Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4432, Return


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Although Li Luo Shui had fled, the battle wasn’t unfruitful. At the very least, through the battle with her, Yang Kai had identified his current limits.


He was still significantly weaker than a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, even a newly promoted one. When he was faced with Li Luo Shui, he had to join forces with all the other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in order to be able to simply match her. Every move she made contained a terrifying power, and each strike that landed on him caused his vitality to welter and Soul to tremble.


Furthermore, after Li Luo Shui used the Azure Void Universe Augmentation Grand Law, her strength increased tremendously, to the point that she was completely capable of killing all of them off if she was given enough time.


However, she was forced to flee in the end due to the backlash of that Forbidden Technique; otherwise, all of them would have died on that day.


At the thought of this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but be gripped by a lingering fear. If things were just like what the Proprietress had said, even Second Class great forces like Golden Rainbow Province, which had declined over many years, might have some unimaginable hidden hands.


It was true for both Boundless Altar and Golden Rainbow Province, so what about the other great forces? Although it was impossible to find out, these great forces certainly had some top cultivators who had been cultivating in seclusion for a long time.


Yang Kai realized that he had to be more careful in the future when it came to matters like these lest he suffered a setback instead.




On the highest Spirit Peak in Void Land, several dozen disciples were seated with their legs crossed inside a palace. There was a galaxy mirror in front of every one of them, and through the reflection on the mirrors they could see the view around Void Land.


The Void Spying Technique wasn’t an abstruse Secret Technique, so it was a good method to monitor the surroundings of a great force.


Previously, those from Golden Rainbow Province had used this technique to detect Yang Kai’s approach, which was why they could get prepared in advance.


The development of Void Land had now stabilised following a rapid expansion phase. After the incident where the Hundred Sects Alliance invaded Void Land, Bian Yu Qing decided to build this Heavens Observatory in order to monitor the surroundings of the Sect so that they could detect any approaching enemies in advance.


There were always several dozen disciples in the Heavens Observatory at any given time to watch the movements around Void Territory and detect any potential threats. If there was any emergency, they could immediately contact the Elder Hall which would then take appropriate action.


Presently, besides several dozen disciples, Yue He, a Sixth-Order cultivator, was also in the Heavens Observatory.


Back then, Yang Kai was forced to ascend to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the Shattered Heaven, then he dove into the Shadowless Cave Heaven on his own. Following the closure of the Shadowless Cave Heaven’s entrance, Yue He and Bai Qi were unable to go in regardless of how hard they tried.


Left with no choice, they could only return to Void Land.


Since her return, Yue He had been staying in the Heavens Observatory. She didn’t want to leave so that she would find out about Yang Kai’s return as soon as it happened.


All this while, she had been apprehensive; after all, the Shadowless Cave Heaven was an infamous Universe Cave Heaven as no one had managed to leave that place prior to Yang Kai’s entry. Although Yang Kai was a Master of the Dao of Space, no one could say for certain if he would be able to escape from that place.


However, she stopped feeling anxious half a year ago because a piece of news reached Void Land which made her believe that Yang Kai had returned safely.


Other than Yue He, Bai Qi had also been staying in the Heavens Observatory.


Suddenly, one of the disciples who was responsible for watching a particular direction suddenly rubbed his eyes and looked intently at the galaxy mirror for a moment before he exclaimed, “A ship is coming!”


Yue He and Bai Qi instantly appeared behind the disciple as they looked at the galaxy mirror. Through the reflection, they could indeed see a ship moving towards Void Land.


Void Land wasn’t far away from the Star City. Usually, outsiders would directly head to the Star City and only their own people would head towards the Headquarters.


Recently, no one from Void Land had left, so it was highly probable that Yang Kai was aboard this approaching ship.


Yue He performed a hand seal and shot a ray of light into the galaxy mirror. Soon, the image magnified and allowed them to see the deck clearly.


A familiar figure on the deck came into her sight as she exclaimed and covered her lips with her hands.


An excited Bai Qi called out, “He’s really back!”


Following that, Yue He dashed out of the palace, followed by Bai Qi. Soon, two beams of light shot into the sky as a gap appeared in the Grand Array.


The opening of the Grand Array shocked Bian Yu Qing, who was handling her official duties. She immediately left her palace and looked up, only to see Yue He and Bai Qi flying towards the sky. Realising something, she quickly contacted those from the Heavens Observatory.


Soon, she was told that the Sect Master had returned!


She let out a long breath as her chest heaved. The worries in her mind could finally be set down. Void Land was founded by Yang Kai, and the backgrounds of the members were pretty simple. They mainly came from two places. First of all, there were about 600,000 disciples who came from the Star Boundary.


Although there were a lot of them, all of them were weak as there wasn’t even one Open Heaven Realm Master among their ranks yet.


Second, there were a few thousand people from Abundance City from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Although the number of people on their side paled compared to those from the Star Boundary, almost all the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land were from Abundance City.


Regardless of which place they were from, Yang Kai was essential to the Sect. If anything happened to him, Bian Yu Qing wouldn’t know how Void Land could continue on.


Fortunately, the Sect Master had returned safely.


After giving it a thought, she decided to send a message to everyone. Soon, both Void Land and the Star City became bustling.


On the deck, Mao Zhe gazed at the magnificent Spirit Province ahead and asked with surprise, “Is this Void Land?”


“Indeed.” Yang Kai nodded his head, “This is Void Land. Does it meet your expectations, Head Mountain Lord?”


Mao Zhe replied impassively, “Since I’ve submitted to you, please don’t mention that Head Mountain Lord title again. The three of us ask for nothing else other than to be treated fairly.”


“Good.” Yang Kai put on a faint smile. Mao Zhe and the others were forced to submit to him, and it was apparent that they were unresigned. Certainly, Yang Kai was aware of that.


Regardless, as long as the Loyalty List was in his hands, Mao Zhe and the others wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble; therefore, he didn’t have to be wary of them. They were Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters after all, so they could play vital roles at critical moments.


Moreover, Yang Kai had always been an easy-going and fair-minded man. Chen Tian Fei was the first one to leave his name on the Loyalty List, and he was never mistreated. On top of that, he was also given the important duty of taking care of the Gourd Vine.


Yang Kai believed that Mao Zhe and the others would change their impression of him as time passed.


“This Spirit Province has an extraordinary heritage, and its scenery is splendid. Void Land is indeed amazing, Sect Master.” Hua Yong was ecstatic. Before coming to this place, he was worried that the heritage of Void Land might be weak; however, now, he realised that this place was truly exceptional. He and his Wife had made the right decision to join Void Land. This place was already wonderful to begin with, and with so many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters joining, its future would be bright.


Shu Mu Dan said in a small voice, “This Grand Array seems to be a little special as well.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “This Grand Array is called the Nine Heavenly Layers. Not only is it powerful, but it also has many different and unpredictable functions. In the past, a Hundred Sects Alliance led by Heavenly Sword Union invaded us, but they were all trapped in this Grand Array and most of them were either killed or critically wounded.”


“Nine Heavenly Layers…” Mao Zhe muttered under his breath. He wasn’t an expert in the Array Dao, but just like Shu Mu Dan, he could see that this Grand Array was extraordinary, though he couldn’t figure out its true power just from observing it. Upon hearing Yang Kai’s words, he couldn’t help but start having some expectations towards the Nine Heavenly Layers.


Since the Grand Array was able to fend off the Hundred Sects Alliance, it was surely quite powerful.


“What is that? It seems so lively,” Shu Mu Dao turned to look in a different direction with a curious gaze.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “That is Void Star City.”


“It’s a Star City?” Everyone aboard the ship was shocked as they gazed at the Star City. They could see that the place was crammed with people, and countless flight-type artifacts could be seen leaving and entering through the Void Dock.


The sight before their eyes suggested that it was a flourishing Star City. Furthermore, the place was much larger than an average Star City, clearly marking it as First Class.


They found it inconceivable that there was a First Class Star City belonging to Void Land.


They exchanged glances in disbelief as they couldn’t figure out why the Star City of Void Land was so attractive to foreign cultivators and merchants. It had to be noted that every First Class Star City had their own unique characteristics and products that could attract merchants from all over the 3,000 Worlds.


Void Land must possess an incredible heritage to control such a grand Star City. If they were not powerful enough, this kind of profit-making place would’ve been snatched from them long ago.


With such a Star City as their support, those from Void Land wouldn’t ever have to worry about resources.


A glint flashed through Mao Zhe’s eyes as he realised that he had always underestimated Void Land. He initially thought that Void Land was just an average Second Class great force, but the sight before his eyes proved him wrong.


Void Land was clearly a peak-level Second Class great force!


As they were speaking, the fog around Void Land suddenly roiled as though a gigantic creature was about to emerge.


The people on the ship became flustered as they secretly circulated their powers to prepare themselves.


When they looked up, they saw a gargantuan head appearing from the fog, its eyes as big as stars and its mouth full of enormous fangs, looking like they were capable of swallowing the entire void in one fell swoop.


The gigantic head appeared to be moving slowly, but it soon arrived in front of the ship. Compared to the head, the tiny ship looked like a blade of grass before a towering tree.


Mao Zhe and the others stiffened in horror as though they had been struck by lightning. They did not doubt that if the mouth parted, they would be immediately swallowed.


“Oh, it’s Yang Boy.” The mouth parted and spoke in the common Human language.


On the deck, Yang Kai saluted him and replied, “Many thanks for your concern, Senior.”


“Oh? You ascended to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm?” The voice sounded again.


Yang Kai replied, “I was left with no other choice in that situation.”




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