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Martial Peak – Chapter 4468, This Old Master Fears No Man

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Inside the palace outside the Prison Star was an enormous sand table which displayed the landscape of the entire Universe World. Moreover, there were many golden and black lights moving about. Each golden light represented one of the cultivators participating in the Dao Theory Assembly while each black light represented one of the criminals on the Prison Star.


Furthermore, the brightness of these golden and black lights varied slightly depending on their respective cultivation. The brightest lights among the golden and black lights were undoubtedly the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on both sides. There were not many of them, only 20 to 30 in total.


The Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Elders of the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises who brought their disciples here did not remain idle. They took turns to stay around the sand table to monitor the progress of the assembly.


Half a year had gone by and the Dao Theory Assembly was moving along smoothly. They occasionally observed numerous golden and black lights vanishing from the sand table, which represented the deaths of the participating cultivators or criminals.


However, what interested most of the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters was one of the golden lights. Judging by the brightness of the light, that person was undoubtedly in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. He had joined up with one of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm criminals on the Prison Star from the beginning of the Dao Theory Assembly and had been almost inseparable since, killing countless people together.


It was not until the establishment of the Prison League that these two finally went their separate ways. The black light that represented the criminal had joined the Prison League; meanwhile, the golden light did not settle down for long before he joined another group of four participants. Nobody knew the exact identity of those four, but it was certain that these four were disciples of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises. That was because two of them were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Although there was no way to see what was actually happening on the Prison Star, all of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters monitoring the sand table were experienced veterans, so how could they not have some guesses after seeing the current situation?


The biggest possibility was that one of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm criminals on the Prison Star had been incited to defect and became an agent for one of the participants. With the help of this spy, that participant repeatedly attacked and successfully killed a number of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm criminals to obtain an amazing number of achievements.


While the Elders looked approving, they also couldn’t help being curious as to which Cave-Heaven or Paradise this person belonged to. Such methods and skills would really make his Sect proud. It had to be said that it was not an easy feat to incite a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm criminal to defect. What kind of benefits were promised to make an enemy turn into an ally?


During their discussion, some of them even went to ask Xu Ling Gong about this matter. The sand table was created by Yin-Yang Cave Heaven after all, so just because the others did not know who the lights represented did not mean that Xu Ling Gong did not. Unexpectedly, the old ghost claimed that he did not know the situation on the Prison Star either. Everybody had no choice but to wait patiently; after all, everything would eventually become clear when the Dao Theory Assembly ended.


On this day, however, the Elders gathered around the sand table were arguing fiercely in front of Xu Ling Gong.


This couldn’t be helped as the little ones working together had accidentally fallen into Prison League’s trap. As a result, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had been killed on the spot. Although two had managed to escape, the remaining two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters seemed to have been captured alive. There was a high possibility that they would die if they were not rescued soon.


The Prison League had deployed nine Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in this ambush, so the little ones were practically powerless to resist.


More importantly, none of the Elders knew which Sect those two captured Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters belonged to. What if they belonged to their own Sect?


Disciples who directly broke through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were geniuses that only appeared once every thousand years even for a Cave Heaven or Paradise and would eventually become future pillars of their respective great forces. They could not be allowed to die during this Dao Theory Assembly. For that reason, the Elders of the dozen or so Cave-Heavens and Paradises joined together to pressure Xu Ling Gong to open the Prison Star Grand Array so that they could rescue their Disciples.


When Xu Ling Gong completely ignored their demands, the scene became a huge chaotic mess as a huge battle threatened to break out among them.


“Xu Ling Gong, are you going to open the Prison Star Grand Array or not?” Duan Rui Shan of Clear Mind Heaven glared at Xu Ling Gong with a vicious expression.


“The Dao Theory Assembly lasts for one year. Nobody can intervene until it ends.” Xu Ling Gong looked at Duan Rui Shan coldly.


“Brother Xu, we understand that you are in a difficult position, but there has been such a huge change in the Dao Theory Assembly. You have to be accommodating. All the most elite Core Disciples of our Sects are inside. What if something goes wrong…” Lu Zhen Yang of Azure Nether Paradise tried to be understanding.


“That is their fate!” Xu Ling Gong coldly snorted, “Before the Dao Theory Assembly began, this Monarch warned that this assembly was a matter of life and death. The participants had to bear the consequences themselves. Since they chose to participate in this event, then they should have prepared themselves for the possibility of death!”


“Brother Xu, the Prison Star Grand Array might be excellent, but it cannot stop so many of us,” Zhuo Bu Qun of Asura Heaven looked at Xu Ling Gong.


Xu Ling Gong turned to look in his direction and coldly snorted, “Are you trying to threaten me? This Old Master fears no man! If you plan to marry this Xu Ling Gong’s Disciple, then you have to bring out the best of your abilities! If they die during the Dao Theory Assembly, then that means they are not qualified enough! Let’s see who dares to break through the Prison Star Grand Array! If any of you dare to interfere in the Dao Theory Assembly, then don’t blame this Old Master for opposing you!”


“Brother Xu, are you really going to be so unaccommodating!?”


“I dare you to come!” He snarled back, “Send a message to the Ancestor! Tell him that our ‘guests’ are looking to cause trouble in the Dao Theory Assembly. This Old Master alone is not their opponent, so he must beseech the Ancestor to come forward and preside over the situation! Also, activate the Prison Star Grand Array’s defences to their limit and place disciples to stand guard outside it! Anybody who dares to invade is to be killed without mercy!”


“This Disciple obeys!” Behind him, Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui cupped their fists before they turned around and rushed into the depths of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


All the Elders of the major Cave-Heavens and Paradises went pale…


Ancestors and Supreme Elders of Cave-Heavens were Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. There were more than a dozen Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters present, but they might not be an Ancestor’s opponent even if they all worked together.


“Old Xu, why disturb the Ancestor over such a trivial matter?” Somebody stood forward to try and smooth things over.


Xu Ling Gong stubbornly refused to back down, “You forced my hand!”


That person sighed and shook his head, “You won’t have any friends if you act like this.”


“Friends!?” Xu Ling Gong sneered coldly and swept his gaze over the crowd, “If you thought of this Old Master as a friend, then you wouldn’t have tried so hard to marry those incompetent wastes of yours to this Old Master’s Disciple! Aren’t you the ones who didn’t give this Old Master any face at all!?” 


He smashed his fist into the sand table while speaking. There was a loud crash, then the sand table cracked into pieces, “Get out! Their lives are in the hands of fate! Regardless of whose disciples die inside, you will simply have to accept the losses! The Dao Theory Assembly is for this Old Master to choose a Husband for his Disciple, not for your incompetent disciples to play house!”




Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui headed into the depths of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven while Qing Kui scratched his head and asked, “Are we really going to inform the Ancestor?”


“Are you stupid?” Su Ying Xue rolled her eyes at him, “Honoured Master didn’t mean those words. Did you really take them for the truth?”


“Then, what are we…”


She explained, “We don’t need to inform the Ancestor, but we do need to drag out the disciples remaining in the Sect to put on a show. Otherwise, it would be very embarrassing for Honoured Master after everything he said.”


Qing Kui showed a look of understanding.


A short while later, many Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciples flew over and surrounded the Prison Star.


The Elders felt their facial muscles twitching at the sight, but nobody clamoured to enter the Prison Star to check on the situation again. None of them knew whether one of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Supreme Elders was watching from the shadows, so they were afraid of causing big trouble if they forced their way into the Prison Star.




Inside the Prison Star, Yang Kai was refining Open Heaven Pills in his new hiding place leisurely while Hui Gu was still recovering from his injuries.


The Dao Theory Assembly now only had three or four months left until it ended, and Yang Kai had accumulated more than enough achievements by now, so he was no longer eager to act.


Besides, he was not too worried that somebody might overtake his achievements. With the establishment of Prison League, all the criminals on the Prison Star were now huddling together to keep warm. The others would have a hard time killing many criminals even if they wanted to. It could be said that it was very unlikely for anybody to surpass his achievements.


The days slipped by just like that, and regardless of the situation outside, the place where Yang Kai and the two others were hiding was very peaceful.


On this day, Yang Kai suddenly sensed something and abruptly opened his eyes; then, his figure instantly vanished from the spot.


300 kilometres away, Yang Kai reappeared in the middle of the sky where a stream of light was rushing straight at him. The stream of light seemed startled to see someone blocking their way all of a sudden. Following that, the wooden sword in the other party’s hand danced lightly to form a mysterious pattern in the air before slashing down at him. The pattern contained a peculiar energy that was as gentle as the wind, belying its shockingly destructive force it contained.


Yang Kai dodged the attack lightly and shouted, “As expected, it’s Senior Brother Ning! For a moment, I thought I perceived wrongly.”


The stream of light charging towards Yang Kai paused for a moment before the brightness dissipated to reveal a figure. It was Ning Dao Ran of Free and Unfettered Paradise!


“Junior Brother Yang?” Ning Dao Ran looked astonished. He spun the wooden sword in his hand to hold his sword behind his back before he exhaled deeply in relief, “I thought the people from the Prison League caught up to me.”


“Are you injured, Senior Brother Ning?” Yang Kai glanced at Ning Dao Ran’s chest where there was a patch of blood that was still wet.


Ning Dao Ran’s expression changed drastically, “Junior Brother Yang, we need to go! I have pursuers behind me!”


“Come!” Yang Kai rushed over to grab Ning Dao Ran. Manipulating Space Principles, he returned to his hiding place with a flicker of his figure. At the same time, his Divine Sense surged to isolate the auras inside.


A short while later, the sound of people flying through the air passed over their heads and disappeared into the distance.


Inside the hiding place, Ning Dao Ran breathed a sigh of relief and glanced suspiciously at Hui Gu, who was sitting nearby, “This is…”


“This is Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch. The Heavenly Monarch has repented for his mistakes and turned over a new leaf. He has helped me greatly during this time.”


Ning Dao Ran nodded, “Every man has his faults, but the ability to repent for one’s mistakes is admirable! Ning Dao Ran of Free and Unfettered Paradise greets you, Senior Brother Hui Gu!”


Hui Gu returned the greeting, “You are too polite, Junior Brother Ning.”


Lu Jing also came over to introduce himself. He might be the Young League Master of the Gathering Yuan Union, but there was a huge gap between his status and the status of somebody like Ning Dao Ran; hence, he wanted to use this opportunity to become acquainted. Who could say whether this connection might come in handy in the future?


“Senior Brother Ning, who injured you?” Yang Kai asked in concern.


Ning Dao Ran gave a bitter laugh, “Have you heard of the Prison League?”


Yang Kai and Hui Gu exchanged a wry glance with each other as Prison League could not be more familiar to them.


Ning Dao Ran explained, “There is a man known as Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch on the Prison Star, who established the Prison League and recruited all the surviving criminals under his banner. He presently has seven Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters under his command, which gives him an advantage in numbers. They are currently actively eliminating the cultivators participating in the Dao Theory Assembly. I accidentally exposed my whereabouts, so…”



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