Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4481, A Good Thing


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Void Spirit Sword Sect was located between several medium-sized Spirit Peaks. Yang Kai searched his memories and found that Void Spirit Sword Sect had been established for quite a long time, over 1,000 years ago, in fact. In a world like this, not many great forces could pass down their inheritance for 1,000 years. Only the very ancient great forces had such long histories. Moreover, the Ancestors of Void Spirit Sword Sect seemed to have produced a Sword Lord in the past!


The so-called Sword Lord was the Master of a Divine Armament. The Divine Armament World had a total of ten Divine Armaments. The True Void Sword was one of them. One of the Ancestors of the Void Spirit Sword Sect had the great honour to obtain the True Void Sword and became the True Void Sword Lord. That era was Void Spirit Sword Sect’s most glorious and prosperous.


It was just that the Divine Armament World would hold a Divine Armament Tournament once every 100 years and the Divine Armaments would often change hands during that time. Void Spirit Sword Sect suffered terrible losses in the battle 100 years after obtaining the True Void Sword and gradually weakened in strength over the following years. At present, only a small number of people remained in Void Spirit Sword Sect, barely keeping the Sect from dying out. Even the strongest in Void Spirit Sword Sect was only in the Third-Step Earth Realm.


*Clop clop clop…* 


The constant sound of horse hooves crunching against gravel filled the air as Yang Kai led his Little Junior Sister, Wan Ying Ying, up the mountain on horseback. Their travel speed was neither fast nor slow and the mountain gates of Void Spirit Sword Sect were only several kilometres ahead.


However, Wan Ying Ying kept staring at Yang Kai’s back in heavy silence throughout the return journey. His actions today had frightened her greatly. He was so different from the person in her memories that she couldn’t help feeling a strong sense of unfamiliarity.


Several Eighth and Ninth-Step Mortal Realm Masters had barely lasted an incense stick of time against him before they were slaughtered. Even Zhang Yu Lin of Tian Luo Hall was killed by his sword.


“Why do you keep staring at me? Do you no longer recognise your Eldest Senior Brother?” Yang Kai’s voice rang out. Only then did Wan Ying Ying realise that he had stopped at some point and was currently looking back at her with a smile.


The familiar face and smile reassured her considerably. Urging her horse to step forward, she continued onward side-by-side with him where she asked tentatively, “Eldest Senior Brother, have you always been that strong?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s not that I’m strong. It’s that they are too weak. They had too many shortcomings. When the gap between our cultivation is not big, a single small mistake can mean the difference between life and death in a fight.”


[Is the gap between a Fourth-Step Mortal Realm Master and an Eighth-Step Mortal Realm Master not large?] Nevertheless, his performance today left her unable to refute his words.


“Eldest Senior Brother, were you using the Void Spirit Sword Art just now? Why does it feel a little different?” Wan Ying Ying continued asking questions.


Void Spirit Sword Sect was established based on the Void Spirit Sword Art, so every single disciple was required to cultivate this Sword Art. Thinking back to the battle today, Wan Ying Ying realized that although the moves Yang Kai displayed contained a shadow of the Void Spirit Sword Art, they were not completely the same.


“It is the Void Spirit Sword Art, but I modified it slightly. I’ll teach you next time!” Yang Kai reached out to ruffle her head.


She was speechless. The Void Spirit Sword Art had been passed down through the Sect for over 1,000 years. Countless Seniors and Ancestors had improved and modified the Sword Art over that time. It could be said that even though the Void Spirit Sword Art was not highly ranked in the Divine Armament World, it was an extremely solid entry-level Sword Art. The fact that her Eldest Senior Brother could further improve it was simply incredible.


During their conversation, they arrived at the mountain gates of Void Spirit Sword Sect. It was a large stone monument that gave off an ancient aura. The characters ‘Void Spirit’ were carved into the stone monument. In addition, there were two disciples dressed in blue and white robes guarding the entrance. These clothes were the standard uniform for Void Spirit Sword Sect disciples, and as soon as they caught sight of Yang Kai and Wan Ying Ying, they immediately came forward to greet them.


“Eldest Senior Brother is back!”


Yang Kai nodded lightly. Leaping off his horse, he handed the reins to one of the disciples and asked, “Where is the Sect Master?”


“Sect Master is most likely discussing matters with the two Elders in the Main Hall. You can find him there, Eldest Senior Brother.”


Yang Kai nodded, “You’ve worked hard.”


Afterwards, the two disciples couldn’t help feeling a little absent-minded as they stared at Yang Kai’s departing back.


“It feels like something is different about Eldest Senior Brother today,” one of them said.


“I get the same feeling. In the past, Eldest Senior Brother…” The other person thought about it and considered his words carefully, “He had felt like he was shrouded in heavy Death Qi before, but it feels like he came back to life today.”


“That’s right. That’s right. That’s what it feels like. It looks like Eldest Senior Brother has gotten over the issue from before.”


“That’s good. The world is not lacking in flowers. Zhou Cen doesn’t look like a good woman anyway. She is an ambitious social-climbing woman. It’s a good thing that Eldest Senior Brother can get over her.”


The Yang Kai of Void Spirit Sword Sect had a gentle temperament and always treated people generously; hence, he received the love and respect of his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters. When the incident with Zhou Cen took place, many of his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters had been very worried about him. It was only natural for them to feel happy for him when they saw that he had overcome his hardships.


Inside the Main Hall, Void Spirit Sword Sect’s Sect Master Su Chang Fa, Great Elder Gu Kang Ning, and Second Elder Hong Xiu were gathered together.


Void Spirit Sword Sect was weak, so these three were the only pillars of the Sect among the older generation. They were also the three strongest people in the Sect. All three of them were in the Third-Step Earth Realm.


Unfortunately, there was a big dividing line between the Third-Step and the Fourth-Step. It was similar to the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm and the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm. One could not cross this dividing gap without sufficient aptitude and resources.


Sect Master Su Chang Fa had exhausted his potential, and for that reason, he would never be able to go further than the Third-Step Earth Realm. The same went for Great Elder Gu Kang Ning. If there was anybody among the three of them who could overcome the divide, then it could only be Hong Xiu.


Hong Xiu was the youngest among the three of them, but be that as it may, she was already in her forties. It was just that she had taken good care of herself, so she looked like she was only in her early twenties. Her skin was fair and tender, her bosom was ample and full, and her figure was slim and slender. She was also the only female among the three of them.


“I don’t know how the information that we discovered a Black Jade mine within Void Spirit Sword Sect’s territory on Ash Mountain was leaked out; however, the Sect Master of Roaring Tiger Sect has already sent a letter to me the other day. His message was heavily ladened with hints. I’m afraid he wants a slice of the pie!” Su Chang Fa sighed. He was now in his early hundreds. With a cultivation in the Earth Realm, he theoretically had quite a long life ahead of him, but handling the affairs of the Sect for so many years had exhausted him, causing him to look haggard and old.


“That bastard! That is Void Spirit Sword Sect’s Black Jade mine! What right does Roaring Tiger Sect have to ask for a share!?” Great Elder Gu Kang Ning roared furiously.


Su Chang Fa sighed, “Even if we refuse, Roaring Tiger Sect will not give up easily. An ordinary man is innocent, but treasures make him guilty! Roaring Tiger Sect is much stronger than us, so there is nothing we can do if they resort to using force.”


Hong Xiu chimed in solemnly, “It’s such a tempting meal. We won’t be able to monopolise the benefits with Void Spirit Sword Sect’s strength alone. Roaring Tiger Sect is arrogant but also powerful, so it’s only natural that they want a share of the benefits. But, what about Tian Luo Hall? Now that the news has spread, Tian Luo Hall won’t remain silent either.”


Su Chang Fa shook his head, “Tian Luo Hall has yet to make a move. I don’t know what they are thinking, but it’s a given that they will meddle in the Black Jade mine!”


Hong Xiu contemplated and then said, “If that’s the case, we can just watch how things play out for the moment. Tian Luo Hall and Roaring Tiger Sect are similar in terms of strength, and since they both have interest in the Black Jade mine, there will surely be conflict between them. Void Spirit Sword Sect might be able to find a good opportunity among the cracks.”


Su Chang Fa nodded, “You’re right, Hong Xiu. This Old Master had the same idea. That’s why I have yet to send a reply to Roaring Tiger Sect. We should see how Tian Luo Hall reacts to this matter before we come to a decision…” 


He suddenly paused and looked up in the middle of his sentence; then, a smile appeared on his aged face, “Little Yang Kai is back?”


Gu Kang Ning glared in that direction with an expression of disappointment. Meanwhile, Hong Xiu glanced at Yang Kai in concern.


“Disciple greets Honoured Master and two Elders!” Yang Kai came to a stop before he cupped his fist and bowed in greeting. Behind him, Wan Ying Ying followed suit.


Along the way here, Yang Kai had taken the time to change into another set of clothes; otherwise, his bloody appearance would have surely frightened many people.


Gu Kang Ning scolded angrily, “Where were you?! You’ve been slacking off on your duties all day long! And why do you stink of alcohol!? Void Spirit Sword Sect will be wiped out if we depend on you!”


It was not that he disliked Yang Kai, it was just that Yang Kai’s recent performance had disappointed him so greatly that he could not help but reprimand him out of anger!


Hong Xiu quickly said, “It’s not that serious. A child’s temperament is simply not steady enough. He just needs time to polish himself.”


“Polish himself? Do you know how old he is now? He’s only in the Fourth-Step Mortal Realm still! When will he reach the Earth Realm!? With his current attitude, I’m worried that he might not fight back even if somebody hits him! That’s what happened last time after all, he came home with a bruised and swollen face after being beaten up outside! That was such an embarrassment to Void Spirit Sword Sect,” he muttered angrily.


Yang Kai bowed in the Great Elder’s direction, “Many thanks for your guidance, Great Elder. This Disciple has learned from his mistakes. In the past, this Disciple has failed the earnest teachings of Honoured Master and two Elders. Fortunately, this Disciple has come to his senses and will work hard in the future so that I don’t fail your expectations of me.”


Gu Kang Ning seemed a little stunned to hear those words. He could not tell whether Yang Kai meant what he said, but his anger still subsided and he nodded, “It’s best if you think that way. But, I hope you can do more than just talk.”


“This Disciple has already begun following your teachings, Great Elder. I encountered some people who provoked me today, so this Disciple gave them a painful lesson!”


Behind him, Wan Ying Ying’s brow twitched at those words.


“Oh?” The Great Elder immediately became interested, “Who is this person with no eyes who dared to provoke you? What was the outcome?”


“This Disciple killed them all!” Yang Kai nonchalantly replied.


An eerie silence fell over the entire hall.


After a while, Gu Kang Ning lightly coughed, “It’s good for young people to be hot-blooded. Only hot-blooded people have the drive to improve. Ahem. Who were these people?”


The only people who could be killed by Yang Kai were most likely inferior cultivators; therefore, Gu Kang Ning was not too bothered even though he was surprised that somebody as gentle and kind as Yang Kai could kill another person. Void Spirit Sword Sect might be weak, but not just anybody could afford to provoke them either.


“Zhang Yu Lin of Tian Luo Hall and several of his attendants.” Yang Kai reported truthfully, “At the time, this disciple was in the restaurant when…”


Before he could finish speaking, he heard a clattering sound and looked up. Both his Honoured Master Su Chang Fa and Great Elder Gu Kang Ning had gotten to their feet with expressions of horror on their faces. Meanwhile, Elder Hong Xiu reached out to cover her red lips with her hand.


“You… What… What did you say!? Who did you kill!?” Gu Kang Ning stuttered.


“Zhang Yu Lin of Tian Luo Hall. Uh… Great Elder, you might not know this person. He is a descendant of Tian Luo Hall’s Third Elder, Zhan Bo Xiong. You know Zhan Bo Xiong, right, Great Elder?” Yang Kai explained seriously.




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