Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4479, I See Disaster in Your Future


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Young man, I can see a dark mark on your forehead. Moreover, your gaze is dull and your Essence Spirit has dissipated. I’m afraid a catastrophe will befall you soon!” A voice suddenly entered Yang Kai’s ears.


Yang Kai turned to look to the side and saw an elderly man standing in front of him with a smile. The elderly man wore a tall hat and a long linen coat. He was also holding a cloth banner that had big characters for ‘Fortune-Telling’ written on it!


“My Eldest Senior Brother is just drunk! What nonsense are you saying Old Man!” Before Yang Kai could respond, Wan Ying Ying shouted with a glare.


Yang Kai raised a hand to stop her and looked up at the elderly man with a smile, “A Divination Master?”


In his memories, there was indeed such a mysterious group of people in the Divine Armament World. He did not know whether their predictions were accurate or not, but he couldn’t help being interested since it was his first time meeting one.


“This Old Master is indeed a Divine Oracle. I can see five hundred years into the future and five hundred years into the past. Everything below the Heavens and above the Earth is not beyond my knowledge. There’s nothing I don’t know. Young man, if you wish to resolve this catastrophe, then you should let this Old Master divine your future for you. Perhaps, it might save you.”


“You certainly have a lot of confidence!” Yang Kai chuckled, “If that’s the case, then why don’t you divine my fate for me?”


“Sure!” The Divine Oracle immediately felt refreshed now that he had a sale in his hand. Placing the cloth banner in his hand aside, he sat down and asked, “Young man, do you want me to divine your handwriting or read your palm?”


“Let’s make it simple. Please read my palm. Do you want my left hand or my right hand?”


“It doesn’t matter! This Old Master’s fortune-telling is not so limited,” The Divine Oracle grinned, revealing a mouthful of yellowing teeth.


Wan Ying Ying stood beside Yang Kai, looking hesitant. She wanted to tell her Eldest Senior Brother that this group of people made a living by scamming people, so there was no need to believe them. After thinking about it again though, she changed her mind. He had been so depressed and disheartened for the past year that it was rare for him to show interest in anything, so she couldn’t bring herself to dampen his mood.


[We’ll only lose some money, but it’ll be worth it as long as it can make Eldest Senior Brother happy.] With that thought in mind, she quietly shot a look at the Divine Oracle to warn him to speak carefully.


There was no saying whether the Divine Oracle noticed her look as he picked up Yang Kai’s hand and studied the lines on his palm with a frown, “Young man, it seems your life is not going very well and your path ahead is full of disasters. If this Old Master is correct, you encountered something sad recently, right?”


Wan Ying Ying angrily spoke up from the side, “Stop talking nonsense. Who wouldn’t know something like that?”


“Haha…” The Divine Oracle chuckled softly. He was not bothered by her outburst and continued his examination until all of a sudden, he frowned as if he had discovered something extraordinary and his expression became extremely dignified.


Wan Ying Ying grit her teeth at the sight and secretly vowed to herself, [If this old fart makes another rude remark, I’m going to beat him up and throw him out!]


“Old Sir?” Yang Kai called out softly.


The Divine Oracle stared at Yang Kai’s hand in his grip for a while, seeming to freeze in place. After a while, he slowly released Yang Kai’s hand and stood up. He grabbed the cloth banner he had placed by the side of the table and retreated, cupping his fist in apology, “I’m sorry for disturbing you!”


Wan Ying Ying looked at the Divine Oracle in confusion, wondering what tricks this old man was playing. However, she watched as the elderly man retreated to the door and turned around to run away. Who could have known that he would happen to bump into someone?


That person was an impressive and handsome young man who had a jade-like woman in his arms. One of his large hands fondled restlessly around the woman’s waist. When the Divine Oracle ran into him, he was caught off-guard and stumbled backward suddenly. Furious, he grabbed the old man by the collar and shouted, “Old dog, are you blind!? Don’t you look where you’re going!?”


The Divine Oracle apologised repeatedly before suddenly looking up at the young man and saying, “Young man, I can see a dark mark on your forehead. Moreover, your gaze is dull and your Essence Spirit has dissipated. I’m afraid a great disaster will befall you soon!”


This situation made Wan Ying Ying utterly speechless.


Meanwhile, the young man became even angrier. He slapped the Divine Oracle with his palm and knocked him straight to the ground. Then, he stepped forward and added two more kicks for good measure. His stomps made the Divine Oracle scream in agony. After fiercely venting his anger, he finally grinned savagely, “How dare you say that a great disaster will befall me? I’ll show you what a great disaster looks like!”


The Divine Oracle was powerless to resist and could only curl up into a trembling ball.


The young man called out, “Pull out all his teeth. Show him the consequences of speaking nonsense!”


“Yes!” Two attendants immediately rushed out from behind the young man. They grabbed the Divine Oracle from both sides and dragged him to the side.


On the other hand, the young man sauntered into the restaurant with the woman held snugly in his arms.


Wan Ying Ying immediately turned pale. She stood next to Yang Kai and grabbed him by the arm, “Eldest Senior Brother, let’s leave quickly.”


Who could have known that Yang Kai would be as immovable as a rock? She could not budge him whatsoever.


Near the door, the young man led the woman and his attendants inside. His gaze swept around and immediately landed on Yang Kai, causing him to grin meaningfully, “Isn’t that Yang Kai from Void Spirit Sword Sect? Goodness, what a coincidence!”


The gorgeously dolled-up woman who had been giggling away in his arms suddenly stiffened at those words. When she turned around to look at Yang Kai, her expression immediately became uneasy and she murmured softly, “Young Master Zhang, this old place has a shabby atmosphere. Let’s go somewhere else.”


The young man called Young Master Zhang sneered, “Does this place have a shabby atmosphere? Or, are you feeling uncomfortable after meeting an old lover?”


The woman looked embarrassed but did not open her mouth.


He sneered, “Since you’ve met an old lover, you should definitely go and greet him!”


While saying so, he dragged the woman in his arms over to Yang Kai and sat down opposite him. His attendants spread out to form a line behind him, giving off an impressive aura.


Yang Kai quietly watched the young man and information floated into his head. This person was Zhang Yu Lin from Tian Luo Hall!


Compared to a small force like the Void Spirit Sword Sect, Tian Luo Hall was much stronger. The cultivators in the Divine Armament World could be divided into four Realms, Mortal, Earth, Heaven, and Spirit. The same applied for the great forces.


Both Void Spirit Sword Sect and Tian Luo Hall had Earth Realm Masters assuming command over their Sect, so they could be considered Earth Realm great forces. However, the Earth Realm Masters in the Void Spirit Sword Sect were only in the Third Stage at most. In contrast, Tian Luo Hall had several Ninth-Step Earth Realm Masters.


Therefore, Tian Luo Hall stood on a different level compared to Void Spirit Sword Sect in terms of both quantity or quality of Masters. Any random Elder in Tian Luo Hall could easily wipe out the entire Void Spirit Sword Sect.


Zhang Yu Lin’s strength was only slightly higher than Yang Kai’s, so there was not much of a difference between them. Be that as it may, their statuses and authority were as different as night and day as the former was a descendant of a Tian Luo Hall Elder


Meanwhile, the woman next to him was called Zhou Cen. She was a disciple of the Zhou Family.


Yang Kai had gotten to know her and secretly fell in love with her when he went out to run errands in the past. He initially thought that she was a gentle, kind, and intelligent woman; an ideal companion. Who could have known that Zhang Yu Lin would appear out of nowhere?


Faced with a choice between Yang Kai and Zhang Yu Lin, Zhou Cen had chosen the latter. That was also the greatest reason why Yang Kai had been drowning his sorrows in alcohol lately.


[The identity given to me by the Divine Armament World was such a failure!] Yang Kai sighed slightly.


“I told you never to appear before me again. I also told you that I would beat you up every time I saw you. Did you think I was joking?” Zhang Yu Lin glared at Yang Kai coldly. He might have stolen Yang Kai’s woman, but he had no intention of forgiving Yang Kai either. His arrival in this place today was not a coincidence. It was intentional.


“What a coincidence. I don’t know why I get so worked up when I see your face. I have the urge to beat you up too!” Yang Kai grinned. The Divine Armament World had given him a brand-new identity that naturally came with many different emotions. At this moment, he was filled with an inexplicable rage when he saw his love rival standing in front of him.


Zhang Yu Lin was taken aback by those words.


Similarly, Zhou Cen also looked at Yang Kai in astonishment from where she stood within Zhang Yu Lin’s arms. Her impression of Yang Kai was that of a warm and kind-hearted young man who treated others with generosity. She had never seen him looking so aggressive before. He even gave off a… murderous intent! A Yang Kai like this was very unfamiliar to her.


“What did you say!?” Zhang Yu Lin cocked his ear to the side and leaned his head close to Yang Kai, “Can you say that again? I don’t think I heard you clearly!”




Yang Kai raised his hand and slapped the other party without another word. His palm landed squarely on Zhang Yu Lin’s face, causing a bloody tooth to fly out.


The force of impact sent Zhang Yu Lin flying through the air, spinning several times before he collapsed heavily to the ground. Even Zhou Cen, who had been embraced in his arms all this while, collapsed to the ground with him.


Two screams rang out at the same time. They came from Wan Ying Ying, who stood behind Yang Kai, and Zhou Cen respectively.


“Young Master Zhang!” Zhang Yu Lin’s attendants went pale with shock and hurriedly stepped forward to help him up, scrambling in panic for a moment.


At the entrance of the shop, the dishevelled Divine Oracle with several footprints still on his back rushed in with his cloth banner in his hand. He glanced at Zhang Yu Lin, who had collapsed on the ground with blood in his mouth, and roared with laughter, “This Old Master warned you that you will face a great disaster today, but you didn’t believe me! Hah! Let’s see if you believe me now!”


After saying that, he turned around and fled like a column of smoke.


Zhang Yu Lin stood up with some help from his attendants, feeling as though half of his face was swollen. Shaking his head vigorously, he stared at Yang Kai with a mixture of shock and fury, “You dare hit me!?”


Yang Kai replied nonchalantly, “I apologise. You stretched your head so far out that my hand just landed on it when I tried to turn!”


“Eldest Senior Brother, we need to go!” Wan Ying Ying was so anxious that her complexion was deathly pale. She tugged at Yang Kai’s arm with all her might. When she first saw Zhang Yu Lin, she had immediately wanted to drag Yang Kai away. Unfortunately, she failed to do so. Who could have known that things would take such a turn? [I can’t believe that Eldest Senior Brother hit Zhang Yu Lin! Now that things have gotten out of hand, there is no way to resolve this matter peacefully!]


“You want to leave!?” Zhang Yu Lin was livid, “Why are you still standing around doing nothing!? Get them! Break that bastard’s limbs! I want him to suffer!”


His attendants immediately rushed forward from behind him.


There was not much difference between his strength and Yang Kai’s as Yang Kai was in the Fourth-Step Mortal Realm while he was in the Fifth-Step Mortal Realm. It was not that his aptitude was better than Yang Kai’s, but rather that Tian Luo Hall had more abundant resources, so he received better support. However, the attendants that he brought with him were all in the Eighth-Step or Ninth-Step Mortal Realm. They might not be in the Earth Realm, but they were not far from it.


“Eldest Senior Brother…” Wan Ying Ying’s small face was as white as a sheet and her petite body trembled slightly. Although she was extremely terrified, she stood in front of Yang Kai, “Go quickly! I will stop them!”


Yang Kai laughed and stood up, pulling her behind him, “Your Eldest Senior Brother is here. There’s no need for you to come forward. Just stand there and watch. My journey in this world will begin here!”




Following a soft sound, a sword light dazzled his eyes. Yang Kai looked down at the long sword in his hand and gave an exclamation of surprise, “Oh? It turns out that I have a sword. It looks like this world treats me quite well!”




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