Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4476, Opportunity Has Come


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Being aware of this fact, Yang Kai was not bothered by the issue. He was happy and content just to eat and drink by himself.


On the other hand, Lu Jing brought the Elders of Gathering Yuan Union over to offer a toast out of gratitude for Yang Kai’s protection on the Prison Star. Even so, he was soon dragged away by his Elders.


The banquet ended and Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s guests gradually left.


Before leaving, Lu Jing met with Yang Kai one more time to inform him that the Sixth-Order Yang Element treasure he previously promised would be sent directly to Void Land.


Three days later, Yang Kai was led by Qing Kui to the Spirit Peak where Xu Ling Gong lived.


Xu Ling Gong sat confidently inside the Grand Hall on the Spirit Peak, studying Yang Kai who was sitting below with piercing eyes and a strong sense of scrutiny.


After bowing in greeting, Yang Kai stood there quietly with a calm look on his face. He had no idea why Xu Ling Gong had summoned him, but Qu Hua Shang was Xu Ling Gong’s Disciple. Now that he was a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-In-Law, they had a much closer relationship with each other than most ordinary people.


After a while, Xu Ling Gong finally raised his hand and said, “Take a seat.”


“Many thanks, Senior,” Yang Kai responded before he turned around and walked over to a chair by the side. Flicking his outer robe slightly, he took a seat.


“To be honest, this Monarch was very surprised that you managed to win the top spot in the Dao Theory Assembly,” Xu Ling Gong said. The outcome had certainly astonished him. In his opinion, only disciples from the Cave Heavens and Paradises could have won, so Yang Kai coming out on top was a shock.


After all, the heritage of those who came from the various Cave Heavens and Paradises was generally superior to others, especially since they were newly advanced Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Xu Ling Gong believed that was true even if he had heard the rumours about how Yang Kai had planned to advance directly Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm and refined multiple Seventh-Order Powers to that purpose.


However, the reality was that Yang Kai had taken the top spot with almost double the achievements of the person in second place. In terms of performance, Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch was the only person who could compare.


“It’s good that I didn’t disappoint you, Senior.” Yang Kai bowed.


Xu Ling Gong chuckled, “You definitely didn’t disappoint me. For this Monarch, it doesn’t matter who takes the top spot as long as it’s not those old farts in the Fifth Order. This Xu’s Disciple cannot be humiliated by others!” His smile faded and he quickly said, “But, the fact that you killed Zhao Xing is still quite a hassle.”


At the mention of this matter, Xu Ling Gong couldn’t help feeling a headache. He had been resisting the pressure from Thousand Cranes Paradise and protecting Yang Kai in order to maintain Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s face; after all, the Dao Theory Assembly was organised by Yin-Yang Cave Heaven and he was the one who claimed that one would not be held accountable for any loss of life. Zhao Xing had been killed by Yang Kai, so if Yang Kai was killed by Zuo Quan Hui as soon as the Dao Theory Assembly ended, what would happen to the reputation of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven?


At the time, he had not known that Yang Kai would end up taking the top spot and simply wanted to protect Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s reputation by defending him in public. As for whether Yang Kai could survive Thousand Cranes Paradise’s retaliation in the future, that was entirely on Yang Kai. He could not be bothered to care that much.


Unfortunately, the situation was different now. Yang Kai was now a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-In-Law and the future Husband of his Disciple. Xu Ling Gong had no choice but to meddle in this affair even if he didn’t want to; otherwise, Qu Hua Shang would become a widow if Yang Kai was killed.


“It was an accident,” Yang Kai replied. At the time, he had not intended to kill Zhao Xing, it was just that he used a bit too much strength…


Xu Ling Gong waved his hand, “It doesn’t matter whether it was an accident or not. It has already happened. You heard what Zuo Quan Hui said before he left.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Void Land will not be bullied so easily.” [Why is Xu Ling Gong telling me this? Could it be that he feels I have caused too much trouble and Yin-Yang Cave Heaven does not wish to be involved in this matter? If that’s the case, I can understand.]


Xu Ling Gong coldly snorted, “Do you think they will let you return to Void Land? If my guess is correct, they are waiting for you along your return path. There will be no escape for you the moment you show up.”


“Senior, do you mean to say…”


Xu Ling Gong continued, “If you’re in no hurry to return to Void Land, you should remain here for the time being. As for Thousand Cranes Paradise… This Monarch will try to negotiate with them to see if there’s any room for mediation.” 


He glanced at Yang Kai and added, “Don’t worry too much. Yin-Yang Cave Heaven is perfectly capable of withstanding the pressure from Thousand Cranes Paradise. Zhao Xing was killed during the Dao Theory Assembly and this Monarch openly declared that no will be held accountable for deaths during the trial. It would be best if they give up on this matter, but if they refuse, this Monarch will show them whose fist is bigger!”


Yang Kai was slightly touched. The meaning behind Xu Ling Gong’s words could not be clearer, he would deal with this troublesome matter. Thus, Yang Kai’s impression of Xu Ling Gong improved considerably. He stood up and bowed deeply, “Many thanks, Senior!”


Xu Ling Gong nodded lightly, “Also, you should carefully regulate your condition in the near future. Yin-Yang Cave Heaven might have another opportunity for you.”


“An opportunity?” Yang Kai raised his brow at those words, keenly aware of the astonishment on the faces of Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui, who had been standing behind Xu Ling Gong all this while. It was obvious that this potential opportunity was not small.


“I can’t confirm anything yet. I’ll tell you when the time comes,” Xu Ling Gong did not provide any further explanation.


Yang Kai nodded lightly. Then, he suddenly remembered something, “By the way, Senior, this Junior has a favour to request.”


Xu Ling Gong glanced sideways at Yang Kai, “You are now my Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Son-In-Law, which makes you part of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. As long as your request is not excessive, this Monarch can fulfil your request.”


“I would like you to help me free someone, Senior!” Yang Kai said.




“Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch from the Prison Star!”




A short while later, Qing Kui led Yang Kai back along the way they came.


Xu Ling Gong had readily agreed to Yang Kai’s request. As an Inner Elder of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven who was in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, he held a high position and great authority in the Sect. Aside from the Supreme Elders who essentially never came out of retreat, he was one of the most influential people in the entire Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. Setting someone free from the Prison Star was a simple task.


It was also not until this moment that Xu Ling Gong understood how Yang Kai could obtain such great achievements during the Dao Theory Assembly. It turned out that it was all thanks to Hui Gu secretly helping Yang Kai from the shadows.


Be that as it may, Hui Gu had a criminal record, so Xu Ling Gong was honestly quite uneasy about releasing the former from the Prison Star. However, he happily agreed to the request after Yang Kai revealed the Loyalty List to him.


“Senior Brother Qing Kui, what is the opportunity Martial Uncle Xu mentioned earlier?” Along the way, Yang Kai raised this question. Judging by Su Ying Xue and Qing Kui’s reaction earlier, they definitely knew the secret behind this mystery.


Qing Kui smiled and shook his head, “I can’t say. If you receive approval, then you will be told in due time. If the matter falls through, then there’s no point in knowing. Just wait patiently. I can only tell you that even in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, only very few people are eligible to obtain this opportunity.”


Yang Kai was slightly moved hearing that. He never imagined that the so-called opportunity would be so precious that only a few people were eligible to obtain it, even in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. Unfortunately, he was not in a position to ask further questions seeing as Qin Kui was not willing to talk.


It didn’t take long for Yang Kai to return to his living quarters.


After waiting for another two days, Hui Gu was brought out from the Prison Star by Qing Kui. Hui Gu couldn’t help sighing softly when Master and Servant reunited. From the day he was thrown into the Prison Star, he never even imagined that he would one day leave that place alive. It was just a pity that Bai Mo, who had served him loyally for so many years, had not survived.


“Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch has also been released, but I don’t know his current whereabouts. Rest assured. I will ask somebody to investigate him in the future. There will always be a chance to seek revenge.” Yang Kai comforted Hui Gu.


Hui Gu bowed, “Many thanks, Sir! If I can avenge Bai Mo, then this Hui Gu will have no other regrets in life!”


Bai Mo’s strength was not impressive, but he was extremely loyal. It was impossible not to develop feelings after spending so many years together. Hui Gu had long since considered Bai Mo to be his disciple and family; therefore, Bai Mo’s murder that took place in front of him had caused him to thirst for revenge.


As time passed, Yang Kai and Hui Gu remained inside the residence. During this time, Qu Hua Shang came to inform Yang Kai that she was going to enter retreat. She also asked him to look forward to seeing her again in 100 years.


Yang Kai naturally agreed and after spending three days together, they parted ways for now.


After a few more days, Qing Kui suddenly dropped by the residence. He looked at Yang Kai with admiration and envy, “Congratulations, Junior Brother. The opportunity has come. Accompany me.”


Yang Kai was stunned, but suppressing the overwhelming curiosity in his heart, he instructed Hui Gu to wait for him and not to wander around arbitrarily. Then, he followed Qing Kui out.


They travelled at a hurried pace, though Yang Kai did not know where they were heading.


In the beginning, they occasionally encountered some Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciples along the way. When these people noticed Qing Kui, they quickly stopped in their tracks and bowed deeply; however, the further inward they went, the fewer people they met.  At one point, there were no traces of anybody else. It could be seen that the place they were going was located at an extremely isolated location.


Some time later, up ahead of them was a figure standing proudly in the void, quietly waiting for their arrival. It was none other than Xu Ling Gong.


Qing Kui led Yang Kai straight to Xu Ling Gong. Cupping his fist, he reported, “Honoured Master, I’ve brought him here.”


Xu Ling Gong nodded, “You should head back first.”


Qing Kui responded, “Yes!”


After that, Qing Kui turned around and returned along the way he came.


Xu Ling Gong gestured towards Yang Kai, “Let’s go. Up ahead is one of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Restricted Areas. Nobody is allowed to enter this place without permission; those who try will be killed without mercy!”


Yang Kai’s expression hardened. It was only natural for a giant organisation like Yin-Yang Cave Heaven to have their own Restricted Areas; however, even a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Qing Kui could not enter this place at will. It could be seen just how much Yin-Yang Cave Heaven valued this Restricted Area.


He was becoming more and more curious about this so-called opportunity as well as the Restricted Area he was about to enter.


Whilst travelling, Xu Ling Gong’s voice entered Yang Kai’s ears, “You might have taken the top spot in the Dao Theory Assembly, but it was only thanks to a convenient strategy. When it comes to your strength among the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, you are no different from the little ones who participated in the Dao Theory Assembly. All of you rank at the bottom of the Sixth Order since you’ve only advanced into the Open Heaven Realm recently.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Yes, Senior.”


He knew that Xu Ling Gong was unaware of his actions on the Prison Star, but it made sense when he thought about it. Almost all who witnessed his true strength were dead. Although the Core Disciples of the various Cave Heavens and Paradises had witnessed his strength when he killed Zhao Xing, they left the Yin-Yang Cave Heaven as soon as they came out. On the other hand, Lin Feng and the others who remained were Yang Kai’s friends and would not spread his secrets if they were not forced to.


Therefore, Xu Ling Gong believed that Yang Kai’s strength was ranked at the bottom of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm since he had only just advanced into the Open Heaven Realm recently. In addition, he also believed that Yang Kai obtained the achievements that allowed him to win the Dao Theory Assembly only thanks to Hui Gu’s help.




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  1. Thanks to Hui Gu that he became 1st place but he is still at the bottom rank? Then how did he make Hui Gu submit if YK is not that strong? Such simple logic

    1. Yeah, that is indeed a bit stupid to not even question how he would have subdued Hui Gu in the first place. Or how he killed the core disciple, who should have had treasures to save him and not die so easily if they where at the same level, lol.

      1. Sneak attacks, teaming up with others against him or just offering cooperation in exchange for being freed (though that makes the least sense since he is not free with the loyalty list) seem like possible options they might think of.
        It makes less sense that they view him as a normal 6th order even though they know that he was far above average as an Emperor, has Divine Manifestation(s) and other 7th or higher elements

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