Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4478, Eldest Senior Brother


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“Greetings, Ancestor!” Xu Ling Gong bowed respectfully.


Yang Kai, who was standing behind Xu Ling Gong, hurriedly followed suit and bowed. After listening to the way Xu Ling Gong addressed this old man, how could he not know that this person was one of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Supreme Elders? More importantly, only those in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm could serve as a Supreme Elder in the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


This was Yang Kai’s first time meeting a cultivator in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Although Bi Xi possessed strength on par with an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was a Divine Spirit, so there was an obvious difference between him and an actual Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Yang Kai snuck a glance in that direction and saw that the old man’s bare chest was covered in dense, criss-crossing scars. They looked like ferocious centipedes crawling all over his body. The longest scar extended from his left shoulder to the right side of his waist.


Yang Kai was slightly taken aback. An Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was extremely powerful, so who could injure an Ancestor of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven so badly? It had to be said that Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had extremely robust vitality and vigorous recovery abilities, so most injuries would not leave a trace on them. Even so, the scars of past injuries remained shockingly apparent on this old man’s body. It was conceivable just how severely injured he had been at the time.


“What is it?” The Supreme Elder asked quietly.


Xu Ling Gong replied, “Ancestor, please understand. This Disciple wishes to send this Junior into the Divine Armament World. Please open the world boundary and create a corridor, Ancestor.”


The Supreme Elder glanced at Yang Kai and furrowed his brow lightly, “This boy… is not a disciple of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, right?”


His eyes were incredibly sharp, so he could tell at a glance that Yang Kai did not belong to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


Xu Ling Gong explained, “He might not be a disciple of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, but he can be considered a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-In-Law now.”


“So that’s how it is,” the old man nodded lightly. “Since he is a Son-In-Law of our Cave Heaven, he does have the qualifications to enter the Divine Armament World. Do you have the edict from the Sect Master?”


“The edict is here. Please have a look, Ancestor!” Xu Ling Gong raised his hand and shot out a stream of light.


The old man caught the stream of light and took a quick glance. Then, he nodded, “Everything is in order.”


While saying so, he suddenly lifted a hand and pointed to a spot beside him. A huge vortex suddenly appeared in the Void without a sound. The extremely clear and distinct aura of a Universe World came from within the vortex.


“Go on. The Small Source World is an interesting place. Don’t panic no matter what you encounter inside. Carefully explore and it will definitely benefit you!” Xu Ling Gong patted Yang Kai on the shoulder.


“Many thanks, Martial Uncle Xu! Many thanks, Ancestor!” Yang Kai nodded and plunged straight into the vortex. A feeling of weightlessness immediately washed over him.


It was not until Yang Kai’s figure disappeared that the vortex slowly faded away. The Supreme Elder glanced at Xu Ling Gong and asked, “You didn’t give him a seal to escape. What if he dies inside?”


Xu Ling Gong smiled, “If he dies inside, then it means that he is nothing special. In that case, he is not qualified to become a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-In-Law!”


“Good!” The Supreme Elder did not say another word. Closing his eyes, his figure gradually vanished once more.




“Eldest Senior Brother! Eldest Senior Brother, wake up!” Yang Kai felt as though somebody was tugging at him in his dazed state. An urgent cry entered his ears and he slowly came awake and opened his eyes. However, the world spun around him and his vision was bleary.


“Ugh…” He held his head in his hands and groaned in pain.


“Eldest Senior Brother, stop drinking! You’ll die if you continue drinking like this!” The voice that woke him up rang out again.


A strong smell of alcohol lingered in his nose and Yang Kai instinctively sensed that he was drunk; thus, he couldn’t help feeling surprised. He was not such a heavy drinker. Besides, how could a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him get drunk so easily?


When he tried to urge his power to scatter the effects of the alcohol and recover from his hangover, Yang Kai stiffened in shock and his eyes abruptly jerked wide open. There was not much power in his body, only a faint trace flowing through his meridians and his body. Compared to his strength as a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, this paltry bit of power was so weak that it was practically unnoticeable.


The shock was so great that he immediately broke out of his drunken stupor.


Before Yang Kai could understand what was going on though, he felt pain running through his head. An endless stream of complicated information poured into his mind, causing him to groan in pain like an injured beast.


The person in front of him was startled and quickly exclaimed, “What’s wrong, Eldest Senior Brother!? Don’t frighten me!”


A short while later, Yang Kai finally calmed down and stared at the table in front of him in a daze.


His name was still Yang Kai, but now he was a disciple of Void Spirit Sword Sect.


Void Spirit Sword Sect was an extremely small Sect with only several dozen members. It was nothing but a grain of sand when compared to the entire Divine Armament World. There were countless other small Sects like Void Spirit Sword Sect in this World.


He had entered the Sect early and became the Eldest Senior Brother of this generation of disciples. As the Eldest Senior Brother, he had a mild temperament and treated people generously. His aptitude was relatively good among the others in the Sect, so the Elders in the Sect had high hopes for him. They believed that he was their only hopeful candidate to enter the Earth Realm in the last 100 years.


There were four distinct Great Realms in this world, known as Mortal, Earth, Heaven, and Spirit! Furthermore, each Great Realm had nine Minor Realms. This was how the cultivators in the Divine Armament World categorised their strength.


At present, Yang Kai was only in the Fourth-Order Mortal Realm. He used to live up to the expectations of his Elders, working hard and cultivating diligently; however, ever since he met a girl one year ago when he was running errands outside, he became so enamoured with her that his entire life was turned upside down. Just a few days ago, he fought for the attention of that girl out of jealousy and lost her to another. As a result, he became depressed and tried to drown his sorrows in alcohol…


This information was what Yang Kai found from the memories that flowed into his head just now. Everything was so vivid and life-like, almost as if these events had happened to him.


[Am I… Yang Kai from Void Land? Or, Yang Kai from Void Spirit Sword Sect?] His thoughts were a mess. He could clearly recall Xu Ling Gong bringing him to the entrance of the Small Source World where he was supposed to enter for training. Why was he suddenly in this situation then?


In addition, his strength that was as vast as the sea could not be mobilised at all. He could clearly sense that his power was still there, but it was suppressed by some kind of inexplicable force.


[Is this the Small Source World?] All of a sudden, Yang Kai recalled what Xu Ling Gong mentioned just before he entered the Small Source World, “The Small Source World is an interesting place. Don’t panic no matter what you encounter inside.”


[This is… certainly very interesting!]


Yang Kai suddenly thought back to the time when he brought a group of subordinates with him to train within the World Fruits. Each World Fruit was unique. For instance, when he entered the second World Fruit, both he and Lang Qing Shan had been transformed into rusty iron swords. It turned out to be a world of swords. There was also a time when several of his subordinates transformed into Monster Beasts. That was a world inside a fruit where Monster Beasts ruled…


Inside each of those World Fruits, Yang Kai could only leave and obtain his prize once he found a method to escape. It would seem that the existence of the Small Source World was indeed somewhat similar to the World Fruit even though there were clear differences.


When he entered this Small Source World, it felt as though the Divine Armament World had given him a brand-new identity as the Eldest Senior Brother of Void Spirit Sword Sect. This was the identity accepted by the entire world, so that was why everything felt very natural.


“Eldest Senior Brother, what’s wrong with you? Please don’t frighten me!” The person in front of him was still shouting.


Yang Kai looked up, and after trying his best to focus his blurry vision, he finally managed to see clearly. A petite and adorable young girl was looking at him nervously from across the table, her expression filled with concern. She was only around 16 years old, but she had seemingly developed quite well for her age, as emphasized by the two large mountains on her chest. She was also wearing a light green dress that hugged her graceful waist.


[Wan Ying Ying, the Little Junior Sister of Void Spirit Sword Sect!] This thought popped into his mind out of nowhere.


“It’s you, Little Junior Sister…” Yang Kai murmured, his tongue involuntarily slurring over his words.


“How are you, Eldest Senior Brother?” Wan Ying Ying asked in concern, “Where do you feel unwell?”


“Ugh… My head hurts!” Yang Kai reached out to rub his forehead, “Wait for a moment. I need to sober up!”


She quickly nodded at his words, “Good, good, good. It’s good as long as you stop drinking.” Then, she turned around and called out, “Shop-hand, bring a bowl of hangover soup!”


The shop hand nearby responded immediately.


A short while later, a bowl of hot hangover soup was brought over. Wan Ying Ying personally brought the bowl to Yang Kai’s lips and fed him.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai sat motionless as he combed through all the new information in his mind. At the same time, he drew upon his strength to dispel the lingering effects of the alcohol. Although his cultivation in the Fourth Stage Mortal Realm could not be considered anything amazing, it was still not bad for a member of the younger generation. It was at least enough to help speed up the process of sobering up.


His current location seemed to be inside a restaurant, one that was filled with customers. Some were ordinary people while others were cultivators. These people were drinking together in small groups of three to five.


“The Divine Armament Tournament that is only held once every 100 years is finally over. When the Masters fight, it’s the ordinary people like us who suffer. I wonder how many lives were destroyed and how many people lost their homes during the Divine Armament Tournament this time.” A voice came from one of the tables by the side.


Yang Kai immediately became interested and quickly paid attention to the ambient gossip.


“There’s no helping it. The Divine Armament Tournament is the biggest event in the Divine Armament World. It only happens once every 100 years; moreover, winning a Divine Armament means wielding supreme power. How could people not be tempted?”


“Speaking of which, the Ten Great Divine Armaments of our Divine Armament World change hands every 100 years. When will these battles end?”


“If some Heaven-defying person can collect all of the Ten Great Divine Armaments, that might end the chaos in this land.”


“What a joke!” Somebody shouted, “It is said that just refining one Divine Armament takes infinite mental strength. Not to mention that each Divine Armament is extremely ferocious and bloodthirsty. If one’s willpower is insufficient, one will only become the Divine Armament’s puppet. It’s difficult enough to refine just one of them, so who could possibly collect all ten?”


After listening to the conversation in the surroundings, Yang Kai furrowed his brow slightly.


This Small Source World was called the Divine Armament World. Furthermore, a Divine Armament Tournament would be held every 100 years. His purpose in coming here was to refine a portion of the Small Source World’s Source Strength to enhance his Small Universe’s heritage.


Judging from the current situation, it would seem that the Divine Armament Tournament was the key. Perhaps, he could obtain a part of the Small Source World’s Source Strength by obtaining the Divine Armaments.


[100 years… It’s not a short time, so I should have ample time to cultivate in peace. Besides, I don’t need to worry about the outside world right now. The Small Source World is similar to World Fruit; hence, the flow of time here is different from the outside world. 100 years in here might be less than 1 year in the outside world, maybe even just a month.] Yang Kai soon made up his mind. [I have to cultivate diligently. In 100 years, I will participate in the Divine Armament Tournament!]




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