Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4441, Have Fun


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Pei Wen Xuan’s aura was restrained, so it was apparent that it had been some time since he ascended to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Since the heritage of his Small Universe was stable, Yang Kai was unable to immediately identify its Order.


In the same way, Pei Wen Xuan couldn’t sense Yang Kai’s Order.


After Yang Kai’s return from the Shadowless Cave Heaven, he subsequently destroyed Boundless Altar and Golden Rainbow Province. Therefore, the Old Ancestor of Boundless Altar and Li Luo Shui, who had fled from Golden Rainbow Province, were aware of Yang Kai’s true strength.


However, Li Luo Shui was probably hiding somewhere to recuperate while the Old Ancestor of Boundless Altar had suffered a setback because of Yang Kai and lost his Sect, which had been in existence for several tens of thousands of years, so he would smack his own face by going around telling others about it.


According to the information gathered by the Cave Heavens and Paradises, Yang Kai had only ascended to the Fifth Order outside the Shadowless Cave Heaven, which explained Pei Wen Xuan’s words. Even Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui initially thought that Yang Kai was just a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


“You’re pretty lucky to have escaped from the Shadowless Cave Heaven.” Pei Wen Xuan snorted. He had heard that no one had ever left the Shadowless Cave Heaven once they fell into it; therefore, it surprised him that Yang Kai eventually managed to leave that place.


Yang Kai just snickered without responding to him.


On the other hand, the elderly man from Myriad Demons Heaven sported a dark expression, “You’re the Lord of Void Land, Yang Kai? It’s no wonder this Old Master finds you familiar.”


Earlier, he felt that he had seen the young man before, but it was obvious to him now that he had seen Yang Kai’s image previously, not the real person.


Yang Kai shot him a dispassionate glance, “That’s right. This King is the Lord of Void Land, Yang Kai. What of it?”


The elderly man said in a grim voice, “I’ll ask you a question. What happened to Elder Ti Zheng outside of the Shadowless Cave Heaven? Why did he pass away all of a sudden?”


A startled Yang Kai asked, “Ti Zheng is dead?”


“You weren’t aware of it?”


Yang Kai turned to look at Su Ying Xue and inquired, “Senior Sister Su, is he being serious?”


Ti Zheng was a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master from Myriad Demons Heaven. If he had really passed away, the news would have been spread around; hence, Su Ying Xue should be aware of it.


Su Ying Xue nodded, “He’s indeed dead. I heard that his Life Lamp in Myriad Demons Heaven has also gone out.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai was flabbergasted. Why had a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master lost his life all of a sudden? He had witnessed Ti Zheng’s power with his own eyes. Ti Zheng was someone who could use a Divine Manifestation, so he was different from the average Seventh-Order Master. Although he was severely injured by Zhu Jiu Yin, there was no way he would lose his life so easily as he was still fine when Yang Kai entered the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


This wasn’t a trivial matter, as a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master from a Cave Heaven had fallen. With that said, it was good news for Yang Kai. Ti Zheng was aware that he cultivated the Demon Eye of Annihilation and Black Purgatory Eye. Yang Kai was initially wary of him, so upon learning that Ti Zheng was dead, he reckoned that he could keep this secret for a while longer.


Then, he gazed at the elderly man and asked, “When did that happen?”


“Are you really not aware of it?” The elderly stared fixedly at Yang Kai as though he was trying to look deep into his mind.


Yang Kai shook his head, “I just found out about it now.”


The elderly man examined Yang Kai’s expression but couldn’t find anything off about it, as though the latter was really surprised to learn of Ti Zheng’s death. Then, he scoffed, “Elder Ti Zheng lost his life in the Shattered Heaven. We’re unable to figure out the exact time, but it supposedly happened around the time when he met you.”


Yang Kai said, “When I entered the Shadowless Cave Heaven, even though Ti Zheng was severely wounded, he wasn’t at risk of losing his life. You can ask the other three Masters who were there about it. As for what happened after, I have no idea.”


He secretly thought that Zhu Jiu Yin might have killed Ti Zheng; after all, she was the only one at the place who was capable of killing a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


However, given her temperament, she probably wouldn’t do such a thing. Ti Zheng represented Myriad Demons Heaven, and if she really killed him, she would have to go up against the entire Myriad Demons Heaven. Although Zhu Jiu Yin was a powerful Divine Spirit, she wasn’t so foolish.


Furthermore, upon Yang Kai’s return, she had never mentioned it, so she apparently wasn’t the murderer.


The elderly man from Myriad Demons Heaven frowned. Yang Kai’s words were the same as the information they had gathered. At that time, Yang Kai was forced to ascend to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, after which he immediately dove into the Shadowless Cave Heaven. Then, the four High-Rank cultivators parted ways, and no one knew what happened next.


As an idea flashed through Yang Kai’s mind, he said, “If you want to investigate this matter, you can try to look for Black Crow Divine Monarch. He might have something to do with it.”


Assuming that Ti Zheng wasn’t killed by Zhu Jiu Yin, this matter might have something to do with Black Crow; after all, that guy was a former Divine Monarch who had been reborn through seizing another’s body, and he had many tricks up his sleeves. A wounded Ti Zheng might not be able to defeat him.


As for whether it was the truth, it was none of Yang Kai’s business. He held some grudges against Black Crow, so he reckoned that he would just let those from Myriad Demons Heaven deal with him.


“We definitely will hunt Black Crow down. As for whether you’ve spoken the truth… come with this Old Master to see Elder Zhuo first,” Upon finishing his words, the elderly man extended his hand towards Yang Kai.


Before Yang Kai could make a move, Qing Kui directly pushed out his fist. As their World Forces clashed, Qing Kui and the elderly man staggered backwards.


“What is the meaning of this, Elder Qing?” The elderly man stabilised himself and sported a dark expression.


Qing Kui snorted coldly, “I should be the one asking you that question. Sect Master Yang is our guest who is going to take part in the Dao Theory Assembly, yet you’ve already made a move before we invite him inside. Do you have no regard for Yin-Yang Cave Heaven at all?”


The elderly man said in a grim voice, “It’s not so serious, Elder Qing. However, this person might have something to do with the death of an Elder from my Sect, so this Old Master cannot be negligent. I have to bring him to see Elder Zhuo in order to look into the matter.”


A defiant Qing Kui snapped, “I don’t care what has happened in your Myriad Demons Heaven. Since Sect Master Yang has come all the way here to take part in the Dao Theory Assembly, he’s our guest, and no one can do anything to him; otherwise, don’t blame this Qing for being impolite!”


The elderly man furrowed his brows. Just when he was about to say something, Pei Wen Xuan suddenly spoke to him in secret. After giving it a thought, the elderly man finally relented as he nodded, “You have a point, Elder Qing. This Old Master was too hasty just now.”


They were already in the wrong as they were here trying to intercept all Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who had come to participate in the Dao Theory Assembly. If they still forcefully made a move on Yang Kai, a battle would surely be ignited. The elderly man wouldn’t be able to bear the responsibility when that happened.


Since Yang Kai was going to take part in the Dao Theory Assembly, they could just teach him a lesson then.


“If there’s nothing else, make way now. Why are you all blocking our entrance like dogs before our door?” Qing Kui waved his hand impatiently.


Those from Myriad Demons Heaven were infuriated upon hearing that, but they were not in any place to refute Qing Kui, so they could only hold their fury in.


Following that, Qing Kui and Su Ying Xue hovered on Yang Kai’s sides as they flew towards the Territory Gate.


“The Dao Theory Assembly is a great event. I hope you’ll have fun!” As they brushed past each other, Pei Wen Xuan suddenly flashed a meaningful grin at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai shot him a glance and grinned, “I hope you all will have fun as well.”


The next instant, the world around him started spinning as the space contorted. When he came to his senses, he was already in Yin-Yang Territory. 


This was the Headquarters of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven as well as their foundation that had been accumulated over countless years.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but scan his surroundings, but there was nothing interesting as the view in the void was the same as always. As such, he just moved forward alongside Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui.


Soon, however, he realised that this Great Territory was different from others.


There were many Universe Worlds in this place, and every one of them was filled with ample World Energy and could accommodate trillions of lives.


These Universe Worlds were all under the control of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, and these innumerable lives could infuse new blood into the great force at any moment to ensure the continuation of their inheritance.


Besides the Universe Worlds, there were also many Spirit Provinces along the way. Some cultivators could be seen moving around on these Spirit Provinces, which came in all different shapes and sizes. The big ones were as large as Void Land while the small ones were only several hundred square kilometres. There were a lot of strange-looking plants in many Spirit Provinces and cultivators could be seen tending to them.


Yang Kai tutted as he moved forward, thinking that the heritage of a Cave Heaven was truly incredible. The entire Great Territory seemed to have been born solely for Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. There were so many living in those Universe Worlds that there would never be a lack of future disciples with exceptional aptitude, and the numerous Spirit Provinces used for various gardens and mines could provide an endless stream of cultivation resources.


Although Void Land was pretty amazing now, it was still far behind Yin-Yang Cave Heaven in terms of heritage.


Despite having a prospering Star City now, it would take Void Land a painfully long time to achieve this kind of scale and heritage.


The disciples from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would patrol around the place, and when they saw Qing Kui and Su Ying Xue, they would immediately salute.


After flying for a few days, Yang Kai finally saw a large group of Spirit Provinces that were closely connected. There were about a hundred Spirit Provinces of different sizes that looked like islands on the ocean, hovered in the void. The Spirit Province in the centre was so large that Yang Kai could clearly sense its horrifying heritage even from afar.


Its World Force was unbelievably ample and it wasn’t hard to imagine that countless Open Heaven Realm Masters had passed away on it. After their death, their World Forces were absorbed by this Spirit Province to enrich the heritage of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


This was the true Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. What Yang Kai had seen along the way was just the peripheral foundation of the great force.


He let out a sigh of admiration, thinking that when Void Land achieved this scale one day, it would also stand at the peak of the 3,000 Worlds.


He followed Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui to charge towards the largest Spirit Province. Soon, he penetrated layers of cloud, whereupon the amazingly pure World Energy came right at him from all directions.


Yang Kai’s expression changed as he thought the disciples from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven could rapidly increase their strength since they were cultivating in such an environment.


Raising his head, he could see that the Spirit Province was truly magnificent and diversified. Buildings of various styles had been erected everywhere, and there were many exotic beasts wandering around on the mountains as they looked up and howled. All of these sights dazzled Yang Kai.


He could even faintly feel that many of the exotic beasts had the bloodlines of Divine Spirits. Although these bloodlines were quite diluted, these exotic beasts would grow to be powerful should they attain some opportunities in their cultivation along the way.




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