Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4475, Son-In-Law


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“Junior Brother Yang, please rest here for now. I need to help Honoured Master handle the rest of the Dao Theory Assembly, then I’ll come and speak with you.” After Qing Kui led Yang Kai to the reception hall on a certain Spirit Peak, he patted Yang Kai on the shoulder. His attitude was undoubtedly more affectionate compared to before.


Yang Kai had taken the top spot and could now be considered a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-In-Law. With this status set in stone, it was not strange that Qing Kui’s attitude would change with a connection like that. Qing Kui might not have imagined such an outcome at first, but it was what Qu Hua Shang had been hoping for, so as her Senior Brother, he was happy for her.


“Please go ahead, Senior Brother!” Yang Kai cupped his fist lightly.


Qing Kui winked at Yang Kai, “Don’t you dare mess around!”


“What?” Yang Kai was flabbergasted.


However, Qing Kui had already turned around and left.


Watching Qing Kui’s figure disappearing out of sight, Yang Kai finally shook his head before he turned around and walked towards the palace. There were maidservants elegantly bowing to him on both sides who all gave a crisp greeting, “Greetings, Young Master.”


These Yin-Yang Cave Heaven maidservants were all in the Emperor Realm; moreover, their figures and appearances were far above average. Their slim waists and ample peaks were very eye-catching.


Yang Kai gave a non-committal response, but just as he was about to enter the palace, his gaze suddenly landed on a certain maidservant and he failed to stifle his laughter, “Senior Sister Qu, what are you doing here?”


The ‘maidservant’ had her head lowered so that her hair covered her face, but even though she was trying hard to disguise herself, how could she hide from his keen eyes?


Qu Hua Shang looked up and smiled at him when he saw through her ruse and quipped, “Have I been discovered?”


While speaking, she walked over and reached out to hold his arm. Her ample bosom pressed against his arm without hesitation as she murmured sweetly, “You’ve worked hard, Junior Brother.”


He smiled, “It’s nothing.”


There was really nothing difficult about the Dao Theory Assembly for Yang Kai, as with his current strength, there was basically nothing on the Prison Star that could endanger him as long as he was not besieged by the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Prison League.


Qu Hua Sheng then instructed the rest of the maidservants, “My fiancé has worked hard for a whole year. Prepare the scented bath!”


“Yes!” The maidservants around them quickly responded.


A short while later, a huge bath was filled with warm water. Colourful flower petals floated on the surface while little waves made the water sparkle and steam permeated the air.


Yang Kai leaned against the wall of the bath and soaked his body in the water. This scented bath was probably filled with all sorts of expensive Spirit Herbs that had the effect of relieving fatigue and relaxing the spirit. There might not have been any danger on the Prison Star, but it was quite tiring after spending a year there; hence, his fatigue was greatly relieved at this moment.


Yang Kai was generally not one to enjoy such luxuries; however, he simply went with the flow since Qu Hua Shang had made these arrangements for him. 


Suddenly, the sound of fine footsteps rang out. Yang Kai turned to look in that direction and saw several slender figures slowly walking towards him through the hazy steam filling the air.


Waving his hand dismissively, Yang Kai declared, “Stop. I don’t need your service!”


Those people ignored his instructions, however, and continued walking over. When they drew closer, Yang Kai discovered that these maidservants were only dressed in gauze that was as thin as a cicada’s wings. Their most precious places gleamed in and out of sight amidst the steam. They lowered their heads and entered the water lightly with slightly blushing faces. Disregarding whether he approved or not, they pressed against him from both sides and carefully helped to wash his body for him.


The situation left Yang Kai absolutely uncomfortable, and just as he was about to leap out, he suddenly heard a peal of giggling and charming laughter, “Junior Brother, are you feeling shy?”


The voice came from behind him, and leaning his head back, he looked up and saw Qu Hua Shang crouching in front of him, smiling down at him. The beautiful womanly scenery under her skirt was faintly discernible, so he could only withdraw his gaze speechlessly and mutter, “Senior Sister, what are you doing?”


Qu Hua Shang reached out her hand and made a light sliding movement. Slowly stroking her fingers over his firm chest, she murmured softly, “I heard you speak so eloquently about the Yin-Yang Union Cultivation in the past, so I thought you were a veteran of such matters. It turns out that you were just talking big.”


“Senior Sister, be careful when playing with fire, you might accidentally burn yourself. Most people won’t be able to withstand my passion once this Junior Brother gets started.” Yang Kai closed his eyes slightly and suddenly understood why Qing Kui told him not to mess around before leaving.


Qu Hua Shang giggled softly, “Go ahead and burn with passion. These girls can help you put out that fire if you’re willing.”


The maidservants helping him wash his body on both sides flushed even redder.


Meanwhile, Qu Hua Shang leaned down lightly and exhaled an orchid scent next to his ear, “Junior Brother, can you really hold yourself back? After this, I’m going to be cultivating in retreat for 100 years. You can devour every single person here if you want, including me.”


Yang Kai grabbed her small hands that were wandering across his chest and declared, “Senior Sister, stop fooling around.”


In response, she pouted, “How boring.”


Releasing her hand, he asked one question in concern, “Senior Sister, do you really have to cultivate in retreat for 100 years?”


She nodded, “That’s right. This is supposed to be one of the methods for the Sect to protect me. Since it has been announced to the public, we cannot fake it. But, it doesn’t matter. It will only be for 100 years. I’ve only just advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm anyway, so this is actually perfect for me to carefully consolidate my cultivation.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “I’m glad you think so, Senior Sister.”


He couldn’t help feeling slightly relieved. These 100 years could be considered a buffering period. Although he had won the top spot in the Dao Theory Assembly and was now a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-In-Law in name, many things could change in a century. Qu Hua Shang might have different ideas by the time she comes out of her seclusion.


After Yang Kai was bathed and dressed by the maidservants, he thoroughly learned how passionate a woman from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven could be. Throughout the entire process, Qu Hua Shang not only showed no intention to shy away but watched everything with great interest.


However, Qu Hua Shang did not stay for long because Su Ying Xue soon rushed over to take her away. Before they left, Su Ying Xue even threw a fierce and dirty glare at Yang Kai that made him feel like he was wronged.


Three days passed in the blink of an eye.


Three days later, Xu Ling Gong hosted a banquet for all the representatives of the great forces who participated in the Dao Theory Assembly. The banquet was held on the open-air platform of a wondrous Spirit Peak, making for a grand and lively scene.


Yang Kai had been magnificently dressed up by Yin-Yang Cave Heaven in festive red robes, to the point that those who didn’t know better would have thought that he was getting married today.


In addition, he was seated in the first spot to the left and below Xu Ling Gong’s seat.


Young girls sang and danced in the square, showing off their beauty to the fullest. Plate after plate of delicacies were presented to the table while precious vintage wine emitted a charming fragrance. The atmosphere of the banquet was lively as Masters from various Great Territories weaved about the crowd and exchanged drinks with each other.


Such a large-scale gathering was rare across the whole 3,000 Worlds. Although many of their disciples suffered disastrous defeat and even death in the process, this was still an opportunity for these people to build relationships with other great forces and open up new opportunities for their own Sects. Therefore, except for the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Cave Heavens and Paradises who left early, everybody else was basically in attendance.


Yang Kai looked at Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao sitting opposite him, feeling absolutely speechless!


After being ambushed by the Prison League, Yang Kai had used his Space Principles to escape along with Hui Gu, Lu Jing, and Wu Kuang, leaving Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao behind.


Yang Kai thought that those two would definitely end up dead, but who could have known that they would survive?


[What is wrong with the Prison League? Why didn’t they kill them!?] Yang Kai frowned slightly and quietly sent a transmission to Qing Kui to ask about the situation. Only then did he learn the entire story.


The truth was that the Prison League had not killed Yin Xin Zhao or Pei Wen Xuan. Additionally, they even caught another Core Disciple from Azure Nether Paradise later.


Even Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch knew that the Core Disciples from the various Cave Heavens and Paradises could not be killed at will as doing so would surely invite the wrath of the Cave Heavens and Paradises!


If that were to happen, they might not enjoy a peaceful life even if they hid away on the Prison Star. It was a better choice to capture those people alive to use them as bargaining chips to negotiate with Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


The final result of the negotiations was that the Prison League would return the three Core Disciples from the Cave Heavens and Paradises. In return, three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Prison League would be freed. This was similar to what Xu Ling Gong promised from the very beginning where the Prison Star criminals could earn their freedom as long as they killed enough participants.


Needless to say, a negotiation between two parties required leverage. Prison League had used the three Core Disciples from the Cave Heavens and Paradises as their bargaining chips. This situation distressed Zhuo Bu Qun and the other Elders so much that they nearly spat blood.


Although Zhuo Bu Qun, Yu Huan, and Lu Zhen Yang joined forces to pressure Xu Ling Gong into agreeing to the Prison League’s demands, how could somebody like Xu Ling Gong accept such demands so casually?


Moreover, the three people caught by the Prison League were not Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciples, so their lives had nothing to do with Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. However, it was still true that their lives hung on a single thought from Xu Ling Gong.


In the end, the three Cave Heavens and Paradises were forced to pay a huge price and only then did Xu Ling Gong relent and pardon the crimes of three Prison League Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. By doing so, they finally got Yin Xin Zhao and the others back in exchange.


As for what price the Cave Heavens and Paradises had to pay, even Qing Kui did not know. That was the result of a secret discussion between Xu Ling Gong, Zhuo Bu Qun, and the other High-Rank Elders.


A total of four Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and a dozen others below the Sixth-Order from the Prison League had received their freedom. Aside from the three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who received special pardons from Xu Ling Gong, the rest had accumulated enough stars to obtain their freedom themselves. Among them included the Prison League’s League Master, Huang Quan!


Huang Quan had personally killed Zhuang Wei of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven, earning him an astonishing 67 stars in an instant. Such achievements were enough for him to escape the Prison Star.


After knowing the truth of the matter, Yang Kai could barely stifle his laughter. There was nothing he could say about the transaction that Xu Ling Gong made as it was practically a free deal. No wonder Zhuo Bu Qun and the others had such ugly expressions during the banquet. It was obvious that they were hurting from being bled dry.


[It’s just a pity… I originally wanted to murder with a borrowed knife. In the end, my plans failed thanks to the Prison League’s petty greed.]


There was no doubt that the protagonist of today’s banquet was Yang Kai. As a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-In-Law, countless people should have come to offer him a toast on their own initiative. This was not out of consideration for him, but rather to honour the prestige of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven and Xu Ling Gong!


However, the truth was that he simply sat there unnoticed.


It was not that the participating Open Heaven Realm Masters were being disdainful, it was just that they were afraid of Thousand Cranes Paradise. Zhao Xing had been killed by Yang Kai, so even though Xu Ling Gong had relied on his advantage as host in this place to forcefully suppress Zuo Quan Hui who led the team from Thousand Cranes Paradise, everybody knew that Thousand Cranes Paradise would never let this matter rest. They might be targeted by Thousand Cranes Paradise if they went up to congratulate Yang Kai at a time like this, so who would dare to be so bold?




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