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Martial Peak – Chapter 4463, Cooperation

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“Cooperate? How do we cooperate?” Yang Kai asked.


Yin Xin Zhao glanced at the golden wristband on Yang Kai’s wrist with a gloomy expression, “You sure have a lot of stars!”


When Yang Kai left the dense forest tree cave with Hui Gu, he had nearly 60 stars. Furthermore, he carried out ambushes three times in a row and killed more than 30 members of Prison League recently. Having obtained even more achievements, there were close to 70 stars now. The densely-packed stars twinkled at a glance.


On the contrary, there was not a single star on the golden wristband around Yin Xin Zhao’s wrist.


Yang Kai had failed to notice this fact at the beginning and couldn’t help feeling taken aback at the sight. Then, he looked over and realised that the same held true for Pei Wen Xuan.


This clearly did not make sense. Both of them were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so it was impossible for them to have zero achievements after entering the Prison Star for so long. Nevertheless, he immediately understood the situation when he looked at the two Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


The Fifth-Order Master of Myriad Demons Heaven only had a few stars on his wristband, which was hardly note-worthy.


On the other hand, the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven standing behind Yin Xin Zhao had nearly 30 stars!


Judging from the situation, the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven had been tasked with dealing the killing blow for all the enemies that these four had defeated to absorb the achievements. In this way, they might succeed in pushing this person into the top position and ultimately win the Dao Theory Assembly.


When killing the criminals, the others would not receive a share of the achievements as long as they stood outside a 300 metres range. It was obvious that Yin Xin Zhao and Pei Wen Xuan had continuously captured and imprisoned the criminals they encountered, then let the Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciple deal the killing blow. That was how the Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciple obtained so many stars.


As for how the two had secretly reached this agreement where Myriad Demons Heaven represented by Pei Wen Xuan willingly gave up their qualification in the Dao Theory Assembly, it was not something Yang Kai could guess.


In this way, even if the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven won the Dao Theory Assembly, he could enter Yin-Yang Cave Heaven without any worries. All Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven would lose was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, which was their original plan.


They originally thought that this achievement was enough for them to stand out from the crowd, and it was not until they met Yang Kai that they realised how great the difference was. It was almost two times the difference. Moreover, it had to be said that the four of them had been working together while Yang Kai was working alone.


Combining everything they had witnessed earlier, Yin Xin Zhao couldn’t help admiring Yang Kai’s intelligence. It was clearly much more convenient to have somebody on the inside of Prison League. Although he did not know why a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was acting in complicity with Yang Kai, it was only natural that he made good use of the weakness that he discovered; otherwise, it would be a huge waste of such a great opportunity.


“You have quite a lot yourselves,” Yang Kai said lightly with a pointed glance at the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven.


“Stop wasting time on nonsense. Right now, you only have two options to choose from,” Yin Xin Zhao looked confident that he had Yang Kai in the palm of his hand, so he simply declared, “First, I join forces with Brother Pei and kill you.”


Yang Kai’s expression darkened, “Where do you get your confidence from?”


Yin Xin Zhao chuckled, “It has not been long since we all advanced into the Open Heaven Realm. Nobody is stronger than the other by much. How long do you think you can hold out if Brother Pei and I work together to take you down? If we kill you, all the stars that you possess will become ours.”


The two of them were confident that they could kill Yang Kai if it really came down to a fight, but they would have to pay quite a heavy price to do so. He might even severely injure one of them during the process. The risk was too great.


Besides, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was not an easy opponent to contend with in a life-and-death battle. They could not guarantee that the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven could obtain all of the achievements on Yang Kai’s wrist alone.


The most likely outcome was that he and Pei Wen Xuan would be forced to deal a killing blow, leading to Yang Kai’s death. If that was the case, the achievements on Yang Kai’s wrist would be evenly split between them. It would not benefit the overall situation; after all, they had to make sure that the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven came out on top.


Yang Kai’s expression was solemn and his eyes were filled with rage and resentment. A fierce energy lingered around his body, as though he was going to attack at any time.


Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao stepped forward together. One of them was sneering while murderous intent surged in the other’s eyes. Both of their auras were locked firmly on Yang Kai.


There seemed to be an invisible collision of the World Force which shook the surrounding space, causing the Void around them to ripple unstably.


A long time passed before Yang Kai suddenly turned pale. Clutching at his chest, he staggered backwards and coldly snorted, “What’s the second option?”


Yin Xin Zhao slowly shook his head, “Since you refused a toast, you must drink a loss. Why do this? The second option is obviously to cooperate with us. We will carry out a massacre with the help of your spy in Prison League!”


Yang Kai’s expression became ugly, “It looks like I don’t really have a choice.”


Yin Xin Zhao smiled and nodded, “A wise man submits to his circumstances!”


“I can cooperate with you, but I will need compensation,” Yang Kai said.


“Compensation? You want compensation?” Yin Xin Zhao frowned deeply and looked at Yang Kai strangely.


“You want to make use of my spy and take all the merits from me. Why shouldn’t I get some compensation?” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “If you won’t agree, then we might as well fight to the death here. We will see who has the last laugh.”


Yin Xin Zhao looked a little taken aback, “What do you want as compensation?”


He secretly decided that he would immediately kill Yang Kai if his demands went overboard. In any case, with their current achievements, there was probably nobody else who could surpass them. It would be easy for them to obtain the top position as long as they killed Yang Kai.


“Anything!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.


Yin Xin Zhao was startled for a moment. Only then did he understand something. [Yang Kai is giving himself a way out! Why else will he say something like that? We are Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters after all. Who would want to be embarrassed in public?]


Failing to stifle his laughter, Yin Xin Zhao casually fiddled around with his Space Ring before tossing a spare ring towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai caught the Space Ring and stuffed the ring into his pocket without even looking at the contents.


“It’s okay now, right?” Yin Xin Zhao asked impatiently.


Yang Kai remained silent and did not reply.


Yin Xin Zhao turned and shot a look at the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master beside him, “Zhuang Wei, do it!”


The Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master called Zhuang Wei immediately nodded in response, “Yes, Senior Brother!”


Striding forward, he walked until he came to stand in front of Yang Kai and stretched out his hand, “Please move aside!”


Yang Kai glanced at Zhuang Wei. How could he not know what Zhuang Wei wanted to do? Annoyed, he coldly snorted and moved a thousand metres away with a flash of his body.


Zhuang Wei came to stand in front of Wu Nian and stared at the other party greedily. He had been under the protection of two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters all this while, so he was practically invincible in this place. Even so, he had never killed a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master before. It was a stroke of luck that he gained this opportunity for free today, so he had to fully enjoy the feeling of killing a stronger opponent with such ease.


Wu Nian had one last dying breath left in him. Glaring fiercely at Zhuang Wei, he suddenly flicked the longsword in his hand to stab at him.


Zhuang Wei jumped in fright and hurriedly backed away only to realise that the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in front of him barely had any strength left. Even this last attack turned out to be very weak and feeble. Becoming angry out of shame, Zhuang Wei stepped forward and slapped a palm out.


Wu Nian didn’t even make a sound as his head was pounded straight into his chest cavity.


A black light flew out and plunged into the golden wristband around Zhuang Wei’s wrist, instantly lighting up five stars. Zhuang Wei was overjoyed. Afterwards, he walked towards the many Prison League members nearby who had been subdued and imprisoned by Hui Gu earlier.


Ignoring the begging cries for mercy from those people, he killed them all with a palm strike for each person. It was an easy harvest. Following that, the number of stars on his golden wristband soared by more than 10, causing him to smile happily.


He had more than 30 stars in the first place, so now that the number had gone up by more than ten, Zhuang Wei had a total of 40 stars on his wristband. Aside from Yang Kai, nobody else on the Prison Star could possibly have an achievement higher than his.


At present, the Dao Theory Assembly was only halfway through the one-year period. With the help of Yang Kai and the spy inside Prison League, it was only a matter of time before he took the top spot in the competition. His heart immediately burned with excitement when he imagined that he would have a wife like Qu Hua Shang in the future.


There was no denying that he was an outstanding talent in Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven; even so, he was a far cry from a Core Disciple like Yin Xin Zhao. Zhuang Wei would not have been dispatched to participate in the Dao Theory Assembly otherwise; after all, the Sects were fully prepared to part with the disciples dispatched to participate in the Dao Theory Assembly. To put it in more realistic terms, these people were dispensable existences to the great forces behind them.


The Young Master of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven… That position was much higher than Zhuang Wei’s current status; however, not everybody was qualified to become the Young Master of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. Only the Husbands of the top Core Disciples in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven had this qualification.




Hui Gu fled back to Prison League Headquarters at Yellow Spring Cave. He was drenched in blood and his aura was very weak.


The Vice League Master, Firm Gold Heavenly Monarch Jin Gang. was on duty at the time. Upon hearing the news, he was shocked and hurriedly came forward to investigate the situation. He examined Hui Gu’s injuries inside the secret room and asked solemnly, “What the Hell happened, Brother Hui Gu!? Where is Brother Wu Nian?”


Hui Gu immediately looked depressed, “I’m afraid Brother Wu Nian is gone… Vice League Master, we were ambushed! Not a single Brother survived. I’m the only one who managed to escape!”


“Ambushed?” Jin Gang’s eyes widened at those words, “Who did it?”


Hui Gu shook his head, “I don’t know which Cave-Heaven or Paradise they belonged to.”


Jin Gang said, “You and Wu Nian are both in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm; moreover, you brought so many others with you. To think they managed to defeat all of you… What’s more, even Wu Nian lost his life in this battle. Just how many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were there?”


“At least three, maybe more,” Hui Gu made up nonsense on the spot. Both he and Wu Nian were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm after all. It would not make sense if there were too few enemies.


Jin Gang’s expression became slightly more solemn than before, “This is a very important matter. You will come with me to meet the League Master and report this matter to him personally.”


Hui Gu couldn’t help feeling guilty, “Meet the League Master…”


“We can’t afford to delay any longer! Let’s go now!” Jin Gang did not allow Hui Gu to make any objections. Grabbing Hui Gu by the arm, he quickly departed.


A short while later, they met with Prison League’s League Master, Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch. Hui Gu repeated his prepared speech once more and lowered his head, “League Master, this Hui Gu failed his duties and caused Prison League to suffer severe losses. I ask that you punish me.”


Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch was a famous figure and also the strongest Master on the Prison Star. If that was not the case, he could not have taken the position of League Master. He glanced at Hui Gu lightly and said, “I know what you and Wu Nian are capable of. The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who participated in the Dao Theory Assembly had only advanced recently. Even if they had the advantage in numbers, how did you lose so badly?”



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