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Martial Peak – Chapter 4464, Who Is This Guy

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Hui Gu lowered his head in response, “We were too careless.”


Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch Huang Quan, looked at Hui Gu quietly with a gaze that was very deep. Hui Gu was stared at so intently that he became scared. [Could it be that he noticed something? If my identity is exposed here, then I’m a goner.]


He might be in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but he was weaker than both Huang Quan and Jin Gang. Not to mention, this was Prison League’s Headquarters. There were eight other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters gathered in this place, aside from him. If his identity was exposed, then only death would await him.


“Where were you ambushed? Bring me there.” Just as Hui Gu was worrying about his gains and losses, Huang Quan suddenly spoke up.


Hui Gu knew that he could not refuse, so he could only bite the bullet and agree.


A short while later, three figures rose into the sky and headed in a certain direction.


While leading the League Master and one of the Vice League Masters to investigate the remaining traces of the battlefield, Hui Gu tried to send a message to Yang Kai on multiple occasions but failed to make contact with him. He did not know whether Huang Quan could detect anything from the remaining traces of the battlefield. Nevertheless, he had the vague feeling that he was going to be in great trouble soon. He secretly decided to flee as soon as things turned south. That way, he might still have a chance of survival.


Half a day later, the three of them arrived at the previous battlefield and landed amidst the corpses. There was a patch of blood that had yet to dry staining the ground. The traces of a battle between Open Heaven Realm Masters remained in the surroundings; moreover, the corpses that had long lost their vitality were strewn everywhere.


Firm Gold Heavenly Monarch Jin Gang stepped forward and came to stand in front of a corpse. After a careful investigation, his expression became solemn, “Brother Wu Nian…”


This person was obviously the late Void Mind Heavenly Monarch. It was just that his head had been smashed into his chest cavity.


Meanwhile, Huang Quan did not say anything. He simply swept his gaze over the entire battlefield before he gently closed his eyes and quietly perceived his surroundings.


Hui Gu stood behind Huang Quan, his eyes shifting nervously. He secretly thought to himself, [If I attack Huang Quan right now, can I kill him on the spot…]


If he could kill Huang Quan, then only the Jin Gang would be left. Although he was no match for Jin Gang, he was confident that he could escape. Not all Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were as sickeningly powerful as Yang Kai. [But, if I fail to kill him in one move, then I will be stuck in between two top Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. In my current state, death is the most likely outcome!]


Just as Hui Gu was being indecisive, Huang Quan suddenly jerked open his eyes and spoke with a frown, “Three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters left traces of their aura here!”


[Three?] Hui Gu couldn’t help being stunned. [What does he mean by three? Aside from Prison League, only Yang Kai was here earlier. Could it be that two others came by later? This is really helpful!]


Feeling considerably relieved, Hui Gu quickly followed Huang Quan’s lead and said, “At the time, one person held me back while the other two joined forces against Brother Wu Nan. In the end…”


A cold light flashed through Huang Quan’s eyes, “These people from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises are too presumptuous! How dare they bully us like this!? Do they think Prison League will take this lying down!?” He turned to look at Wu Nian’s corpse and quickly added, “Rest assured, Brother Wu Nian. Prison League will definitely avenge you!”


He instructed Jin Gang to carefully retrieve Wu Nian’s corpse. Afterwards, the three of them returned the way they came.




Inside their hiding place, Lu Jing glanced curiously at the four people who entered together with Yang Kai. He might not recognise these people, but that did not prevent him from sensing their overwhelming strength. None of them were people he could afford to provoke, especially the two who were filled with abundant Demon Qi. He could tell that they were Myriad Demons Heaven disciples at a glance.


“Find a place to stay yourselves. I’ll notify you once I receive further news,” Yang Kai said before he headed towards his own room.


Yin Xin Zhao threatened darkly from behind, “Don’t make us wait for too long. We don’t have much patience.”


Yang Kai coldly snorted and ignored Yin Xin Zhao. Behind him came Yin Xin Zhao’s low laughter filled with pure delight.


“Mo Sheng, tidy up that area.” Pei Wen Xuan instructed.


“Yes, Senior Brother Pei!” The Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who had been following closely behind Pei Wen Xuan all this while responded respectfully. He walked over to the side of the cave and wrapped his hands with Demon Qi. It didn’t take long before he built a simple cave mansion by the side.


On the other side, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged with a shocked and suspicious expression on his face. [The Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who has been following behind Pei Wen Xuan is called Mo Sheng!? Did I mishear? Or, is it just a similar-sounding name?]


Great Demon God was also called Mo Sheng. It was just that Yang Kai and the other Great Emperors from the star Boundary had joined forces to kill him. In the end, Wu Kuang had used his Heaven Devouring Battle Law to devour Mo Sheng’s body and seized control of it. It could also be considered another method of possession. He later left the Star Boundary and there had been no news from him since then.


Wu Kuang was a man of great aptitude and talent. If not, he could not have single-handedly created a Heaven-defying Secret Art like the Heaven Devouring Battle Law all by himself. Back in the Star Boundary, he had been publicly acknowledged as the strongest Master in the Star Boundary’s history. Many Great Emperors had died at his hands during the Great Emperor War in the Shattered Star Sea.


Yang Kai naturally did not have a good impression of Wu Kuang as he was both cruel and brutal in both his temperament and methods. Wu Kuang was definitely not a compassionate man; hence, Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief when he left the Star Boundary for the Outer Universe to seek a higher Martial Dao. The truth was that he would not have felt at ease if Wu Kuang had remained in the Star Boundary.


After leaving the Star Boundary, Yang Kai didn’t even bother to search for news about Wu Kuang. There wasn’t any friendship between them, so he did not care whether the other party was dead or alive.


[I can’t believe I ran into a guy called Mo Sheng in this place! Out of all the coincidences, he also turned out to be from Myriad Demons Heaven! But, his appearance is completely different from either Mo Sheng or Wu Kuang… Is he another person called Mo Sheng? Or, is he Wu Kuang in disguise?] Yang Kai suddenly recalled something else. [This guy went to Shattered Heaven with Ti Zheng. Ti Zheng died back then, so how did he survive?]


Yang Kai was unable to understand the situation, but he was in no position to recklessly investigate anything either. As such, he could only wallow in his questions.


Besides, he was currently stuck in an uncomfortable situation. Yin Xin Zhao and Pei Wen Xuan had learned the secret about his cooperation with Hui Gu, but he could not silence the witnesses to his crime. Since it was not convenient for him to take action, he could only try to murder them with a borrowed knife! There were many on the Prison Star who were capable of killing these two after all.


[I will need to borrow the strength of Prison League.] Immersing his mind into his thoughts, Yang Kai began to form a vague plan. If everything went well, then Yin Xin Zhao and Pei Wen Xuan would both die on the Prison Star before long.


As time passed, Yang Kai led Yin Xin Zhao, Pei Wen Xuan and the other two out to hunt several times according to the information that continued to come from Hui Gu. Needless to say, they obtained great benefits every time.


The stars on the golden wristband of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master called Zhuang Wei increased steadily and soon reached a point where he was about to surpass Yang Kai. The smooth progress delighted him greatly. The four of them had spent a lot of effort over the past six months searching everywhere and eventually accumulating around 30 stars. However, ever since they met Yang Kai, he had gained the same amount of achievement from before in less than a month’s time. It was only recently that he understood how Yang Kai had obtained all those stars.


He secretly thought to himself, [If Senior Brother Yin and Senior Brother Pei kill that Yang Kai, then it’s a given that I will obtain the top spot in the Dao Theory Assembly.]


With the great hope of winning the Dao Theory Assembly in his heart, Zhuang Wei was always the most enthusiastic of them all whenever they moved out.


While Zhuang Wei was making great progress, Yang Kai’s plan was slowly moving forward. There were less than five months left before the Dao Theory Assembly ended, but that was ample time. He had nothing to worry about yet.


On the other hand, Yang Kai tried numerous times to probe into the identity of the guy called Mo Sheng. Unfortunately, his efforts were fruitless. He could not figure out the other party’s identity and after multiple failed attempts, he decided to ignore Mo Sheng instead so as not to reveal anything.


On a certain day, Yang Kai received another message from Hui Gu. He had only just finished checking the message when Zhuang Wei’s figure appeared at the entrance of the cave and asked excitedly, “Did you receive new information again?”


“That’s right. A patrol will be dispatched from Prison League tomorrow. The team will be led by two Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and there will be twelve people in total!”


“That’s great!” Zhuang Wei grinned. Glancing at Yang Kai, he added in admiration, “You’re amazing too. Don’t worry. I will speak to Senior Brother Yin and Senior Brother Pei on your behalf when the Dao Theory Assembly ends. Disputes should be resolved rather than settled!”


“Many thanks,” Yang Kai chuckled.


Zhuang Wei nodded. When he turned around, a hint of coldness flashed through his eyes. He knew very well that Yin Xin Zhao and Pei Wen Xuan were simply making use of Yang Kai’s inside connection for the time being. Those two were waiting until the Dao Theory Assembly was about to end to kill Yang Kai; after all, Yang Kai’s spy would no longer be useful at that time. Not to mention, killing him meant that they would also obtain the considerable achievements that he accumulated.


Zhuang Wei’s words just now were only to appease Yang Kai. How could he possibly upset Yin Xin Zhao and Pei Wen Xuan for the sake of an outsider?


The next day, the four of them walked out of their hiding spot and headed in a certain direction under Yang Kai’s guidance.


Hui Gu was currently serving as one of the Protectors of the Prison League. It was a high-level position that came with great authority; hence, it was easy for him to investigate and even influence the route of Prison League’s patrols.


It was only possible for Yang Kai and the others to kill all those Prison League members previously thanks to the information that Hui Gu provided. The Prison Star was so vast after all, so Yang Kai would have no idea where to find these people otherwise.


Yang Kai landed in a mountain valley surrounded on all sides a short time later.


“Is it here?” Zhuang Wei asked.


“The patrol will pass this place in an hour. Get ready.” Yang Kai did not bother to explain further.


Having experienced this situation countless times by now, they were naturally familiar with this situation. They each used their respective Secret Techniques to conceal their auras and hid in the shadows to quietly lie in wait.




In Prison League’s Headquarters, Hui Gu was on duty when he suddenly heard the gloomy tolling of a bell resounding throughout the Yellow Spring Cave.


The tolling of this bell meant that the League Master had issued a summoning order. More importantly, the bell would not be rung unless it was an urgent matter. This was the first time Hui Gu heard the bells ever since he joined the Prison League.


Instructing his subordinate to take over his duties, Hui Gu rushed towards the Main Conference Hall. He glanced around upon reaching the hall and saw that many people were gathered here. There were as many as four Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who arrived and League Master Huang Quan sat in the main seat. To the left and right sides below him sat the two Vice League Masters, Firm Gold Heavenly Monarch and Blue Flame Heavenly Monarch, Cang Yan.


Hui Gu bowed to the League Master and the Vice League Masters before he went to his seat and sat down. For some reason, he felt extremely uneasy, as if something very bad was about to happen.



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