Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4480, Neat and Tidy


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Void Spirit Sword Sect naturally focused on the Sword Dao, so it was only natural that the disciples carried swords. Yang Kai had been ignorant of this fact and it was not until he instinctively drew his blade that he discovered he had a sword.




Soft stabbing sounds rang out as one of the Eighth-Step Mortal Realm Masters charging at Yang Kai froze in place and looked down at his chest. A longsword had pierced right through his chest and a stinging pain spread out from his heart.


“You…” The attendant lifted his head and looked at Yang Kai in disbelief. He neither understood what had happened nor how he had been stabbed by a sword.


“Pang San!” The expressions of the other attendants nearby changed greatly. From their point of view, it seemed as though this attendant called Pang San had accidentally impaled himself on the other party’s longsword. And, this was the outcome of the accident.




Yang Kai pulled out his sword, causing blood to splatter everywhere. Then, Pang San turned pale and collapsed face-first to the ground.


“You court death!” The rest of the attendants were enraged. There were several Eighth-Step and Ninth-Step Mortal Realm Masters attacking a single boy in the Fourth-Step Mortal Realm, so how could they accidentally be killed by their opponent? It was a great humiliation to them. Roaring furiously, they circulated their strength and drew their weapons to attack from both sides.


A fight had suddenly broken out and one person had already died. Screams rang out in the restaurant and everybody quickly fled outside. Even the shopkeeper and shophands of the restaurant vanished without a trace.


Inside the restaurant, Yang Kai and the attendants were at each other’s throats. Sword lights flashed as Yang Kai retreated while protecting Wan Ying Ying behind him. At the same time, he raised his sword to parry the ferocious attacks that kept raining down on him. The sounds of swords clashing against each other rang out endlessly.


Yang Kai suffered from the impact of all the blows landing on him, and consequently, his arms went numb and his vitality churned violently. His cultivation was no match for his opponents, so he was bound to suffer at their hands. He was at a disadvantage in a frontal confrontation and his longsword trembled continuously, almost as though it could be sent flying at any moment.




Another soft stabbing sound rang out as an attendant in the Ninth-Step Mortal Realm halted in his tracks and looked down at his chest in disbelief. His eyes instantly widened at the sight.


He had suffered the same fate as Pang San. Yang Kai’s sword had skewered him through the chest and stabbed straight into his heart. Before he could understand what had happened, he felt a large invisible hand squeezing his heart. All the vitality in his body rapidly drained away and he collapsed to the ground.


The remaining two attendants were shocked and horrified. They did not understand why their companions seemed to have the tendency to run straight into the opponent’s sword today! The boy opposite them was clearly much weaker than them, but he had managed to kill two of their companions in such a strange manner. Rather than being killed by Yang Kai, it was better to say that both their companions had impaled themselves on the opponent’s sword on their own.


“Weak! Too weak!” Yang Kai’s expression was filled with dissatisfaction. The body given to him by the Divine Armament World was so weak that he could not bear to look at himself. Compared to the strength of his original body, this Yang Kai of Void Spirit Sword Sect was no different from an ant.


He only managed to kill two of his opponents by relying on his overwhelming experience and skill. Although he could not use his actual strength in this place, he could freely wield the techniques he honed from so many years of fighting. It didn’t matter whether the enemy was greater in numbers or stronger than him, killing them was not difficult as long as he could seize the fleeting opportunities before him to make his move.


These attendants in the Eighth-Step and Ninth-Step Mortal Realm might have Spirit Qi protecting their bodies, but he could find openings at critical moments and position his longsword so that they impaled themselves on his sword all on their own. Rather than saying that Yang Kai had killed them, it was better to say that their own strength had killed them. That was why, in the eyes of outsider, those two people who died seemed as though they had committed suicide. It was extremely peculiar.


Zhang Yu Lin had brought along six attendants with him. Two of them had gone to dispose of the Divine Oracle and their current whereabouts were unknown. Out of the remaining four, Yang Kai had killed two; therefore, only two were left.


These two remaining attendants were frozen in place, horror spreading across their faces. Their calm looks from before were gone. Two of their companions had been killed in quick succession. It would be weirder if they failed to realise that something was strange about Yang Kai. It was just that Yang Kai was only in the Fourth-Step Mortal Realm no matter how they looked at him. Not to mention, the fluctuation of the Spirit Qi surrounding his body was much weaker than their own.


“In a deadly battle, hesitation is one’s greatest flaw!” Yang Kai flicked his sword and sneered coldly. When his body moved, he boldly took the initiative to charge straight towards those two and his sword flashed so swiftly that nothing could escape its reach.


The two remaining attendants paled with shock and hastily defended themselves; however, what depressed them greatly was that even though their strength was clearly greater than their opponent’s and their Spirit Qi was much denser than his, the figure in front of them was as slippery as an eel. They could not grasp his position and instead were the ones to reveal more flaws due to the fear and unease in their hearts.


A short while later, there were two additional corpses in the restaurant whose blood stained the ground.


“A family should never be separated!” Yang Kai flicked off the blood on his blade. The longsword in his hand was pitted and damaged along its entire length as it was not some extraordinary weapon. It was simply a Mortal Grade longsword, so after fighting with four Eighth-Step and Ninth-Step Mortal Realm Masters, the sword was at its limits.


Still, Yang Kai looked up at Zhang Yu Lin, only to see that the latter was utterly dumbstruck.


When the battle first began, Zhang Yu Lin had energetically shouted provocations from the sidelines, but as his attendants fell one by one, the horror on his face grew stronger and stronger. At this moment, he was shocked to the core.


[Is he really the same Yang Kai who grovelled and didn’t dare to say a word in front of me?] He felt as though he was dreaming. Everything felt almost surreal.


Even Zhou Cen beside him was full of doubts.


Seeing Yang Kai approaching step by step, Zhang Yu Lin immediately panicked, “Stay away!”


“Didn’t you want to chop off my limbs? How are you going to chop my limbs if I don’t come over?” Yang Kai stared at Zhang Yu Lin calmly, suppressing the rage in his heart. The Divine Armament World had given him a brand-new identity that came with its own set of emotions. These memories felt so real that he felt as though they were his actual life experiences.


“I… I was just joking.” Zhang Yu Lin shivered in fear. All of a sudden, he saw Zhou Cen standing next to him, pale-faced with fear. Without hesitation, he hurriedly shoved her in front of him and shouted, “Didn’t you like this woman? I’ll return her to you. Just don’t come near me.”


Zhou Cen was shoved so hard that she stumbled and slammed into Yang Kai’s chest, causing her complexion to turn even paler than before. When she looked up, all she saw was Yang Kai looking down at her coldly. The gaze was so unfamiliar that she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.




A sudden stab of pain came from her chest. Looking down, she saw the tip of a sword piercing her in the back and protruding from her chest. The sword had penetrated her body to stab into Yang Kai’s abdomen.


“Hahahaha!” Zhang Yu Lin’s hysterical laughter came from behind her, “How dare you act so arrogantly in front of this Young Master!? Let’s see if you survive that!”


Wan Ying Ying’s scream rang out.


On the other hand, Yang Kai gave a furious roar and raised his sword to slash at something behind Zhou Cen. A sword light flashed and Zhang Yu Lin’s head flew into the sky. His vicious and triumphant expression remained on his face as his headless corpse swayed slightly before slowly collapsing to the ground, blood gushing out from his neck like a fountain.


Zhou Cen went limp in Yang Kai’s arms. Yang Kai took two steps back and gently laid her down on the ground. Her gaze went slack, but she stared at Yang Kai fixedly and muttered, “I’m sorry!”


Wan Ying Ying rushed over and immediately saw the wound traversing Zhou Cen’s chest.


Zhang Yu Lin’s longsword had passed directly through Zhou Cen’s chest and pierced her heart. With such injuries… there was no hope for her. After she finished speaking that sentence, her eyes slowly closed and her aura disappeared. The stench of blood was incredibly strong inside the restaurant, permeating the air and causing one to gag.


“Eldest Senior Brother, are you alright?” Wan Ying Ying glanced nervously at Yang Kai only to see a patch of red slowly spreading across his abdomen and staining his clothes. Zhang Yu Lin’s final attack where he used Zhou Cen as a distraction had injured Yang Kai. That was not all. Both Yang Kai’s sleeves were also dyed in red blood, a result of him tearing his muscles from his earlier battle.


When fighting Zhang Yu Lin’s four attendants, Yang Kai had killed them by relying on his overwhelming skills. Nevertheless, the gap in their cultivation had caused him to suffer some losses. The force of recoil that rebounded back at him had turned both his arms into a bloody mess.


“I’m fine!” He waved his hand dismissively as he sent a complicated gaze towards Zhou Cen, who was laid out on the ground. [This world is strange indeed. I’ve never even met this Zhou Cen before, but sorrow fills my heart to see her die in front of me.]


The reason he had been injured by Zhang Yu Lin was that a ripple had involuntarily emerged in his heart when Zhou Cen was shoved into his arms. That feeling had left him reeling in shock for a moment.


“You’re bleeding so much! How can you say you’re fine!?” Wan Ying Ying was close to tears. She hurriedly dug through the small cloth bag at her waist and took out a bottle of pills. Tipping a single pill out of the bottle, she stuffed it into his mouth. Then, she took out some medicinal powder, tore his clothes open, and helped him to apply the powder on his wounds.


While treating his wounds, she also examined the severity of his injuries and discovered that the stab wound at his abdomen was just a flesh wound. It had not gotten further than three centimetres past his skin. Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief.


“Eldest Senior Brother, we need to return to the Sect immediately. We must not stay here any longer!” It was her first time seeing so many people die and so much blood spilled. Despite that, she only experienced a short moment of panic before she quickly realised that they had to leave this place as soon as possible.


Zhang Yu Lin was the favoured descendant of one of the Elders in Tian Luo Hall, so Tian Luo Hall would never let this matter go now that he had died at Yang Kai’s hands in a place like this. Moreover, this town was under Tian Luo Hall’s jurisdiction. Once word of this incident spread, Tian Luo Hall’s members would surely swarm out to surround and suppress them.


Wan Ying Ying’s heart was filled with worry. [Eldest Senior Brother caused such a huge mess. How will we resolve this incident?]


“En!” Yang Kai nodded in agreement. The two of them gathered their things quickly and swiftly left the restaurant.


Walking on the street, he suddenly sensed something and turned around to look. The Divine Oracle stood at the corner of the street with his bruised and swollen face. He was stroking his beard and looking in this direction with an unreadable expression. When their gazes met, he bowed deeply. His attitude immediately became flattering and he kept bowing politely with a cupped fist.


[This old guy… is interesting! Did he notice something?] Yang Kai retracted his gaze and followed Wan Ying Ying to the horse stables to retrieve their mounts. Afterwards, they travelled in the direction of Void Spirit Sword Sect located several dozen kilometres away.


In this world, only Masters in the Heaven Realm and above could fly. Those in the Mortal Realm and the Earth Realm were incapable of such feats; therefore, most people could only travel by horse. Be that as it may, even those in the Heaven Realm would not choose to fly unless it was an emergency as doing so consumed too much Spirit Qi, making flight hard to sustain for long periods of time. Only those in the Spirit Realm would fly about without any care in the world.




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  1. Speaking of these low level realms (mortal, earth, heaven) I don’t remember being mentioned even once when YK ascended to outer universe that there are people with cultivation lower than Dao source realm. So it makes you wonder, we’re they born as Dao source realm?

    In void land there are now lower than Dao source realm people bcoz YK brought them there.

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