Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4491, World Principles Restriction


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After a few more questions, Yang Kai was preparing to leave when he suddenly remembered something and turned around to ask, “By the way, Honoured Master, did Roaring Tiger Sect send anything over?”


Su Chang Fa shook his head, “No.”


Yang Kai gently nodded, “This Disciple will take his leave!”


Outside the Main Hall, Yang Kai asked his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters who were standing guard to stand down and return to their cultivation. Only Wan Ying Ying remained, and Shi Ming Hui quickly stepped forward to greet him, “Sir!”


Yang Kai walked ahead while asking Wan Ying Ying a question, “I asked two Junior Brothers to go down the mountain and buy some herbs a few days ago. Have they returned?”


Wan Ying Ying replied, “Yes, but we didn’t know what to do with the herbs they purchased, so we placed them all in your home, Eldest Senior Brother.”


“Good,” Yang Kai responded and led the two of them in the direction of his secluded home.


A short while later, they arrived outside his house and Yang Kai asked Shi Ming Hui to wait for him before he entered with Wan Ying Ying.


The main reason Yang Kai sent his two Junior Brothers down the mountain to buy some herbs was so that he could use them to produce some medicine for Body Tempering purposes. Void Spirit Sword Sect was not only few in numbers, but the disciples also had very low cultivations. Even though he had taught them the modified version of the Void Spirit Art, there would not be obvious results in a short time.


In any case, cultivation was something that had to be done slowly and steadily. Using this Body Tempering Medicine to aid his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters in their cultivation would also help to build a strong foundation for them.


It was impossible for Yang Kai to continue doing something like this for the long term; fortunately, Wan Ying Ying was a good candidate. He could teach her about the methods to prepare the medicine.


Inside the secluded home, Yang Kai skillfully separated and categorised various herbs. At the same time, he patiently explained the process to Wan Ying Ying. It was a stroke of good fortune that she seemed talented in this regard. Although she had never been exposed to Alchemy before, she quickly learned the skills under his patient explanation and tutelage.


He taught her to prepare several medicines, and her performance was remarkable.


Something like this could not be considered complicated, not even qualifying as true Alchemy. It was simply mixing different herbs together in the correct proportions. When needed, they simply had to boil the herbs in water so that the medicinal efficacies would seep into the water. The disciples could then absorb the medicinal efficacies in the water while cultivating to strengthen their bodies.


“You can observe those within the Sect to see if there are any Junior Brothers or Junior Sisters who are interested in Alchemy. I will find an opportunity in the future to teach you all,” Yang Kai casually said while instructing Wan Ying Ying.


The Divine Armament World also had Alchemists; moreover, they held great status. It was just that a small Sect like Void Spirit Sword Sect had been too poor to raise an Alchemist. The several dozen bottles of pills that he found in the storehouse previously were bought at a high cost from other places.


“Eldest Senior Brother, you also know Alchemy!?” Wan Ying Ying shouted in disbelief.


To which Yang Kai just chuckled, “As you know, the Ancestor’s Legacy Inheritance is in my possession. The Ancestor knows many things. I’m just scratching the surface.”


“Oh!” She did not doubt his words at all.


After confirming that Wan Ying Ying had no issues with the proportions and methods of preparing the Body Tempering medicine, Yang Kai immediately left the rest to her and walked out of his secluded home alone.


Shi Ming Hui was still waiting outside and quickly approached Yang Kai when the latter appeared.


Yang Kai swept a glance at Shi Ming Hui and asked nonchalantly, “How does Roaring Tiger Sect compare with Tian Luo Hall in terms of strength?”


“The difference is not much,” Shi Ming Hui replied respectfully, “The Sect Master of Roaring Tiger Sect, Zhuang Ju He, is also in the Ninth-Step Earth Realm while their Left and Right Protectors are in the Eighth-Step Earth Realm. There are also several Elders in the Fourth-Step Earth Realm and above! But, this meagre amount of power is nothing in front of you, Sir. Are you planning to attack Roaring Tiger Sect, Sir?”


He had personally witnessed the Ninth-Step Earth Realm Master, Shu Wan Cheng, being killed in an instant by Yang Kai. Zhuang Ju He was not much different from Shu Wan Cheng in terms of strength, so how could he be Yang Kai’s opponent?


“They owe me something,” Yang Kai snorted lightly. Wan Tian He had boldly claimed that he would return with a gift of apology that would satisfy Yang Kai the other day. So many days have passed since then, but there has been no sight of him. Did he think that he was easy to bully just because he was young?


“It’s only right and proper to pay back one’s debts!” Shi Ming Hui’s expression was righteous, “I’ll be honest with you, Sir. Wan Tian He of Roaring Tiger Sect once contacted us. He was the one who told us about the Third Elder Zhan Bo Xiong’s death and the appearance of the True Void Sword. This man is despicable and cunning. He clearly wanted to instigate a fight between Tian Luo Hall and you so that Roaring Tiger Sect could swoop in at the last moment to enjoy all the benefits.”


“Is that so…” The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth lifted.


“It’s the truth,” Shi Ming Hui vowed.


Yang Kai pondered something for a moment before looking at Shi Ming Hui, “If I send you to deal with Roaring Tiger Sect…”


Shi Ming Hui’s expression stiffened, and he gave a dry laugh, “Sir, please understand. Roaring Tiger Sect has been operating for hundreds of years, so its foundation is very solid. Even if Tian Luo Hall dispatched all our elites, it is unlikely that we will come out on top in their territory.”


“Waste!” Yang Kai looked livid, “If I have to do everything myself, then what’s the point of having you!?”


Shi Ming Hui did not dare to make a single sound in response.


“Where is Roaring Tiger Sect Headquarters? Lead the way. We’ll set off right now,” Yang Kai instructed.


[It just so happens that I’ve run out of cultivation resources, and the mining of the Black Jade mine will still need some time. It’s not a bad idea to plunder Roaring Tiger Sect for resources. Besides, Roaring Tiger Sect will surely have many people. If I can rope them into mining for me, it will help to increase the efficiency.]


Two men on horseback departed from Void Spirit Sword Sect soon after.


Three days later, Shi Ming Hui led hundreds of people to Void Spirit Sword Sect. The Sect Master of Roaring Tiger Sect, Zhuang Ju He, also met with Su Chang Fa under Shi Ming Hui’s leadership to announce that these people were here to help with the mining; moreover, Roaring Tiger Sect had surrendered to Void Spirit Sword Sect and would be known as Void Spirit Sword Sect’s Roaring Tiger Sect Branch in the future.


After the previous experience, Su Chang Fa easily accepted this turn of events. Be that as it may, he still felt like he was experiencing a strange dream.


[How did the two largest great forces within the surrounding thousand kilometres suddenly become Void Spirit Sword Sect’s subordinates? Not to mention how hesitant and cautious Zhuang Ju He had been when he met me… I wonder why his face was bruised and swollen.]


Over a thousand people had now poured into Ash Mountain, and a constant stream of Black Jades were being mined. It had to be said that these 1,000 people were not ordinary commoners either as they were all cultivators whose strength ranged from the Mortal Realm to the Earth Realm. Their efficiency was naturally much higher than ordinary people.


A few days later, Yang Kai returned from Roaring Tiger Sect.


After devouring the abundant resources inside Roaring Tiger Sect’s storehouse, his cultivation had now reached the Fifth-Step Earth Realm! It had to be said that the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was simply Heaven-defying. If not for this Secret Art, Yang Kai could not have had such a speedy cultivation rate. This Heaven-defying Evil Art that he obtained from Wu Kuang had greatly accelerated his growth in this world.


Void Spirit Sword Sect was now the veritable overlord within a radius of 1,000 kilometres. The two strongest Sects, namely Tian Luo Hall and Roaring Tiger Sect, had already submitted to Void Spirit Sword Sect, so it was only natural that the remaining small fries could not do anything to change the situation. 


In any case, Yang Kai had no plans to cause trouble for those small great forces. On the contrary, these small great forces themselves could not hold back any more. They did not know why Void Spirit Sword Sect rose up so suddenly or what attitude Void Spirit Sword Sect had towards others; therefore, they quickly sent representatives to give their greetings and express their willingness to submit to Void Spirit Sword Sect in the future.


Yang Kai was open to all those who came. These small great forces had no grudges against him and they might not have many resources themselves, but each Sect could always send some manpower over to help with the mining.


In less than a month, there were more than 2,000 people working day and night on Ash Mountain.


The number of Black Jades that were mined every single day ranged from 300 to over 1,000 pieces. Moreover, as the mine deepened, the number of Black Jades that could be mined in a day increased steadily. 


80% of the mined Black Jades were delivered to Yang Kai’s secluded home, leaving only 20% for the development of the Sect. Even so, this amount was not enough to keep up with his consumption. The Black Jades were quickly swallowed up almost as soon as they entered his hands.


Two months later, Yang Kai’s cultivation reached the Ninth-Step Earth Realm! That was not all though as the cultivation of the Void Spirit Sword Sect disciples also began to show progress. Although the increase in their strength was not that great, their physical strength had been enhanced to a remarkable degree.


Aside from cultivating, Yang Kai spent his remaining time teaching Wan Ying Ying and two other Junior Brothers Alchemy.


Void Spirit Sword Sect would surely have a high demand for pills in the future; thus, it was necessary to train their own Alchemists.


Aside from Wan Ying Ying, the other two Junior Brothers were disciples with some talent in Alchemy whom Yang Kai recruited from the Sect. It was just that Void Spirit Sword Sect was too few in number. He could not ask for too much and could only make the best of what he had.


Even though the aptitudes of the other two might not be as great as Wan Ying Ying, they were not bad. Unfortunately, as their cultivation was still low, they were unable to use their Spirit Qi for Alchemy.


Moreover, Void Spirit Sword Sect had no Earth-Fire for them to use. Every time they performed Alchemy, they had to use something called a Radiant Flame Stone as their Alchemy Flame.


This was the path that many new Alchemists in the Divine Armament World had to take.


It was fortunate that Void Spirit Sword Sect had the Black Jade mine; otherwise, it would have been impossible to support Yang Kai’s consumption.


In addition, Roaring Tiger Sect and Tian Luo Hall operated many businesses. The profits from the various businesses were delivered directly to Yang Kai to satisfy his insatiable cultivation needs. Life might be a little difficult these days, but they managed to persevere.


Yang Kai was teaching Wan Ying Ying and the two Junior Brothers when a set of footsteps came from behind him. He remained seated and didn’t bother to turn around. It wasn’t until he finished what he needed to say that he finally addressed the person behind him, “What is it?”


Shi Ming Hui stood behind Yang Kai and cupped his fist, “Sir, I’ve gotten news.”


“Oh? So quickly?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrow in surprise.


“It was by luck!” Shi Ming Hui replied, “In half a month, the Heaven Grade Alchemist Gao Xin Peng will be staying in Heavenly Martial City for three days. Before Gao Xin Peng became famous, he became indebted to Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord. Not only is Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord old and frail, but he is also reaching the end of his life expectancy. Gao Xin Peng will personally come and help him refine some Life Extension Pills.”


“Heavenly Martial City!” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “How far is that?”


“It will take three days to arrive by horse!”


Yang Kai nodded lightly at those words and instructed, “Make preparations. We will set off for Heavenly Martial City in three days to meet Gao Xin Peng!” 


“Yes!” Shi Ming Hui quickly replied and turned around to leave.


Yang Kai issued a few more instructions to Wan Ying Ying and the others before he entered the secluded room next door. The Black Jades that were mined today had been delivered. Aside from the 20% left behind, all the rest were here. There were as many as 700 pieces.


Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and activated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to swallow them! However, even though he devoured all the Black Jades cleanly, he continued to show no signs of advancing into the Heaven Realm.


“It looks like this is the World Principles Restriction of the Divine Armament World. If I want to advance into the Heaven Realm, I will really need the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill!”




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