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Martial Peak – Chapter 4447, Who Are You?


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The young man surnamed Kong sported a doubtful expression as he looked at Yang Kai’s resting place. He found the other party familiar just now, but from his angle he was unable to make out the person’s face clearly, nor could he recall where they had met in the past.


Suppressing the doubt in his mind, he shook his head and awaited the answer.


“Honoured Master!” Qing Kui stepped into the Grand Hall and cupped his fist.


“Is everything done?” Xu Ling Gong seemed to be in a jovial mood. He was drinking on his own and humming a song when Qing Kui entered the place.


“Yes,” Qing Kui replied respectfully, “I followed your order and made him settle down on Intertwining Fate Peak.”


“Very good, very good! Hahaha!” Xu Ling Gong grinned in a devious manner.


A puzzled Qing Kui asked, “Is there anything special about Intertwining Fate Peak, Honoured Master? Why do you want Yang Kai to stay there?” After all, he came back to the Sect a few days ago, so he wasn’t familiar with the current affairs in the Sect.


Xu Ling Gong picked up some food from a nearby plate, and as he munched on it, he replied, “The Dao Theory Assembly is still a few days away. They initially only expect Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters to take part in the assembly, so how do you think those old farts will react when a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master suddenly appears?”


Qing Kui stated, “They’ll certainly be flustered. In order to save their Sects from embarrassment, they’ll have to send new candidates to join the assembly.” This was the plot they had come up with.


Since Yang Kai, the troublemaker, was going to join the assembly, they would now have to wait for the scheming old farts to react. If nothing unexpected happened, things would unfold just like what they had imagined.


“That’s right; however, it would be a bad idea if no one finds out that he’s a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. He’ll have to make some noise and let everyone know.” Xu Ling Gong grinned, “On Intertwining Fate Peak, there’s a potential successor to the next Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union. He’s also the eldest Son of one of the former Union Masters, Kong Feng. His name is Kong Tian Yu!”


“Heavenly Sword Union!?” Qing Kui arched his brow. He couldn’t help but whistle as he took pleasure in someone else’s misfortune, “We’ll have a good show to watch, then.”


Although he knew little about Void Land, he was aware that there was a blood feud between Void Land and Heavenly Sword Union. The former Union Master Kong Feng was killed by Yang Kai because he led the Hundred Sects Alliance to invade Void Land.


At that time, Yang Kai was just an Emperor Realm cultivator, but he was able to make use of the power of the Nine Heavenly Layers to kill Kong Feng. Otherwise, there was no way a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could have been killed by an Emperor Realm Junior.


After Kong Feng’s death, a man named Shen Liang, also a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, succeeded him as Union Master, but he was also killed soon after. Although it wasn’t Yang Kai’s doing directly this time, it was someone from Void Land who did the deed.


Two Union Masters were consecutively killed by people from Void Land. It could be said that Heavenly Sword Union had suffered immense losses at Void Land’s hands. It was practically an irresolvable blood feud.


Since Kong Tian Yu was on Intertwining Fate Peak, there was no way Yang Kai could have a peaceful time staying there.


“Honoured Master… you’re such a cunning man!” Qing Kui couldn’t help but admire the older man. Right after he finished speaking though, he saw a wine bottle fly at him. He immediately covered his head and fled while Xu Ling Gong cursed at him from behind.


On Intertwining Fate Peak, the man surnamed Sun clenched the Communication Bead in his hand with an awkward expression.


Kong Tian Yu asked, “Have you found out anything? Who is that guy?”


The man surnamed Sun took a glance at him and replied hesitantly, “Brother Kong, from what I’ve gathered, that person is the Lord of Void Land, Yang Kai.”


“Yang Kai?” Kong Tian Yu became startled for a moment, then started yelling with a hideous expression, “Are you sure he is Yang Kai? The one from Void Land?”


The man surnamed Sun nodded, “Yes, I’m certain. It wasn’t difficult to find such information. The candidates who are going to take part in the Dao Theory Assembly are not confidential in any case, so the information comes from a disciple from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. If you don’t believe me, Brother Kong, you can get someone else to verify it.”


“There’s no need for that.” Kong Tian Yu turned around and glared at Yang Kai’s residence, then said through clenched teeth, “It’s no wonder I found him so familiar. So, he’s Yang Kai!” He started laughing maniacally in the next breath, “Since he is here, it has saved me the trouble of looking for him. Father, just you wait, I’ll avenge you now!”


The former Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union, Kong Feng, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, was killed by an Emperor Realm cultivator. Although the other party had achieved this feat by making use of a powerful Grand Array, Kong Feng had become a laughing stock after word got out.


Kong Tian Yu was the son of the former Union Master with an exceptional aptitude. He directly ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm several hundred years ago, and he was the first in line to succeed his father. If everything went all, he would be able to become the Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union when he reached the Sixth Order.


However, due to Kong Feng’s death, which had tarnished the reputation of Heavenly Sword Union, Kong Tian Yu fell from the first to the fifth in line to succeed the Union Master.


Given his position now, he practically had no hope of becoming the Union Master in his lifetime.


It could be said that his future had been ruined by Yang Kai. This coupled with his father’s death, caused Kong Tian Yu to want to kill Yang Kai. He needed to clear his name and cast away the humiliation that had been inflicted upon his family.


Unfortunately, those from Void Land were not pushovers as there were two Divine Spirits residing in that place, so those from Heavenly Sword Union couldn’t afford to offend them openly. Therefore, he could only keep the resentment to himself.


The Dao Theory Assembly was held by Yin-Yang Cave Heaven to help Qu Hua Shang select a Husband. It allowed Kong Tian Yu to see a glimmer of hope in the darkness. If he could become the winner in the assembly, he would be able to marry into Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. By then, he could stop getting marginalized by those from Heavenly Sword Union.


Perhaps the Heavens took pity on him as Yang Kai had also left Void Land to take part in the assembly. This was the best chance for him.


Kong Tian Yu had been paying close attention to any news about Yang Kai since the latter had killed his father, so naturally, he was aware that Yang Kai ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm just outside of the Shadowless Cave Heaven in the Shattered Heaven about two years ago.


Both of them were in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. However, the heritage of Yang Kai, who only achieved an ascension two years ago, was definitely not comparable to that of Kong Tian Yu, who had been in this Order for hundreds of years.


Kong Tian Yu thus decided that he would cut Yang Kai to pieces to vent out his fury.


As his murderous intent surged, he strode towards Yang Kai’s residence. The other dozen or so cultivators, who were also there to join the assembly, exchanged glances as they became excited. Knowing that a good show was about to start, they followed him as well.


Upon reaching Yang Kai’s place, Kong Tian Yu extended his hand and summoned a spear. After taking a deep breath, he infused his strength into the spear and pushed it out forcefully. At the same time, he bellowed, “Yang Kai, get out here!”


All of them were shocked when they saw his move.


The others had been staying here for a few days before Yang Kai’s arrival, and during this period of time, they had exchanged some pointers, but none of them was a match for Kong Tian Yu. Even those in the Fifth Order were much weaker than he was. Therefore, the people on Intertwining Fate Peak regarded him as their leader. Kong Tian Yu had earned this position with his spear alone.


However, it wasn’t until Kong Tian Yu thrust out his spear this time that they realised he hadn’t shown his full strength during their bouts some time ago. Judging from the power of his attack, they reckoned that even though he was still some distance away from the Sixth Order, he wasn’t far off.


Although the attack was powerful, it still couldn’t break the array around the building.


The courtyard was meant for them to rest in comfort, so the Spirit Arrays were naturally quite sturdy.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was seated with his legs crossed in his room. The Dao Theory Assembly was only a few days away, so there wasn’t enough time for him to refine any resources.


The growth of an Open Heaven Realm was all about accumulation over a long period of time. Regardless of what resources one refined, they had to ensure the balance in their Small Universe was maintained.


Therefore, it was best to collect a full set of resources of the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements before refining them.


Since there wasn’t enough time to refine a full set of resources, Yang Kai decided to simply consume some Open Heaven Pills. The Yin, Yang, and Five Elements in Open Heaven Pills were in perfect balance, and although they weren’t an efficient method of cultivating, the pills were safe and easy to consume. One could refine them at any moment without any worries.


Yang Kai had just refined a handful of Open Heaven Pills when he felt the Array outside his residence shaking, then heard someone bellowing.


He wondered who would call out to him at this point.


Initially, he decided to ignore this person, but his inaction only caused the other party to become more rampant. The continuous attacks caused the Array to shake constantly, leaving him unable to focus. The speed at which he refined Open Heaven Pills also slowed down significantly.


Certainly, it was expected that Yang Kai was incensed.


Seeing that the Array was starting to show signs of failing, he had no choice but to get up and shuffle towards the door, an aura of coldness swirling around him.


Although the Array around the building was sturdy, it couldn’t possibly withstand a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master’s relentless bombardment. As Kong Tian Yu repeatedly attacked with his spear, the entire Intertwining Fate Peak shook as though it would collapse at any moment.


Yang Kai’s silence infuriated him, causing him to exert more force with each blow.


All of a sudden, the Array around the building disappeared. The door was pushed open from the inside, and a young man with a grim expression stepped out.


As their eyes met, an enraged Kong Tian Yu jabbed his spear into the ground and roared, “Are you Yang Kai?”


A displeased Yang Kai glared at him and snapped, “Who are you? Why are you shouting in front of my door?”


“Are you Yang Kai or not? The one from Void Land!” Kong Tian Yu asked again.


Yang Kai replied nonchalantly, “So what if I’m Yang Kai?” 


Kong Tian Yu narrowed his eyes and nodded, “Good. I’ve finally found you.”


“Do we know each other?” Yang Kai looked curiously at him, “It seems that there are some grudges between us.”


Kong Tian Yu picked up his spear and pointed it at him, “Remember, the one who killed you is the son of the Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union, Kong Feng, Kong Tian Yu!” Then, he looked up at the sky and roared, “Father, do you see it now? Your son will avenge you today!”


After he finished his words, Kong Tian Yu forcefully thrust out his spear as his World Force seemed able to shake the Void.


The Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters among the crowd paled. Although there didn’t seem to be anything special about Kong Tian Yu’s attack, they felt threatened just by looking at it. It was imaginable that Kong Tian Yu must have used his full strength in order to avenge his father’s death. 


Everyone thought about how they would resolve the attack if there were Yang Kai, but they soon realized there was nothing they could have done in his place. The only option would be to meet this attack head-on, but since they were weaker than Kong Tian Yu, their Small Universes would be damaged if they tried to counter this thrust, resulting in serious injury or even death.




The violent sight they all imagined never happened though. Following a light sound, Kong Tian Yu was rooted to the spot as though he had been bound. His spear was grasped by Yang Kai with only one hand, and he was no longer able to move it one bit.


Kong Tian Yu and everyone else were stunned.




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  1. I’m pretty sure a lot of the Qu’s master’s whining was about how there weren’t any sixth order masters among the suitors, and he used the same list as evidence. Moreover they specifically mentioned that YK registered his cultivation when he got voluntold to participate. Why did they manage to discover his identity, but not check the number next to it, and why was there any need to advertise that suddenly a sixth order dude shown up on the lists – he’d be sticking out in the database like an ostrich among pigeons.

    1. They discovered his identity not by looking at the registration, but by asking somebody to look at it and that other person of course only answered what they asked (his name) and gave no extra information.
      And why Yin Yang doesn’t advertise it: it’s just something written on paper that could easily be made up. I doubt that the Cave Heavens would trust it since they know that Yang Kai just became a 5th order.

  2. “Kong Feng had become a laughing stock after word got out.”
    I feel like he is being done dirty. He was killed by an Emperor only after he was attacked by an array, then by a Divine Spirit (equivalent to ~2 7th Orders), then again by an array, then by multiple mid ranks and then had his cultivation sealed. And it was also essentially a sneak attack.

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