Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4427, Seeking Justice


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On a magnificent Spirit Peak stood Chang Qi Shui as he looked into the distance. Soon, a ship from the void came into his sight as the vessel charged towards him.


“They’re here!” He bellowed and raised his hand, “Start the array!”


Upon receiving the order, the cultivators of Golden Rainbow Province, who were well prepared, activated the Grand Array as layers of light barriers lit up around the Spirit Province. In the blink of an eye, eight barriers had been formed.


Golden Rainbow Province had been in existence longer than Boundless Altar, and at the peak of their power, they were approaching the strength of the 72 Paradises. Although many of the top cultivators were gone since their downfall, they still had a significant inheritance built up over the aeons.


Their strength was manifested in the Grand Array that had just been activated.


The layers of light barriers appeared extremely sturdy as they surrounded Golden Rainbow Province. It was as though they were able to withstand the most violent storms in the world.


The strength of a great force’s heritage was evident in two aspects. One of them was the power of their Grand Array. The more ample their heritage was, the more powerful the Grand Array would be. Secondly, it was the support their disciples would get when ascending to the Open Heaven Realm.


The Open Heaven Realm Masters of every great force, if possible, would return to their Sect before their predestined time of death. After they died, their Small Universes would collapse, and their World Force would partially assimilate into the Sect, which was how their heritage was strengthened.


The Small Universe of a cultivator was full of the traces of their Grand Dao, the essence of their entire Martial Dao.


This kind of Dao Essence would also permeate the place alongside their World Force and remain in the Sect.


If any disciples in the future comprehended the same kind of Grand Dao as their ancestors, they would be able to obtain part of this inheritance and enhance their chances of ascending to the Open Heaven Realm.


For these two reasons, any great force in the world was extremely concerned about the accumulation of heritage in their own Headquarters.


The heritage of Golden Rainbow Province was truly extraordinary as it had been gathered and built up over tens of thousands of years. Although the Grand Array wasn’t as abstruse as Void Land’s Nine Heavenly Layers, in terms of pure defensive strength it was equal to, if not better than, the latter.


After all, it had only been a short time since Void Land was founded. The predecessor, Seven Wonders Land, was also a Second Class great force, but it was at best average among Second Class forces. Even though its heritage had been accumulated over many years, it wasn’t comparable to that of Golden Rainbow Province.


When the heritage of Void Land became ampler after thousands to tens of thousands of years, the power of Nine Heavenly Layers would be significantly strengthened.


Therefore, despite knowing that about seven Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and dozens of Masters below the Sixth-Order from Void Land had arrived, Chang Qi Shui still had the confidence to fend them off. Besides the promise from the Old Ancestor, he still had the Grand Array of Golden Rainbow Province.


They might not have as many Open Heaven Realm Masters as those from Void Land, but they had the power to fight since the Grand Array was in place.


On the ship’s deck, Yang Kai gazed silently at the Spirit Province, which was protected by a glistening Grand Array, and snorted, “So they’ve been waiting for us.”


Earlier, he felt that something was off when he noticed that those from Golden Rainbow Province were monitoring their surroundings as he wondered who the people were that they were wary of. It wasn’t until this moment that he found out those from Golden Rainbow Province were guarding against him and his companions.


How did those from Golden Rainbow Province find out that Yang Kai was coming, thus allowing them to get prepared in advance?


The only explanation was that someone from Boundless Altar had come over to warn them.


Yang Kai snorted, [Do they think they’ll be safe by hiding behind their Grand Array? Naïve!] 


Void Land’s Nine Heavenly Layers weren’t able to persevere for long when they were besieged previously, let alone the Grand Array of Golden Rainbow Province. At that time, the Hundred Sects Alliance seemed to have many people on their side, but there were only a small number of top Masters among them. The Open Heaven Realm Masters behind Yang Kai were much stronger on average than those from the alliance.


In just a moment, the ship reached a spot that wasn’t far away from the Grand Array of Golden Rainbow Province. Atop the deck, Yang Kai looked through the Grand Array and saw that the natural landscape in the Spirit Province was as beautiful as a painting. They did have an extraordinary heritage.


On the highest Spirit Peak stood three figures as they looked silently in Yang Kai’s direction. The person at the front was a muscular and decent-looking man. As their eyes met, this man yelled, “Who are you?”


“Void Land’s Yang Kai!” Yang Kai replied and shot him a glance, “Who are you?”


“Golden Rainbow Province’s Chang Qi Shui!” The man at the front replied before asking, “Why have you come all the way here to Golden Rainbow Province, Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai looked down at him and said, “The previous Leader of Golden Rainbow Province, Qi Jin, invaded Void Land for no reason. This King is here to seek justice from your noble Sect.”


Chang Qi Shui frowned, “What kind of justice are you seeking, Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai grinned at him, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Since you all tried to exterminate my Sect before, I am here to return the favour in kind!”


Chang Qi Shui’s face fell as he bellowed, “Stop boasting shamelessly, Brother Yang! Do you think we are pushovers? Although we may be weak now, it doesn’t mean you can oppress us as you please. Qi Jin offended you, and he only has himself to blame that he was killed in Void Land. When we learned of this matter, we allowed the matter to drop and have no intention of avenging him. However, if anyone dares to invade our Sect, all of us from Golden Rainbow Province will fight with you until our death!”


Yang Kai gazed dispassionately at him and said, “The reason this King has come all the way here is to destroy your Sect, but I’m not interested in unnecessary killing. However, if you dare to resist, many innocents won’t be able to see the sunrise tomorrow, so please think twice.”


Chang Qi Shui roared, “None of the disciples from Golden Rainbow Province is a coward! If you’re really concerned about the potential loss of innocent lives, leave now, and the grudges between us will be considered settled. However, if you remain obstinate, you are the ones who will end up in a horrible state.”


Yang Kai bared his fangs, “It seems that you’re determined to struggle until death. Do you really think your Grand Array can stop this King?”


“Well, you’ll have to try to find out.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll grant your wish, then. I hope you’ll remain obstinate until the very end. Don’t wail in pain while you die later.”


Then, Yang Kai raised his hand and swung it down as he coldly ordered, “Kill!”


The cultivators on the deck had been waiting for this moment. Previously, they were prepared to prove their worth in Boundless Altar. Since they had decided to join Void Land, they had to prove to Yang Kai that they were valuable to the Sect. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any conflict in Boundless Altar as Yang Kai managed to settle the issue without taking any lives. As a result, none of them had a chance to showcase their capabilities.


Certainly, they hoped to see those from Golden Rainbow Province remain stubborn.


Following Yang Kai’s order, the dozens of Open Heaven Realm Masters on the ship turned into rays of light and took a plunge. The next moment, countless Divine Abilities struck the Grand Array of Golden Rainbow Province, causing the light barriers to flicker as ripples spread across its surface. The sight was truly horrifying.


On the Spirit Peak, Chang Qi Shui turned pale as he could feel the energy fluctuations coming from his enemies.


The Second Elder from Boundless Altar was right to say that there were seven Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land, which made Chang Qi Shui feel jealous. Golden Rainbow Province only had one Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master; the Old Ancestor who had been cultivating in seclusion for 3,000 years. On the other hand, those from Void Land could easily deploy seven Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Both parties were not equally matched at all.


Fortunately, they had the Grand Array in place. If these attacks actually struck the Spirit Province, none of them could have warded off their enemies. Many of them would have been injured or killed for even trying to resist.


Loud booms were continuously heard as the violent attacks landed on the Grand Array, which caused the entire Golden Rainbow Province to tremble. The disciples turned ashen as they looked up at the sky in horror.


The disciples who were in charge of the Grand Array were madly pouring their strength into it to keep it operating. All of them knew that once the Grand Array was broken through, they would be killed ruthlessly. Only by keeping the Grand Array running could they hope to fend off the enemies.


However, regardless of how sturdy the defence was, it couldn’t possibly endure a constant bombardment of attacks.


Back then, after Grandmaster Wu Liang was done arranging the Nine Heavenly Layers, he passed the Array Jade to Yang Kai and told him that the array was solid enough to endure the attacks of ten Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters for several days.


The Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters he was talking about should be in the Sixth Order, just below the Seventh Order.


In fact, when the Hundred Sects Alliance invaded Void Land, the Nine Heavenly Layers actually didn’t last for long. It wasn’t that Grandmaster Wu Liang’s calculations were wrong. Instead, it was because they didn’t have enough energy supply. On another note, Yang Kai had the intention of luring the enemies into the Sect, so he intentionally opened up the Grand Array.


If even the Nine Heavenly Layers wasn’t invincible, there was no way the Grand Array of Golden Rainbow Province could last for a long time either.


In just a quarter hour, the first of the eight light barriers broke apart, which caused a commotion in Golden Rainbow Province as the disciples became apprehensive.


The myriad of Divine Abilities continued to blossom as the Open Heaven Realm Masters on Yang Kai’s side had no reservation when it came to casting their attacks.


Chang Qi Shui was anxious as he kept looking in the direction where the Old Ancestor cultivated. At this rate, it would only take half a day before the Grand Array of Golden Rainbow Province was destroyed. If the Old Ancestor still hadn’t appeared by then, they wouldn’t be able to stave off these ferocious people on their own, which would be as good as giving up and dying.


However, despite the fact that the Grand Array was under attack, no movements could be felt coming from the Old Ancestor’s place.


Chang Qi Shui was unable to figure out the Old Ancestor’s intention, nor did he have any idea about what she was waiting for. He felt like he was standing on pins and needles. There was nothing else he could do other than urge the disciples to keep the Grand Array running.


Another quarter hour later, the second layer of light barriers came apart, followed by the third and the fourth layers of light barriers.


Seeing that there was only one barrier left, Chang Qi Shui decided to stop defending passively and ordered, “Change the Array!”


Upon receiving the order, the disciples, who were in charge of the Grand Array, activated their powers to make a shift happen in the array.


In an instant, the wind gusted and the water rose. The entire Golden Rainbow Province was suddenly shrouded in a thick layer of mist, allowing no one to see through it.


A glint flashed through Yang Kai’s eyes as he snorted, “How dare you show off this kind of paltry trick in front of this King? Come with me!”


After he finished speaking, Yang Kai led the way and charged forward, followed by dozens of people who soon disappeared into the mist.




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