Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4440, Qing Kui


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Qu Hua Shang was a Core Disciple from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, so she was one of the candidates that might succeed the Sect Master’s position. They were holding a Dao Theory Assembly to select a Husband for her because they were under pressure, and it was already against her will. If they couldn’t even find her a Husband that would somewhat match her capabilities, Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would be humiliated.


However, now, a dozen or so Cave Heavens and Paradises had joined forces to cordon off the Territory Gates around Yin-Yang Territory, and no outside Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were allowed to enter to take part in the Dao Theory Assembly. If this went on, only Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would be able to participate, which was what those great forces were trying to achieve.


Su Ying Xue ground her teeth with fury, but there was nothing she could do. Just like what the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had said, those great forces hadn’t really crossed any lines as they never forcefully chased the participants away. Instead, they sent powerful disciples to exchange pointers with them and make them back down. How were those from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven supposed to interfere?


The man with dreadlocks darted his gaze around before his eyes brightened, he looked in a particular direction and said, “Isn’t there a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who can enter, Junior Sister?”


Su Ying Xue’s expression changed when she heard that, “Senior Brother, you mean…”


The man grinned, “If he can safely enter the Sect and take part in the Dao Theory Assembly, the efforts of those great forces will all go down the drain.”


Su Ying Xue’s eyes lit up, “You have a point, Senior Brother!”


If Yang Kai, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, showed up in the Dao Theory Assembly, he would be able to turn the entire situation upside down. According to the plan of those Cave Heavens and Paradises, only Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would be allowed to join the Dao Theory Assembly, and eventually only a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would fight for first place.


The heritages of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from those Cave Heavens and Paradises were naturally superior to outsiders. If nothing unexpected happened, the winner would be from one of their forces, and he would marry Qu Hua Shang. Regardless of who the winner would be, it was an agreement between those Cave Heavens and Paradises.


However, if a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master suddenly showed up, their plan would be ruined.


Although those Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were from the Cave Heavens and Paradises, they still didn’t have a right to fight with a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. By then, in order to protect their reputation or for some other reasons, those Cave Heavens and Paradises would have to send stronger disciples to participate in the assembly. Those Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would be too weak, and only Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters could hope to fight for first place.


Therefore, the most important task for them now was to ensure that Yang Kai could enter Yin-Yang Territory to take part in the Dao Theory Assembly.


Considering all this, Su Ying Xue suddenly exclaimed with a changed expression, “Oh, no! That guy is not aware of what’s going on. If he reveals his cultivation in advance, he will be barred from entry. It will be terrible when that happens.”


The man realised the severity of the matter as well, so he quickly looked in the Territory Gate’s direction and yelled, “Let’s go!”


After he finished speaking, he turned into a ray of light and shot towards the Territory Gate, followed by Su Ying Xue.


Meanwhile, on a deserted Spirit Province that was several hundred kilometres away from the Territory Gate stood Yang Kai as he placed his palm over his brow and gazed forward, tutting as he muttered, “What’s going on?”


He initially intended to enter Yin-Yang Cave Heaven directly to look for Qu Hua Shang and find out about her intentions before coming up with any solution; however, before he even entered Yin-Yang Territory, he saw a ship belonging to Myriad Demons Heaven anchored just outside the Territory Gate. The ship looked huge and magnificent, so there should be many powerful cultivators onboard.


Among the 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Paradises, Yang Kai was the wariest of Myriad Demons Heaven. This couldn’t be helped, as his Demon Eye of Annihilation and Black Purgatory Eye came from the aforementioned great force. Ti Zheng had said that those were the two Core Secret Techniques from Myriad Demons Heaven that were never taught to outsiders. Only the disciples with the best aptitude from Myriad Demons Heaven were allowed to cultivate these two techniques.


When they were in the Shattered Heaven Star City back then, Ti Zheng could easily find out that Yang Kai had learned these two Eye Secret Techniques. However, Zhu Jiu Yin was around at that time, so Ti Zheng couldn’t make a move. After that, Yang Kai headed to the Shadowless Cave Heaven, and this matter was put down.


Ti Zheng probably believed that Yang Kai would never be able to leave the Shadowless Cave Heaven, so he stopped pursuing this matter.


However, Yang Kai managed to escape in the end. If he came across Ti Zheng now, the latter might want to snatch his eyes from him. That man was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so Yang Kai didn’t think he could defeat him.


After all, the Demon Eye of Annihilation and Black Purgatory Eye were the best-kept Secret Techniques of Myriad Demons Heaven. If word got out that Yang Kai had learned both these techniques, they would definitely have a reason to kill him.


Furthermore, those from Myriad Demons Heaven had repeatedly attempted to suppress him previously; therefore, as soon as Yang Kai saw their ship, he stopped in his tracks. He had no idea who was aboard the ship, but it would be terrible if Ti Zheng was present.


After having a look at the Universe Chart, Yang Kai, unfortunately, realised that if he headed to another Great Territory now, it would take him at least a month to arrive at Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. There wasn’t enough time for him to do that.


This was giving him a headache.


While he wasn’t sure what to do, he saw two rays of light charging forward from the corner of his eye. As he turned and looked intently at them, his expression soon changed and he waved his hand and called out, “Senior Sister Su!”


The rays of light paused for a moment, then changed their direction and headed to the shattered Spirit Province. A moment later, they landed before him and revealed their figures.


Yang Kai wasn’t sure if it was his imagination, but he thought he saw Su Ying Xue heaving a sigh of relief upon seeing him again.


When he saw the man with dreadlocks beside her though, he exclaimed, “It’s you!”


“Oh, Little Brother, we meet again.” The man put on a frank smile, “What a coincidence!”


Su Ying Xue pretended to know nothing as she asked, “You two know each other?”


The man replied, “There was a misunderstanding between this Little Brother and me some time ago, leading to a brief exchange of fists. You know this Little Brother, Junior Sister Su?”


With a dispassionate expression, Su Ying Xue said, “He’s the Lord of Void Land, Yang Kai.”


The man instantly appeared surprised, “You’re the person who helped Junior Sister Qu ascend to the Open Heaven Realm?”


“Junior Sister Qu?” Yang Kai was shocked, “What’s your name, Senior Brother?”


The man grinned proudly, “Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, Qing Kui.”


Yang Kai was astounded, “Since you’re from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, why did you…” He was curious about why Qing Kui appeared outside of Void Territory some time ago as the latter seemed to be chasing after someone.


Qing Kui immediately cut him off by patting his shoulder, like they were close friends, “I suppose we can be considered friends after a fight. I had heard about you before, but I never expected that I couldn’t recognise you when I finally met you. Hahaha!”


A moment later, he stopped laughing and asked, “Are you here to join the Dao Theory Assembly, Junior Brother?”


After a bit of hesitation, Yang Kai bowed his head, “Well, I think so.”


“What do you mean you think so?” Qing Kui shot him a glare, “Since you’re going to take part in the assembly, why are you staying here instead of going in directly?”


Yang Kai didn’t know what to say, so he told a small lie, “I was tired from rushing all the way here, so I decided to get some rest before heading inside. It never crossed my mind that I’d bump into you two here.”


Su Ying Xue took a glance at the Territory Gate, and despite knowing what was going on, she wouldn’t expose Yang Kai so she just nodded, “Since we’re heading in the same direction, let’s go together.”


Yang Kai frowned upon hearing that. Just when he was about to speak, Qing Kui directly took his arm and cut him off, “Let’s go. The Dao Theory Assembly is just around the corner. We should go back and get prepared.”


The man was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master with immense strength, so Yang Kai could only allow himself to be lugged away with a wry smile on his face.


However, he secretly decided that if anything went wrong later, he would immediately flee.


While they were moving forward, Su Ying Xue suddenly spoke to him via Divine Sense, “Junior Brother Yang, regardless of what happens later, don’t make a move. I’ll handle everything.”


Yang Kai looked up at her as he wondered why she was telling him this.


Soon, they arrived at the Territory Gate. 


There were some figures standing on the deck of the nearby ship as they looked at the three of them in silence.


Yang Kai focused and gazed back intently at them. Fortunately, he didn’t see Ti Zheng or detected any dangerous auras.


Since he was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, only High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters could make him feel threatened; however, High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were noble beings, and they would rarely leave their Sects. Therefore, there were probably no High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters on this vessel.


“It’s you, Elder Su, Elder Qing.” An elderly man on the deck cupped his fist with a smile. In the Cave Heavens and Paradises, Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were already able to take up the position of Outer Elders while the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would be Inner Elders. Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui were undoubtedly the Outer Elders of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


The two of them wore obviously displeased expressions. Since the Territory Gate leading to their own Sect was being blocked, they were naturally upset. They could be considered polite since they were not openly cursing the people on this ship, so there was no need for them to show any further respect.


The elderly man was aware that they were resentful, so he wasn’t mad at them as he replied with a smile, “Where were the two of you?”


While Qing Kui was warm and friendly with Yang Kai, he was impassive to the elderly man and snorted, “We belong to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, why should we tell you where we were?”


The elderly man chuckled as he didn’t mind it. Then, his gaze fell upon Yang Kai as he said hesitantly, “This Little Brother looks familiar. What’s your name?”


Yang Kai gazed dispassionately at the man without intending to reply. Since Qing Kui was so impolite, it meant that the elderly man was only a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master at most. Therefore, there was nothing to worry about.


“Yang Kai? It’s you!” A young man beside the elderly man suddenly stepped forward and glared at Yang Kai.


The fact that someone from the ship knew him surprised Yang Kai. As he looked over, he couldn’t help muttering, “Pei Wen Xuan?”


He came across this guy when they were in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. At that time, he and Qu Hua Shang were trying to comprehend the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture together, and Pei Wen Xuan was one step ahead of them. After that, Black Crow Divine Monarch seized Zhou Yi’s body and was reborn, after which he attempted to silence all the witnesses. While fleeing, Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang pulled a little trick on Pei Wen Xuan that almost killed him.


The grudges between them were formed during that time.


“You ascended to the Open Heaven Realm?” Yang Kai’s gaze flashed. Pei Wen Xuan was only in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm when they were in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, but now, just like Yang Kai, he was also an Open Heaven Realm Master.


Although it was hard to tell what Order he was, given his heritage and the fact that he was from Myriad Demons Heaven, he should have reached the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm directly.


“Haven’t you ascended to the Open Heaven Realm as well?” Pei Wen Xuan sneered as he looked at Yang Kai in a condescending manner, “A puny Fifth-Order trash. Your strength doesn’t match your sky-high ambitions at all. What a joke!”




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