Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4459, Lured Into a Trap


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“Sir, are you planning to lure them into a trap?” Hui Gu’s expression changed when he realised what Yang Kai planned to do.


In the beginning, he had not understood why Yang Kai had let him go free or why Yang Kai had specially used the Loyalty List to subdue him. It had to be said that the power Yang Kai displayed was such that no Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master on the Prison Star could be his opponent. Furthermore, Hui Gu’s very existence undoubtedly represented a sizable chunk of achievement in his eyes. 


It was only at this moment that Hui Gu understood the reason why Yang Kai had subdued him. Yang Kai wanted to use his connections.


“It’s too much trouble to go searching for them one by one. There’s nothing more enjoyable than for them to walk to their deaths on their own accord!” Yang Kai grinned.


“I understand.” Hui Gu lowered his head, “But, Sir, the ones that I am acquainted with don’t always live in the same place. Some of them like to wander around while some of them are even more secretive about their whereabouts. I might not be able to get in touch with all of them.”


“Just do your best!” Yang Kai said.


If not for this, he would have no reason to subdue Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was worth five stars to him after all. It was just that the information in the jade slip given to him by Qu Hua Shang had mentioned the same thing, most of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on the Prison Star did not have fixed residences and were extremely difficult to find as a result. Hence, he subdued Hui Gu as part of his plan to use him to lure the other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters into his trap.


Hui Gu immediately began making arrangements. It was not easy to communicate with the other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Although many of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters occasionally interacted with each other on the Prison Star, only a few of them could be considered friends. He sent Bai Mo along with his Faith Token to some of the places he knew in order to pass the message to those Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, inviting them to his secluded home to discuss countermeasures for the Dao Theory Assembly.


Bai Mo’s loyalty to Hui Gu was unquestionable. He even had the guts to stand up against Yang Kai so that he could create an opportunity for Hui Gu to escape. For that reason, there was no need to worry about their secrets leaking out if he was the one to handle the communications.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai took Lu Jing with him and returned to the forest tree cave with Hui Gu in tow.


The forest had been badly burned by the Golden Crow’s True Fire; therefore, Hui Gu needed to fix up the Spirit Array, lest the other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters noticed that something was wrong.


On the other hand, Yang Kai cultivated in retreat inside the tree cave while refining Open Heaven Pills.


After waiting for a few days, the criminals on the Prison Star began to enter the dense forest in a steady stream, though the ones who came were not just the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. There were also Third-Order, Fourth-Order, and Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who either came alone or in small groups of three to five. It was thanks to Bai Mo, who loudly announced that his Master had joined forces with Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch to resist the participants of the Dao Theory Assembly whenever he came across others while on his way to deliver the original messages.


Many of the criminals on the Prison Star were currently operating without proper leadership, so learning that many foreign Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were going to participate in the Dao Theory Assembly had filled them with apprehension. Hence, they quickly came to join the undertaking upon hearing that two Sixth-Order Heavenly Monarchs were willing to lead the fight against the invaders from the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises. Unfortunately, their trip here was akin to a journey to the Yellow Springs!


Yang Kai didn’t even need to lift a finger as Hui Gu did all the work for him. Anybody who entered the forest was captured and brought to him alive before they were killed on the spot. It didn’t take more than a few days for more stars to appear on Yang Kai’s wristband. Moreover, the number of criminals who came to the forest increased as time passed and his gains increased accordingly.


Lu Jing couldn’t help feeling envious at the sight.


Right now, Yang Kai simply needed to sit on his hands and do nothing for the criminals to voluntarily arrive here and become part of his achievements. It was easy and convenient.


Even so, Lu Jing knew that there was nothing to be envious of. The only reason Yang Kai could harvest such gains so easily was thanks to his overwhelming strength. Without that strength backing him up, everything was just empty talk.


Half a month later, as many as 15 stars had lit up on the golden wristband. Excluding the five stars contributed by Ju Xian, the rest were obtained by killing criminals below the Sixth Order.


It had only been less than a month since the Dao Theory Assembly began, but Yang Kai had already obtained such astounding results. Lu Jing simply could not imagine who else could compete with Yang Kai at this rate. Even if the other participants sought out and killed criminals without pause, they still would not be as fast as Yang Kai.


This was all thanks to the huge effect of subduing Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch. Compared to killing him directly, it was undoubtedly more beneficial to make use of his connections and reputation.


On this day, Yang Kai was refining Open Heaven Pills inside the tree cave while Lu Jing quietly sat to the side. All of a sudden, they heard a loud roar coming from the outside, “Hui Gu, Ju Xian! This Monarch is here! Why haven’t you come out to greet me!?”


Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes, his eyes glinting with anticipation. [A big fish finally took the bait!]


Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch’s figure appeared inside the tree cave and cupped his fist, “Sir!”


“I know,” Yang Kai stood up slowly, “Who is here? How strong is he?”


Hui Gu replied, “The one who came is Shen Luo, also known as Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch. In terms of cultivation, he is a little weaker than me and Ju Xian, but not by much. Of course, he could never compare with you, Sir.”


Those words were not flattery. Having seen Yang Kai’s true strength, Hui Gu truly believed that nobody in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm could match up to Yang Kai. Only those in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm could suppress his monstrous strength.


“But, Shen Luo did not come alone. He brought many subordinates with him.”


There was a Spirit Array set up in this forest, which allowed him to observe the situation as long as another person entered its range.


“That’s perfect!” Yang Kai licked his lips and got to his feet, “I’ll leave the small fries to you. Shen Luo is mine.”


“Yes!” Hui Gu replied grimly.


Inside the Grand Array, the tall and bulky Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch shouted impatiently, “Hui Gu, Ju Xian, are you all deaf!? This Monarch came here on your invitation to discuss important matters! Why are you avoiding me!? What’s the meaning of this!?”


A Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master beside Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch furrowed his eyebrows deeply before whispering softly with a vigilant look on his face, “Sir, be careful. Something seems to be wrong here!”


Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch frowned at those words. He had not paid much attention earlier; after all, Hui Gu and Ju Xian were gathered here. Who would dare to be so blind as to cause trouble with two Sixth-Order Masters watching? Nevertheless, he immediately noticed that something was indeed wrong after being warned by his subordinate. This place seemed to be a little too quiet.


It wouldn’t have been strange if it was just Hui Gu as he didn’t have many subordinates in the first place. His only aid was Bai Mo, who was out delivering the messages; however, Ju Xian had quite a few subordinates under him.


[Why is there nobody around?] Just as that thought crossed Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch’s mind, two figures suddenly appeared in front of him with a whooshing sound.


He looked up and frowned before interrogating, “Hui Gu, what the Hell are you doing? Who is this guy? Where is Ju Xian?”


The unfamiliar young man looked down at him condescendingly. Those eyes contained an intriguing look that revealed a strong sense of aggression, which made Shen Luo feel very uncomfortable.


Hui Gu only said lightly, “Sorry!”


“What?” Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch was puzzled.


Yang Kai grinned at Shen Luo and answered, “Ju Xian is dead, but don’t worry, I’ll send you to meet him soon!”


Saying so, he suddenly appeared in front of Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch. They were so close that he was practically touching the Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch’s face.


Shocked, Shen Luo punched out on instinct. All the strength in his body was condensed in his fist and the World Force of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master erupted out!


Yang Kai also punched out in defence.


There was a loud explosion. Following the shockwaves of World Force, Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch felt as though a storm had blasted through his Small Universe, causing it to rock and tumble uncontrollably while his entire being was violently thrown out.


“Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!?” His expression changed drastically, “Are you from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises!?”


There were only 20 or so Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on the Prison Star, and all of them at least knew each other even if there was no friendship between them. However, Shen Luo had never seen this young man in front of him before.


There was only one explanation for the current situation. This young man was not one of the criminals from the Prison Star but one of the participants from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises!


“Hui Gu, how dare you collude with the Cave-Heavens and Paradises to destroy us!?” Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch roared furiously.


Hui Gu lowered his eyes, “I had no choice. Shen Luo, it’s every man for himself.”


Yang Kai laughed, “Forget that nonsense! Eat my fist!”


Another punch blasted out, causing Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch to stagger backwards. After exchanging just two blows, he had gotten a rough estimate of Yang Kai’s heritage. The World Force of the other party’s Small Universe was much stronger than his own.


[Didn’t they say that all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters participating in the Dao Theory Assembly are newly advanced with less than 100 years of experience!? How can a newly-advanced brat have such overwhelming strength!? Just where did this shitty piece of information come from!?] While those thoughts ran through his mind, a barrage of fist shadows entered his vision. Shen Luo did not dare to underestimate these attacks and could only defend himself desperately.


*Hong hong hong…* 


Explosions burst out one after another and his figure was steadily forced backwards. He was suppressed so badly that he could only defend himself without any ability to counterattack. When he turned to look at the side, he saw that the subordinates he brought with him were being indiscriminately bombarded with attacks from Hui Gu.


Although some of his subordinates were in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, it was impossible for them to resist against an established Sixth-Order Master. It was only a matter of time before they lost the battle and died.


[I can’t continue staying in this treacherous place! Once Hui Gu frees up his hands, he will surely join together with this young man. I might not escape alive if it turns into a two-on-one battle!] Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch frantically punched out as soon as that thought crossed his mind. Ignoring the lives of his subordinates, he forced Yang Kai back before turning to flee.


“Trying to run?” Yang Kai shouted and Space Principles fluctuated madly, turning the surrounding space viscous. At the same time, he activated Near Distant Horizon and the space around Shen Luo stretched out infinitely.


They were both Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, so Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch would not be completely suppressed by Yang Kai’s Space Techniques, but even so, his speed was greatly affected.


An overwhelming sense of crisis loomed over Shen Luo from behind, and with no other choice, he could only turn around to defend himself.


A series of explosions rang out again as Shen Luo felt a heavy blow striking his Small Universe World with every clash. The impact made all the vitality in his body roil violently and he felt dizzy as a result.


When another punch was thrown at him, he pulled back and hurriedly retreated. He looked down and saw that all the bones in his fists were showing in a bloody mess. Moreover, he could not suppress the uncontrollable trembling in his arms.


On the opposite side, the young man looked at Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch calmly. His leisurely manner seemed to indicate that he had not even used his full strength yet.


Spirit Collector Heavenly Monarch felt his heart sinking at the sight! He had a vague feeling in his heart that things would end badly for him today!


“If that’s all the strength you have, then… please die!” While Yang Kai was speaking, he reached out and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear into his grip. Lifting his spear, he thrust it out wildly.




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