Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4455, Bai Mo


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Yang Kai did not know much about the Dao of Spirit Arrays; but there was clearly a Bewildering Array set up in this place. Neither he nor Lu Jing could find their way around as a result. In order to destroy the Spirit Array, he could either locate the Array Core or shatter its structure with brute force. Given that it was simpler, he chose the latter option.


The pitch-black Golden Crow’s True Fire filled the air, burning everything that it came into contact with and forcing its way outwards. The sharp voice initially taunted him unceasingly, but the other party quickly realised that something was wrong with the current situation. The whole array was on the verge of falling apart under the engulfment of the Golden Crow’s True Fire.


The voice suddenly became incredibly furious. That person controlled the Array from the shadows and triggered all sorts of changes that turned into an endless variety of attacks. These attacks then shot towards Yang Kai and Lu Jing from all directions, each one containing great power.


Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged, however. While casually blocking each and every one of those attacks, the Golden Crow’s True Fire continued to spread outwards.


Lu Jing hid beside Yang Kai, looking pale and not daring to move a single muscle. As a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he would have been killed on the spot if he had fallen into this array on his own. The only reason he remained safe and sound was thanks to Yang Kai’s protection.


The attacks that came from all directions were not only dense but also never-ending. Not to mention, every single attack contained power equivalent to the full-strength blow of a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


An incense stick later, Yang Kau suddenly turned to look in a certain direction and grinned savagely, “Found you!”


The power in his body surged and wrapped around Lu Jing. Following that, he charged forward in that direction and rammed straight through the Bewildering Array before he plunged headfirst into an enormous tree cave.


A violent force spread out, accompanied by a series of muffled groans and screams of agony. The huge tree swayed, leaves and branches falling. Three breaths later, everything became calm again.


Inside the tree cave, Yang Kai held a midget by the neck. This fellow was half the height of an ordinary Human with a long and sharp chin that jutted out. Yang Kai held the midget up in front of him and gave a gentle shake. The midget remained motionless, swaying back and forth like a limp noodle. Even the aura around his body was completely obliterated.


“Is he dead?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow tightly. All of a sudden, he licked his lips and added, “Well, if he is, I shouldn’t let him go to waste.”


Under Lu Jing’s stunned watch, Yang Kai opened his jaw wide and lifted the midget to stuff him into his mouth. His actions made it seem like he was going to eat him alive. Lu Jing’s eyes twitched violently at the sight.


Just then, the midget that had been motionless and pretending to be dead suddenly began to struggle and scream frantically, “Mercy! Have mercy, Sir!”


Yang Kai looked at the midget with a playful expression, and as their gazes met, how could the midget not know that Yang Kai had simply been messing around with him? His little trick of playing dead had been seen through from the start.


Yang Kai casually tossed him to the ground and said lightly, “Don’t even think about running. You won’t get away.”


While speaking, he walked over to a bench and sat down grandly with a swish of his robes.


The midget trembled violently and crawled on the ground. How could he dare to run? He had only exchanged a couple of moves with Yang Kai before he was captured alive. With his meagre strength, he wasn’t even worthy of carrying Yang Kai’s shoes. In addition, his plan to play dead had failed miserably. How could he have any other thoughts at the moment?


Glancing around, Yang Kai noticed that the furnishings inside the tree cave were very simple. It could be seen that the master of this place was not a materialistic person. After confirming that there was nothing worth taking notice of, in the room, he finally lowered his head to look at the midget in front of him and asked disappointedly, “Are you Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch?”


Contrary to the information that Qu Hua Shang had given to him, the midget in front of him was only in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm, a far cry from a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


The midget hurriedly explained, “Sir, please understand. This little one is only a servant of Sir Hui Gu!”


“So, you are not Hui Gu?” Yang Kai raised an eyebrow at those words.


The midget looked up and squeezed out an ingratiating smile, “This one is called Bai Mo!”


While speaking, he raised his hand and stroked the cluster of white hair on his head.


(TL Note: Bai Mo = White Hair, literally)


“Pfft!” Lu Jing couldn’t help bursting into laughter from where he stood nearby. Even he could sense that the midget was only in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm after observing the fight between Yang Kai and the midget earlier.


The midget might have held a leadership position among slightly weaker Second-Class great forces, but he was nothing more than a servant here on the Prison Star. Moreover, he had been given such a random name. This was clearly not his real name, but there was no need to inquire further into this matter.


“Where is Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow tightly together, feeling a little disgruntled. He had come all the way here, thinking that he could go on a killing spree and earn some achievements, but who could have known that he would only find a weakling in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm here? This trip was a waste of his time and energy.


Bai Mo replied respectfully, “Thanks to a grand event on the Prison Star recently, Master has gone to visit Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch to discuss countermeasures.”


“Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch?” Yang Kai’s expression changed upon hearing those words. He thought back on the contents recorded within the jade slip given to him by Qu Hua Shang and there was indeed somebody by the name of Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch, who was also in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. It was said that he had the bloodline of a Great Monster, so his strength was not to be underestimated.


“Sir, you came here to participate in the Dao Theory Assembly hosted by Yin-Yang Heaven, right?” Bai Mo asked, carefully observing Yang Kai’s expression.


“So what if I did?” Yang Kai studied Bai Mo seriously. Yang Kai was staring so hard that Bai Mo felt all the hairs on his body standing upright. Whenever he recalled the time when Yang Kai had tried to eat him up in one bite, he couldn’t help shuddering. 


Hastily squeezing out some tears, Bai Mo prostrated himself on the ground, “Sir, please have mercy! This one’s cultivation is low. I did not commit any heinous crimes either. Back then, I simply had eyes but failed to see and made fun of a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciple! For just that, I was actually thrown into the Prison Star. Sir, please have mercy! I’m really not a criminal!”


Upon confirming that Yang Kai and Lu Jing were here to participate in the Dao Theory Assembly, how could Bai Mo not know that his very life was just a trophy in their eyes? He was no match for them in terms of strength, so he could only beg for his life.


Yang Kai kicked Bai Mo to the ground, “Stop snivelling if you want to live!”


Bai Mo immediately fell silent and stared at Yang Kai pitifully with traces of tears still in his eyes.


Sitting on the chair, Yang Kai mulled over the issue for a while. After pondering in silence, he got to his feet and picked Bai Mo up from the ground, “Do you know where Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch is?”


Bai Mo quickly nodded, “I do! I do! Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch is on good terms with Master, so they keep in contact with each other. Master once brought me to Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s Palace!”


“Guide me!” Yang Kai released Bai Mo and instructed.


Ba Mo looked at Yang Kai incredulously for a moment, then he immediately became overjoyed, “Sir, please come with me!”


At the same time, a middle-aged and fair-faced man along with another burly and stocky man sat opposite each other inside an enormous palace that was located approximately 100,000 kilometres away. There was nothing about the fair-faced man that made him seem particularly special. On the other hand, the stocky man was one head taller than most people. His muscles stacked high upon each other, giving off the feeling of explosive power.


These two were none other than Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch and Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch.


Bai Mo had not lied. As soon as it was announced that a large number of cultivators would enter the Prison Star to participate in some kind of Dao Theory Assembly and their targets were all the criminals on the Prison Star, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch had immediately departed for Giant Clam Palace to discuss countermeasures with Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch.


The two of them might be in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but they did not dare to underestimate the elite disciples of the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises. Besides, the Dao Theory Assembly was an opportunity for them. If they could kill enough of the participating cultivators, they could regain their freedom.


In any case, they were not worried about whether or not Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would play fair. Seeing as they were notified of this matter, Yin-Yang Cave Heaven was bound to fulfil their promises no matter what. That was why both Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch and Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch took this matter very seriously.


Contrary to their expectations, however, the two of them were in the middle of their discussion when Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch suddenly sensed an anomaly back at his secluded home. He performed a Secret Technique and immediately found out about the situation.


At this moment, a transparent light screen appeared and floated between the two Masters. The light barrier was projecting the current situation within Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch’s secluded home. Naturally, the conversation between Yang Kai and Bai Mo entered their ears clearly without any deviation whatsoever.


Dispelling the Secret Technique, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch looked up at Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch, “What do you think, Brother Ju Xian?”


Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch replied grimly, “Not surprising. That brat must be from one of the Cave-Heavens or Paradises; otherwise, where would he find the confidence to come charging straight at us both at once?”


Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch nodded, “It’s a given that he comes from one of the Cave-Heavens or Paradises, but which one is uncertain.”


“Who cares where he comes from? It’s one thing if he does not provoke this Monarch, but if he dares to run wild in this Monarch’s territory, then he will not walk out of this place alive.” Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch waved his hand boldly, his voice filled with great self-confidence.


Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch said, “Don’t get careless, Brother Ju Xian. This brat knows that we are together in the same place. Even so, he dares to come charging straight at us. It’s clear that he has something to support his confidence.”


“Hui Gu, you are too cautious. What is there to fear if you and I join forces? No matter how powerful he is, he is no different from us. We are all in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm after all. Moreover, according to the information we received, all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters participating in this Dao Theory Assembly are newly advanced with less than a hundred years’ accumulation. How strong can this boy’s heritage be? Don’t forget; a battle between Open Heaven Realm Masters is nothing more than a competition between the strength of their respective Small Universes’ heritage.”


Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch mulled over the issue and nodded, “Your words make sense, Brother Ju Xian, but it is still better to err on the side of caution.”


Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch chuckled, “Rest assured, this Monarch is no fool. If that brat really does come here, I will send somebody else to test him first to learn more about his foundation and origins. Brother Hui Gu, I’ve always told you that you should have gathered more subordinates under you. You just had to ignore my advice and keep only Bai Mo. He is just a trivial Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. What can he do?”


Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch laughed, “I’ve always liked my peace and quiet.”


“In any case, that doesn’t matter anymore. If you and I seize this opportunity during the Dao Theory Assembly, then we can escape from this place. When that time comes, we can go anywhere we want.” Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch licked his lips, “How many achievement points will someone in the Sixth Order give us?”


“I don’t know, but it’s obvious that it won’t be too few.”


The two of them exchanged a glance with each other and were very eager to make a move. Since they knew that Yang Kai was heading straight for this place, it was only natural that they made certain arrangements to ensure that the brat did not walk out of this place alive.



“Brother Yang, what is the cultivation of Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch?” Along the way, Lu Jian suddenly asked this question.


Yang Kai did not respond. On the other hand, Bai Mo proudly said, “Master is in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm! He is also one of the supreme existences on the Prison Star!”


Lu Jing’s expression couldn’t help becoming solemn. He even felt a sense of lingering fear creeping into his heart. Although a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master could also call themselves a Heavenly Monarch, the gap in strength between one Order and the next was extremely wide. As a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Lu Jing also had the right to address himself as ‘Heavenly Monarch’; however, the weight and power of his title as a Heavenly Monarch were as different as night and day compared to Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch.




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