Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4422, Void Land’s Yang Kai Has Come


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Their voices were neither loud nor small, so the Open Heaven Realm Masters at the scene were able to hear them.


Seeing that the brothers were not willing to join Void Land, Hua Yong was ready to keep persuading them when Yang Kai raised his hand to stop him, “Just let the Shi Brothers do whatever they want. This Yang wishes all the best for your future.”


Shi Shan gazed at Yang Kai with a grin, “We’ll venture into the outside world for now. If we really can’t make a name for ourselves, we’ll come join you.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Good. The doors of Void Land are always open for you.”


These Sixth-Order brothers were triplets who had mastered a profound Combination Technique. When they joined forces, they would be far more powerful than an ordinary Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. If they could join Void Land, the great force’s collective power would increase tremendously.


With that said, before Yang Kai even left the Shadowless Cave Heaven, he had subdued the three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain, and then Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan requested to join Void Land. It could be said that he had gained some handsome benefits by acquiring five more Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters for Void Land.


Since the Shi Brothers were not willing to work under him, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t force them.


Then, Yang Kai looked around and declared openly, “If any one of you is willing to join Void Land, this Yang will welcome you. If you have somewhere else to go, this Yang will wish you all the best. Since we’ve overcome a great life-or-death crisis together and finally left the Shadowless Cave Heaven together, we’re practically friends now. If you’re willing to join Void Land, this Yang will not mistreat you!” Then, he picked up his cup and continued, “This Yang will propose a toast to all of you. Let’s drink to all our futures!”


Following that, these Open Heaven Realm Masters rose from the chairs and picked up their cups, their gazes filled with gratitude and admiration.


When they were done with the wine in their cups, they took a seat again as the lobby once again became bustling.


After finishing up the ample meal, they returned to their own rooms and took some rest.


However, Yang Kai was unable to get any sleep as some people would knock on his door and express their willingness to join Void Land from time to time. These cultivators had been trapped inside the Shadowless Cave Heaven for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Although they had returned to the outside world, most had no place to go.


They were grateful that Yang Kai had brought them out of the Shadowless Cave Heaven, and since he was the Sect Master of Void Land, they were more than happy to side with him.


Just like what Yang Kai had said, they had experienced life-and-death moments together, so they knew they would not be mistreated. Furthermore, the three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain and the Island Masters of Twin Spirit Island had joined Void Land, so regardless of what Void Land was like in the past, it would have a bright future since so many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters belonged to it now.


Yang Kai didn’t turn anyone down who came into his room as he happily agreed to let them join.


Void Land was unlike other great forces as it was founded not long ago, so they didn’t have enough time to nurture their own young cultivators. What’s more, it was hard for the people from the Shadowless Cave Heaven to join other great forces as their loyalty wasn’t guaranteed.


However, since Void Land was in the midst of rapid development, Yang Kai desperately needed more Masters to help support it. It wouldn’t be too late to think about other issues when everything was settled in Void Land.


Looking at it from another perspective, the cultivators who joined now could grow with Void Land, and as time passed, they would eventually develop a sense of belonging, so their loyalty wouldn’t be an issue in the long run.


Two days later, the Shi Brothers bid Yang Kai farewell. Since they had decided to venture into the outside world, they wouldn’t want to stay here too long. They had loitered in the desolate Shadowless Cave Heaven for far too long, so they yearned to explore the wonders of the outside world.


When Yang Kai saw them off, he realized that the Shi Brothers had many of the people from Unrivalled Guild with them. There were also some people who were originally from Profound Yang Mountain.


The Shi Brothers had been the Chiefs of Unrivalled Guild for many years, so although they were rather muscle-brained, they were indeed powerful and had their own charisma. Since they did have some influence, it was expected that some people were willing to follow them.


As for the people who were originally from Profound Yang Mountain, they were probably wary of Mao Zhe and the other Mountain Lords. After all, following Profound Yang Mountain’s demise, they immediately sided with the other two great forces, which practically meant that they had abandoned their old Leaders. Now that Mao Zhe and the others had joined Void Land, these people didn’t have the nerve to side with Yang Kai, so they had no choice but to leave with the Shi Brothers.


About half of the over 140 people left, so roughly 70 remained.


Yang Kai wasn’t in a rush to leave the Shattered Heaven’s Star City though and instead cultivated in this place for half a month. Although the Shattered Heaven’s Star City was dilapidated, it was also filled with good things. Countless cultivators moved around this place every day and many of them were able to bring back rare resources from the depths of the Shattered Heaven.


Yang Kai initially intended to buy some cultivation resources, but his attempts were ultimately in vain. This couldn’t be helped as the things in this place were quite expensive, almost two times the average price in the outside world.


More importantly, he couldn’t find the things he really needed.


Since he was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, the fastest way for him to cultivate was to refine Sixth-Order materials. After his conversation with Chef some time ago, Yang Kai learned that he had to refine full sets of materials to properly increase the heritage of his Small Universe.


He had more than enough materials for the Five Elements, but he lacked Sixth-Order Yin-Yang materials as these things were truly rare.


As for Fifth-Order materials, he didn’t need to buy them. With the Gourd Vine in Void Land, complete sets of Yin, Yang, and Five Element materials were produced every month, so the supply was basically infinite.


Half a month later, a ship departed from the Shattered Heaven’s Star City. The ship was bought by Yang Kai and while its defensive and offensive strength weren’t particularly outstanding, it was pretty spacious as it could comfortably accommodate 200 people, so the 70 or so aboard had more than enough space to move around.


Since the route had been mapped out, someone just needed to drive the ship forward while Yang Kai found a room and cultivated in seclusion.


The view in the void alternated between surreal and desolate as time went by slowly.


One month later, the ship suddenly shook. Hua Yong knocked on the door and said, “Sect Master, we’ve arrived at the first destination according to your plan.”


[We’ve arrived? That was quick.]


Yang Kai opened his eyes and left the room. After nodding at Hua Yong, he walked towards the deck.


He looked into the distance and saw a Spirit Province that was full of World Energy hovering in the void. A thick layer of fog surrounded the Spirit Province and one could faintly see some beautiful buildings and splendid mountains through the mist.


Some figures left the cabin as Mao Zhe and the other Mountain Lords stood behind Yang Kai and looked into the distance.


Mao Zhe narrowed his eyes and asked, “Is this Void Land?”


Although the place looked average, it had the scale and ambience of a Second Class great force. With that said, it wasn’t very impressive.


“It’s not Void Land.” Yang Kai shook his head.


Mao Zhe was confused. What was this place if it wasn’t Void Land? He had just left the Shadowless Cave Heaven, so he was unable to identify the location without a Universe Chart.


As they spoke, the Proprietress led Chef and Accountant to the deck. Hearing the noise, Yang Kai turned around and walked over, “Why are you here, Proprietress?”


The Proprietress shot him a glance and frowned, “What are you trying to do?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “You know full well what I’m trying to do.”


The Proprietress furrowed her brows and parted her lips, “I was just spouting nonsense since I was infuriated at that time. Many years have passed, so let’s just put it behind us.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Although many years have passed, you’ll be restricted by your oath if it is not resolved, meaning you won’t be able to make it to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm in your lifetime…” He paused for a moment, then asked, “Are you worried that there will be too many casualties?”


She said with a conflicted expression before she sighed, “There must be some innocents. Once a war breaks out, many people will lose their lives.”


After a moment of silence, Yang Kai said, “I’ll try to limit the casualties then.” Seeing that she was about to keep dissuading him, he cut her off by saying, “Your heart demon oath must be resolved. Furthermore, when Heavenly Sword Union made things difficult for me in the past, they also participated. Since they have the guts to invade Void Land, they must be ready to pay the price!”


Seeing that he was determined, the Proprietress let out a sigh and stopped trying to dissuade him.


On the other hand, Chef and Accountant rolled up their sleeves as they realised Yang Kai’s intention.


Hua Yong and the others were puzzled, not knowing what they were talking about.


Mao Zhe secretly spoke to Hua Yong, who replied, “I have no idea either. We’ve come to this place according to the route that Sect Master mapped out. The place in front of us is apparently called Boundless Altar.”


A glint flashed through Mao Zhe’s eyes as he darted his gaze between Yang Kai and Boundless Altar. At the same time, he paid a silent tribute to those from Boundless Altar for a moment.


The people from Boundless Altar must have offended this walking disaster; otherwise, Yang Kai wouldn’t have directly come all the way here after leaving the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


Boundless Altar was doomed.


A top Second Class great force was usually managed by one or two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters at most; however, there wasn’t a lack of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on this ship as there were seven of them in total. No Second Class great force in the world was able to go up against such a lineup.


As they spoke, the ship continued moving towards the Spirit Province.


In just one hour, they arrived at the periphery of the Spirit Province.


As they got closer, they could see the view in the Spirit Province clearer. They saw that many people were moving around in Boundless Altar. Rays of light could be seen flying between the magnificent Spirit Peaks. There were also a lot of exotic beasts that flew through the air.


The ship was neither small nor big, but as it navigated through the void, it was still pretty conspicuous.


The guards around Boundless Altar had noticed the ship some time ago, and seeing that it was directly coming at them, they immediately sent a message to their higher-ups.


Soon, a figure shot out from one of the Spirit Peaks in Boundless Altar. Hovering within the coverage of the Grand Array, he looked intently into the sky.


What came into his sight shocked him, for he could see a lot of people on the ship. Due to the distance and the fact that these people weren’t releasing their auras, he wasn’t able to discern their cultivations; however, he had a feeling that those people were ill-intentioned.


Hence, he bellowed, “This is Boundless Altar! Who goes there?”


His loud voice reverberated across the void.


The ship didn’t seem to have any intention to stop and simply charged towards Boundless Altar.


The person’s expression changed. As a beam of light flashed across his fingers, he sent a message to some people. The next moment, the Grand Array lit up.


With a dispassionate expression, Yang Kai lifted his hand and forcefully brought it down.


Seeing that, Hua Yong and the others immediately made a move as well.


In an instant, a crack appeared in the Grand Array around Boundless Altar and the ship directly flew inside.


On the deck, Yang Kai’s clothes flapped in the wind as he shouted, “Void Land’s Yang Kai has come!”




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