Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4436, A Man She Entrusted Her Life to


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The Dao Temple of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven in Void Star City was built under the supervision of Qu Hua Shang; therefore, when Yang Kai heard Bian Yu Qing mention a Senior from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, the first person that came into his mind was that seductress.


However, Bian Yu Qing shook her head and replied, “It’s not Senior Sister Qu. The Master of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Dao Temple is now a different person.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel disappointed. If Qu Hua Shang was still in the Star City, he would’ve personally thanked her for what she had done for him.


Bian Yu Qing asked, “Are you going to meet her, Sect Master?”


Yang Kai came to his senses and nodded, “Of course, I have to meet her. Please tell her to come in.” If it was someone else, he would’ve decided whether he wanted to meet her depending on his mood; however, since she was from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, he naturally couldn’t turn her down. He could also ask this person about how Qu Hua Shang was doing.


Upon receiving the order, Bian Yu Qing immediately sent out a message.


Since the meeting was over, everyone in the Main Hall rose from their seats and left while Yang Kai remained sitting on his own.


An incense stick later, Bian Yu Qing led someone to enter the hall from outside. 


Yang Kai looked up and saw that the person behind Bian Yu Qing was an alluring woman with an enchanting figure. Her innocent-looking face and clear eyes gave off an ethereal feeling, as though she was unstained by the mortal world.


Yang Kai’s eyes brightened. He had met many beautiful women before, but he had never seen one such as this lady. His first impression of the woman was that she was clean. It wasn’t the cleanliness of her clothes but an indescribable feeling, as though the existence of everything in the world was a blasphemy to her existence. Anyone who saw her would have the urge to protect and care for her.


At the same time, his chest tightened as he had a feeling that this woman was more complicated than she seemed.


Since the guest had arrived, Yang Kai had to rise from his chair to greet her.


Bian Yu Qing saluted him, “She’s here, Sect Master.”


Yang Kai nodded gently, upon which Bian Yu Qing withdrew.


The woman across from him elegantly greeted him, then said softly, “Greetings, Sect Master Yang. This Mistress is Su Ying Xue.” Her pleasant voice tickled his senses.


Yang Kai lifted his hand, “There’s no need to be too formal with me, Senior Sister Su. Please have a seat.”


Su Ying Xue thanked him with a lowered gaze. Her cheeks were painted with a tinge of redness, and her skin seemed extremely delicate.


Yang Kai was unable to sense this woman’s cultivation, but that wasn’t too surprising seeing how she had no need to release her aura here. Nevertheless, he had a feeling that this woman wasn’t any weaker than he was, so she was probably a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master as well.


After the two of them were seated, a servant came over and served them tea.


Following a bit of small talk, Yang Kai asked, “Senior Sister Su, what’s the nature of your relationship with Senior Sister Qu?”


Su Ying Xue replied with a smile, “Qu’er is considered my Junior Sister on paper.”


Yang Kai arched his brow, “On paper? What is she to you in reality?”


Su Ying Xue said with a light smile, “I was the one who raised Qu’er.”


Yang Kai was shocked, thinking that the woman before his eyes was like a Sister as well as a Mother to Qu Hua Shang. After giving it a thought, he realised that it wasn’t so surprising. It had clearly been a long time since Su Ying Xue broke through to the Open Heaven Realm, and although Qu Hua Shang was now a Sixth-Order Master as well, she had only recently become one. When it came to their age, Qu Hua Shang was probably much younger than Su Ying Xue, so it wasn’t surprising that she was raised by her.


This was pretty common in the 3,000 Worlds. Although many fellow Brothers and Sisters in the same Sect were on the same level of seniority, there could be huge gaps in their actual ages. Therefore, some of the Senior Brothers and Sisters were like foster parents to their Juniors.


“Qu’er always talked about and praised you. Now, I can confirm that you’re indeed both handsome and talented.” Su Ying Xue lifted her alluring eyes and batted her lashes shyly.


A reserved Yang Kai replied, “Many thanks for your compliment, Senior Sister Su. May I know where Senior Sister Qu is now?”


Su Ying Xue sighed and replied, “After making such a huge mistake, she returned to the Sect to apologize to the Sect Master. She’s confined now, and she won’t be able to leave seclusion for the next 100 years.”


“100 years!” Yang Kai’s face fell, “Is her punishment related to me?”


Su Ying Xue gazed into his eyes and said, “You seem quite concerned about Qu’er, Sect Master Yang.”


Yang Kai replied, “I owe Senior Sister Qu a great favour. Since she’s in trouble, I naturally can’t turn a blind eye to it.”


“How are you going to interfere, then?” Su Ying Xue looked curiously at him.


Yang Kai became startled, [She’s right. How am I supposed to interfere? She’s confined in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, and she’s Su Ying Xue’s Junior Sister. This is their internal affair. What right do I have to butt into their business as an outsider?]


Su Ying Xue went on to say, “Since time immemorial, the 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Paradises have always been close allies, and internal disputes that go against our collective interests are strictly forbidden. Since she has made a mistake, she naturally has to be punished.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai finally figured out what had happened. As expected, Qu Hua Shang’s confinement was a result of her helping him. She fought with those from Myriad Demons Heaven and the other great forces outside the Shadowless Cave Heaven, which had tarnished Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s reputation.


That was the reason she was given such a harsh punishment.


As a Core Disciple of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, Qu Hua Shang was fully aware of these rules and also that once she made a move, she would invite trouble to herself, but she did it anyway.


Yang Kai had never expected that Qu Hua Shang’s help would land her in such trouble. If he knew it in advance, he wouldn’t have let her tag along. Now that she had to be confined for 100 years, he certainly felt guilty.


“It’s just 100 years, so there’s nothing to worry about. Qu’er is now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so 100 years will pass by in a blink of an eye for her,” Su Ying Xue said gently.


Yang Kai frowned and stared intently at her in silence.


100 years of confinement was indeed not a long time for a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master; furthermore, Qu Hua Shang had just ascended to the Sixth-Order, so she needed time to consolidate her cultivation. The confinement might not actually be a bad thing to her as, after she was set free, she would’ve completely solidified her new cultivation.


With that said, it was still a punishment, and Yang Kai was the reason behind it, which was why he felt responsible.


However, Su Ying Xue didn’t seem to take the matter seriously.


“Sect Master Yang,” she called out gently.


Yang Kai came to his senses and gazed at her, “What’s wrong, Senior Sister?”


Su Ying Xue replied, “To be frank with you, other than meeting you, this Mistress is also here to seek your help.”


Yang Kai extended his hand, “Please speak freely, Senior Sister. I’ll not turn you down as long as I am able to assist.”


Before Su Ying Xue spoke again, she appeared bashful as her cheeks became a shade redder. She lowered her head as her hair hung loose over her chest. Her posture, coupled with her innocent demeanour, could make any man lust after her and have the urge to embrace and become intimate.


Yang Kai couldn’t move his eyes away from her as he thought that the disciples from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven were all truly attractive. Unlike how flirtatious and enchanting Qu Hua Shang was, Su Ying Xue’s innocence and charm were rarely found in the world.


“Sect Master Yang, since you’re close to Qu’er, I suppose you’re familiar with some of our Sect’s traditions,” Su Ying Xue said gently. Her face was all red by the time she finished speaking.


Yang Kai had no idea about the reason behind her bashfulness as he asked curiously, “What traditions are you speaking of?”


Su Ying Xue appeared to be embarrassed as she fell silent for a moment, then replied, “When the female disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven reach a certain age and cultivation, we have to look for a suitable partner. That is the reason our Dao Temples were built across the 3,000 Worlds. The disciples who are stationed at these Dao Temples can engage in discourse with talented people from all over to increase their knowledge and cultivation, but it is also a way to seek out appropriate partners.”


“I’m aware of that.” Yang Kai nodded as an idea flashed through his mind, “Do you have your eyes on someone, Senior Sister?”


Su Ying Xue nodded her head.


Yang Kai said with a smile, “Congratulations are in order, then. I wonder who the young man is that is lucky enough to gain your favour. If you need my help to pass on your word, just tell me right away. I’ll invite the man over. If he doesn’t want to come, I’ll tie him up and bring him here.”


“There’s no need for any invitation.” Su Ying Xue shook her head.


A puzzled Yang Kai asked, “Why is that?”


Su Ying Xue appeared anxious as she subconsciously played with her hair with her slender finger. Her face had become redder as she said hesitantly, “That is…. because the man is right before my eyes!”


The smile on Yang Kai’s face froze, and then his lips pressed into a line as he examined her seriously.


A moment later, he said with a faint smile, “That joke isn’t funny, Senior Sister Su.”


Su Ying Xue looked down at her feet and spoke in a voice that was as soft as a whisper, “I’m not making a joke, Sect Master Yang. You’re now the Lord of Void Land as well as a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. You are completely qualified to be my partner.”


Yang Kai gazed at her with narrowed eyes, “Since you’re so close to Qu Hua Shang, you should have heard something about me from her.”


Su Ying Xue nodded, “En. Qu’er told me that she repeatedly wanted you to be her partner, but you had turned her down.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I value my friendship with Senior Sister Qu, so I’m not willing to tie her down with false hope. That was the reason I didn’t agree to her request; however, Senior Sister Su, this is the first time we have met, so how could you say such a thing to embarrass both of us?”


Su Ying Xue looked up at him with a pair of alluring eyes, which looked like two clear springs, and said in an enchanting manner, “Are you not willing to be my partner, Sect Master Yang?”


“What do you think?” Yang Kai questioned her instead.


Su Ying Xue pressed her lips together, then asked, “What if I say that if you agree to it, both Qu’er and I will become your partners?”


A startled Yang Kai asked, “Is this your idea, or Senior Sister Qu’s?”


Since Qu Hua Shang was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, Su Ying Xue was probably in the same Order. Both of them were strikingly beautiful and any man would have to consider himself extremely lucky to obtain the favour of just one of them, not to mention both. Rarely would any man in the world be capable of resisting such a temptation.


Su Ying Xue replied, “I had a discussion with Qu’er before I came to Void Star City. She said that the Lord of Void Land Yang Kai was a righteous man she could entrust her life to. However, since she didn’t manage to gain your favour, she told me to come here and give it a try. Therefore, even though this Mistress is not familiar with you as it’s the first time we have met, I believe Qu’er’s words. Of course, she will agree to the decision I’ve made. As long as you agree, Qu’er and I will become your partners.”




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