Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4462, A Good Show


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In addition to the shock Wu Nian felt, his expression was filled with greed, [If I succeed in killing this brat, then all the stars on his wrist will be transferred to me! Even if I have to divide the spoils of war with Hui Gu, it will still be quite a considerable gain.]


Yin-Yang Cave Heaven announced a long time ago that anybody from the Prison Star who obtained great achievements in the Dao Theory Assembly would be set free. As one of the 36 Cave-Heavens, Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s promise was extremely credible.


Although Wu Nian did not know how many stars were needed to buy his freedom, he was certain it could not be too many. In other words, both he and Hui Gu would regain their freedom as long as they could kill the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in front of them.


“Attack!” He shouted and swung his longsword, lunging straight towards Yang Kai.


At the same time, the many Open Heaven Realm Masters surrounding Yang Kai quickly launched their respective Secret Techniques in unison.


*Hong hong hong…* 


The surrounding space around Yang Kai was filled with chaotic energy and his World Force became turbulent. Standing there, he resembled a lone wooden canoe in the middle of a storm. He swayed unsteadily and his figure instantly became drenched in blood.


After trying to defend against the attacks for some time, he turned around and fled.


“Where are you trying to run!?” Wu Nian roared. Such a good opportunity was right in front of him. If he did not seize this opportunity, then he might be trapped on the Prison Star for the rest of his life. While speaking, he raised his sword and stabbed at Yang Kai’s back with eyes filled with great excitement.


At that moment though, a sudden pain erupted from his back. It felt as though an entire world had slammed right into him. The Small Universe in his body became turbulent as a burst of stars danced in his vision and blood mist sprayed out of his mouth. He hastily turned back to look and saw Hui Gu, who had been following close behind him all this while, slowly retracting a palm with a cold and indifferent expression.


“You…” His eyes were filled with disbelief. He never imagined that Hui Gu would attack him from behind. [Why!? Could it be that he wants to devour all of that guy’s achievements himself!? But, can he guarantee that he can defeat this guy alone!? Besides, this guy has accumulated so many achievements! There’s more than enough to divide among ourselves! Why does he need to hog everything for himself!?]


Before Wu Nian could sort through his muddled thoughts, Yang Kai abruptly turned around even though he had been fleeing just now and thrust his spear out. The panicked expression from before had vanished without a trace and was replaced with a savage grin.


A sudden possibility struck Wu Nian. Looking horrified, he shouted, “Hui Gu, how dare you collude with outsiders!?”


Yang Kai burst out laughing, “What do you mean by colluding!? Hui Gu has been working for me all along!”


Wu Nian’s complexion instantly turned ashen! In the next moment, he was caught in a pincer between Hui Gu and Yang Kai. Not to mention, he was already severely injured from Hui Gu’s sneak attack earlier. How could he be an opponent in a two-against-one battle? It only took three breaths before he was beaten so badly that he was on the verge of death. Blood splattered wildly and his injuries became increasingly severe.


The Open Heaven Realm Masters who were surrounding Yang Kai earlier were dumbfounded at this sight. It was supposed to be a trap set up by Prison League to lure out their prey. Everything had been going well, so how did the situation turn around so quickly? It was very difficult for anybody to understand just what had happened.


The words that came out of Yang Kai’s mouth made their expressions change drastically though.


Void Mind Heavenly Monarch was currently stuck in a precarious situation. Seeing that he could lose his life at any moment, they did not dare to remain idle. They hurriedly scattered like birds and beasts, fleeing in all directions.


“Stand right there! Whoever runs will die!” Yang Kai raised his spear to bombard Wu Nian indiscriminately with a barrage of attacks. At the same time, he gave a loud roar and surged his Space Principles.


Nobody heeded Yang Kai’s words of course. If they did not escape now, they would simply be waiting to die; however, the space around them thickened and made them feel as though they were stuck in a quagmire. It was now difficult to take even a single step forward!


“Go!” Yang Kai ordered Hui Gu.


Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch immediately nodded, and with a shift of his body, he charged towards the fleeing Open Heaven Realm Masters. He was well-aware of Yang Kai’s abilities, so forget about the heavily injured Wu Nian, even if the latter had been in peak condition, he would still be no match for Yang Kai. There was nothing to be worried about. Besides, his cooperation with Yang Kai could not be exposed; otherwise, they would not have another chance to perform something like this again.


By the time Hui Gu captured all of the fleeing Open Heaven Realm Masters and sealed their cultivations, Yang Kai had stabbed more than ten gaping holes in Wu Nian’s body. Fresh blood and innards flowed out all over the ground. In addition, the pitch-black Golden Crow’s True Fire burned all over those wounds.


Wu Nian was doomed!


Hui Gu knew in his heart that it was impossible for anybody to recover from such injuries, even if an Open Heaven Realm Masters had great vitality. Logically speaking, it was impossible for a winner to be decided so quickly in a battle between Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Even if one party was no match for the other, the other party might be helpless if the former was determined to flee.


There were two reasons for this situation to occur. The first reason was that Wu Nian had been severely injured by Hui Gu in a sneak attack. The second reason was that Yang Kai’s strength was beyond the limits of those in the same Order. Wu Nian had no hope of escaping at all.


“Cough. Cough. Cough. Cough…” Wu Nian coughed violently and fell to one knee on the ground. Gripping the longsword in his hand, he forcefully propped himself up to prevent himself from falling down. He raised his eyes and glared at Hui Gu furiously, “Back-stabbing bastard! I will be waiting for you on the road to Hell!”


He sincerely believed that he would not have had such a tragic ending if Hui Gu had not attacked him from behind.


Hui Gu just stared back at Wu Nian indifferently and said nothing.


“Things are over here. You can head back first,” Yang Kai waved a hand at Hui Gu to dismiss the latter.


Wu Nian no longer had any strength left to resist. His vitality was slowly dispersing and he would die soon even if Yang Kai left him alone. On the other hand, the remaining Open Heaven Realm Masters had been imprisoned nearby by Hui Gu. They could not move a single muscle, so it was time to reap the harvest.


“I’m afraid I can’t go back like this,” Hui Gu said.


Yang Kai was taken aback by those words, but he understood immediately, “I was negligent.”


Yang Kai raised a hand and struck his palm towards Hui Gu. Hui Gu did not resist and just stood there to take the attack. His figure staggered unsteadily and blood spurted out of his mouth. After stabilising himself, he spoke with a pale complexion, “Sir, I’ll be leaving first!”


Yang Kai nodded and Hui Gu immediately soared into the sky and fled towards the place where he came from.


Wu Nian watched coldly, his expression forlorn. He simply could not understand why a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like Hui Gu would be so respectful towards a participant of the Dao Theory Assembly from the outside!


“Now… I’ll send you all to Hell!” Yang Kai grinned. Lifting his spear, he was about to land the killing blow when he suddenly turned to look in a certain direction and shouted, “Who goes there!?”


Ripples spread out through the surrounding space in that direction and four figures slowly emerged.


Yang Kai looked up, and his expression turned grim at the sight. That couldn’t be helped as he recognised two among these four people. Moreover, these two people held deep grudges towards him. They were Yin Xin Zhao from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven and Pei Wen Xuan from Myriad Demons Heaven!


[I can’t believe that they’re here!] Yang Kai was furious. He had been so focused on his fight with Wu Nian just now that he failed to notice anybody approaching this place, and it was too late by the time he did. [I wonder how long they’ve been here…]


These two had teamed up somehow, most likely due to the pressure from Prison League. Acting alone at this point was not safe, so they decided to cooperate with each other.


Aside from the two familiar faces, there were another two that Yang Kai didn’t recognize. One of them was covered in rich Demon Qi, so it was easy to see that he was a Myriad Demons Heaven disciple at a glance. The other person showed no noticeable characteristics, but was probably a disciple from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven.


Before Yang Kai revealed himself, only Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were supposed to participate in the Dao Theory Assembly, so both Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven or Myriad Demons Heaven had each registered a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm disciple for the Dao Theory Assembly.


However, the sudden appearance of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Yang Kai had muddied the waters. Only after his presence was revealed did the Cave-Heavens and Paradises adjust their strategies and register the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm disciples they brought along for the Dao Theory Assembly at the last moment.


Judging from the current situation, the other two were probably in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. They were most likely the original candidates chosen by Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven and Myriad Demons Heaven to participate in the Dao Theory Assembly!


The Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciple was unfamiliar to Yang Kai, so Yang Kai had probably never met him before.


On the other hand, the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from Myriad Demons Heaven seemed slightly familiar to Yang Kai. He had the vague feeling that he had met this person somewhere before. His memory was very good, so it only took him a moment of thought for him to recall where he had seen this person.


This Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had followed Ti Zheng to Shattered Heaven back then. Many Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises had joined forces to fight Zhu Jiu Yin outside Shadowless Cave Heaven, and this guy was one of them.


[Didn’t they say that Ti Zheng died in an unexpected accident? Why is this guy still alive?] Yang Kai was a little puzzled. Even so, he did not think too much about it. His current strength was so extraordinary that a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was not worth his attention.


On the contrary, that person smiled at Yang Kai, causing him to frown slightly at the sight.


“Oh, it’s you two.” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “How can I help you?”


He was secretly calculating what kind of consequences he would face if he went on a massacre in this place. With his current strength, it was not difficult for him to kill these four. Be it Yin Xin Zhao or Pei Wen Xuan, both of them had only advanced into the Open Heaven Realm recently, so they had probably only just stabilised their cultivations. As a result, they could not be considered strong amongst Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Unfortunately, it would probably be extremely hard to deal with the aftermath if he killed them. These two were Core Disciples of two Cave-Heavens after all.


Xu Ling Gong had claimed that the Dao Theory Assembly did not shy away from killing, so there should be no resentment even if disciples of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises died in this place.


That being said, the Cave-Heavens and Paradises would not leave the matter alone if the disciples belonging to them were to die. They might not do anything during the Dao Theory Assembly out of respect for Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, but they would definitely settle their grievances after it ended.


[What’s more, there’s no saying what kind of secret trump cards these two have on them. I might not get another chance if I fail to kill them in one attack.] As these thoughts flitted through Yang Kai’s mind, he gave up on the idea of killing them. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help feeling inwardly resentful. His actions were often hampered and obstructed without the backing of a powerful great force.


“I only planned to come over and watch the excitement when I heard the commotion, but I didn’t expect to enjoy such a good show!” Yin Xin Zhao clapped his hands softly with a meaningful expression on his face.


“A good show?” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Yin Xin Zhao chuckled, “Are you still trying to hide the truth at this point?”


Yang Kai was indifferent to those words, but he knew that Hui Gu’s identity had been exposed. These four had probably been here for a while now, so they witnessed everything that happened just now. An aggressive light involuntarily flashed through Yang Kai’s eyes as he felt the urge to silence the witnesses to his crime slowly rising.


“Cooperate with us and we’ll let you live!” Yin Xin Zhao’s expression suddenly sank. He looked at Yang Kai coldly and continued, “You should know that you won’t survive in your current state if I join forces with Senior Brother Pei. But, we are willing to let you live for the time being since you’re useful.”




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