Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4444, It Feels a Little Hot Here


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“Aren’t you worried that things will get out of hand?” Su Ying Xue frowned, “Ordinary people are not able to resist that thing.”


Qing Kui scratched his face and said, “There shouldn’t be a problem as long as we make a move in time. In any case, we still have Honoured Master as a last resort.”


“If anyone finds out about it, Qu’er’s reputation will be ruined.” Su Ying Xue was worried, “Many disciples from various great forces have come together in our Sect to take part in the Dao Theory Assembly. If…”


Qing Kui raised his hand and cut her off, “Of course, we have to be secretive when doing it. I’ll make sure that no one will be able to find out, but you don’t want Qu’er to marry someone only in the Fifth Order, do you? You’re also clear about Honoured Master’s stance. Regardless of whether Yang Kai will become the winner, he will have to be the shit-stirrer.”


Su Ying Xue frowned with disdain, “Why are you so vulgar?”


Qing Kui said, “I’ve made a move on Yang Kai, and you’ll handle Qu’er. Quit being soft-hearted, or else you’ll ruin her happiness!”


Su Ying Xue fell silent and appeared hesitant, clearly not knowing what to do.


If she did nothing and let things simply unfold, the Dao Theory Assembly would become a joke, and everyone from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would be embarrassed. Moreover, Qu Hua Shang would never get the happiness she deserved. However, it was difficult for Su Ying Xue to make up her mind to use such a trick on her Junior Sister even though no harm would be caused.


“Let me think about it… I have to give it some serious thought…” Su Ying Xue muttered under her breath.


Qing Kui nodded, not wanting to pressure her.


Three days later, Yang Kai was cultivating in silence when he heard someone knocking on his door, then the maidservant was heard saying, “Elder Qing is here, Sir Yang.”


Yang Kai hurriedly got to his feet and pushed the door open. Qing Kui was indeed standing outside the room.


“Senior Brother Qing!” Yang Kai cupped his fist.


Qing Kui examined him with displeasure, then said, “Come with me.”


Despite not knowing what the other man was trying to do, Yang Kai could only follow him. They left Riverside House and flew off. A while later, Yang Kai asked, “Where are we going, Senior Brother Qing?”


Without turning his head, Qing Kui replied, “Didn’t you want to see Qu’er? I’m bringing you to see her now.”


Yang Kai was elated upon hearing that, then he hurriedly said, “Many thanks for granting my request, Senior Brother Qing.”


Qing Kui only snorted in response. An embarrassed Yang Kai fell silent and followed Qing Kui closely.


A while later, they landed on a Spirit Peak where there was an extensive hollow area in the centre that looked like a mountain valley, which was filled with lush greenery and strikingly beautiful flowers. The view was truly spectacular.


There were some buildings in the centre of the valley and they directly headed towards one particular palace.


Qing Kui turned around and said, “This is Qu’er’s residence. You’ll go in on your own. She’s inside now.”


Yang Kai cupped his fist and thanked him before shuffling into the palace.


In a certain room inside the palace, Su Ying Xue’s hands were placed on Qu Hua Shang’s as they talked to each other in an intimate manner, as though they were real Mother and Daughter or a pair of Sisters.


“You seem tired, Senior Sister. What’s wrong?” Qu Hua Shang raised her hand and touched the other woman’s forehead.


Su Ying Xue forced a smile, “Perhaps I’m just exhausted from all the travelling. But don’t worry, I’m fine.”


Qu Hua Shang said, “Get some rest since you’re so tired, I’ll be fine…Why are you looking at me like this, Senior Sister?”


Su Ying Xue poked the tip of the other woman’s nose, “I’m happy that you’re all grown up now. Time goes by really quickly. You’re now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master just like me.”


Qu Hua Shang giggled and crashed into her embrace. She squirmed for a bit and finally found a position she was most comfortable in, “I’ve just achieved an ascension, so I’m still far behind you.”


“It’s different.” Su Ying Xue shook her head, “I directly ascended to the Fifth Order and then rose to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm through hard work. My potential is not comparable to yours.”


Qu Hua Shang looked up at her, “When I grow to be powerful one day, I’ll protect you and make sure that you won’t suffer from any grievances.”


Su Ying Xue smiled gently, “I’ll be waiting for that day to come.”


As they spoke, they heard a series of footsteps coming closer. While Su Ying Xue stiffened, Qu Hua Shang, who was in her embrace, looked up and became pleasantly surprised, “Junior Brother Yang?”


“Ah…” Yang Kai appeared embarrassed when he saw that they were being so intimate, “I just walked right in since the door wasn’t closed. Sorry!”


He quickly stepped back and closed the door.


Qu Hua Shang batted her eyes and looked at Su Ying Xue, then burst into laughter, “He seems to have misunderstood something.”


Su Ying Xue poked the other woman’s forehead, “What’s so funny about it? Alright, I’ll take my leave now. You have a talk with him.” Then, she got to her feet and left the place.


Upon opening the door, she saw the embarrassed Yang Kai standing outside the room. As she looked at his face and thought about what would soon happen, she became incensed and bellowed, “If you dare to take advantage of Qu’er, I’ll never let you off!”


“I wouldn’t dare to,” Yang Kai bent his back.


“Hmph!” Su Ying Xue flicked her sleeve, and when she brushed past Yang Kai, she forcefully stepped on his foot.


Despite realising the woman’s intentions, Yang Kai didn’t dare to dodge, so he could only brace himself and then cringe in pain after the fact.


Meanwhile, Su Ying Xue’s footsteps faded into the distance.


Qu Hua Shang stuck out her head from the room and beckoned to him, “Come in, Junior Brother.”


Yang Kai tottered into the room and instantly caught a whiff of a pleasant fragrance. He took a glance at the room and realised that the decoration was pretty cosy, which allowed him to relax somewhat.


Qu Hua Shang offered him a seat, then filled a cup with tea for him and smiled with her lips covered, “I’m sorry for the pain you have to suffer, Junior Brother. Although my Senior Sister appears to be dispassionate, she’s a warm-hearted person.”


Yang Kai wiggled his toes, which were almost crushed, and said insincerely, “I can see that.”


After taking the cup of tea she had prepared for him, he asked, “This is your room, right? Should we go to another place to have a chat?”


He had never expected that Qing Kui would bring him to Qu Hua Shang’s bedroom; after all, her reputation would be tarnished if others found out that they stayed in the same room for any reason.


“Why should we go to another place? Can’t we have a talk in my room? Or, are you worried that I’ll do something to you?” Qu Hua Shang teased as she directly sat across from the man.


“Stop teasing me, Senior Sister.” The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched. He reckoned that he should be at ease since the woman wasn’t worried about anything, and they were not going to do anything inappropriate anyway.


Across from him, Qu Hua Shang rested her chin on her palm and looked smilingly at him, “Have you come all the way here to see me, Junior Brother?”


Yang Kai nodded his head with a serious expression, “I heard that the people from your Sect are holding a Dao Theory Assembly to select a Husband for you. It’s me who put you in this position, so I had to speak with you.” He sighed.


A nonchalant Qu Hua Shang replied, “It’s not your fault. It’s just that some people are trying to create trouble, and it has nothing to do with you, so don’t feel guilty at all. In any case, it’s thanks to you that I managed to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm in the first place.”


An embarrassed Yang Kai shook his head, “I didn’t help you much.”


In fact, she had to fall in love with him and then sever ties with him in order to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm. He had indeed done nothing at all as it was all her own hard work.


“You already offered me the best help since I came across you at the most critical moment before my ascension to the Open Heaven Realm and fell in love with you. If it weren’t for you, I didn’t even know how much longer I would have to wait before I found a suitable person.”


Yang Kai was secretly stunned as he reckoned that only the disciples from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would have the nerve to speak so freely about such things. Most women were not so bold.


Not willing to dwell on this topic, Yang Kai said, “What plans do you have to solve this issue, Senior Sister?”


Qu Hua Shang replied with a smile, “What plans can I have? I’ll just wait for the Dao Theory Assembly to end and marry the winner 100 years later.”


“Are you really willing to do that?’ Yang Kai frowned.


“As a disciple of a Cave Heaven, there are many things that are not up to me to decide, so what does it matter if I’m not willing? I’ve been nurtured by the Sect for many years, so now that the Sect is in trouble, I have to take up the responsibility and solve the problem. Moreover, I’m indeed the cause of this incident.”


Her nonchalance made Yang Kai feel his chest tightening as he felt extremely guilty.


Then, Qu Hua Shang gazed at him with her alluring eyes and said, “Why don’t you take part in the Dao Theory Assembly and become the winner? Then I’ll get to marry you.”


Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat as he listened to her bold words and took in her beautiful face that was oh so close.


Qu Hua Shang looked down at his chest and smiled faintly, “Have you fallen for me, Junior Brother?”


In fact, Yang Kai had no idea why he was reacting in such a way as his face was all red now. It wasn’t the first time he came into contact with Qu Hua Shang, and there were moments in the past where they literally clung to one another; however, at this moment, he suddenly found this woman to be irresistibly enchanting. As he listened to her voice and saw her smile, his blood seemed to be boiling and his throat felt dry, causing his heart rate to soar.


Quickly drinking down some tea to moisten his throat, he commented, “It feels a little hot here, Senior Sister.”


Qu Hua Shang became startled for a moment, then scanned her surroundings and said gently, “It’s indeed a little hot here.” She laughed, “I guess I just feel warmth since you’re willing to visit me at this point.”


Yang Kai stared fixedly at her and fell into a dazed state. He increasingly felt that the woman in front of him was alluring, and it was extremely hard for him to resist her charm. His mind was filled with lustful thoughts as he gazed greedily at the fair skin that was slightly revealed around her chest and began to feel a little dizzy.


“Junior Brother…” Qu Hua Shang suddenly muttered with a blushing face.


“Hmm?” A shocked Yang Kai suddenly came to his senses, only to realise that he had grasped the woman’s hands at some point, revelling in the soft and delicate feel at his fingertips.


Yang Kai instinctively became alert as there was something off about the situation; however, while he was still lost in his thoughts, he realised that the woman before him had also grabbed his hands and his vigilance instantly vanished into thin air.


Presently, there were three people outside the valley. One of them was standing while the other two were seated with their legs crossed.


The one who was standing was Xu Ling Gong, while the people who were seated were Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui.


At this moment, strange energy fluctuations and a faint white mist could be seen swirling around Qing Kui and Su Ying Xue as they continuously formed different hand seals, as though they were using some profound Secret Technique.


Qing Kui let out a long breath and said through clenched teeth, “That brat is pretty strong-willed and vigilant. He almost shook off the Yang Demon’s influence.”




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