Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4496, Gao Xin Peng


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The sudden death of Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord caused the entire city to mourn!


Everybody knew that the City Lord was old and frail. It was public knowledge that he was reaching the end of his life expectancy; even so, many people had trouble accepting the truth when this news was announced.


Many shops and houses voluntarily hung white silk cloth above their doors to express their condolences to City Lord Miao Hong.


Yang Kai stood beside the window on the second floor of Tian Luo Hall’s shop.


Du Yu Yu stood beside him. Following his gaze, she looked out the window but did not see anything unusual, so she asked curiously, “Sir, what are you looking at?”


“A storm is coming!” He said.


Du Yu Yu looked up at the sky where the scorching sun was obviously shining brightly and thought, [Is there something wrong with his eyes?]


“Somebody might come looking for me later. Just let me know at the time.” After saying that, Yang Kai returned to his room. He had handed the antidote for the Turtle Breath Pill to Huang Da in advance. It was foreseeable that there would be a bloody battle at the City Lord’s Mansion, but Yang Kai had no plans to participate in something like that. It was enough for him to quietly wait here.


The only thing that interested him was the Heaven Grade Alchemist, Gao Xin Peng, who was coming soon. The pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill was in that person’s hands after all.


Less than a day after Miao Hong’s death, Gao Xin Peng arrived. A Heaven Grade Alchemist held an extremely high status in the Divine Armament World, so his arrival created a great sensation in the city and many people went to look at the excitement from afar.


As a Heaven-Grade Alchemist of Profound Pill Sect, Gao Xin Peng was quickly welcomed into the City Lord’s Mansion.


It was not until late at night that Du Yu Yu suddenly knocked on Yang Kai’s door, “Sir, a Deacon from the City Lord’s Mansion named Huang Da is here to see you. Also, Shi Ming Hui is back.”


“Good,” Yang Kai responded as he stood up and walked out.


Huang Da stood waiting outside the shop, and Shi Ming Hui stood next to him, looking ashamed. When he saw Yang Kai, he quickly spoke with chagrin, “This subordinate was incompetent. Please punish me, Sir.”


He was only supposed to offer up two pills, but he was captured and detained for eight days instead. Even he felt that he was very incompetent.


Nevertheless, it was exactly as Huang Da had mentioned before. The City Lord’s Mansion was facing troubled times, so the City Lord’s Wife, Qin You Shuang, and the Vice City Lord, Kou Yong, had no intention of causing further trouble. As a result, Shi Ming Hui was only captured and fortunately, was not subjected to torture.


“It’s not your fault. Go and have a good rest,” Yang Kai waved Shi Ming Hui away and cupped his fist at Huang Da, “Deacon Huang!”


Huang Da returned the greeting, “You are too polite, Little Brother Yang. The City Lord sent this humble one here to invite you to the City Lord’s Mansion.”


Yang Kai had already expected this outcome so he simply nodded, “Lead the way.” Turning back, he called out to Du Yu Yu, “Come with me.”


Du Yu Yu quickly responded with a confused look. She clearly heard Huang Da saying that the City Lord had extended his invitation, but… wasn’t the City Lord dead? Did Heavenly Martial City obtain a new City Lord so quickly?


Even though Yang Kai had gone in and out of the City Lord’s Mansion on numerous occasions, this was actually his first time walking in openly.


Upon entering the premises, Du Yu Yu was horrified. The guards around them were busy cleaning up the place as there were bloodstains that had not dried up all over the ground and traces of battle in many areas. It was obvious that a huge struggle had occurred in this place; however, she could not understand why people were killing each other in the City Lord’s Mansion.


Soon, the two of them arrived at a Grand Hall under Huang Da’s leadership. This hall was brightly lit, but a bloody aura permeated the air. Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord, Miao Hong, sat majestically on the main seat. As soon as he saw Yang Kai, he laughed loudly and stood up in greeting, “Little Brother, I was waiting for you.”


“This Yang is reassured to see that you are safe, City Lord Miao.” Yang Kai greeted warmly.


“It’s all thanks to you that this City Lord can stand here today! Come, come, come! Let me introduce you to an honoured guest!”


While saying so, Miao Hong enthusiastically grabbed Yang Kai by the arm and led him into the hall.


Yang Kai immediately saw the man sitting at the first seat on the left at a glance. There was nothing special about this man’s appearance. Rather, he seemed extremely ordinary. He was dressed in pale blue robes and at this moment, he was looking over with an inquisitive gaze.


Behind him stood a man and a woman. Their auras were concealed, but Yang Kai could clearly sense that they possessed horrifying strength. Similar to Miao Hong, these two were most likely Masters at the peak of the Heaven Realm!


At this moment, they were standing behind the seated man like bodyguards. Thus, Yang Kai immediately knew that this man was the target of his visit, Heaven Grade Alchemist, Gao Xin Peng.


Sure enough, Miao Hong pointed at Gao Xin Peng and introduced them, “Little Brother, this is Alchemist Gao of Profound Pill Sect!”


Yang Kai gently nodded, “This Junior has long admired Senior Gao!”


Gao Xin Peng looked at Yang Kai with interest. On the other hand, the expressions of the two guards behind Gao Xin Peng turned cold and a chilly pressure loomed down on Yang Kai. The status of a Heaven Grade Alchemist was highly revered so most people would bring large gifts and act worshipful; nobody would ever act as open and aloof as Yang Kai. It was only natural that these two were unhappy with his conduct. 


Even Miao Hong was slightly surprised. It was just that he was not in the position to say anything, considering all the help that Yang Kai had given him; thus, he simply chuckled and continued with the introductions, “Brother Gao, this is the one I mentioned to you before, Little Junior Brother Yang. It’s all thanks to Little Junior Brother Yang’s help that this Miao turned misfortune into great fortune in this situation. Like you, he is this Miao’s saviour.”


Gao Xin Peng nodded lightly and smiled, “I didn’t quite dare to believe it when I first heard about you from the City Lord, but now that I see you, you are indeed a brave and talented young man. I’ve taken a look at both the Vitality Pills and the Turtle Breath Pill you refined. Your methods are quite unusual but profound. Even the way you proportioned the herbs is very innovative. I gained a lot from studying those pills. Are you an Earth-Grade Alchemist?”


“Probably!” Yang Kai smiled.


Gao Xin Peng was stunned, “If you are, then you are. If you’re not, then you’re not. What do you mean by probably? Forget it; seeing as you can refine those two pills, you definitely have the foundation of an Earth-Grade Alchemist. It looks like your Master is not an ordinary person.”


As a Heaven Grade Alchemist, Gao Xin Peng was qualified enough to take no notice of Earth Grade Alchemists, but Yang Kai was a little different. He was so young that his future was unlimited; otherwise, Gao Xin Peng would not have been this polite.


Yang Kai casually replied, “Perhaps. It’s just that the Master who taught me Alchemy has no origins, so I’m not too certain either.”


Gao Xin Peng nodded lightly, “There are many such hidden Masters in the world. If possible, can you introduce us, Little Brother? I would like to meet your Master!”


To teach a Disciple like Yang Kai, this hidden Alchemist was bound to be a Heaven Grade Alchemist or higher; thus, he was qualified to discuss Alchemy with Gao Xin Peng.


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you, Alchemist Gao. I won’t hide the truth. My Master only taught me for a few years when I was younger before he left. I’ve not heard from him since.”


As expected, Gao Xin Peng revealed a disappointed expression and sighed, “Is that so? What a pity!”


Miao Hong smiled by the side and said, “Let us sit and talk.” After Yang Kai sat down, he finally continued, “Both of you are my saviours. If not for your help, this Miao Hong would have died a tragic death.”


Yang Kai had helped him to prolong his life buying him time until Gao Xin Peng arrived. On the other hand, Gao Xin Peng brought two Masters at the peak of the Heaven Realm with him to help clean out the traitors in the City Lord’s Mansion and regain authority over Heavenly Martial City!


As for what happened to Kou Yong and the others, Yang Kai could not be bothered to ask. They most likely were met with a tragic end. In fact, Kou Yong might have contributed to the smell of blood in this very hall.


“Brother Gao and I have known each other for several dozen years and have a deep and inseparable friendship, so this City Lord won’t bother offering his thanks.”


Gao Xin Peng chuckled, “If not for your help back then, City Lord Miao, this Gao would not be standing here today. If you need help, this Gao will naturally come to your aid!”


Miao Hong nodded lightly and turned to look at Yang Kai, “Little Brother, we had not met until a few days ago, but you’ve already done a great kindness for me. This City Lord is extremely grateful. Besides, this City Lord promised to reward you handsomely! Little Brother, do you have any wishes? If you do, please do not hold back. This City Lord will not refuse as long as it is within my means!”


It could be seen that he was in a jubilant mood; moreover, it was a gesture of sincerity to speak of such matters in front of Gao Xin Peng.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before nodding, “There is indeed something I’d like you to do for me, City Lord.”


“Go ahead and speak freely!” Miao Hong looked at Yang Kai with a smile.


Yang Kai turned to look at Gao Xin Peng “I wish to compete with Alchemist Gao in Alchemy!”


The smile on Miao Hong’s face stiffened while Gao Xin Peng looked surprised. As for the two bodyguards behind Gao Xin Peng, they shouted in unison, “How dare you!”


Gao Xin Peng raised his hand slightly and looked at Yang Kai curiously, “You want to compete with me in Alchemy?”


“Yes! I hope you will fulfil my wish, Alchemist Gao!” Yang Kai said seriously.


Gao Xin Peng burst out laughing, “You are an Earth Grade Alchemist while I am a Heaven Grade Alchemist. We are in different Grades altogether. How can we compete?”


Yang Kai replied, “I’ve never competed with other Alchemists before, so I’m curious about the difference between myself and the others. It is a rare opportunity to encounter Alchemist Gao, so… I have a bit of an itch!”


Miao Hong spoke up from the side with a strange expression, “Little Brother, didn’t your Master tell you that a competition between Alchemists is a very serious matter? Unless they have grievances against each other, they would never make such requests easily.”


Yang Kai was extremely astonished, “Is there such an etiquette?”


He turned to look at Du Yu Yu. Her complexion was ashen, but she nodded, “Yes!”


When she heard that Yang Kai wanted to compete against Gao Xin Peng in Alchemy, she had been so frightened that she nearly fell to the ground weakly.


Miao Hong burst into laughter and shook his head, “Little Brother, your actions are equivalent to pointing a sword at this Miao and declaring a battle to the death!”


Yang Kai was stunned, [No wonder the two bodyguards behind Gao Xin Peng reacted so strongly. It seems that my request is no different from challenging Gao Xin Peng. Thank goodness Gao Xin Peng is not such a petty man; otherwise, we could have fallen out with each other right here and now.]


Yang Kai was ashamed and cupped his fist apologetically, “It appears this Yang is truly ignorant and uninformed. Please forgive me, Alchemist Gao!”


Gao Xin Peng laughed, “It looks like your Master did not tell you much about the taboos among Alchemists.”


Yang Kai did not know what to say to that as he did not have a Master to speak of. The only Master he had in the Divine Armament World was the Sect Master of Void Spirit Sword Sect. His random excuse was only to deal with Gao Xin Peng’s questions. [But, if I can’t compete with Gao Xin Peng, then how am I going to get my hands on the pill recipe of the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill?]


Just as Yang Kai was feeling extremely conflicted, Gao Xin Peng suddenly spoke up, “It’s been a while since I’ve encountered something so interesting. Let’s do this instead; we can exchange some pointers with each other.”




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