Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4471, Why Must You Force Me


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“What is the meaning of this!?” Lin Feng looked around with an ugly expression.


“Senior Brother Lin, please stay out of this!” The young man confronting him quickly said, “Otherwise, this Junior Brother will be very troubled.”


Like Lin Feng, he was a Core Disciple from one of the Cave Heavens and Paradises. As an existence who also advanced directly into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, his strength was on par with Lin Feng’s; hence, they would be evenly matched if it came down to a fight. Neither could defeat the other. Moreover, their actions would simply harm the peace between them.


It was not just Lin Feng. Ning Dao Ran and Gu Pan were in similar situations. Only Yang Kai and Hui Gu were each facing two newly-advanced Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on their own.


Upon seeing this situation, how could Lin Feng not know what Zhao Xing and the others were planning?


Hui Gu was a veteran Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. The cultivators who came to intercept them knew that they were not his opponents on their own; therefore, they assigned two people to stop him 


On the other hand, there were also two people surrounding Yang Kai…


It would seem that the real target of Zhao Xing and the others was Yang Kai. They were all newly-advanced Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters with less than 100 years of experience, so it was impossible for Yang Kai to come out on top in a two-on-one battle. As long as they eliminated Yang Kai, Zhao Xing and the other guy would be free to assist in getting rid of Hui Gu. Even Hui Gu would be in danger if he had to face four enemies at once.


As for Lin Feng, Ning Dao Ran, and Gu Pan… Lin Feng was not worried. With their forces behind them, Zhao Xing and the others would never kill them unless they wanted to start a war between their respective Sects.


But… were two trivial newly-advanced Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters enough to defeat Yang Kai?


Zhao Xing turned to look at Lin Feng, “Brother Lin, please don’t be impatient. Just wait by the side for a bit. This Zhao will apologise to you after finishing up here!”


“You don’t understand anything.” Lin Feng slowly shook his head, “Stop doing something pointless. Let’s end this incident here.”


Yang Kai was a master of the Dao of Space, so such obstructions were simply child’s play to him. The truth was that he was perfectly capable of escaping at any time. Unfortunately, Zhao Xing and the others were completely oblivious to that fact and foolishly believed that victory was within their grasp.


Zhao Xing replied, “Brother Lin, please have some self-respect! Don’t harm the relationship between us fellow brothers!” After saying that, he turned to look at Yang Kai and smiled, “Thousand Cranes Paradise Zhao Xing!”


The other young man with a jade-like appearance also bowed his head and introduced himself, “Huang An Yi of Pure Yang Cave Heaven!”


Yang Kai looked at them with an indifferent and expressionless look on his face.


Zhao Xing continued smiling as he asked, “Are you going to kill yourself, or do you want Senior Brother Huang and I to kill you instead? If you choose to kill yourself, you can choose a comfortable way to die. You will get to keep a whole corpse and I guarantee that your body will be brought back and delivered to Void Land for burial. But, if Senior Brother Huang and I take action, I cannot guarantee how much of your corpse will be left.”


Huang An Yi followed up, “I do not wish to attack you either, not unless there is no other choice. We might all be Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, but we are from the Cave Heavens and Paradises. It will be bad for our reputation if word spreads that we killed you in a two-on-one fight. It’s a pity…” 


He glanced at the stars on Yang Kai’s wrist and slowly shook his head, “The tree which rises too far above the forest is bound to be destroyed by the wind!”


“Hah!” Yang Kai looked up at the sky and let out a soft sigh. His expression seemed rather annoyed, “How irritating!”


Zhao Xing and Huang An Yi were stunned to hear those words. Zhao Xing laughed, “You’re right. There are certainly many troublesome matters in the world. Grievances, fame, and fortune entangle people’s hearts. Only death will liberate you from them. Since you’ve already understood this point, then why do you still hesitate? Do you want to force Senior Brother Huang and I to take action?”


“You are seriously annoying!” Yang Kai lowered his head and furrowed his brow deeply, looking bitter and resentful.


Zhao Xing’s expression darkened slightly, “Yang Kai, don’t refuse our kindness and force our hand. We are being considerate of your identity as a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, which is why we don’t want to make things too difficult for you. Don’t sully the magnanimity that Senior Brother Huang and I are showing you. Kill yourself quickly; otherwise, Senior Brother Huang and I will be taking action.”


“You’re all so damn annoying!” Yang Kai let out a low growl. Abruptly stepping forward, he suddenly lifted his lowered head and a horrifying light burst out of his eyes, almost as blinding as two suns. He looked very aggressive and at the same time, an indescribable hostility mixed with murderous intent poured out of him, “I never wanted to make things difficult for you people from the Cave Heavens and Paradises. So why must you force me?”


Zhao Xing’s expression changed slightly as he shouted through gritted teeth, “Stubborn fool! Attack!”


As soon as those words left his mouth, he took the lead and charged towards Yang Kai. Huang An Yi did not hesitate either and quickly followed Zhao Xing’s example. They might come from different Sects, but their cultivations were both equally profound. At this moment, they cooperated flawlessly. Their figures were like two spinning tops as they crossed and flowed around each other. One person slammed a palm out while the other blasted out with a punch. The World Force of two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters surged from their attacks and loomed down upon Yang Kai.


Their attacks were merciless, showing their ruthless intent to kill. The truth was that they could not afford to hold back either. It had not been long since their advancement, so they were not too familiar with controlling their strength; as a result, whenever they attacked, they could only attack with all their strength.


Yang Kai let out a low roar and the power of his Small Universe erupted. Both his hands turned into a barrage of fist shadows that flew into the sky to meet their attacks.


*Hong hong hong…*


World Force collided and exploded into turmoil. Even with the suppression of the Prison Star Grand Array, the surrounding space shattered like a broken mirror. One could only imagine how much more violent the situation would be without the suppression of the Grand Array.


Immediately after that, two figures were sent flying backwards like paper kites while simultaneously coughing up blood in mid-air.


All but one present was shocked by the sight! Staring blankly at the two people who had been sent flying, they wondered if there was something wrong with their eyes. They originally thought that the cooperation between Zhao Xing and Huang An Yi was bound to defeat Yang Kai.


After all, everybody had only just advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Nobody should be much stronger than the other. If two people joined forces, then it was impossible for a lone person to be their opponent. However, reality turned out to be very difficult for them to accept. The ones who were sent flying and spitting up blood turned out to be Zhao Xing and Huang An Yi instead!


Lin Feng’s eyes bulged while Gu Pan and Ning Dao Ran stared in shock!


Only Hui Gu, who was stuck between two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, seemed to have expected this outcome and slowly shook his head, “The young and ignorant are truly fearless!”


He had personally witnessed how Yang Kai killed Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch. Even a veteran Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Giant Clam Heavenly Monarch had failed to last more than a few breaths against Yang Kai before dying miserably; therefore, he simply could not understand where these young and newly-advanced Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises got their confidence to attack this freak. Were they just sick of living?


It was precisely because Hui Gu had already anticipated this outcome that he had not been worried seeing Yang Kai being besieged by two newly-advanced Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


“How… is this possible!?” Zhao Xing looked absolutely shocked. Blood spurted out of his mouth and the Small Universe in his body shook violently. Just now, he had exchanged hundreds of blows with Yang Kai, and he had suffered a loss every single time. Moreover, his Small Universe had suffered a heavy shock with every single blow.


There was only one possibility for such an outcome to occur, the heritage of Yang Kai’s Small Universe was vastly superior to his own. That was the only reason for such a one-sided outcome.


A veteran Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch might have been able to achieve an effect to this level, but Yang Kai… he had only advanced to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm recently. Moreover, Yang Kai’s time since his advancement should be shorter than his own since Zhao Xing had at least ten years since he broke through.


Before the thought finished forming in Zhao Xing’s head, he felt his vision going hazy for a moment. Then, he looked up and felt his soul nearly leap out from his body. Yang Kai had appeared right in front of him at some point. They were so close that their faces were practically touching.


“Why… must you force me!?” Scorching hot air blew out of Yang Kai’s nostrils.


“You…” Zhao Xing’s pupils contracted to the size of a needle. Without the slightest hesitation, he threw a punch in Yang Kai’s direction with all his strength. Unfortunately, the exchange just now had thrown his Small Universe into turmoil. Not only was he completely powerless to attack at this moment, but he could barely even draw out any World Force from his Small Universe.




Yang Kai grabbed Zhao Xing by the fist. Standing in front of Zhao Xing, he shouted fiercely, “Are you going to continue forcing me!?”


While speaking, he punched forward and hit Zhao Xing squarely in the chest.




The sound of Zhao Xing’s ribs breaking echoed through the air. The clothes on his back exploded apart and a portion of his back bulged outward. The flow of blood coming out of his mouth became increasingly heavy as stars danced in his vision. It felt as though an extremely brutal force had slammed right into his Small Universe and nearly shaken it apart.


[I’m not his opponent! I’m not his opponent at all!] Zhao Xing started to panic. The heritage of the other party’s Small Universe was countless times stronger than his own, and if things continue at this rate, he would surely die!


Raising his hand, he beckoned at something behind Yang Kai.


“I guess you won’t regret your actions unless you see your coffin. If that’s the case, I will show you what true terror means! I will show you what real strength is!” Yang Kai’s fists transformed into a flurry of fist shadows that slammed into Zhao Xing’s chest.


Zhao Xing’s hand remained held high in the air as he shouted at Huang An Yi, who stood dumbfounded behind Yang Kai, “Save… Save me!”


“Brother Yang, show mercy!” Lin Feng shouted, his expression changing drastically.


Ning Dao Ran also came back to his senses and hurriedly yelled, “Brother Yang, don’t be impulsive!”


Everything had happened too quickly. They initially thought that Yang Kai would have no choice but to flee with Zhao Xing and Huang An Yi teaming up against him. Who could have known that he would simply crush them in a head on clash? With just a few kicks and punches, Yang Kai had already completely destroyed his two opponents’ ability to resist, which was why it took them some time to recover from their shock.


Seeing that the situation was turning dire, they quickly began shouting to stop Yang Kai.


Zhao Xing was a Core Disciple of Thousand Cranes Paradise, so his status was equal to their own. There would be huge trouble if Yang Kai killed him here; after all, the murder of a Paradise’s Core Disciple would surely cause huge consequences and great upheaval.


Yang Kai stopped, his scalding fists raised before him. His expression was fierce and brutal. When he looked behind him, he saw Huang An Yi looking pale with shock. Then, he glanced at Zhao Xing’s raised arm and quietly asked, “You were asking for help? You should have said so sooner, I thought you were still trying to fight back!”




Zhao Xing vomited up blood and his aura weakened abruptly.


“Pathetic weakling!” Yang Kai cast a sideways glance at Zhao Xing and slowly drifted backwards before lowering his head to look at his fists with a sorrowful expression, “This is all so annoying!”


[I’ve created another grudge with somebody else again.] Back then, Yang Kai had been forced into a corner and had no choice but to break through to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm in front of the four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. His actions finally allowed him to escape the eyes of the Cave Heavens and Paradises that had been targeting him. But now, he had thrashed a Core Disciple from Thousand Cranes Paradise, which would probably generate a new grudge.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling deeply distressed. He hadn’t wanted to make a move against anybody, but there was always somebody forcing his hand.


The newly advanced Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who flew over to kill Yang Kai were all frozen in shock. They made a foolproof plan before they departed. Three people were assigned to stop Lin Feng Gu Pan, Ning Dao Ran, and Gu Pan, while two others were assigned to suppress Hui Gu.


Meanwhile, Zhao Xing and Huang An Yi were tasked with dealing with Yang Kai. Once they killed Yang Kai, they would then kill Hui Gu. Once they were done, they would successfully complete their mission. Afterwards, they planned to find a hiding place to conceal themselves for the next three months until the Dao Theory Assembly ended.


It was just that the situation in front of them right now was completely different from what they had imagined and they were at a loss for what to do.




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