Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4430, The Forbidden Technique’s Power


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In the entire 3,000 Worlds, practically every Headquarters of every great force contained a complicated heritage.


That was because the Open Heaven Realm Masters who passed away over the years allowed their World Force to assimilate into their own Sects. The Grand Dao that every Open Heaven Realm Master comprehended was different, so the traces of those Grand Daos were distinct as well. As such, the heritage of a great force was usually not only immense but also complex.


If an Open Heaven Realm Master rashly absorbed and refined the heritage, it would do more harm than good.


However, back then, an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master named Azure Void Divine Monarch developed this technique to forcefully draw the heritage into his body in order to significantly increase his strength for a short time.


Nevertheless, there was a huge downside to this technique. Although the Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law could help an Open Heaven Realm Master obtain an incredible amount of power in a short time, they had to purge this heritage soon after; otherwise, it would affect their foundation and the purity of their Small Universe.


If one didn’t purge this added heritage, the impurities in their Small Universe would cause their cultivation to plunge. In the worst case, their Small Universe would destabilise and crumble, costing one their life.


That was the reason the Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law was a Forbidden Technique. This technique was widely known among Open Heaven Realm Masters; however, no one was willing to use this Forbidden Technique unless their Sect’s survival was at stake. That was because it was akin to gambling their lives away.


It was apparent that Golden Rainbow Province was at a life-or-death moment. Li Luo Shui was resolute as she decided to damage her own foundation just to use the Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law to repel the invaders.


Li Luo Shui, who was already a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, was seen with her aura rising rapidly. It could also clearly be felt that a mysterious force was penetrating her petite figure from all parts of Golden Rainbow Province. With the infusion of this force, she seemed to have merged with Golden Rainbow Province.


Her aura was so imposing that no one would dare to directly gaze at her.


In short order, Li Luo Shui’s aura completely changed, as though she had transformed into an entirely different person. As she opened her eyes, a glint flashed through her gaze. She stared coldly at Yang Kai and the others before saying through clenched teeth, “All of you must die today for daring to invade my Golden Rainbow Province!”


As she performed different hand seals, she sent out Divine Abilities right at the seven Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Yang Kai lifted his spear to parry the attacks, but his figure shook as he felt a tremendous force coming right at him. As though an entire world had crashed into him, the bones in his arms were instantly dislocated. He was sent flying away while the vitality in his chest weltered. At the same time, he sprayed out a mouthful of Golden Blood in mid-air.


Meanwhile, the rest of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters became injured and spat blood.


Li Luo Shui, having used the Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law, seemed able to exert a force that was two times greater than what she could previously. The power of her Divine Abilities had also been greatly augmented. Faced with her attacks, the seven felt as though they were unable to counterattack, and all they could do was wait for death.


Mao Zhe’s gaze was transformed by horror and he had the intention to flee. Faced with such a formidable enemy, he would be doomed if he stayed; however, when he turned his head, he saw Yang Kai charging forward again.


He secretly cursed at the man before he too dashed forward alongside Geng Qing and Zhou Ya.


They had left their names on the Loyalty List, so Yang Kai had total control over their lives. Regardless of how reluctant they were, they had to fight alongside him, for if anything happened to Yang Kai, the three of them would suffer as well.


On the other hand, Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan were more reserved. Firstly, they were not restricted by the Loyalty List. Secondly, Shu Mu Dan was pregnant, so she couldn’t take part in an intense battle lest her child is affected. The couple only helped their companions out by casting their Divine Abilities at Li Luo Shui from afar.


The Proprietress was naturally giving it her best as she and Yang Kai wove back and forth to get closer to Li Luo Shui.


The force around Li Luo Shui surged as she remained on the same spot. Faced with the bombardment of attacks, she could easily ward them off by simply raising her hands. She no longer looked as flustered as before. The Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law had pushed her power to an unimaginable level in a short time, allowing her to not only fend off the incoming attacks, but also counterattack at the same time, drawing grunts of pain from Yang Kai and the others.


As time passed, Yang Kai and the others became covered in blood, looking completely battered.


Judging from the current situation, these seven Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were obviously no match for Li Luo Shui and it was just a matter of time before they were defeated and killed by her.


However, Li Luo Shui no longer appeared calm as her expression grew anxious. This couldn’t be helped though as she was running out of time.


The Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law had allowed her power to increase significantly in a short time, but she could not ignore the downsides of this technique. This infusion of power was no different from poison to any Open Heaven Realm Master. The longer this kind of state persisted, the more unstable her Small Universe would become, and the more difficult it would be to expel all the impurities in the future and stabilize her cultivation.


Therefore, she had to kill all her enemies and end the battle in the shortest time possible. The longer this dragged on, the worse her situation would become. When her Small Universe became unstable, she would lose the power to fight completely and suddenly be at the mercy of Yang Kai and the others.


She repeatedly attempted to kill one of them to achieve a breakthrough, but she was always stopped by Yang Kai. The young man was an expert in the Dao of Space whose skills were also phenomenal. The way he flitted about like a fly annoyed her to no end.


By now, she clearly realised that the young man was the strongest among these Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, but he was also the most difficult to deal with. If it weren’t for him, she would’ve killed everyone else a long time ago without having to resort to such drastic measures.


She felt resentful as she targeted most of her attacks at Yang Kai, who had no choice but to try his best to defend himself and dodge, causing deep wounds to appear on his figure.


There was no such thing as impenetrable defence in the world though. There came a moment when Li Luo Shui’s eyes lit up as she saw an opening Yang Kai exposed and pushed out her palm as she bellowed, “Die!”


Yang Kai had just stabilised his figure when he was faced with this attack. It seemed that there was no way he could dodge so he had to fight.


Realizing this, Yang Kai’s figure stood firm and raised his spear to intercept the palm. At the same time, he roared, “Golden Crow Casts the Sun!”


A Great Sun suddenly leaped into the sky from behind him. It was so dazzling that the entire Golden Rainbow Province was painted gold. There seemed to be a three-legged exotic bird playing around in the Great Sun, cawing loudly for all to hear.


A black flame burned at the tip of Azure Dragon Spear, as though it was able to extinguish everything in the world.


Upon sensing the Great Sun’s power, Li Luo Shui narrowed her eyes and exclaimed, “A Divine Manifestation!?”


She felt her chest tightening. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn’t have believed that a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was able to use a Divine Manifestation. Even though she was a Seventh-Order Master now, she was still far from comprehending her own Divine Manifestation. How was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master able to use one then?


Regardless, the sight before her eyes forced her to acknowledge reality.


Faced with this spear, Li Luo Shui halted her movement for a moment before she channelled even more force into her strike.


If she missed this chance, it would probably take a long time before Yang Kai made such a mistake again, and time was the one thing she didn’t have, so she decided that even if she was injured in return, she had to kill this little bastard with this one strike.


As long as she could kill him, the rest wouldn’t be a threat to her.


Following a loud boom, Li Luo Shui was sent flying away while Yang Kai was also forced backwards.


Using his Divine Manifestation Golden Crow Casts the Sun, Yang Kai, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, traded moves with Li Luo Shui, who had used the Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law, with difficulty.


Before Li Luo Shui could stabilize herself, the Proprietress and the others had already pounced on her. She hurriedly dodged their attacks as she looked in Yang Kai’s direction with glee, thinking that the brat’s corpse must have exploded into nothingness upon impact.


The next moment though, she widened her eyes in disbelief.


That was because, unlike her imagination, the boy wasn’t vaporized like she expected. Although he was covered in blood and shrouded in a layer of blood mist, he was still alive.


What’s more, the Great Sun hanging in the sky was as dazzling as ever.


[Why is this Brat so resilient!?] Li Luo Shui’s eyes shrank.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was still reeling from the shock. If it weren’t for his Half-Dragon body, he would’ve been killed just now. The Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law was truly horrifying as it could allow a person’s power to increase tremendously in such a short time.


Presently, the Small Universe in his body was in turmoil as he had apparently been impacted by Li Luo Shui’s attack.


He spat out a mouthful of blood and opened his bloodshot eyes before looking in Li Luo Shui’s direction. The next instant, he performed a hand seal and yelled with a hideous expression, “Water Reflects the Moon!”


A cold-looking full Moon suddenly appeared alongside the Great Sun. The Moon cast its glow on the ground and brought with it endless coldness.


It was a miraculous sight to behold as the Sun and the Moon hung in the sky at the same time. The sensations of cold and hot mingled, which made it impossible for them to identify whether it was day or night.


Mao Zhe felt his chest tightening as his heart clenched in fear. He had previously seen the sight of the Sun and the Moon appearing together on Profound Yang Mountain the day his Sect was destroyed.


He couldn’t believe that he was seeing the same sight again. Then, he quickly sent a message to Geng Qing and Zhou Ya before they leaped away at the speed of lightning.


While his allies were hurriedly retreating, Yang Kai’s voice reverberated across the world, “Sun and Moon Divine Wheel!”


The Sun and the Moon began to rotate in an endless cycle above his head, kicking up a storm that shook the world itself.


Space and Time Principles blended into a single entity and formed into a mysterious Space-Time Strength.


While the Sun and the Moon spun about, time warped wildly and it felt as though only a breath had passed but at the same time it was like millions of years had gone by.


Besides time, space had also become strange. Those who seemed close by suddenly appeared in the distance, though they still looked as though they were standing right in front of their eyes. Everyone’s senses became incredibly distorted.


The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel spiralled across the sky of Golden Rainbow Province as it slammed towards Li Luo Shui.


She sported a solemn expression and roared. Not daring to have any reservations, she gathered all her strength while performing a set of profound hand seals with her slender hands. Countless powerful Divine Abilities were cast at Sun and Moon Divine Wheel in an attempt to block its advance.


Everyone seemed to be seeing hallucinations as the sight before their eyes shattered while the rumbling sounds were so thunderous that it pained their eardrums.




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