Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4424, A Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master


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Yuchi Cheng Zhou said after a sigh, “I’m the Altar Master of Boundless Altar. I’m already embarrassed that I’m not able to make the Sect thrive, but the foundation of several tens of thousands of years cannot be destroyed on my watch. If you’re so relentless, Sect Master Yang, don’t blame us for offending you.”


“You’re courting death,” Yang Kai’s eyes were filled with coldness, “You’re fully aware that all of you can’t go up against this King.”


Hua Yong, who was standing behind him, wore a menacing expression. He had just joined Void Land, so he desperately needed a chance to prove his worth. If a battle broke out, he would be the first to charge forward.


Yuchi Cheng Zhou said in a grim voice, “Everyone dies eventually, the only difference is how soon it happens. Since the Great Elder made a mistake, we can’t blame you for coming over to hold us accountable; however, there are no cowards in Boundless Altar. We shall live and die together with Boundless Altar!”


The cultivators behind him appeared incensed as they shouted, “Live and die together with Boundless Altar!”


Following some whooshing sounds, the auras of these Open Heaven Realm Masters spread around as the World Forces undulated.


A moved Yang Kai swept a glance over these cultivators and secretly sighed. Was this the heritage of a Sect that had been in existence for several tens of thousands of years? Although they were lacking in strength, their sense of belonging and loyalty to their Sect was far greater than those of younger great forces. Even though these people were all aware that they would lose their lives in this battle, they still refused to back down.


Many appeared terrified, but no one was willing to take a step back.


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Since you’ve made such a decision, this King will stop persuading you. On the road to the Yellow Springs, at least you won’t be lonely.”


He was determined to destroy Boundless Altar as this was related to the Proprietress’ heart demon oath, so there was no turning back. Although he respected their loyalty to their Sect, that wouldn’t stop him from demolishing Boundless Altar.


Anyone who stood in the way of his Martial Dao would be killed. Having made up his mind, Yang Kai raised his hand and was about to order his people to attack when suddenly he turned to stare at the deepest part of Boundless Altar and exclaimed.


Mao Zhe and the others also sensed something as they looked in the same direction.


A powerful aura seemed to have awakened in that place. Although the aura was only faintly exposed, it revealed that the owner was extraordinary.


There was actually a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in Boundless Altar!


The revelation surprised Yang Kai. When he saw that Yuchi Cheng Zhou was only in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he thought that Boundless Altar was pretty weak. It wasn’t until this moment that he realised he had underestimated the heritage of a Sect that had been in existence for over 10,000 years.


It wasn’t that they didn’t have a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master; the person just didn’t want to reveal himself. If it weren’t for Yang Kai and his group preparing to make their move, this person wouldn’t have exposed himself at all.


The ample aura suggested that the person’s cultivation was truly incredible.


Upon sensing the aura, Yuchi Cheng Zhou and the others looked in that direction and exclaimed, “Old Ancestor!”


Just then, an old voice was heard coming from that direction. It seemed that he hadn’t spoken for a long time, so his voice sounded hoarse, “Little Friend, will you please listen to this Old Master first?”


Yang Kai gazed in that direction as a glint flashed through his eyes. It was as though he was able to see across space and find out the person’s whereabouts. Then, he said impassively, “Is there any advice you’d like to give me, Old Sir?”


The person replied, “I wouldn’t dare to give you any advice. I just hope that you’ll come here and have a talk with me, Little Friend.”


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai nodded, “En.” 


Then, he turned his head and ordered, “All of you, wait for me here.”


A worried Hua Yong said, “Sect Master, do you want me to go with you?”


“There’s no need for that,” Yang Kai waved his hand and took a step forward. After he left the ship, his figure flickered and disappeared.


All of them looked in the direction where the old voice came from. Yuchi Cheng Zhou and the others appeared ardent, as though they were hoping that their Old Ancestor would be able to solve this issue for them.


Mao Zhe, who had remained silent for a long time, suddenly said, “This Old Sir from your Sect is about to ascend to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, right?”


He too was at the peak of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm as he was just one step away from the Seventh-Order; therefore, he was especially sensitive to this person’s aura. However, he had suffered some losses in the Shadowless Cave Heaven some time ago. Although he had returned to the 3,000 Worlds, it would take him a long time before he could restore his lost strength.


Yuchi Cheng Zhou replied, “Old Ancestor has been cultivating in seclusion for 800 years. I have no idea about his current cultivation.”


Mao Zhe sneered, “Do you think your Old Ancestor can make him leave?”


Yuchi Cheng Zhou turned to look at Mao Zhe, who then snorted, “You’re too naive.”


He didn’t explain anything after finishing his words. No one could understand how horrendous Yang Kai was until they fought him head-on. Before coming across Yang Kai, Mao Zhe believed that no one under the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm was a match for him. There might be a small number of people who were as powerful as he was at most; after all, he was already at the peak of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Nevertheless, after one encounter with Yang Kai, he realised that there was always someone out there who was stronger.


That guy was no different from a monster as he had condensed numerous High-Rank Elements. Although Yang Kai was just a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Mao Zhe speculated that his power was actually approaching the Seventh-Order.


He wasn’t certain about the power of this Old Ancestor from Boundless Altar, but he was sure that this old man was no match for Yang Kai.


He was at the peak of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but he had suffered a loss at Yang Kai’s hands. Now that another person of the same calibre was about to experience the same, Mao Zhe couldn’t help but take pleasure in the other party’s misfortune. If he was the only one who had suffered from this kind of setback, it would be too sad.


No one knew what Yang Kai and Boundless Altar’s Old Ancestor talked about and they couldn’t even detect any energy fluctuations coming from them, but two hours later, a figure shot out from the deepest part of Boundless Altar.


The person was clad in a grey robe that matched his hair and beard. With his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm aura, it was apparent that he was Boundless Altar’s Old Ancestor.


Yuchi Cheng Zhou and the others flew over as they cupped their fists as they bowed, “Old Ancestor!”


The Old Ancestor took a glance at them and declared, “All of you, order the disciples to pack up now. We will leave within one hour!”


“Old Ancestor!” Yuchi Cheng Zhou’s pupils contracted as he couldn’t believe what he had just heard, but when he caught a glimpse of the blood at the corner of the Old Ancestor’s mouth, he exclaimed, “You’re injured?”


The Old Ancestor wasn’t willing to delve into this topic as he simply waved his hand, “Do it now.”


Certainly, Yuchi Cheng Zhou wouldn’t dare to disobey. After taking a glance at the place where the Old Ancestor cultivated in seclusion, he clenched his teeth and cupped his fist, “Yes.”


Then, the order was passed on to everyone. Soon, the entire Boundless Altar was bustling with noise as the disciples quickly packed up as many things as they could.


One hour later, thousands of Boundless Altar’s members gathered together in the same place. Many of them hadn’t figured out what was going on. They just heard that a person named Yang Kai from a force called Void Land suddenly barged into their home and then they were ordered to leave.


The Old Ancestor swept a glance over Boundless Altar’s foundation that had stood strong for several tens of thousands of years. Although he was reluctant, he still turned his head and cupped his fist at Hua Yong and the others, “Please tell your Sect Master that this Old Master has complied with his demand and hope he gives us a chance to survive.”


Hua Yong nodded his head, “Don’t worry. My Sect Master is a righteous person who won’t kill others unnecessarily.”


It was then that the Old Ancestor nodded and cupped his fist again, “Farewell!”


Then, he turned around and led the thousands of Boundless Altar’s members to leap into the sky, soon disappearing.


The Open Heaven Realm Masters aboard Yang Kai’s ship exchanged puzzled glances.


They initially thought that a battle was inevitable. Many of them had even rolled up their sleeves as they wanted to prove their worth to Yang Kai. It never crossed their minds that the matter would be settled in such a way.


They wondered what Yang Kai had discussed with or done to Boundless Altar’s Old Ancestor that made the latter easily give up his Sect’s foundation.


Although they had no idea what had happened, they were certain that the Old Ancestor had suffered a loss at Yang Kai’s hands.


Outside Boundless Altar, Yuchi Cheng Zhou and the others appeared humiliated as they followed behind their Old Ancestor. Although there were many people, none of them said anything, which made the atmosphere quite gloomy.


All of a sudden, the Old Ancestor, who was leading the way, sprayed out a mouthful of blood which quickly boiled and evaporated in a horrifying display.


“Old Ancestor!” Yuchi Cheng Zhou quickly flew over.


The Old Ancestor waved his hand with a dejected expression, “It’s true that there will always be young and talented people to replace the old. Such power at such a young age. Incredible!”


An embarrassed Yuchi Cheng Zhou said, “Forgive this Junior for being so useless, dragging Old Ancestor into this mess. Our 10,000 years foundation was lost at my hands. Please punish me!”


The Old Ancestor shook his head, “It’s not your fault. Moreover, as long as the people of Boundless Altar still live, our inheritance will never truly be lost. There are countless Spirit Provinces in the 3,000 Worlds, so why should we worry about not rising again?”


Yuchi Cheng Zhou felt crestfallen as the Old Ancestor consoled him.


The Old Ancestor took a deep breath to suppress the weltering vitality in his chest, then asked, “What is the background of Void Land? Why do they hold a grudge against us?”


Yuchi Cheng Zhou then reported to him the incident of the Hundred Sects Alliance invading Void Land.


The Second Elder provided some additional information once the Sect Master was finished, “Old Ancestor, I heard Great Elder mention that he held some grudges against a woman named Lan You Ruo. At that time, he joined forces with the leader of Golden Rainbow Province, Qi Jin, and ambushed that woman. The reason he took part in that alliance was that Void Land has some kind of close relationship with Lan You Ruo. He was trying to lure them out so that he could destroy them once and for all.”


“Golden Rainbow Province?” Old Ancestor arched his brow upon hearing that.


“Yes.” The Second Elder bowed his head.


Yuchi Cheng Zhou said, “It seems that those from Void Land are trying to settle accounts. That’s why they invaded Boundless Altar today. I guess Golden Rainbow Province won’t be able to avoid this calamity either.”


A glint flashed through the Old Ancestor’s eyes as he said, “Get someone to head to Golden Rainbow Province and tell them what happened here today.”


A shocked Yuchi Cheng Zhou said, “Old Ancestor, we’re neither family or friends with Golden Rainbow Province, so why should we inform them about it?” It wasn’t that he wanted to take pleasure in Golden Rainbow Province’s pending misfortune, he just didn’t find it necessary to inform them about it.


“Those from Void Land were determined to destroy Boundless Altar, and this Old Master is too weak to repel them; however, perhaps there are others who can teach them a lesson in our place.”


The fact that Boundless Altar was destroyed was definitely an irresolvable blood feud; however, he was unable to get his revenge since he wasn’t strong enough. He had no choice but to remain silent about it. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t mind seeing those from Void Land suffer some losses or even lose some lives.




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