantly replaced by a scorching heat. The Wind Spirits hadn’t managed to stop their advance when the Golden Crow’s True Fire was spit out from the Sun.


Then, a series of strange sizzling sounds were heard. As these Wind Spirits continued to howl, their figures were completely engulfed in the black Golden Crow’s True Fire.


Golden Crow’s True Fire was said to be able to burn down everything in existence, and it seemed these Wind Spirits weren’t an exception.


Seeing that, Yang Kai was ecstatic.


He could see that the 20 or so Wind Spirits had turned into fireballs, and as the Golden Crow’s True Fire continued to burn, dark smoke started billowing from their flaming figures.


Yang Kai frowned as he instinctively felt that the dark smoke was a terrible thing. This was his Small Universe, so he was able to detect the slightest anomaly, and the dark smoke made him feel like he had eaten some rancid food.


Realising the ferocity of Golden Crow Casts the Sun, the Wind Spirits instinctively tried to flee; however, since they were now covered in Golden Crow’s True Fire, how were they supposed to get rid of it?


Moreover, Yang Kai had cordoned off the space around this area, so regardless of how hard they tried to break through the seal, they were unable to escape the Golden Crow’s True Fire.


Yang Kai pushed his power to strengthen his Golden Crow Casts the Sun.


More dark smoke billowed from these Wind Spirits, and as that happened, they became dimmer and dimmer.


The very first Wind Spirit was previously besieged by over 100 Open Heaven Realm Masters, so it was much weaker from the start. Quickly being burned down by the Golden Crow’s True Fire, it soon fell apart and vanished into thin air.


Yang Kai arched his brow because as the Wind Spirit evaporated, he felt a stream of World Force surging into his Small Universe, which helped make up for some of the damage done to his heritage.


[What’s going on?] Yang Kai wondered but didn’t have time to ponder on this issue as he had to continuously sustain Golden Crow Casts the Sun. At the same time, he exerted more force to fortify the seal so that these Wind Spirits wouldn’t be able to cause further damage to his Small Universe.


Golden Crow Casts the Sun was immensely powerful, and given Yang Kai’s current cultivation, he was even able to cause a certain degree of damage to a High-Rank cultivator using it. Therefore, the average Open Heaven Realm Master wouldn’t be able to persevere for long under the influence of this Divine Manifestation.


With that said, these Wind Spirits were clearly pretty tough. The Great Sun in the sky continued to burn them, and although Yang Kai could feel that they were getting weakened by the moment and believed that they would eventually fall apart like the first Wind Spirit, that would still take some time.


Two days later, Yang Kai, who had been paying close attention to the Wind Spirits, suddenly shifted his attention to one of them. Just then, following a muffled boom, the almost transparent Wind Spirit exploded into nothingness.


Just like what happened previously, right after the Wind Spirit disappeared, a stream of pure World Force flooded into his Small Universe.


*Peng peng peng…* 


More Wind Spirits popped as half of them soon disappeared.


More World Force gushed into Yang Kai’s Small Universe like a raging storm, leaving him in a state of disbelief.


One day later, the last Wind Spirit was finally burned to death by the Golden Crow’s True Fire. Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief when he saw its figure coming apart.


More than 20 Wind Spirits had been destroyed, and after they disappeared, they left behind a lot of World Force. What was more precious was that the World Force was without any impurities. In other words, anyone could absorb it and turn it into their own capital immediately.


Initially, the heritage of Yang Kai’s Small Universe was severely damaged because of those Wind Spirits; however, now, not only had the losses been made up for, but he had also gained some benefits.


Yang Kai didn’t immediately leave his Small Universe. Instead, he emptied his mind and used his Small Universe to refine the World Force left behind by the deceased Wind Spirits in order to strengthen his heritage.


Time went by slowly.


More than ten days later, on the shattered Spirit Province, Hua Yong, who had been paying close attention to Yang Kai, suddenly called out, “Sect Master is waking up!”


Since Yang Kai brought them to this shattered Spirit Province half a month ago, he had been seated there without moving a muscle. All of them could see that he had lured the Wind Spirits into his own Small Universe, but no one knew what happened next. They had experienced the eeriness and power of the Wind Spirits, so it was expected that the Proprietress and the others were worried.


Upon hearing Hua Yong’s words, the Proprietress immediately turned to look at Yang Kai and realised that he was indeed slowly opening his eyes.


Before she could ask anything, Yang Kai suddenly let out a puff of dark smoke through his mouth.


A shocked the Proprietress hurriedly released her Divine Sense, but she couldn’t identify what the dark smoke was. It seemed to carry a hint of the Wind Spirits’ auras, but it didn’t entirely feel like it either.


In reality, this dark smoke was the same dark smoke released by the Wind Spirits when they were burned by the Golden Crow’s True Fire. Yang Kai had no idea what it was, but he instinctively felt that it would do him more harm than good if he kept it in his Small Universe.


Over the past few days, Yang Kai had been trying to refine the World Force left behind by the deceased Wind Spirits and come up with a way to get rid of the dark smoke. Now, his efforts finally yielded some results.


In the end, it was his Small Universe, so he could easily detect any anomalies, allowing him to disperse the dark smoke with only some effort.


“I’m sorry to make you all wait for such a long time,” Yang Kai got to his feet and said.


The Proprietress asked with concern, “How are you?”


“I’m fine,” Yang Kai shook his head.


In fact, not only was he fine, but he had also attained some immense benefits. It wasn’t certain what those Wind Spirits were, but after they were destroyed by the Golden Crow’s True Fire, they significantly bolstered his strength.


Yang Kai could clearly feel that the heritage of his Small Universe had increased significantly, possibly as much as 100 years of dedicated cultivation would bring him.


He was more than satisfied with this pleasant surprise.


The Proprietress was still doubtful, but upon seeing that his skin was glowing and his aura had become more stable than before, she relaxed slightly.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai turned to look in a particular direction and narrowed his eyes, then exclaimed, “What is that?”


He could see that there was a gigantic tornado that appeared to be several tens of thousands of kilometres wide in the distance. As the tornado swirled around, warping the space surrounding it slightly.


The sight was quite terrifying.


The Proprietress walked up to him and looked in the same direction before explaining, “That’s the Astral Wind’s source.”


A shocked Yang Kai couldn’t believe that he had actually left such a place some time ago, much less that those eerie Wind Spirits could actually be born in such a place.


“The wind…” Yang Kai frowned and fell into his thoughts. For some reason, he could feel a strange and mysterious domain within the tornado.


“It’s a Divine Ability,” the Proprietress said.


Yang Kai gazed at her in shock.


The Proprietress went on to say in a bitter voice, “Trust me. Before you woke up, we had been observing it for quite some time and came to the conclusion that it was once some kind of Divine Ability.”


Yang Kai felt his throat turning dry, “A Divine Ability? Does that mean someone cast it?”


Mao Zhe took a step forward and said with a bitter smile, “Perhaps it’s a Divine Ability left behind by a Great Ancient Expert. Although countless years have passed, it’s still as powerful as ever.”


Yang Kai widened his mouth in disbelief, but the truth was right in front of his eyes, so he had to accept it.


He wouldn’t have figured it out if the Proprietress hadn’t pointed it out. Upon hearing her words though, he could indeed see that it was a Divine Ability cast by someone in an unknown time; however, it continued to exist until this day.


The Divine Ability happened to be located just outside of the Shadowless Cave Heaven’s exit; therefore, right after they left the Shadowless Cave Heaven, they fell into the region this Divine Ability covered.


It seemed to be targeted at the Small Universes of Open Heaven Realm Masters. If one wasn’t careful enough, the Astral Wind would sneak into their body and wipe away their heritage.


This Astral Wind wasn’t the same as the one that gusted into the Shadowless Cave Heaven. Instead, it was a tornado that would endlessly devastate a person’s Small Universe.


Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to think about what would happen if a person was struck by such a Divine Ability.


If such a tornado ravaged his Small Universe, he reckoned that he couldn’t persevere for more than ten breaths.


The Divine Ability never subsided, and as time passed, eerie Wind Spirits were born from it.


Judging from what happened after the death of those Wind Spirits, Yang Kai reckoned that the World Force brought away by the Astral Wind didn’t just disappear; instead, it was brought back to the tornado.


Those Wind Spirits were probably hybrids of the World Force and the Divine Ability’s domain. Over the years, countless Open Heaven Realm Masters had accidentally fallen into the tornado and passed away. Their World Forces were all devoured by the Wind Spirits.


The Shadowless Cave Heaven was a Universe Cave Heaven left behind by a deceased Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so it wasn’t supposed to be so desolate. However, due to the Astral Wind’s harassment that took place once a month, the World Force was continuously lost. Furthermore, basically all the Open Heaven Realm Masters were affected by the Astral Wind in the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


The World Force was snatched and brought back to this tornado as it became the nutrients for the Wind Spirits.


Therefore, it could be said that every Wind Spirit contained very ample World Force.




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