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Martial Peak – Chapter 4435, Fulfilling Their Roles


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A cultivator had to refine Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements, then split Heaven and Earth apart within their body to form a Small Universe in order to break through to the Open Heaven Realm.


The process could be said to be extremely dangerous, and regardless of how well prepared one was, one might still lose their life in the attempt.


That was what happened to some of the cultivators from Abundance City.


The people from Abundance City had been stuck in the Emperor Realm for centuries, if not millennia, giving them a long time to solidify their foundations and accumulate strength. The Orders of the materials they had refined were definitely within their limits as they wouldn’t refine materials that they wouldn’t be able to bear.


However, some of them still lost their lives while attempting to achieve ascension.


The first batch of people from Abundance City, about 300 of them, all successfully broke through because they each had the assistance of a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill. However, over the past two years since Yang Kai left, more and more people from Abundance City had attempted to reach the Open Heaven Realm. Although Yang Kai had left behind some Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills before heading to the Shadowless Cave Heaven, the supply wasn’t sufficient to satisfy the demand. That was the reason some of them ended up falling.


With that said, the percentage of those from Abundance City who lost their lives due to their attempts to achieve an ascension was comparatively lower than average; after all, due to the limitations of the environment they used to live in, they had more time for accumulation and preparation.


Now, excluding the people brought back by Yang Kai this time, there were about 500 Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land. If Mao Zhe and the others were included, the number would be about 600.


That was a terrifying figure.


In terms of the quantity and quality of the Open Heaven Realm Masters, Void Land had surpassed 99% of all Second Class great forces, though it still wasn’t comparable to the Cave Heavens and Paradises. After all, it had only been a short time since Void Land was founded. More time was needed for its heritage to be accumulated.


After Bian Yu Qing was done with her report, she took her seat, then Mo Mei rose from the chair and briefly talked about the current situation in the Star City.


It could be said that the Star City was thriving. That was because they would put one Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill up for auction every three months, so the city could attract more and more cultivators from the 3,000 Worlds.


Even the Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises would appear in the auction house when the time was right.


With more traffic came more commerce, causing many resources to flow into the Star City each day, allowing it to grow and develop further. It was a virtuous cycle.


The shops in the Star City were all rented out by now, and their businesses were booming. Even the private cave mansions had all been snatched up by the cultivators who now lived or worked in the Star City.


Void Land now earned about 100 million Open Heaven Pills every month from the Star City, and the amount was still increasing even now.


Mao Zhe and the other newcomers were dumbfounded upon hearing that.


There was no doubt that the Star City could be considered First Class since it could help Void Land earn 100 million Open Heaven Pills per month. The Star City alone could provide all the resources that those from Void Land would need.


It had to be noted that one could buy a lot of things with a hundred million Open Heaven Pills. Although it wasn’t enough to buy a Seventh-Order material, they could get their hands on several Sixth-Order materials if they were lucky.


As time passed, Void Land’s wealth would continue to increase. The Star City could be said to be Void Land’s cornucopia.


With the rise in fame, more cultivators could be seen entering and leaving the Star City. This didn’t pose a problem initially as those from the Governor’s Mansion were still able to keep on top of everything.


The merchants who did business in the Star City had to pay rent and taxes. Void Land, as the overseer of the Star City, was responsible for making sure that the city and the people were safe. They had to ensure that no fights would take place, and when they did, they had to immediately settle the problems.


Only by doing so could they give the cultivators a sense of security and showcase the heritage and competency of Void Land.


However, following two years of rapid development, the Governor’s Mansion was finding it increasingly hard to manage the city.


This couldn’t be helped, as the rise in popularity and development of the Star City meant that more and more powerful cultivators would come to visit. The person who could directly sense the changes was Jin Yuan Lang, who was responsible for guarding the Void Dock.


Since the re-opening of the Void Land Star City, Jin Yuan Lang had been appointed by Yang Kai to guard the Void Dock and inspect the people who entered and left the city.


Since he was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he could usually handle most situations that arose; however, Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were now more commonly seen in the city. As a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it was difficult for him to deter Sixth-Order Masters if they chose to be unruly.


If two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters got into a scuffle in the Star City, Mo Mei, who was responsible for managing the city, wouldn’t be able to handle it alone.


Once such a scenario happened, not only would the city suffer losses, but it would also have a huge impact on Void Land’s reputation. This was the issue that had to be settled immediately.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had brought back some powerful Open Heaven Realm Masters, including several in the Sixth Order.


Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan had already requested to join Void Land back on Twin Spirit Island, and Yang Kai had appointed them to be the Elders right away. Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya were Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters as well, so they couldn’t be undervalued. Following Yang Kai’s order, the three of them also joined the Elder Hall.


Mao Zhe and the others gladly accepted the appointment. They were restricted by the Loyalty List, so their lives were under Yang Kai’s control. Strictly speaking, they were just Yang Kai’s servants; however, during the time they were together, he had never mistreated them, nor had he exposed the nature of their relationship to anyone, which saved them from any embarrassment.


Although they had never said it out loud, they were grateful towards Yang Kai for his discretion. Even if he really wanted to make things difficult for them, they would have no choice but to bear it.


Now that they were asked to join the Elder Hall, they were certainly pleased. By becoming the Elders in Void Land, they would be on an equal footing with the others apart from Yang Kai and the two Divine Spirits.


More orders were swiftly given, with Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan being assigned to secure the Void Dock. Jin Yuan Lang was still responsible for managing the dock’s day-to-day business, and unless he was faced with cultivators that were too difficult to deal with, the couple usually wouldn’t have to show up.


Mao Zhe and the other former Mountain Lords would take turns staying in the Governor’s Mansion to assist Mo Mei in managing the Star City.


The other Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Shadowless Cave Heaven were also assigned various jobs in different departments.


All of them received the orders one by one.


“Sect Master, the people who have come to apologise are still waiting. How do you want to deal with them?” Bian Yu Qing asked.


Those people only knew that the Lord of Void Land, Yang Kai, had returned. If they found out that more top Masters had joined Void Land as well, they would be terrified.


Yang Kai would’ve forgotten about the matter if Bian Yu Qing hadn’t mentioned it, as he had no reason to remember those nobodies.


As a glint flashed through his eyes as he asked, “Has anyone from Heavenly Sword Union arrived?”


Bian Yu Qing was startled for a moment, then shook her head, “I don’t believe so.”


Yang Kai snorted. The Hundred Sects Alliance that invaded Void Land was nearly wiped out by him in the end. Other than Golden Rainbow Province and Boundless Altar, which he would never let off, Yang Kai didn’t really care about the other great forces, nor did he have the intention to retaliate against them. It would be time-wasting if he really did that, so he reckoned it would be better to just spend his time on cultivation.


Furthermore, those great forces were mostly Third Class, and didn’t even have a single Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master overseeing them. It would do more damage to Void Land’s reputation and face if they were to oppress such weaklings now.


With that said, Yang Kai would never forgive Heavenly Sword Union, which was the mastermind behind the incident.


Besides the fact that Heavenly Sword Union led the alliance, they had once again ambushed him while he was heading to the Shattered Heaven to look for the Proprietress after he left Void Territory.


Since those from Heavenly Sword Union had repeatedly provoked Yang Kai, he couldn’t be blamed for seeking revenge against them.


“Make them cough up everything they can before kicking them out, and let them know if they dare to appear in Void Land again, I won’t be so forgiving!” Yang Kai directly decided the fate of those great forces.


Bian Yu Qing nodded in agreement. It was apparent that Yang Kai wasn’t in the mood to meet those people, so he let her settle the matter.


Now, Yang Kai was now a powerful Master, and the leader of a peak Second Class great force, so it wasn’t like just anyone could meet him. It was expected that those great forces would accept the outcome, and they would also have to thank Yang Kai for not destroying them.


“Also, there was a Senior from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven who requested to meet you a few days ago; however, since Sect Master was cultivating in seclusion, I turned her down so that you wouldn’t be disturbed.”


Yang Kai’s eyes brightened when he heard that and asked, “Was it Qu Hua Shang?”


Presently, there were two establishments directly owned by Cave Heavens in Void Star City. One of them was the Asura Arena, which was set up by Asura Heaven. This facility was also one of the trademarks of Asura Heaven. The business of the Asura Arena was booming because many young cultivators liked to engage in all-out fights to both train and make a name for themselves.


In fact, the Asura Arena was established following a discussion between Yang Kai and a representative from Asura Heaven. Void Land held a large stake in the Asura Arena, which generated an equivalent revenue share from this profitable business.


Meanwhile, a Dao Temple belonging to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven was also established. Qu Hua Shang used to be stationed there in the past as its supervisor.


Yang Kai met that seductress in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary; then, they went through many life-and-death moments there and in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, eventually growing quite close.


After that, she tagged along when Yang Kai headed to the Shattered Heaven. Although she didn’t manage to help much, Yang Kai was still grateful for the solidarity she had shown.


This was no small matter; after all, Qu Hua Shang’s identity was a little special as she was a Core Disciple from one of the 36 Cave Heavens, so everything she did represented Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. As such, she wasn’t able to do whatever she pleased most of the time. However, she still steadfastly followed Yang Kai to oppose Ti Zheng and the others who had laid a trap for Yang Kai.


There were two reasons why Asura Heaven had set up an Asura Arena in every major Star City. First of all, it was to train the disciples of their own Sect, and secondly, it was to amass wealth. The disciples of Asura Heaven had to go through life-and-death battles in order to grow rapidly. Nevertheless, in the 3,000 Worlds, there were rarely any places that would allow them to engage in such fierce battles. Therefore, the Asura Arenas were their best option. Moreover, these Asura Arenas were like a treasure trove for them. The Asura Arenas from different Star Cities each generated massive amounts of revenue for Asura Heaven every year.


Yin-Yang Cave Heaven had also set up a Dao Temple in every major Star City; however, they didn’t intend to amass wealth or train their disciples in these places. Instead, the existence of these Dao Temples was to attract more talented people.


The disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven were all beautiful women or handsome men, and their core Secret Arts revolved around forming intimate relationships with the opposite sex. In those Dao Temples, their disciples could engage in discourse with talented young people from different parts of the 3,000 Worlds and even find suitable life partners, which would then strengthen the Sect’s power.




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