Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4456, Very Hospitable


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“Is this Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s Palace?” Yang Kai looked up at the huge palace built into the towering mountain above them, one that was constructed almost completely out of odd-shaped boulders, giving it a simple but crude air.


Under Bai Mo’s guidance, the three of them travelled 100,000 kilometres and finally arrived at this place. Before they even went up the mountain though, Yang Kai could already perceive the malicious gazes that seemed to come from the above clearly. Those gazes seemed to be looking in this direction.


It was conceivable that this place was different from Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch’s home in that there were a number of subordinates around, instead of just one. The palace was clearly teeming with Masters, not just Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch alone.


Nevertheless, this was exactly what Yang Kai was hoping for. The more people there were, the greater the benefits he would reap once he succeeded in his endeavour. It would also save him the effort and time of going around searching for prey.


“Brother Yang, are we going up the mountain just like this?” Lu Jing’s complexion was turning paler and paler by the moment. Although his cultivation could not compare to Yang Kai’s, his perception of danger was extremely sharp. The hidden but powerful auras coming from the mountain were far too oppressive for him.


“Do you want to wait here for me?” Yang Kai glanced at Lu Jing.


Lu Jing hesitated for a moment before he shook his head, “I’m going with you, Brother Yang.”


There were many dangers in the lion’s den, but staying outside alone might not be as safe as staying beside Yang Kai. At the very least, staying with Yang Kai meant that they could take care of each other even if they ran into any powerful enemies.


“Let’s go,” Yang Kai took a step forward. When he first advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he had single-handedly destroyed Profound Yang Mountain and defeated the three Mountain Lords. His current strength was much higher than back then, so no matter how impressive this palace might be, it was nothing compared to Profound Yang Mountain back then. Hence, there was nothing to fear.


Their path forward was unobstructed, with not a single person in sight; however, Lu Jing could distinctly sense the hidden and suppressed murderous intent around him that was poised to attack at any time. 


It didn’t take long before the trio arrived at the top of the mountain. Many people were standing on a smooth and flat square located at the mountain peak. A rough estimate indicated that there were a dozen people gathered in this place, and their eyes immediately lit up at the sight of Yang Kai.


The cultivation of these dozen or so people was uneven, ranging from the Third Order to the Fifth Order. Furthermore, there were two figures standing quietly behind this group, looking on with interest.


Yang Kai immediately focused on these two people, but that couldn’t be helped as the aura around them was obviously much stronger than the others. While it was impossible to determine their exact cultivation, if his guess was correct, then these two were most likely Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch and Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch.


“Master!” Bai Mo looked up at Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch pitifully. In addition, his eyes were filled with tears and untold grief.


The Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch nodded lightly, “I know what happened. It’s not your fault. Come here!”


Bai Mo glanced at Yang Kai with some trepidation and did not dare to move away.


Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch said lightly, “Rest assured. Nobody can hurt you in front of this Monarch.”


“Yes!” Bai Mo hurriedly replied before his figure shifted as he moved away from Yang Kai, rushing towards Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch.


Yang Kai did not move, almost as if he didn’t notice Bai Mo running away from him. He simply counted to himself, and after a while, he nodded and said, “13 people. It’s a little lacking, but such is life.”


Everybody was taken aback by his words. Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch frowned, “Little friend, which Cave-Heaven or Paradise do you belong to? Identify yourself!”


“Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch?” Yang Kai squinted in that direction and asked another question instead of answering the previous question.


Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch nodded in response, “It is this Monarch.”


“So, you must be Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch?” Yang Kai then turned to look at the burly man.


Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch coldly snorted, “Indeed. Brat, I don’t care which Cave-Heaven or Paradise you come from, since you dare to barge into my palace, don’t even think about leaving this place alive!”


Yang Kai exclaimed in surprise, “You sure are hospitable, Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch!”


Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch coldly snorted again, “I can’t believe you still have the mood for wisecracks. Let me show you just how this Monarch treats unwelcome guests!” With a wave of his large hand, he shouted, “Kill!”


In an instant, all 13 Open Heaven Realm Masters standing in front of Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch and Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch drew upon the power of their Small Universes in unison. The might of their Secret Techniques and artifacts burst forth, blasting towards Yang Kai.


Lu Jing paled visibly. Without even thinking about it, he pulled away and quickly retreated! In the face of such an overwhelming barrage, he had no way to defend himself. The only thing he could do was withdraw!


He had only just steadied himself when he heard a series of explosions coming from in front of him. The aftermath of violent energy spread out in all directions. 


Before the dust had even settled though, flashes of spear light erupted, and a mix of muffled groans and screams of agony rang out. Fresh blood splattered in all directions as wave after wave of sharp energy burst out like ripples spreading outward in all directions. 


The fallout from these clashes caused Lu Jing’s vitality to roil and his Small Universe to quiver. For a time, he felt dizziness washing over him and horror flooded his heart. Not daring to be careless, he hurriedly circulated his strength to stabilize his Small Universe.


It took a full ten breaths of time before Lu Jing finally recovered, and at the same time, the vibrations from in front of him subsided without warning. When he looked up, he couldn’t help letting out a soft cry of surprise, his mouth gaping open so wide that he could have stuffed a fist into his mouth.


1,000 metres ahead, Yang Kai stood motionless, hefting a spear over his shoulder. The wind blew, causing his black hair to flutter and his robes to flap noisily. Blood flowed around his feet while pieces of meat and severed limbs were scattered all around him. It was a bone-chilling scene that looked like purgatory itself.


Every one of the 13 Open Heaven Realm Masters who had attacked him just now was dead, with not many even retaining complete corpses. Most of their bodies were torn to pieces as though they had been hit by a storm of brutal attacks.


Lu Jing was stunned. Likewise, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch and Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch were frozen in shock. Meanwhile, Bai Mo was so terrified that he nearly fell backwards to the ground. Just thinking about the fact that he had been travelling with somebody so powerful that he could have been casually crushed to death filled him with a sense of overwhelming dread.


Numerous black lights flew out from the corpses and plunged into the golden wristband on Yang Kai’s wrist, instantly causing three stars to light up at once.


“You…” Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s eyes bulged in disbelief.


He never expected his subordinates to actually kill Yang Kai. According to his joint speculation with Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, this person was most likely in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm; after all, the other party had dared to come charging directly into this place despite knowing two Sixth-Order Heavenly Monarchs had gathered


Therefore, he initially planned to use his subordinates to test Yang Kai’s abilities before he made further plans. His plan would also make it more convenient for him and Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch to launch a targeted assault on their opponent. Who could have known that 13 of his subordinates would be killed in such a swift and brutal manner?


Although the strength of those 13 subordinates had varied quite a lot, there were still 2 Fifth Orders among them. Even so, none of them could defend against the opponent’s spear!


“How dare you do this!?”


Yang Kai licked his lips as though he had just eaten a full meal, “You are hospitable indeed, Heavenly Monarch!”


“I’ll kill you!” Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch was infuriated. He might be in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but it was not easy for him to recruit so many subordinates under him on the Prison Star; after all, he was not the only Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in this place.


Besides, the cultivators on the Prison Star were ruthless and vicious people, so most of them were unwilling to be subservient to others. Compared to serving under someone, these outlaws preferred to be free so that they could act without restraint.


The main reason Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch only had Bai Mo as his subordinate was that he personally preferred having peace and quiet. The second reason was that he had not been able to find other suitable candidates.


The dozen or so subordinates under Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch were people whom he had spent a lot of effort to subdue. Their strength might not compare to his, but he could leave various matters to their discretion. It had saved him a lot of time and effort in the past; hence, it was only natural that he was filled with boundless rage when they were slaughtered by Yang Kai’s spear.


In his rage, the muscles on his body bulged and his entire being swelled in size by a considerable margin. He grabbed at something in the void and two round war hammers appeared in his hands. His huge and stalwart figure was indescribably imposing. It only took him a single step forward for him to appear above Yang Kai’s head. The war hammers came swinging downward.


“Impressive attack!” Yang Kai commented, his desire for battle stimulated. He had exchanged blows with various Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on multiple occasions, but he had not had a proper fight against another Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master since his return from Shadowless Cave Heaven. For that reason, he wanted to know just how much he had grown since the time he had initially broken through.


Yang Kai’s spear stabbed forward like a leaping dragon. There was nothing fancy about his movements, but there was a kind of indescribable beauty in their simplicity. There was no fixed style of form to his movements as his spear seemed to flow freely and without restraint.




Turbulent World Forces collided with each other and Yang Kai’s figure swayed slightly. He clearly felt his Small Universe World shake from the impact.


On the other hand, Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch was sent flying backwards like a sack, his eyes filled with pure astonishment.


Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch initially planned to follow up after Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch to attack Yang Kai, but when he saw this scene, his pupils contracted abruptly. He simultaneously suppressed the World Force that was gathering in the palm of his hand as quickly as possible.


As a fellow Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he clearly knew the extent of Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s heritage. Their strength was basically on par, with neither having any kind of discernable advantage over the other.


Just now though, Ju Xian had been forcefully sent flying after a single clash with this unknown enemy, which went to show how powerful this boy’s heritage was!


With such a mighty enemy, things wouldn’t end well for them even if they joined forces. How was it possible for someone in the Sixth Order to exert so much power? Just which Cave Heaven or Paradise did he belong to?


On the other side, Ju Xian crashed to the ground in a mess, both his eyes still widened in shock. He could scarcely dare to believe that he could be so vulnerable. Although the attack just now had not injured him, the Small Universe in his body was shaking restlessly.


Shaking his head vigorously, Ju Xian hurriedly suppressed the shaking in his Small Universe. Only then did he feel a little better.


“Weak. You’re too weak!” Yang Kai shook his head slowly. Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s strength could not even compare to Mao Zhe’s, so it was only natural that the other party was no match for him.


Back then, Yang Kai had enough strength to fight Mao Zhe even though he had only just advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so what more was there to say about his current strength? He had devoured a massive amount of World Force from the Wind Spirits in the Astral Wind Source; hence, his current strength was significantly higher than after he just rose to the Sixth Order.


“Junior, how dare you humiliate me!?” Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch was livid. Raising his twin war hammers above his head, he charged forward again without regard for anything else. He drew upon all the power in his Small Universe and poured his World Force into his twin weapons. Then, he ferociously smashed them down on Yang Kai in a barrage of attacks. Every hammer that came crashing down tore space apart and caused the surrounding world to collapse.


Yang Kai’s spear swept out as he met each blow head-on.


It might not have been long since he advanced into the Open Heaven Realm, but Yang Kai already had countless experiences fighting other Open Heaven Realm Masters, giving him a firm understanding of such conflicts. A battle between Open Heaven Realm Masters was simply a competition between the heritage of their respective Small Universes. The stronger their heritage, the greater their strength, and vice versa.




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