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Martial Peak – Chapter 4434, I’m Not Going to Meet Them


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Upon learning that the Emperor Realm cultivator before their eyes was the person who was in charge of managing all the affairs in Void Land, Mao Zhe and the others were astonished. This would never happen in other great forces. Usually, a person would only be given an important duty only if they were strong enough. Emperor Realm cultivators were the strongest in Universe Worlds, but they were nobodies in the 3,000 Worlds.


In the Outer Universe, only when a person ascended to the Open Heaven Realm would they gain a footing, but even that depended on their Order.


However, since the Second Manager was highly regarded by Yang Kai, she must be a trustworthy person, so they naturally wouldn’t dare to be impolite to her.


After telling Bian Yu Qing to help those from the Shadowless Cave Heaven to settle down, Yang Kai was ready to get some rest.


Although he had escaped from the Shadowless Cave Heaven unscathed, there had been quite a number of challenges along the way. He had gained some benefits from there, but he hadn’t had time to digest them. Now that he had returned to Void Land, he decided to cultivate in seclusion to fortify the things he had grasped.


Before he could leave though, Bian Yu Qing reported, “There’s one matter that awaits your decision, Sect Master.”


Yang Kai gazed at her and asked, “What matter?”


He usually wouldn’t manage the affairs in Void Land and just left everything up to Bian Yu Qing’s judgement. She would only report the matter to him if there was something she couldn’t decide on herself.


Bian Yu Qing continued, “Many representatives from various great forces are now staying in the Star City, waiting for you to meet with them.”


“What great forces?” Yang Kai frowned.


Bian Yu Qing then listed about forty great forces.


Upon hearing these names, Yang Kai was puzzled and asked, “Do we have any cooperation with those great forces? Why do they want to meet me?”


Bian Yu Qing replied with a smile, “Just so you know, Sect Master, those great forces were the ones that joined forces with Heavenly Sword Union to invade us in the past.”


Yang Kai became startled for a moment, but upon understanding what was going on, he sneered, “They’re pretty good at gathering information.”


Those great forces had joined Kong Feng’s Heavenly Sword Union to invade Void Land previously.


Regardless of whether they did so voluntarily or were forced, the grudges between them and Void Land had been formed.


The alliance suffered immense losses in that battle and the two Divine Spirits of Void Land subsequently revealed themselves, sending shockwaves out across the 3,000 Worlds. After that battle, only a small number of people managed to flee while most of the invaders were killed in Void Land.


Upon experiencing the power and heritage of Void Land, those great forces were horrified, and since even Heavenly Sword Union suffered an immense loss, the others naturally wouldn’t dare to think about getting revenge.


After all, they were the invaders while those from Void Land were forced to defend themselves against them.


It wouldn’t have mattered if that was all that had happened, however. They could just not come to Void Land again. The 3,000 Worlds were expansive, so they could just set the issue aside and ignore it.


However, after Yang Kai returned from the Shadowless Cave Heaven, he brought a group of people to destroy Boundless Altar, forcing its thousands of disciples to abandon their foundation and become homeless. Then, he demolished Golden Rainbow Province and wiped out almost all of its members.


Now, Golden Rainbow Province ceased to exist in the 3,000 Worlds.


Those great forces, which were once part of the alliance, were now quite alarmed.


Both Golden Rainbow Province and Boundless Altar were great forces that had invaded Void Land, but they were now destroyed by Yang Kai. It was apparent that he was trying to settle accounts with them, and his methods shocked these people to their core.


Among the 100 great forces, Golden Rainbow Province and Boundless Altar were some of the strongest in the alliance, with barely any of the others being comparable to them. There were a small number of great forces that were more powerful, but only by a slim margin.


Since Golden Rainbow Province and Boundless Altar were not even able to ward off those from Void Land, how were the other great forces supposed to do that? If they couldn’t appease Void Land as soon as possible, the same fate would most likely befall them.


Therefore, half a year ago, after the news of the demise of Golden Rainbow Province spread, many great forces sent representatives to Void Land with valuable gifts in the hope that the other party would forgive them.


It was because of their arrival that those from Void Land learned that Yang Kai had left the Shadowless Cave Heaven and had made some shocking moves.


These great forces were not aware that the reason Yang Kai targeted Boundless Altar and Golden Rainbow Province was that the Proprietress had made a heart demon oath in the past. They believed it was because of the fact that the alliance had invaded Void Land, which was why they were apprehensive.


While waiting in the Star City, they felt like they were sitting on pins and needles all the time and they practically visited the Governor’s Mansion every two to three days, which frustrated Mo Mei to no end.


“Are you going to meet them, Sect Master?” Bian Yu Qing asked cautiously.


“No, I’m not going to meet them.” Yang Kai waved his hand. He had just returned from outside, so he wasn’t in the mood to handle this issue, “Just let them stew for now.”


“Yes,” Bian Yu Qing replied. Although she was sympathetic towards those great forces, they only had themselves to blame. After seeing Yang Kai off, she turned around and helped Mao Zhe and the others settle in. Upon some probing, she found out that among the people that had come here with the Sect Master, there were five Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. At that instant, she was both shocked and pleasantly surprised.


When Yang Kai introduced them just now, he had only mentioned their names without talking about their cultivation.


It wasn’t until this moment that Bian Yu Qing realised these people were truly powerful.


It had to be noted that there were only two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land now. By joining Void Land, these five people would greatly boost their overall strength.


She couldn’t help but admire the Sect Master’s capabilities. After a trip to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, be brought back a group of people from Abundance City. Now, upon his return from the Shadowless Cave Heaven, he came home with Mao Zhe and the other top Masters.


There was no doubt that the heritage of Void Land was on the rise.


Even though there were a lot of people in Void Land, the Sect was pretty expansive. Since Mao Zhe and the others were powerful, they naturally had to be treated with respect. Everything was settled after they chose Spirit Peaks they liked to live on. As for their duties in the Sect, Yang Kai would have to make the decision. It was not up to Bian Yu Qing to make a decision on his behalf. As the Second Manager, she was fully aware of her boundaries.


The news that the Sect Master of Void Land had returned instantly spread out, which caused a commotion in the Star City. The representatives of the great forces, who had come to this place with gifts, visited the Governor’s Mansion even more frequently. Unfortunately, Mo Mei refused to meet them, which made them anxious as they wondered about the attitude of Void Land towards them.


With Golden Rainbow Province and Boundless Altar as examples, they felt anxious to appease Void Land as soon as possible so their Sects wouldn’t be destroyed.


Time went by slowly as Yang Kai remained seated with his legs crossed in his room. While refining various resources to strengthen the heritage in his Small Universe, he reviewed all the battles he fought since his ascension to the Open Heaven Realm in his mind.


After he ascended to the Fifth Order, he entered the Shadowless Cave Heaven and immediately engaged in an intense battle with Ma Tian Yuan. Then, he barged into Profound Yang Mountain and attacked the Second Mountain Lord Yun Fei Bai. As a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he had the guts to battle against a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master head-on. This was rarely seen in the entire 3,000 Worlds, and it was also a precious experience for Yang Kai.


Then, he broke through to the Sixth Order and fought with the three Mountain Lords just outside Twin Spirit Island. 


Next, he intercepted the Mountain Lords outside Profound Yang Mountain and comprehended the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, which used an entirely new Space-Time Strength. He then went on to destroy Profound Yang Mountain.


Upon leaving the Shadowless Cave Heaven, Yang Kai got into trouble in the giant tornado while dealing with the Wind Spirits. Following that, he barged into Golden Rainbow Province and fought against Li Luo Shui, a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, with the help of several Sixth-Order allies.


The epic battles went through his mind as though they had just happened the day before. Yang Kai tried to grasp the experiences he had obtained while reflecting on his failures in order to strengthen himself.


This trip had been truly eventful. Not only had he gone from the Emperor Realm to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but the refinement of the World Forces within the Wind Spirits had also saved him at least a hundred years of cultivation, which greatly helped stabilise his Sixth-Order strength.


The experience of dealing with a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was valuable as well. The battle allowed Yang Kai to clearly identify his own limits. If he came across a formidable enemy in the future, he would have a better judgement of the gap in strength between them.


Three months later, Yang Kai finally left his room. Compared to three months ago, his aura was now much more reserved. Unlike in the past, no one would be able to tell his true strength by just looking at his aura.


Then, he sent a message to Bian Yu Qing to assign some work to her before leaving his palace.


When Yang Kai calmly arrived at the Main Conference Hall of Earth Spirit Land in Void Land, which was already filled with people. These people were all in the Fourth Order and above who were the most important members of Void Land.


Upon seeing Yang Kai, they rose from the chairs and cupped their fists, “Greetings, Sect Master!”


Yang Kai raised his hand and brought it down to motion for them to be at ease. Then, he moved and instantly appeared in front of the head seat. After adjusting his clothes, he sat down in a dignified manner.


He swept a glance over the crowd and soon his gaze fell upon Mao Zhe and the others from the Shadowless Cave Heaven. Smiling, he asked, “Have you all gotten used to living in Void Land?”


Mao Zhe replied, “Everything in Void Land is wonderful. Many thanks for your concern, Sir.” They had slowly learned about the various heritage of Void Land in the past months, so they thought that it wasn’t a bad idea to have joined. The abundant resources here would be beneficial to their Martial Dao.


Furthermore, since two Divine Spirits lived in Void Land, this place certainly could accommodate Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like them.


A grateful Hua Yong continued, “We had stayed in the Shadowless Cave Heaven for thousands of years, and were extremely lucky to finally leave that place. Second Manager also takes good care of us. We feel fortunate that we were able to join Void Land.”


Compared to the Shadowless Cave Heaven, the environment in Void Land was essentially paradise.


Yang Kai nodded gently, “I’m glad that you’ve gotten used to living here.”


Then, he gazed at Bian Yu Qing, “Second Manager, can you tell me everything that has happened in the Sect while I wasn’t around?”


“Everything has been proceeding smoothly, Sir.” Bian Yu Qing was fully prepared. Upon hearing Yang Kai’s question, she immediately reported to him about the important issues that had occurred over the past two years in detail. During that period of time, Void Land didn’t go through any drastic changes. The only thing that was different was that there were more Open Heaven Realm Masters now.


Many of those from Abundance City were already on the brink of achieving an ascension to begin with; however, due to the various restrictions in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, they were unable to do so.


Upon leaving the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Mo Mei and the others were the first batch of people who made it to the Open Heaven Realm.


Nevertheless, more cultivators from Abundance City awaited an ascension.


Over the past two years, about 300 people had attempted to break through. Most of them had succeeded, but a small number of people lost their lives due to their failure to make it to the Open Heaven Realm.




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