Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4443, Already Made a Move?


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Su Ying Xue nodded, “He’s indeed in the Sixth Order.”


Qu Hua Shang appeared astounded.


She was there when Yang Kai ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, so she had witnessed the entire process. He was just a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master at that time, so how did he become a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master now? She estimated that it had only been two years since they parted ways. In such a short time, it was already difficult for a new Open Heaven Realm Master to solidify their cultivation, let alone ascend to the next Order.


“He’s in the Sixth Order?” Xu Ling Gong finally came to his senses as he arched his brow with joy, “Hahaha! Good! Since he’s a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, I’ll not kill him for now. Tell him to do his best in the Dao Theory Assembly. Regardless of whether he wins or not, I’ll give him some benefits once it’s over!”


He was truly ecstatic. Those shameless people had cordoned off the Territory Gates around Yin-Yang Territory and forced Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters to leave, allowing only cultivators below the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm to take part in the Dao Theory Assembly. They were doing it because they wanted to make sure that only Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would eventually have the chance to fight for first place, and thus, they would only have to lose a Fifth-Order disciple to Yin-Yang Heaven.


However, if there was even a single Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who joined the assembly all of a sudden, the plans of those great forces would fall apart. By then, they would have to use a different tactic. Whether it was for the reputation of their own Sects or some other reasons, they would have to let Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters participate in the event, and Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would be saved from any embarrassment.


Xu Ling Gong didn’t expect Yang Kai to be the winner. Regardless of the reason why Yang Kai had become a Sixth-Order cultivator, it had been too short a time since his ascension. After all, in the Open Heaven Realm, time was vital for a cultivator to grow more powerful.


Although Yang Kai had somehow become a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he didn’t have enough time to accumulate more heritage in his Small Universe; therefore, he should be no match for those who broke through to the Sixth-Order hundreds or even thousands of years ago.


It was true that since Yang Kai had caused all this, he should also be the one to solve the problem. Considering all this, Xu Ling Gong’s resentment against Yang Kai subsided slightly.


“How many people are aware of this secret?” He then asked.


Qing Kui replied, “No one else other than Junior Sister Su and I. That was the reason he could easily enter Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. Those from Myriad Demons Heaven also believed that he was only a Fifth-Order Master, so they let him through the Territory Gate without giving him too much of a hard time.”


Xu Ling Gong’s lips curved into a devious smile, “It’s not a good idea that no one else is aware of it. We’d better make some noises and let everyone know that he has ascended to the Sixth Order. That will be much more interesting.”


If no one knew that Yang Kai had ascended to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, the great forces who took part in the Dao Theory Assembly wouldn’t send Sixth-Order Masters to join the competition. In that case, Yang Kai would be able to win first place easily.


“Honoured Master!” Qu Hua Shang glared at him, “What are you trying to do?”


Xu Ling Gong stared back at her, “How can you shout at me? Where are your manners?”


Qu Hua Shang ignored his warning and continued glaring at him, “Since no one is aware of Junior Brother Yang’s true power, he would be able to surprise all of them when the time comes. Isn’t that a good idea?”


“What do you mean a ‘good idea’?” Xu Ling Gong realised that his eyes were starting to become sore, and it wasn’t very intimidating since his eyes were smaller than those of Qu Hua Shang, so he decided to give up and looked away, “You’ve ended up in such a state because of that brat. Father here has already been magnanimous enough to not settle accounts with him right now, yet you’re still siding with him? Do you believe I won’t bring my sword to kill him now?”


“I don’t care!” Qu Hua Shang said through clenched teeth, “If you dare to harm him in any way, I’ll…”


“What will you do?” Xu Ling Gong appeared ferocious.


“I’ll… I’ll go make cooked rice and shelled peanuts with him! Let’s see who will still want to marry me after that!” Qu Hua Shang screamed.


Xu Ling Gong parted his lips but couldn’t say a word. A moment later, he pounded against the table and snapped, “How dare you go against your Honoured Master?” Then, he glowered at Qing Kui and Su Ying Xue, “How did the two of you teach her? Look what kind of a person she has turned out to be! How could she say such shameless things?”


Qing Kui and Su Ying Xue hung their heads low, thinking that it was none of their business. Xu Ling Gong had always doted on Qu Hua Shang. In the past, they would be reprimanded whenever they tried to discipline the young Qu Hua Shang, but now that she had grown up to be a willful person, Xu Ling Gong blamed it all on them instead.


“Ahh! It frustrates me so!” Xu Ling Gong pressed his hand against his chest as though he would soon die of suffocation.


An embarrassed Qing Kui said, “There’s another issue that needs to be solved first, Honoured Master.”


A weakened Xu Ling Gong gazed at him, “Just tell me right away. One day I’ll be so vexed that I’ll pass away because of the three of you.”


The corners of Qing Kui’s mouth twitched, “Yang Kai said that he’s not here to take part in the Dao Theory Assembly; he’s just here to look for Junior Sister Qu. He said that since he’s the cause of this incident, he had to come over to discuss it with her.”


“He’s not going to participate in the Dao Theory Assembly?” Xu Ling Gong instantly became incensed and roared, “Why is he even here if he’s not going to take part!? Is he just trying to watch a good show!? That little bastard must be sick of living!”


To the side, Qu Hua Shang said with a happy smile, “Junior Brother Yang is indeed a man of integrity.”


The three of them gazed at her as they were rendered speechless.


A while later, Xu Ling Gong suppressed his anger with great difficulty and said grimly, “Regardless of the reason he’s here, he has to join the Dao Theory Assembly; otherwise, Father will send him to the Yellow Springs personally!”


Qing Kui turned solemn, knowing that his Honoured Master was truly incensed. If Yang Kai was still so obstinate, he would end up in a horrible state. Then, Qing Kui quickly said, “Don’t worry, Honoured Master. The assembly is still some time away. Just leave the matter to me. I’ll knock some sense into his head and make him take part in it.”


“Good.” Xu Ling Gong nodded gently and tossed a jade slip at him, “Look. These are the candidates that those great forces have sent to join the assembly. Toads lusting after swan meat, the whole lot of them!”


Qing Kui took it and infused his Divine Sense into it, and just like what he had expected, the most powerful candidates were only in the Fifth Order. There wasn’t even a single one in the Sixth Order.


The people who had directly ascended to the Fifth Order were still fine; after all, they still had the potential to become Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the future. Such people could be potential partners for Qu Hua Shang.


However, some of these candidates had apparently reached the Fifth Order from the Third Order through years of cultivation, so the Fifth Order was their limit. How did these old farts have the nerve to join the Dao Theory Assembly? It was no wonder that Xu Ling Gong was infuriated.


Meanwhile, only Yang Kai and the maidservant in the Emperor Realm were in Riverside House.


Yang Kai had repeatedly asked her how he could meet Qu Hua Shang, but there was nothing the maidservant could do; after all, she was just a lowly maidservant in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven since her cultivation was too weak, so she couldn’t possibly come into contact with Qu Hua Shang.


Since that was the case, Yang Kai could only give up on that idea; after all, he was in the Headquarters of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, so he couldn’t just wander around looking for her.


Fortunately, Qing Kui came to visit the next day and told the maidservant to prepare an ample meal so that he could have a chat with Yang Kai while drinking.


After their initial ‘misunderstanding’ was cleared up, Yang Kai had a good impression of this man. Furthermore, he was Qu Hua Shang’s Senior Brother, so Yang Kai naturally had to be hospitable to him.


After three rounds of drink, they naturally became closer.


Yang Kai asked him where Qu Hua Shang was and whether he could meet her, but Qing Kui changed the subject instead.


“Junior Brother Yang, why have you come all the way here if you’re not going to take part in the Dao Theory Assembly? Do you think Junior Sister Qu is not good enough for you?” Qing Kui asked with the wine cup in his hand.


Yang Kai straightened up and replied solemnly, “Senior Sister Qu’s appearance and cultivation are the best of the best in the entire 3,000 Worlds. There are few women who could match her in either regard. Certainly, this Yang is fond of her, and I feel extremely lucky to have gained her favour.”


“Then, why aren’t you…”


Yang Kai said, “To be honest with you, this Yang already has several Wives, so I’m not willing to hold Senior Sister Qu down.”


Qing Kui became startled for a moment, then burst into laughter, “If that’s your only concern, you can cast it away now, Junior Brother Yang. It’s normal that a man has several Wives. Moreover, Qu’er isn’t a narrow-minded person. She’s known you for quite some time and is fully aware of your situation. Why would you mind it when she doesn’t?”


“I don’t mind it. It’s just that…”


“Are you worried that you won’t be able to explain yourself to your Wives?” Qing Kui teased.


“That’s not the case,” Yang Kai shook his head.


“Why are you hesitant then?” Qing Kui stared fixedly at him.


Yang Kai fell silent for a moment, then sighed, “Senior Brother Qing, can I see Senior Sister Qu and ask her what she thinks about it first?”


Qing Kui sipped his wine and shook his head, “Things have come to such a point where what she thinks doesn’t matter anymore. The most important thing is how the Dao Theory Assembly will end. Do you really want her to marry an old, worn-out Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master?”


“What do you mean? Why would she marry an old Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master?” Yang Kai was stunned.


“See for yourself,” Qing Kui fished out a jade slip.


“What is this?”


“These are the candidates that the great forces have sent to join the Dao Theory Assembly.”


Yang Kai infused his Divine Sense into the jade slip and put it down a while later, then said grimly, “I’ve truly wronged her.”


Qing Kui said, “Since you’re aware of it, why don’t you take part in the Dao Theory Assembly?”


Yang Kai sighed, “Can I see Senior Sister Qu first?”


Qing Kui furrowed his brows with displeasure. A while later, he snorted and rose from the chair, “That’s all I have to say. Just sleep on it.”


Then, he turned around and left.


Yang Kai called out to him, but the latter never responded. While remaining in his seat, he was lost for words. He looked down at the table, thinking that they hadn’t finished all the wine.


Outside Riverside House, a figure suddenly appeared and gazed at Qing Kui. She was none other than Su Ying Xue.


Qing Kui shook his head and pointed at his own forehead, “He’s such an obstinate man.”


Su Ying Xue’s expression turned cold, “He has to pay the price for what he has done! I’ll teach him a lesson right now!”


Qing Kui immediately took her arm, “Don’t go. His will is firm. Unless he is given no other choice, no one will be able to change his mind.”


“Do we just do nothing and let this travesty unfold then?” Su Ying Xue asked coldly.


Qing Kui sighed, “Since there’s no other choice, we have to use that move.”


Su Ying Xue flung his hand away and snorted, “You’re really a good Senior Brother to her.”


Qing Kui replied meekly, “That’s the only thing we can do. It’s not like we can just watch as Qu’er’s happiness is destroyed. Sect Master Yang has to join the Dao Theory Assembly no matter what. It’s just that Qu’er will have to be taken advantage of in order for that to happen.”


“You’ve already made a move?” Su Ying Xue seemed to have realised something.


Qing Kui nodded gently. Although both of them were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he had still easily pulled a little trick on Yang Kai since the latter was unsuspecting. Certainly, the main reason was that he didn’t have any murderous or vicious intent when he made a move; otherwise, Yang Kai would have noticed it.




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