Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4484, Disciple Arrived Late


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Now that Yang Kai’s cultivation had increased to the next Step, the pressure that was bearing down upon him vanished without a trace. Thus, he grabbed another handful of White Jades and frantically continued to circulate the Void Spirit Art.


The White Jades scattered around him decreased at a very fast rate and his cultivation improved rapidly in turn. Three days after he advanced into the Sixth-Step Mortal Realm, he achieved another breakthrough and advanced into the Seventh-Step!


At a certain point, his hand came up empty when he reached out to the side. Yang Kai lowered his head and looked down only to see that he had finished consuming over 2,000 White Jades in the short span of six or seven days! Thanks to the abundant White Jades and the several dozen bottles of pills, he had advanced from the Fourth-Step Mortal Realm to the Seventh-Step Mortal Realm in one session!


If it were any other cultivator, it would have been impossible for them to achieve such a rapid cultivation speed. Yang Kai had relied on the power of his Dragon Vein, which allowed him to be so unscrupulous in his cultivation. Even so, many dark injuries remained in his body from this process.


These dark injuries were like cracks in the foundation of the building. The higher the building, the greater the chance of it collapsing. Nevertheless, Yang Kai was not too bothered. With the power of his Dragon Vein, these dark injuries would repair themselves sooner or later.


Moreover, with the increasing enhancement of his physique, the power of his Dragon Vein that he could stimulate would also become increasingly intense. There was a positive cycle that had no defined limits.


Without more White Jades, Yang Kai could only cultivate by absorbing ambient World Energy. Needless to say, he was dissatisfied with such cultivation speed. He was just considering whether he wanted to visit the Black Jade lode to obtain some Black Jade for cultivation when a figure rushed inside his house.


“Little Junior Sister? Why are you in such a panic?” Yang Kai stared at Wan Ying Ying in astonishment when she rushed over to him.


Wan Ying Ying’s complexion was pale as she stretched out her hand and stuffed a bag into his arms before hurriedly saying, “Eldest Senior Brother, Sect Master has issued an order. You are to set off for Green Mountain Town immediately.”


“Green Mountain Town?” Yang Kai frowned, “That place is over 1,000 kilometres from here. What does Honoured Master want me to do there?”


Wan Ying Ying shook her head, “I don’t know the specific details. Sect Master only said that you will know once you arrive. Eldest Senior Brother, this matter is very urgent. You need to leave now.”


While saying so, she grabbed his hand and tried to drag him out, but Yang Kai did not budge. Despite tugging at him twice, Wan Ying Ying could not move him at all, so she turned around anxiously and stomped her foot, “Eldest Senior Brother, let’s go!”


“What happened outside?” Yang Kai looked at her quietly.


Her expression immediately became unnatural as she shook her head hard, “N-Nothing!”


“Since you were a child, you’ve always stuttered whenever you lied. Tell me. What happened outside?”


“N-Nothing! I s-swear!”


He ruffled her head, “Did somebody from Tian Luo Hall come?”


“N-N-No!” She shook her head vigorously.


Yang Kai stepped outside with a suspicious expression, “How strange. Didn’t Honoured Master say that he was going to borrow the power of Roaring Tiger Sect to deal with Tian Luo Hall? Where are the people from Roaring Tiger Sect?”


Wan Ying Ying clutched at him from behind, screaming and crying, “Eldest Senior Brother, don’t go! It’s very dangerous outside! Sect Master wants you to leave now! It’s also to ensure that Void Spirit Sword Sect will continue to exist. You have to hurry up and leave before they find you!”


“So, it really is somebody from Tian Luo Hall.” Yang Kai raised his brow and returned the bag in his arms to Wan Ying Ying, “I caused this situation. Tian Luo Hall will never relent if I don’t show up. The Master Sect raised me, so how can I stand by and watch when it is in trouble? Let me go and have a look.”


Yang Kai walked out with large strides as he spoke. Even though Wan Ying Ying desperately tried to stop him, how could she possibly do that?


The Sect’s main square was a huge mess and fresh blood staining the entire ground.


There were only several dozen people in Void Spirit Sword Sect and all of them were gathered in this place. From Sect Master Su Chang Fa down to the most common disciple, all of them looked sorrowful. Su Chang Fa, Gu Kang Ning, and Hong Xiu were covered in wounds and fresh blood dyed their clothes red. The corpses of more than ten Void Spirit Sword Sect disciples lay scattered across that square.


Many shadows stood around the square, surrounding the Void Spirit Sword Sect members. These people were vaguely divided into two factions. One was headed by a middle-aged man while the other was headed by an elderly man wearing black robes.


Su Chang Fa looked at the middle-aged man sadly and called out, “Protector Wan, is this how Roaring Tiger Sect does things? You and I clearly had an agreement!”


He initially thought that he could borrow the strength of Roaring Tiger Sect to resist Tian Luo Hall, and for that reason, Void Spirit Sword Sect had offered the other party a high price that amounted to 80% of the Black Jade lode. In other words, 80% of the profits from the Black Jade lode would belong to Roaring Tiger Sect. Who could have known that this bastard surnamed Wan would do nothing and simply watch from the sidelines when Tian Luo Hall attacked today?


Wan Tian He laughed when he heard those words, “Agreement? What agreement? This Protector does not recall ever making an agreement with Void Spirit Sword Sect.”


Wan Tian He’s expression of denial made Su Chang Fa boil with rage. Blood surged up his throat and came out his mouth. His complexion immediately waned. Unfortunately, the overall situation was more important than his personal feelings at the moment, so he was forced to back down and plead in a trembling voice, “Protector Wan, if you can save Void Spirit Sword Sect from this disaster, then the Black Jade mine will belong entirely to Roaring Tiger Sect! Void Spirit Sword Sect will not intervene in this matter again!”


Wan Tian He smiled lightly but did not answer.


The other elderly man coldly snorted, “Su Chang Fa, do you still not understand? This is the law of the jungle. The strong stand on top. Only the person with the biggest fist has the right to speak. Void Spirit Sword Sect lost its right to exist in this world a long time ago! With Void Spirit Sword Sect gone, won’t the Black Jade mine still belong to Roaring Tiger Sect regardless?”


“You’ve been colluding with each other right from the beginning!” Su Chang Fa suddenly realised. Both Wan Tian He from Roaring Tiger Sect and Zhan Bo Xiong from Tian Luo Hall were in the Seventh-Step Earth Realm. Void Spirit Sword Sect was completely powerless against them, and judging by their actions today, it was clear that they had been secretly working together for a while now. Void Spirit Sword Sect was the only one who had been kept in the dark! Su Chang Fa thought he could use the wolf to drive away the tiger, but all he did was invite the wolf into his home!


“Hand over the True Void Spirit Art and that brat called Yang Kai; otherwise, I will wipe out your entire Sect!” Zhan Bo Xiong shouted coldly.


Void Spirit Sword Sect was undeniably weak nowadays, but the True Void Sword Lord was counted among their Ancestors. It could be seen that the Sect was not without some heritage. It was rumoured that Void Spirit Sword Sect possessed a Secret Art known as the True Void Spirit Art, one that was completely different from the one the disciples generally cultivated. Furthermore, the True Void Sword Lord supposedly achieved all his success by relying on the True Void Spirit Art.


If not to obtain the True Void Spirit Art, Zhan Bo Xiong would have already killed all the people in front of him rather than wasting his time talking to them.


Su Chang Fa smiled miserably, “There is no real or fake Void Spirit Art. There is only one Void Spirit Art. It is unfortunate that the younger generation is mediocre and are unable to reproduce the glory of our Ancestors. It is ridiculous how you believed that there’s some hidden inside story. You really are foolish! As for my Eldest Disciple, this Old Master sent him down the mountain a long time ago. Go ahead and search for him if you think you have the ability to find him! Hahahaha… Cough, cough…”


The smile on Su Chang Fa’s face stiffened quickly as he stared at the figure running here from the bottom of the mountain.


That figure moved incredibly quickly. He had only been halfway up the mountain when Su Chang Fa first noticed him, but he arrived at the top of the mountain in the blink of an eye. There was a loud explosion that sounded like a meteor crashing into the ground when the figure wrapped in a sharp aura landed at the top of the mountain.


“Honoured Master, this Disciple has arrived late!” Yang Kai shouted.


Su Chang Fa’s eyes rolled back into his head. He was so furious that he fainted from anger.


Gu Kang Ning, who was drenched in blood, was so enraged that he slapped his thigh and cursed, “Foolish! Foolish brat! How maddening!” [We are in such a desperate situation. How dare this little bastard come here!? Didn’t we send Wan Ying Ying to secretly pass him a message asking him to leave this place!? This is just great! The entire Void Spirit Sword Sect will be killed by the enemy and wiped from history now!]


Next to him, Hong Xiu sighed softly, “This is our fate! This Disciple has been unfilial! Void Spirit Sword Sect’s inheritance which survived for 1,000 years will die along with us today!”


On the other hand, Yang Kai was shocked and hurriedly rushed over to Su Chang Fa. It took a lot of effort before he finally managed to wake Su Chang Fa and asked in concern, “Honoured Master, how are you feeling?”


Su Chang Fa slowly opened his eyes and saw Yang Kai staring down at him. Yang Kai continued with a look of shame, “Honoured Master, this Disciple was immersed in cultivation and failed to extricate himself in time. This Disciple has come late to the rescue. Please forgive me, Honoured Master!”


“You… You…” Su Chang Fa pointed at Yang Kai and shuddered slightly, then his head suddenly tilted to the side. He had fainted from rage again.


Yang Kai did a quick check and discovered that Su Chang Fa was just unconscious. The wounds covering Su Chang Fa might look ghastly, but they were not fatal. The realisation gave him a small sense of relief.


Turning to look around him, he saw many corpses lying around them. There were at least ten Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters lying in pools of their own blood. Meanwhile, those who were still alive were covered in wounds. The sight immediately made his expression turn frosty.


“Are you Yang Kai?” Zhan Bo Xiong squinted at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai looked Zhan Bo Xiong up and down, “That’s right. Who are you?”


“This Old Master is Zhan Bo Xiong!”


A look of understanding filled Yang Kai’s face as he asked, “Are you the ones who killed my Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters?”


“So what? It is a given that a murder should be paid for with one’s life! I’m just here to collect my debt. How dare you kill my grandson!? I will send the entire Void Spirit Sword Sect to accompany him in the afterlife! As for you…” Zhan Bo Xiong waved his large hand, “Capture him. I’m going to skin this bastard alive in front of Yu Lin’s mourning hall and drain his blood dry to comfort my pitiful grandson in Heaven!”


As soon as those words left his mouth, two Tian Luo Hall disciples rushed out from behind him and charged at Yang Kai.


The expressions of Hong Xiu and Gu Kang Ning immediately changed drastically. Judging by the Spirit Qi fluctuations of these two Tian Luo Hall disciples when they attacked, both of them were at the peak of the Mortal Realm, just one step away from advancing into the Earth Realm.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was only in the Fourth-Step Mortal Realm even though he was Void Spirit Sword Sect’s Eldest Disciple of the current generation. There was no way he could resist them.


“Run!” Hong Xiu screamed. It was not that she didn’t want to help, but that she was too heavily injured; moreover, Earth Realm Masters from Tian Luo Hall were watching her, so she couldn’t take a single step forward.


Likewise, Gu Kang Ning was caught in the same situation.


To her despair, Yang Kai showed no intention to escape despite facing two Masters at the peak of the Mortal Realm. On the contrary, he actually stood up and rushed straight at them.


“Don’t be so presumptuous!” Zhan Bo Xiong’s eyes were cold.


When the three figures crossed each other, Yang Kai reached out both hands at the same time to cover the faces of the two people charging towards him.


The confrontation lasted only a flash, and nobody saw what happened clearly. All they heard was a loud explosion and after that, they saw Yang Kai half-kneeling on the ground. His two large hands were wrapped around the heads of the two Tian Luo Hall disciples as he slammed them into the ground fiercely.




The sound of bones cracking rang out and brains and blood flowed profusely. The two bodies twitched incessantly under Yang Kai’s grip as horrifying cracking sounds came from the two heads.


The entire square fell silent!




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