Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4457, True Power


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Yang Kai might not have advanced into the Open Heaven Realm long ago, but he had fully integrated his Sealed World Bead into his Small Universe during his advancement. The Small Sealed World had always contained a huge heritage, among which included some of the Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s legacy. It was only natural that ordinary Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters could not compare with him.


After exiting Shadowless Cave Heaven, he also refined many Wind Spirits and obtained the World Force contained within their bodies, saving him at least 100 years of cultivation.


Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch might be strong, but he couldn’t even compare with Mao Zhe, so how could he be a match for Yang Kai? There was a loud explosion and his burly figure was sent flying backwards once more. He slammed straight into the mountain and a violent force struck his body, causing him to bleed profusely.




A huge hole appeared along the stretch halfway up the mountain as Ju Xian smashed right into the mountain and vanished out of sight. The mountain peak swayed unsteadily for a while, as though it was about to collapse as gravel and loose rock tumbled down its sides.


Yang Kai casually flicked his spear and turned to look at Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, who had been watching the battle, “It’s your turn now.”


Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch’s expression was solemn. In all the years since he advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he had fought countless Masters of varying Orders, but even so, he had never met anyone who was as strong as Yang Kai. If Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch was no match for this young man, then he would naturally be no match for this person either.


When he saw Yang Kai looking in his direction with malicious intentions, he sullenly said, “Ju Xian will not be so easy to defeat. It’s not too late for such big talk after you beat him!”


“Hmm?” Yang Kai suddenly turned his head to look at the hole that had been smashed open in the mountain. A surging but hidden power seemed to be reviving in that direction. An extremely terrifying power spread outward, interlaced with an extremely pure…


“Monster Qi?” Yang Kai raised his brow.


He suddenly remembered something. According to the information recorded in the jade slip that Qu Hua Shang had given to him, Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch seemed to carry a Monster Race bloodline. Although he had not noticed this factor when exchanging blows with the other party just now, it would now seem that the information Qu Hua Shang had given to him was accurate. Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch did indeed carry a Monster bloodline. Moreover, a powerful one at that.


“The reason why ants will always be ants is that they will never experience the power of a Master! Brat, you’ve angered me now! The consequences of angering this Monarch are dreadful!” Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s majestic voice rang out from within the walls of the mountain. Following the sound of his voice, the entire mountain peak swayed and dense cracks appeared along the entire side of the mountain.


*Dong dong dong…*


A steady heartbeat that sounded like the beating of a drum reverberated through the air, influencing the flow of vitality in everybody. Bai Mo and Lu Jing immediately flushed red, looking like they were in great pain.


A rumbling sound came from the walls of the mountain, as though some sort of behemoth was walking out from inside it.




Two gigantic hands suddenly protruded from the mountain wall. The sturdy rocks were crushed into dust by these gigantic hands, almost as if they were as fragile as tofu. Just by looking at these gigantic hands, it was easy to imagine how enormous their owner was.


“Moo!” The sound of a bull’s mooing shook the entire sky.


The two gigantic hands violently wrenched apart the mountain walls, creating a large split that extended across its entire length. Then, a bull’s head with two curved horns emerged from within, one that carried a slight resemblance to Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s original appearance. The ‘giant’ then opened his mouth and roared, “Junior, today will show you what true power…”


The roar coming from the bull’s head suddenly caught in his throat. He suddenly felt a large shadow blocking out the light from his eyes and the Monster bloodline in his body couldn’t help shuddering in fear. When he looked up, he saw a gargantuan Dragon Head looking down at him with great interest.


The Dragon Head had twin horns, Dragon Scales covered its entire body, and the Dragon Beard below its maw flapped in the air magnificently. Moreover, the two Golden Dragon Eyes, like two huge suns staring at him, emitted a dazzling light.




The bull’s head swallowed audibly at the sight, while Bai Mo and Lu Jing shivered in fear. Meanwhile, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch shouted with an extremely solemn expression, “Dragon Clan!”


He had personally witnessed the small young man suddenly swelling and transforming into this behemoth in front of him in less than a breath of time. The 1,500 metres long body in front of him was something he would never forget for the rest of his life.


“Oh?” Yang Kai snickered, “What were you saying just now? I’ll allow you to finish your sentence!”


The bull’s head remained silent, but his expression was as gloomy as could be.


Yang Kai shook his head slightly, “The Prison Star’s Grand Array is truly amazing. I can’t believe it managed to suppress me so much.”


When he was fighting earlier, Yang Kai had already noticed this phenomenon. Under the suppression of the Grand Array, he could only exert approximately 30% of his full strength. Needless to say, the same held true for everybody here.


It was just that he was astonished to discover that the Prison Star’s Grand Array could even suppress his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique. Under normal circumstances, his figure would have reached at least 4,500 metres in length; however, he was barely 1,500 meters now.


Their four eyes suddenly met, and the bull’s head slowly retracted back into the mountain.


Yang Kai stretched out his Dragon Claw, reached into the mountain without the slightest hindrance, and dragged out Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch who had activated his Monster bloodline.


At this moment, Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s image was completely different from before. His body was several dozen metres tall and every single muscle stacked on top of each other indicated great underlying strength. Unfortunately for him, his figure, which would have been terrifying in front of an ordinary person, now looked as ridiculous as a child’s toy in front of Yang Kai.


“A Kui Niu descendant?” Yang Kai raised an eyebrow.


Kui Niu was an Ancient Divine Spirit, and although it was not ranked very highly, it was still a Divine Spirit. Any mature Divine Spirit would have the strength of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch was clearly a descendant of Kui Niu, but his bloodline was obviously not very pure. The only reason he obtained that kind of physique was by activating his bloodline with the heritage of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. If not for the suppression of the Prison Star’s Grand Array, his body would have been much larger. Unfortunately, regardless of how much larger he would have been, the difference between him and the current Yang Kai wouldn’t change.


“Die!” Knowing that he was standing on the juncture of life and death, Ju Xian opened his mouth and let out a roar after being captured by Yang Kai. Dense World Force transformed into a pure plume of smoke under the influence of a Monster Race Secret Technique and shot towards Yang Kai. This plume of smoke looked almost ethereal and non-existent. Nevertheless, it was a blow that contained the full power of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Yang Kai clenched his hand hard while at the same time, he opened his ferocious mouth and took a deep breath, causing his abdomen to abruptly swell up as a result.


“Fire Dragon’s… Flaming Breath!” Pitch-black Golden Crow’s True Fire spewed out from Yang Kai’s Dragon Maw, colliding with the white column of smoke.


The intense forces collided with each other, causing an enormous shockwave to spread out in all directions. The impact pushed Yang Kai’s body backwards slightly. Taking this opportunity, Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch launched a fierce storm of attacks on Yang Kai’s claw that was grabbing him.


The pain nearly made Yang Kai loosen his grip and throw Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch away. Fortunately, he collected himself in time. Before Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch could break free of his grip completely, Yang Kai tightened his grasp around the other party’s legs and immediately after that, he raised his arm and smashed Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch into the ground.




An earthquake shook the ground and the surface cracked open.


Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch felt a wave of dizziness washing over him, but before he could recover from his shock, Yang Kai lifted him up and swung him down to the opposite side to smash him into the ground once more. Ju Xian fought back desperately, but any form of resistance was futile in the face of such overwhelming strength.


*Hong hong hong…* 


Lu Jing stood frozen on the spot. With every explosion that rang out, his body bounced upward involuntarily due to the shockwaves travelling along the ground. He stared blankly at Yang Kai who was toying with a behemoth that was several tens dozen metres tall as though throwing a ball of dough from side to side…


“The end has come…” On the other side, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch’s eyes widened in horror. He wanted to escape, but he could clearly sense that Yang Kai had separated out a thread of aura that locked onto him from a distance while he dealt with Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch.


If he did not escape, then this aura would simply remain idle, but the moment he ran, Yang Kai would move to stop him. He had no confidence that he could escape from this monster.


[Is Yin-Yang Cave Heaven planning to purge us all this time?] The Prison Star had existed for over a hundred thousand years and had always been an important training ground for Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciples. Although there were countless criminals locked up in this place, there was no denying that they had greatly contributed to the growth of many Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciples. [Why did Yin-Yang Cave Heaven let such a monster into the Prison Star? Could it be that they no longer feel the need for the Prison Star to exist and want to wipe out everyone within?]


Looking at Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch who was completely helpless to fight back and could only allow himself to be slaughtered like a cow, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch couldn’t help feeling a sense of sorrow and sympathy because he knew he would be next.


*Hong hong hong…* 


The loud explosions continued. Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch had activated his Monster bloodline, which strengthened his physique and made him far more resistant to physical punishment, but even so, he could not withstand being tossed around by Yang Kai in this manner.


A short while later, Yang Kai stopped. He held the several dozen metres tall Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch upside down and gave him a little shake. Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s body swayed like a limp noodle. Blood flowed profusely, dripping downward like a trickling river. Even the bull horns on his head were broken.


“Is he dead? How boring!” Yang Kai’s voice rumbled loudly as he lifted Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch to his eye level.


The motionless Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch abruptly jerked his eyes open. The rage and humiliation burned brightly in his eyes, like rampant flames that threatened to burn everything to ashes.


“Die together with me, you bastard!” Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch roared furiously. All of a sudden, his originally burly figure swelled in size and his World Force became extremely disordered.


Yang Kai gingerly picked up the toothpick-like Azure Dragon Spear from the ground and thrust it at Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch.


The Azure Dragon Spear grew rapidly and soon became 1,500 metres long. The spear stabbed straight into Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s chest, pinning him firmly against what was left of the mountain wall.


Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s eyes widened. He glared hatefully in Yang Kai’s direction but could not break free of the Azure Dragon Spear’s suppression no matter how much strength he drew out. A terrifying force surged up from the spear and poured into his body, destroying his innards wantonly. Even his Small Universe was shattered and began to collapse.


“I can’t believe that I, Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch, will die like this!” The light in his eyes slowly dimmed. Even though his face was filled with resentment and unwillingness, his vitality eventually dissipated.


“En, he should be dead this time,” Yang Kai muttered to himself; however, he did not see any black light rushing towards him despite waiting for a little while. He pondered in silence for a moment before the realisation struck him. They were probably too far apart. According to the hypothesis that he and Lu Jing came up with earlier, they had to be within 300 metres in order to obtain the achievements from killing their enemy.


Grabbing the Azure Dragon Spear with one hand, he dragged Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s corpse that was speared onto its tip closer to him. The moment he did so, a dense black like flew out from Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch’s right hand and plunged into his wristband.


Slightly more than three stars had been illuminated on his golden wristband before, but when the black light from Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch poured in, five more stars lit up all at once.




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