Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4437, A Test


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Yang Kai couldn’t believe that Su Ying Xue wanted to be his partner just because of what Qu Hua Shang had said, so he said after a sigh, “I suppose you do have trust in her, Senior Sister Su.”


“Qu’er… has a keen eye for people. Although I’m older than her, I’m not comparable to her in this regard.” Su Ying Xue lifted her head as she summoned her courage to look at the man, “Are you really going to turn me down, Sect Master Yang?”


Her bashful expression could arouse any man’s pity.


Yang Kai took a deep breath and replied with a straight face, “It’s this Yang’s luck to gain the favour of the two of you, but I already have a few Wives, so I don’t intend to marry more women. Although I thank you for your intentions, I cannot accept them. There are many great men out there, and I’m just one of the countless men in the world. I’m sure the two of you will find your loved ones sooner or later.”


Su Ying Xue stared fixedly at him with her dark gaze, as though she was able to look deeply into his mind and soul to uncover his thoughts.


A moment later, she suddenly started convulsing with laughter, which was in stark contrast to her innocent demeanour earlier. She now looked so charming that it was hard for any man in the world to resist her attractiveness.


“Senior Sister Su?” Yang Kai scowled as he couldn’t adapt to this sudden transformation. He was secretly shocked that the woman’s demeanour could change in such a drastic manner.


“The Lord of Void Land… I suppose Qu’er hasn’t fallen in love with the wrong guy.” Su Ying Xue covered her lips and looked smilingly at him.


“What do you mean, Senior Sister Su?”


Su Ying Xue replied with a faint smile, “Yin-Yang Cave Heaven is one of the 36 Cave Heavens. Regardless of how immoral we’re thought to be, no two female disciples would ever serve the same Husband. Outsiders always say that we’re lascivious people, but they have no idea how loyal we are to our partners.”


Yang Kai’s face fell, “So, what were you trying to achieve?”


He had a feeling that he had been made a fool of. If he really agreed to it on an impulse just now, he would’ve been humiliated.


However, why was this woman trying to trick him? There were no grudges between them to speak of. Although Qu Hua Shang had to be confined for 100 years because she helped him, that wasn’t enough of a reason for this farce.


“Qu’er has made a mistake, and she is being punished with 100 years of imprisonment, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter, however, is that in half a year, there will be a Dao Theory Assembly in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven where many talented young men will come together. The winner will be able to marry Qu’er after she is discharged from confinement.”


Yang Kai initially felt vexed because he had been tricked, but all his fury vanished into thin air when he heard these words. Then, he asked in shock, “Dao Theory Assembly? The winner will be able to marry Senior Sister Qu? Was that her idea?”


Su Ying Xue snorted, “Since Qu’er has fallen in love with you, why would she come up with such an absurd idea? It was a decision by the Sect Master, and she can’t disobey.”


Yang Kai sported a dark expression, “Since she is reluctant, why would those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven hold such a Dao Theory Assembly?”


Su Ying Xue glared at him, “Since she has crossed the line, we have to make it up to the other Cave Heavens and Paradises, and this Dao Theory Assembly is the result. Do you think she can refuse? Who do you think has caused all this?”


Yang Kai became startled upon hearing that.


“We’ve been sending out invitations since a year ago; however, due to the fact that the 3,000 Worlds is expansive, we and the others who will participate need time to prepare. The Dao Theory Assembly will take place half a year from now, and regardless of who the winner is, Qu’er must marry him no matter what!”


Yang Kai frowned, “I thought Core Disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would never marry outsiders.”


It was difficult to raise a disciple like Qu Hua Shang. If she was married to an outsider, another Sect would reap all the benefits. Hence, for a Core Disciple like Qu Hua Shang, the man had to get married into her Sect, not the other way round.


Su Ying Xue replied, “She’s not going to leave the Sect. The man will have to get married into our great force.”


Upon hearing her clarification, Yang Kai said, “I see.” 


Su Ying Xue stared at him and said, “If you didn’t pass my test, I wouldn’t have informed you about it. Since you’re a righteous man, however, I suppose Qu’er’s eyes haven’t failed her, so you have the right to know about it.”


Yang Kai rose from the chair and cupped his fist with a solemn expression, “Many thanks for informing me about this matter, Senior Sister.”


After staring fixedly at him for a moment, Su Ying Xue also got up, “That’s all I have to say. Farewell!”


“I’ll see you off,” Yang Kai hurriedly followed her.


Su Ying Xue didn’t turn him down as she continued moving forward. It wasn’t until Yang Kai left Void Land with her and saw her heading towards the Star City that he returned.


It surprised him that those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven were going to hold a Dao Theory Assembly to look for a Husband for Qu Hua Shang; however, Su Ying Xue had said that the assembly was being held to make it up to the other Cave Heavens and Paradises. After all, Qu Hua Shang had violated their rules, so her confinement was probably not enough to appease the various Cave Heavens and Paradises.


It wouldn’t have mattered if Yang Kai wasn’t aware of it, but now that he had found out about it, he naturally couldn’t turn a blind eye. 


Nevertheless, he was in a dilemma as he wasn’t sure what to do. If he took part in the Dao Theory Assembly, he definitely had to become the winner, which would then mean that he would have to marry Qu Hua Shang.


Qu Hua Shang’s appearance and aptitude undoubtedly stood at the apex of the 3,000 Worlds, and hardly any women could surpass her. Certainly, no man could resist such a talented beauty.


If Yang Kai had still been single, he would’ve leapt at the opportunity to marry her.


However, he already had several Wives, so he wasn’t willing to become emotionally entangled with Qu Hua Shang. Moreover, she was a Core Disciple of her great force, so those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven wouldn’t allow her to live with Yang Kai without him joining their force.


With that said, he wouldn’t be able to set his mind at ease if he didn’t at least see her. At that moment, he was unable to make a decision.


A moment later, he sent a message to Mo Mei to tell her to ask around in the Star City in order to find out whether things were just like what Su Ying Xue had said.


If those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven were really going to hold a Dao Theory Assembly, there was no way no one was aware of it. The fame of the 36 Cave Heavens dictated that every move they made would cause a stir in the 3,000 Worlds.


Half a day later, Mo Mei replied to him from the Governor’s Mansion and informed him that there was really such an event on the horizon.


Just like what Su Ying Xue had said, those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven had been sending out invitations since a year ago as they were going to hold a Dao Theory Assembly in order to look for a partner for Qu Hua Shang. Any cultivator in the 3,000 Worlds could take part in it regardless of their cultivation or age as long as they were below the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm.


As a result, countless cultivators from different Great Territories started heading to Yin-Yang Territory. Those who were powerful hoped to become the winner and marry a beautiful lady while those who were weak were going to watch a good show and gain some life experience. After all, it wasn’t every day that one could freely enter Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


Yang Kai clenched the jade slip, which contained the message, with a frown.


The Dao Theory Assembly would be held in half a year, but he still couldn’t decide whether he should go or not.


Then, he fished out his Universe Chart and realised that it would take him half a month to travel from Void Land to Yin-Yang Territory, which wasn’t too long a distance. If he decided to go, he would have a few months to prepare.


After pondering on it for a moment, he finally made a decision. He had to go to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. Qu Hua Shang was being punished because of him, so there was no way he could just sit back and do nothing.


By then, he could look for Qu Hua Shang and find out about her stance before coming up with any solution.




The Star City was the major income source for Void Land, and the popularity of the Star City hinged on its auction house. A Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill would be put up for auction once every three months, which was why countless cultivators from different great forces were attracted to this place.


There were not many Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills left as they couldn’t even satisfy the needs of their own disciples, which caused some of them to lose their lives while trying to make it to the Open Heaven Realm.


Therefore, Yang Kai would have to refine more since he was going to leave again.


He still had a lot of the main ingredient required to make these pills, which was World Source Liquid. He just needed some supplementary ingredients and, since the Star City was now flourishing, he could easily get his hands on them.


Therefore, after he gave an order, some people from the Star City immediately started preparing the materials he needed before delivering them to him. It was then he started refining Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills.


Three months later, all the adjuvants were used up as he was surrounded by many bottles, which were all filled with Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills.


Countless cultivators were eager to snatch up the one available Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill whenever it came up for auction, but such pills were now everywhere in Yang Kai’s room. It would be interesting to know what others thought if they found out about this.


With that said, even though there were a lot of Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills here, there would come a time when they were used up. To Yang Kai and Void Land, every Open Heaven Realm Master was a precious treasure, so every disciple who was going to attempt an ascension had to be given a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill so that no tragedy would happen again.


In other great forces, only the best disciples that the Sects had high hopes for could get their hands on a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill. But in Void Land, anyone who had the right to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm could get such a pill from Bian Yu Qing. In the entire 3,000 Worlds, only Void Land provided such a benefit.


After getting some rest, Yang Kai told Bian Yu Qing to come over and store these pills.


At the same time, she informed him about a piece of good news, “Madam Lan has arrived.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai was elated, “She’s here? When did she arrive?”


Bian Yu Qing replied with a smile, “A few days after you started refining pills. She’s been here for about two months now.”


Yang Kai quickly asked her about the Proprietress’ location, and then headed over to meet her.


After leaving Golden Rainbow Province back then, the Proprietress said that she was going to Thousand Birds Star City to put an end to some issues. Yang Kai didn’t ask her what she was going to do, but she had said that she would pay a visit to Void Land soon.


It never crossed his mind that she would come here so quickly.


A moment later, he met the Proprietress on a certain Spirit Peak. Yue He was also around as she was having a chat with her.


Bai Qi, Chef, and Accountant, as well as some of the shop hands from First Inn, had also come. Yang Kai could also see that Luo Hai Yi was here.


An idea flashed through his mind as the speculation he had made him feel excited.


Upon detecting the man’s presence, the Proprietress shot him a glance with a smile, “Smelly brat, you’re finally here.”




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