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Martial Peak – Chapter 4431, Forcing Back a Seventh-Order

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The violent movements subsided as everyone’s warped perception slowly returned to normal.


All of them were horrified when they looked up as Golden Rainbow Province had literally exploded. The Spirit Province had shattered into countless pieces which now drifted about randomly in the void, together with broken corpses which were scattered about here and there.


Golden Rainbow Province was thoroughly destroyed!


Without the protection of the Grand Array, the Spirit Province with several tens of thousands of years of inheritance was unable to withstand the fierce battle. Innumerable disciples from Golden Rainbow Province were either killed or injured. Only a small number of people survived the brutality of the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel’s impact, not because they were stronger than the rest, but simply because they were luckier.


On one of the broken pieces stood Li Luo Shui as she fell into a dazed state. At this moment, this Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was battered, and her hair was a mess.


Although she had successfully parried the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, she wasn’t unharmed. She found it extremely difficult to deal with the eerie Space-Time Strength that was now corroding her physique and Small Universe.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was panting heavily. He felt as though all his energy had been sucked out of him, and his Small Universe had never been emptier. Although the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was powerful, he hadn’t fully mastered this new Space-Time Strength which was why he wasn’t able to control how much force he wanted to exert. The consumption of energy just to use the Divine Ability was terrifying.


However, even though he had used his most powerful Divine Ability, he was still unable to kill Li Luo Shui, which went to show that the gap between the Sixth-Order and Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm was indeed too wide to close.


Still, holding his spear in one hand, he pointed at Li Luo Shui and drew a deep breath. As his chest bulged, he bellowed, “Come!”


Her hair flapped in the air as she looked in Yang Kai’s direction with a gaze filled with murderous intent. Before she could even make a move though, her expression changed. Following that, her aura became extremely unstable as her face alternated between pale and livid.


Li Luo Shui sprayed out a mouthful of blood, and as if struck by lightning, she staggered backwards as a chaotic World Force started exuding from her petite figure.


With a vicious-looking gaze, she shot a glare at Yang Kai as though she was trying to imprint the man’s face in the deepest part of her mind before she snarled through blood-soaked clenched teeth, “This Queen will never forget what you’ve done to her today, and swears she will seek revenge!”


Right after she finished speaking, more blood streamed out of her mouth. Then, she moved and dashed into the distance.


“Where do you think you’re going!?” Yang Kai bellowed and attempted to chase after her. He certainly knew that he had to kill this enemy to avoid future calamity. Li Luo Shui was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so if she wasn’t killed today, she would become a huge threat in the future.


However, after taking a few steps forward, he staggered and almost lost his balance. He felt a burning sensation in his chest which made it hard for him to breathe. His Small Universe was in turmoil, making it impossible for him to focus.


Stabbing his spear into the ground, Yang Kai looked up, but quickly realised that Li Luo Shui was nowhere to be found. Unresigned, he pounded his fist on the ground.


The Proprietress dashed towards him and supported his weight before asking worriedly, “How are you?”


Yang Kai’s aura was extremely unstable. Unable to speak, he just shook his head to indicate that he was fine. Then, he quickly sat down with his legs crossed and emptied his mind in an attempt to stabilise his Small Universe.


Mao Zhe and the others took a glance at him before letting out a breath of relief.


The battle today had been extremely dangerous. They had never expected that they would have to directly face a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and even engage in a life-and-death battle with her one day.


More amazingly, all of the participants had survived even though they were severely injured.


With that said, all this was thanks to Yang Kai. If he hadn’t borne most of the attacks from Li Luo Shui, a number of them would have been critically injured or even died.


The outcome was acceptable. It had to be noted that the person they faced wasn’t an ordinary Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master; she was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who had used the Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law inside her Sect’s Headquarters. It was more difficult to deal with such a person than an average Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters as the power she was able to unleash was simply horrifying.


In the end, Li Luo Shui fled from the scene. It wasn’t because she was wary of Yang Kai’s strength, but rather because something had gone wrong with her Small Universe.


The Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law had a very serious backlash. Although she was able to increase her power significantly for a short time following the infusion of an immense force, she would also be left with an unimaginable potential danger as this was a heterogeneous force.


While they were in an intense battle, the mixed World Force continuously assaulted her Small Universe, which eventually made her lose the power to fight. If she forcefully kept exerting her strength, her Small Universe would completely destabilize. By then, without the need for anyone else to make a move, she would lose her life following the explosion of her Small Universe.


At the thought of this, Mao Zhe felt extremely fortunate.


If Li Luo Shui hadn’t suffered from the backlash of the Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law at that moment, all of them at the scene would have been killed except for Yang Kai, who might have been able to escape since he was a Master of the Dao of Space.


Li Luo Shui probably wouldn’t be able to get her revenge anytime soon either since she had to deal with the backlash of the Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law. Unless she could completely get rid of the impurities left in her Small Universe due to using this Forbidden Technique, she wouldn’t appear again.


Such a process might take her a few years, several dozen years, or even a few hundred years to complete depending on the extent of the damage.


These seven Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters sat down in different places and focused on recuperation. Yang Kai was the most severely wounded in the battle, and after he used his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, he was on his last legs as his Small Universe descended into chaos.


Meanwhile, Chef and Accountant led the others to clean up the battlefield.


The Spirit Province where Golden Rainbow Province was located was shattered, and all enemy Open Heaven Realm Masters were killed. As for the remaining disciples, they were either dead or injured, with the survivors having no idea where they should go.


Chef and the others didn’t make things difficult for them as these people were merely disciples with weak cultivations, so there wasn’t a need to kill them. They simply allowed these people to flee.


Time went by pretty quickly as Yang Kai remained seated for an entire year.


It took him half a year before he managed to stabilize his Small Universe this time. It was only now that he realised just how critical the Small Universe was to an Open Heaven Realm Master. The Small Universe was the source of power and the foundation of an Open Heaven Realm Master. Everything about the Small Universe was closely related to the cultivator’s Grand Dao.


It took him another half a year to recover to his peak.


One year after Yang Kai sat down to recuperate, he finally opened his eyes.


He remained seated on one of the broken pieces of Spirit Province and looked around to see the Proprietress and the others were seated nearby, cultivating in silence.


Noticing some movement, the Proprietress opened her eyes and took a glance over at him. As their eyes met, she put on a faint smile, “You’re finally awake.”


Yang Kai nodded and got to his feet. After looking around, he realised that the people who had left the Shadowless Cave Heaven with him were still around, and the ship was anchored a short distance away.


Mao Zhe and the others opened their eyes as well. Their injuries were less severe than Yang Kai’s, so it only took them a few months to fully recover, then they just waited for Yang Kai to awaken.


Yang Kai briefly asked about the battle that took place a year ago and learned that some of the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters on his side were killed by the Grand Array of Golden Rainbow Province when they were stuck in the mist.


Life could be fragile at times, and there was nothing he could do except pay a silent tribute to them.


Although some of the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were killed, Yang Kai had gained tremendous benefits after the battle.


While Yang Kai was recuperating back then, Chef and the others were responsible for cleaning up the battlefield. The entire Golden Rainbow Province was destroyed in the struggle, but besides Li Luo Shui, the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and some other weaker Open Heaven Realm Masters who had fled early on, the rest were all killed.


Only the inheritance of Golden Rainbow Province that had been accumulated over a long time was left behind.


It could be said that they had obtained the entire inheritance of Golden Rainbow Province.


Although Golden Rainbow Province was just a Second Class great force, they were pretty wealthy as they had been in existence for a long time. Chef and the others collected all the items and sorted them out before putting them into different Space Rings, which were then given to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai didn’t intend to keep all these items for himself of course, so after the ship departed from the Spirit Province, he distributed rewards to everyone based on the contributions they had made. Naturally, all these Open Heaven Realm Masters were elated.


They were used to a life of destitution in the Shadowless Cave Heaven where they had to be extremely frugal with each and every Open Heaven Pill, not to mention cultivation resources of different Orders. Everything was scarce in the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


Now, all of them became rich after just one battle, which was why they were ecstatic.


Their admiration and respect for Yang Kai had grown significantly since he was generous enough to distribute such rewards to them.


The ship moved forward in silence as it passed through different Territory Gates.


Yang Kai didn’t step out of his room as he focused on cultivating in retreat. One day though, upon receiving a message from the Proprietress, he dashed towards the deck.


On the deck, the Proprietress was leaning against the railing while Chef and Accountant were standing behind her in a respectful manner.


Sensing Yang Kai’s arrival, she turned her head and flashed a smile at him.


“Are you leaving, Proprietress?” Yang Kai was reluctant to part ways with her, but she had just sent him a message to tell him that she was going to depart.


The Proprietress replied, “I’m heading to Thousand Birds Star City. I have to put an end to some issues.”


“Do you need my help?” Yang Kai asked. Although he had no idea what she was going to do, he reckoned that he could lend her a hand as he was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


The Proprietress shook her head, “I’m not going to fight with anyone. What’s the point of you tagging along? Just go back to Void Land.”


Yang Kai asked, “This place is not far away from Void Land. Why don’t you pay a visit there? Old Bai must be waiting for you there.”


“There’s no need for that. I believe we’ll meet again soon. As for Old Bai… just tell him to stay there when you see him.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai started chuckling, “Old Bai and I will be waiting for you in Void Land, then.”


The Proprietress raised her hand and poked the young man’s forehead, “You’re now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Will you stop laughing like a fool?”


“Yes, yes, yes!” Yang Kai quickly straightened his face.


“Good, we shall part ways here. Thousand Birds Star City and Void Land are in different directions.” Following that, she nonchalantly waved her hand, “See you soon!”


Then, she took a step forward and leaped into the void. Chef and Accountant grinned at Yang Kai before leaving with her.


Standing on the deck, Yang Kai watched as the three of them disappeared into the distance, then he let out a breath. When he headed to the Shadowless Cave Heaven back then, he had never expected that he would return as a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Although he was rushed to achieve an ascension, he didn’t regret his decision. As a man, he was faced with all sorts of choices in life. He didn’t strive to make his life perfect, he simply strove to never have any regrets.



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