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Martial Peak – Chapter 4486, Earth Realm

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After a quick examination, Su Chang Fa’s expression became so grim that he was practically dripping with gloom. Yang Kai’s internal condition was a complete mess. His flesh was torn, his bones were cracked, and his five viscera and six organs were heavily shifted. Such injuries were generally fatal. Truthfully, Su Chang Fa himself was surprised that Yang Kai was still alive with these injuries. [Just how strong is his vitality!?]


He also immediately understood why Yang Kai had not killed the people from Roaring Tiger Sect earlier and allowed them to leave peacefully instead. It was not that Yang Kai did not want to, but that he simply could not. The first attack had already caused him such serious injuries. If he struck another blow, his body might explode on the spot.


“Brat, you better not die!” Gu Kang Ning exclaimed in concern.


Yang Kai had turned the tides around and rescued the Sect from a great disaster. It would be too much of a loss if he were to die here after everything had already been settled.


“Great Elder, rest assured. I won’t… Ugh…” Yang Kai coughed up another mouthful of blood before he could finish his sentence. His blood sprayed all over Su Chang Fa’s face across him.


Hong Xiu anxiously said, “Stop talking! The top priority is to treat your wounds as soon as possible!”


“That’s right,” Gu Kang Ning quickly nodded in agreement.


After making some arrangements, Yang Kai decided to focus on recovery immediately. Su Chang Fa and the two Elders personally stood guard around him while the other Void Spirit Sword Sect disciples scattered around in the vicinity to keep a vigilant watch and guard against any unexpected events.


Su Chang Fa looked at Yang Kai who was sitting cross-legged on the ground with amazement. His Disciple’s display today had shocked him to the core. Not only had the threat to their Sect’s survival been resolved so easily, but the True Void Sword Spirit Armament had also been found.


With the strength that Yang Kai displayed earlier, Void Spirit Sword Sect’s revival was just around the corner. For a moment, Su Chang Fa felt as though he could rest peacefully even if he died today.


Unfortunately, the most important matter at hand was whether Yang Kai could survive this disaster!


Yang Kai could sense that his current condition was absolutely terrible. The injuries he received from acting as a conduit for such a Heaven-defying attack were far more severe than how they seemed on the surface. If not for the fact that he had stimulated the power of his Dragon Vein greatly over the past week, he would have died along with the people from Tian Luo Hall; even so, he was currently on the verge of death.


His physical injuries were actually not too worrisome. Although he could only stimulate a small portion of the true power of his Dragon Vein, his powerful regenerative abilities were slowly healing his injuries. All he needed was time.


The main issue was the sharp Sword Intent!


The True Void Sword forged by the True Void Sword Lord contained his own Sword Qi. Upon activation, the Sword Qi had injured Yang Kai first before he could even harm the enemy.


The horrifying Sword Intent permeated his wounds and prevented his injuries from healing. It could be said that his injuries would only worsen with time if he did not scatter the Sword Intent in his wounds. There was no possibility of healing under these circumstances. At this rate, he would eventually be slivered away by the Sword Intent.


Although he tried to dispel the Sword Intent with his own power, his repeated attempts were only met with failure. The difference between this body’s cultivation and the True Void Sword Lord’s cultivation was too large, leaving him completely powerless against this Sword Intent.


Yang Kai suspected that even Heaven Realm Masters would not be able to dispel this Sword Intent! It was only possible for Spirit Realm Masters. However, if his strength was in the Spirit Realm, he would not have needed to rely on the Sword Qi within the True Void Sword Spirit Armament in the first place. That was because he himself would already have that level of power.


[This isn’t right… The True Void Sword Lord left the True Void Sword replica behind as a safety guarantee for his descendants. There’s no reason for him to make them sacrifice their lives just for that security. There must be some way to resolve this Sword Intent!] 


As soon as that thought entered his head, Yang Kai suddenly thought of another possibility. Perhaps this Sword Intent… was never meant to be dispelled!


Following that thought, Yang Kai quickly circulated the Void Spirit Art and guided the Sword Qi to circulate through his body.


A week later, Yang Kai’s spirits lifted. He could clearly sense that the horrifying Sword Intent permeating his wounds had weakened a little.


This discovery delighted him greatly. It would seem that his guess had been correct, there was no need to dispel the Sword Intent at all. It would naturally be resolved as long as he circulated the Void Spirit Art. Furthermore, the dissolved Sword Intent did not disappear but was transformed into pure Spirit Qi that filled his entire body instead.


In just a week, he felt the Spirit Qi in his body increasing significantly while his body became nourished and refreshed. What would happen if he digested all of this Sword Intent then?


Not daring to procrastinate, Yang Kai focused on maintaining his circulation of the Void Spirit Art. The Sword Intent that remained in his wounds decreased steadily as time passed while his aura became stronger and stronger.


Su Chang Fa, Gu Kang Ning, and Hong Xiu, who were standing guard around him, were astonished by this sight. They had been paying close attention to Yang Kai’s movements and condition all this while, so it was only natural that they were aware of the changes happening to him.


“Senior Brother, how is this brat’s aura getting stronger? Isn’t he supposed to be healing his wounds? Why does it feel like he is cultivating instead? Not to mention… it feels like he is about to break through,” Gu Kang Ning asked in confusion.


Su Chang Fa slowly shook his head. He had never encountered such a situation before either. A person suddenly reaching the point of a breakthrough during the process of recovery was truly an unheard-of phenomenon.


“We probably perceived wrongly. He might just be circulating his strength to alleviate his injuries,” The words had only just left his mouth when he saw Yang Kai stiffen slightly.


An invisible wave of energy erupted in all directions with Yang Kai as the centre. The Spirit Qi fluctuation mixed in that wave of energy belonged to the Eighth-Step Mortal Realm!


“He really… broke through!” Hong Xiu was dumbfounded.


It was not over yet though as no more than two days later, Yang Kai’s aura show signs of inflation again. His cultivation advanced from the Eighth-Step Mortal Realm to the Ninth-Step Mortal Realm not long after, but even so, his aura continued to strengthen as though there was no end to his progress!


Su Chang Fa’s brow twitched, “He can’t possibly break through into the Earth Realm, right?”


Gu Kang Ning shook his head decisively, “The Mortal Realm and the Earth Realm are two different Great Realms. Breaking through to the Earth Realm is not something you can just do overnight…”




Intense Spirit Qi fluctuations erupted from Yang Kai at that moment, and their aura belonged to the First-Step Earth Realm.


Gu Kang Ning’s mouth fell open in shock. He was forced to swallow the second half of his sentence. Stiffly turning his head to the side, he looked at Su Chang Fa and asked, “Senior Brother, you’ve gone through so much effort to hide this from us.”


Su Chang Fa was confused, “What did I hide from you?”


Gu Kang Ning said, “Did Yang Boy advance into the Earth Realm a long time ago? Why didn’t you tell us?”


Hong Xiu nodded sharply in agreement.


No matter how great a person’s aptitude was, it was impossible to just advance from the Seventh-Step Mortal Realm to the Earth Realm in a few days. That did not make any sense; hence, the only explanation was that Yang Kai had advanced into the Earth Realm a long time ago but had concealed the fact all this while.


Su Chang Fa didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I’ve also just found out that this little brat reached the Earth Realm…”


He had been eagerly waiting for Yang Kai to advance into the Earth Realm so he could inherit Void Spirit Sword Sect and lead it back to prosperity. And yet, Su Chang Fa couldn’t help feeling like he was dreaming when the time really came.


“Honoured Master, Elders, what are you discussing so spiritedly?” Yang Kai’s voice sounded and the three of them turned to look in his direction. To their surprise, they saw that Yang Kai had walked over to them at some point, holding the replica True Void Sword in his hand lightly as he looked at them curiously.


“Have you recovered from your injuries?” Gu Kang Ning asked in surprise.


Yang Kai nodded, “Yes, more or less.”


All the Sword Intent permeating his wounds had been refined into his capital to increase his strength, and without the interference of the Sword Intent, his injuries were no more than flesh wounds. Besides, this incident had further strengthened the power of his Dragon Vein. With such powerful regenerative abilities, it would not take more than a few days before Yang Kai completely recovered.


“How do you feel? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Hong Xiu asked worriedly.


Yang Kai replied, “This Disciple feels like he is bursting with strength! I really want to find somebody to fight!”


While speaking, he swung the True Void Sword in his hand around. The Sword Intent left behind by the True Void Sword Lord had allowed him to advance from the Seventh-Step Mortal Realm to the Earth Realm in one go. In that case, wouldn’t he save a lot of cultivation time if he repeated the experience a few more times?


However, he knew that his hope was unrealistic. That was because the Sword Qi sealed within the True Void Sword by the True Void Sword Lord could only be used to attack thrice.


There were actually two reasons as to why Yang Kai did not kill the people from Roaring Tiger Sect. The first reason was that his strength was lacking. The other reason however, was that he did not wish to waste the limited resources he had. His current strength could not be considered high and he would be powerless in front of a true Master; hence, the True Void Sword was a precious trump card.


“Honoured Master, Elders, thank you for standing guard for so many days. The three of you should hurry and get some rest. This Disciple will explain everything tomorrow!” Yang Kai cupped his fist. He knew that Su Chang Fa and the others would surely have many questions and doubts in their hearts; after all, his previous performance had been a little too outrageous.


Su Chang Fa gently nodded, “En!”


They had also been injured during the conflict with Tian Luo Hall, but they had to stand guard for Yang Kai over the past few days, so they had yet to get a good rest themselves.


Following the departure of the three Elders, Yang Kai finally looked around at the Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters surrounding him, their gazes filled with awe and respect.


“Have you all realised your own vulnerability and insignificance?” Yang Kai asked lightly.


They lowered their heads in shame upon hearing those words.


“Tian Luo Hall attacked us, but we were powerless to fight back. Many of our Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters were killed before our very eyes, but we could only watch helplessly. Why? Because they were stronger than us! Because they have more power than us!”


Their heads lowered even more at those words.


“Do you want to get stronger? Do you want to seek revenge!?” Yang Kai questioned them.


“Eldest Senior Brother, we want to be as strong as you! We want to avenge our Fellow Brothers and Sisters!” Somebody shouted, “But, how do we do that?”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “It’s enough if you have these thoughts. Even the tallest tree starts off as a weak seedling. There is nothing that can be achieved overnight. From tomorrow onward, I will prepare a training plan for all of you. I hope you can persevere through this training. For now, you should have a good rest.”


“Yes!” The disciples quickly dispersed with raging flames burning in their eyes.


The next day, Su Chang Fa and the two Elders sat on their elevated seats in the Main Hall. Meanwhile, Yang Kai stood below them and told them the story he had come up with beforehand.


After a long while, Su Chang Fa finally spoke, “So, you’re saying that you learned that the True Void Sword is hidden in the Ancestor’s statue thanks to the Ancestor’s Legacy Inheritance?”


“Indeed!” Yang Kai nodded in affirmation.


His previous performance had been far too bizarre. Somebody who was constantly drowning his sorrows in alcohol every single day had suddenly obtained the strength to turn the tides of an unwinnable battle and even brought out a secret weapon of mass destruction like the True Void Sword. Su Chang Fa and the others were bound to feel uneasy if he could not give them a reasonable explanation.


After pondering for some time, Yang Kai could only come up with a nonsensical reason like a Legacy Inheritance. It would now seem that the effects of his excuse were not too bad. Although Su Chang Fa and the others were sceptical, they had no choice but to believe him; after all, his previous performance had completely exceeded their ability to comprehend.



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