Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4500, Heaven Realm


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With a High-Rank Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill in hand, Yang Kai’s advancement into the Heaven Realm was as good as an accomplished fact. 


Afterwards, Yang Kai asked about the amber liquid that Gao Xin Peng added at the end of the refining process.


Gao Xin Peng only said that it was a secret recipe he developed himself, which could increase the success rate of pill condensation by a slight margin. Its presence or absence had nothing to do with refining the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill. 


Something like this was very common. Even if everybody had mastered the same pill recipe, each person would have a different understanding of it. That was why many Alchemists had their own special tricks. It was just that Yang Kai was meeting another Alchemist for the first time in the Divine Armament World, so such practices were very curious and strange to him.


“With your talent, Junior Brother, you might even be able to modify the pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill if you work hard in the future. By doing that, you will leave your name in history. You will be famous for countless generations to come!”


Yang Kai was embarrassed, “You’re praising me too much, Senior Brother.”


Gao Xin Peng shook his head, “I have high hopes for you. To successfully refine a Heaven Grade pill as an Earth Realm Master, as far as I know, you’re the first person to ever succeed. Good, let’s end our idle chat here. Let’s go out now. I need to return to Profound Pill Sect as soon as possible and report about today’s matters.”


It would have been different if Yang Kai was an Alchemist with mediocre aptitude, but the key point was that his aptitude was extremely outstanding, so much so that he might even become the next Master of the Medicine King Furnace in 100 years. This matter was related to the glory of the Profound Pill Sect, so it could not be handled sloppily.


The two of them pushed open the door and walked out, smiling and chatting with each other.


Miao Hong, who had been standing outside the door, hurried over to greet them only to be stunned by the sight.


Gao Xin Peng then briefly explained the situation.


Miao Hong was shocked by the turn of events. Even his gaze became solemn when he looked at Yang Kai. He initially planned to recruit Yang Kai into Heavenly Martial City, but it would now seem that his plan was hopeless.


Yang Kai had not only gotten a connection with Profound Pill Sect, but he also considered Gao Xin Peng as his fellow brother. How could he take interest in Heavenly Martial City?


In addition, Miao Hong had also planned to prepare a banquet. There were two reasons for his actions. The first reason was to welcome Gao Xin Peng. The other reason was to thank both Gao Xin Peng and Yang Kai for helping him.


Unfortunately, Gao Xin Peng was in a hurry to return to Profound Pill Sect to report about Yang Kai’s matters and politely declined the invitation.


Miao Hong did not insist.


Afterwards, Miao Hong and Yang Kai saw Gao Xin Peng out of Heavenly Martial City.


It wasn’t until the luxuriously decorated carriage disappeared from view that Yang Kai turned around and cupped his fist, “City Lord Miao, I must take my leave too. I apologise for all the trouble I caused over the past few days.”


“Alchemist Yang, you are too polite. This Miao has received your life-saving grace. If there is anything this Miao Hong can help with in the future, please don’t hesitate to let me know! This Miao and Heavenly Martial City will never refuse!”


Ever since he learned about Yang Kai’s connection with Profound Pill Sect, he recognised Yang Kai’s terrifying potential; therefore, these words came out decisively. Next, Miao Hong abruptly changed the subject, “Alchemist Yang, are you really not going to stay a few more days?”


Yang Kai shook his head with a smile, “No. I need to return to the Master Sect, but we might meet again very soon.”


Miao Hong was overjoyed to hear those words, “In that case, this Miao will quietly wait to hear from you.”


While he was speaking, he clapped his hands smartly. Two carriages immediately drove out from behind him. The furnishings might not be as luxurious as the carriage Gao Xin Peng took, but they were not bad either. Not to mention, the carriages seemed to be filled with something very heavy. The body of the carriages was clearly weighted down by something.


“This is…” Yang Kai looked at the carriages questioningly. 


“100,000 pieces of Red Jades to show you my sincerity. Alchemist Yang, please don’t refuse!”


Despite listening to those words, Yang Kai did not react. On the other hand, the eyes of Du Yu Yu and Shi Ming Hui standing behind him immediately gleamed brightly!


100,000 pieces of Red Jade was equivalent to 1 million pieces of Black Jade or 10 million pieces of White Jade! This was a great display of sincerity indeed!


Void Spirit Sword Sect might own a Black Jade mine, but they could only mine 10 to 20 thousand pieces of Black Jade a month at most. It would take them at least 7 to 10 years just to accumulate an amount that was equivalent to 100,000 pieces of Red Jade. 


Therefore, Du Yu Yu and Shi Ming Hui were blown away by Miao Hong’s generosity.


Miao Hong laughed, “Alchemist Yang, you will advance into the Heaven Realm soon. When your cultivation reaches this level, it’s best to cultivate using Red Jades. The efficiency is far too low if you use Black Jades.”


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Your kindness is appreciated, City Lord. It would be impolite for this Yang to refuse.”


Yang Kai currently required a large amounts of resources for his cultivation. Besides, Miao Hong was showing his favour in advance. There was no reason to refuse. 


The value of two carriages worth of Red Jades was not small. For that reason, Miao Hong further arranged for people from Heavenly Martial City to escort them back. It took several days, but Yang Kai and his companions finally returned to Void Spirit Sword Sect.


The escorts left immediately after delivering the items; even so, the appearance of such a large force frightened Su Chang Fa and the others badly. They thought that somebody else was here to pick a quarrel with them again.


After receiving an explanation from Du Yu Yu and Shi Ming Hui, Su Chang Fa’s mouth fell wide open. It was not until a long while later that he shook his head in amazement and disappointment, “I’ve gotten old…”


Upon returning to Void Spirit Sword Sect, Yang Kai recounted the events at Heavenly Martial City to Su Chang Fa and the others. During the conversation, he secretly revealed that he was taught Alchemy by a strange man when he was younger.


There was no choice. Gao Xin Peng would surely come to Void Spirit Sword Sect in the future. At that time, Su Chang Fa and the others would learn about this matter. Rather than letting them hear about this from somebody else, it would be better for him to disclose this information in advance to give them some buffer time.


Sure enough, Su Chang Fa and the others were completely stunned by the news.


Gu Kang Ning frowned, “When you were 6 or 7 years old? Weren’t you spending all day long thinking about how to peek on your Martial Aunt Hong Xiu while she was bathing? Where would you find the time to learn Alchemy from others?”


As soon as those words left his mouth, Hong Xiu immediately shot a sharp glare at him.


Yang Kai was shocked, “Did I do that when I was younger?”


Cold sweat dripped down the back of his head in waves. Hong Xiu’s sharp knife-like gaze immediately swept over him and his cold sweat oozed out even harder.


Su Chang Fa lightly coughed, “If it was a Senior Expert from Profound Pill Sect, we would not have been able to detect anything. That’s a good thing. I just never imagined that a brat like you would have such amazing talent in Alchemy. You even managed to refine a Heaven Grade pill.”


However, when he recalled that even the Ancestor had handed his Legacy Inheritance to Yang Kai, Su Chang Fa found that it was not that surprising after all.


Gu Kang Ning and Su Chang Fa exchanged a glance with each other before they nodded lightly in unison and said happily, “It is a joyous occasion for Void Spirit Sword Sect!”


The True Void Sword replica that had been missing for so many years finally reappeared. The three True Void Sword Qi fortified the fate of the Sect. Now that Yang Kai was a Heaven Grade Alchemist who had connections with Profound Pill Sect, it was easy to see that Void Spirit Sword Sect would soon rise to glory.


“Honoured Master, I’m afraid I have to enter retreat immediately even though I just returned to the Sect. Senior Brother Gao gave me a High-Rank Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill before he left. By the time this Disciple exits retreat, I will probably be able to advance into the Heaven Realm!”


Hong Xiu couldn’t be bothered to be annoyed by what happened in the past upon hearing that; instead, she exclaimed in astonishment when she heard those words, “What is your current cultivation!?”


“The peak of the Earth Realm!” Yang Kai surged his Spirit Qi while speaking. The aura belonging to a Master at the peak of the Earth Realm immediately permeated the air.


Su Chang Fa and the others instantly became dumbstruck! The three Elders of Void Spirit Sword Sect were astonished by how fast Yang Kai’s cultivation speed was. They could not wrap their heads around how a cultivator in the Fourth-Step Mortal Realm could reach the peak of the Earth Realm in a short span of three months.


Ignoring their reactions, Yang Kai went off to cultivate in retreat on his own.


He had tried to break through before, but there was a layer of shackles formed by the World Principles of this world. The help of an external source was required to advance from the Earth Realm to the Heaven Realm; otherwise, it was impossible to break through to the next Realm just by relying on his strength alone.


He did not know the reason behind this phenomenon and could only assume that it was a special characteristic of the Divine Armament World.


Yang Kai sat beside a pile of Red Jades inside his secluded home and took out the High-Rank pill that Gao Xin Peng gave to him. After a quick check, he confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the pill and swallowed it.


The process of advancing from the Earth Realm to the Heaven Realm was a process of transformation for any cultivator. It was their first baptism in life; it was a sublimation of their power; it was a test of life and death. If they crossed this threshold, they would step into a wider world and see greater sights. If they failed to cross this threshold, they would suffer endless troubles in the future.


Be that as it may, Yang Kai’s heritage as a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was not just for show. Not to mention that he had a High-Rank Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill to support him, so there was no need to worry that he might fail.


He activated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and the medicinal efficacies in his abdomen quickly dissolved. In addition, the pure Spirit Qi contained within the Red Jades around him seemed to be pulled by a strong guiding force and transformed into a wave of Spirit Qi that poured into his body through his pores.


His aura was released without any reservations; then, it began to climb with a steady momentum and soon reached a peak.


During his past attempts, Yang Kai would feel an invisible layer of shackles restricting his body whenever he reached this point. As a result, he became powerless to proceed any further.


However, things were different this time. When he felt the invisible shackles wrapping around his body, he also felt the medicinal efficacies of the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill in his body simultaneously flowing throughout his body and quickly shattering the shackles around him.


He immediately felt lighter, as though a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders.


His aura that had reached the peak earlier continued to climb once more; moreover, it grew in leaps and bounds. An overwhelming force burst out with him as the centre, along with a ripple of air waves visible to the naked eye. The loose rock around his secluded home cracked and heaved noisily.


All the cultivators in Void Spirit Sword Sect sensed something at that moment and quickly stopped what they were doing to look in the direction of Yang Kai’s secluded home.


Su Chang Fa, Gu Kang Ning, and Hong Xiu had been standing guard not far away from Yang Kai’s home all this while.


At this moment, the old man’s aged face became emotional, “A Heaven Realm Master! There is finally a Heaven Realm Master in Void Spirit Sword Sect! Our Ancestors have finally taken pity on us and have given us their blessings!”


While speaking, tears flowed down his cheeks freely.


Gu Kang Ning and Hong Xiu were similarly moved.


Su Chang Fa was getting older and his vitality was beginning to decline. His Martial Dao would forever stay in the Third-Step Earth Realm.


But, that was not the case for Gu Kang Ning and Hong Xiu. They still had the potential to move forward.


The main reason for the slow growth of their cultivation was the lack of resources that could not keep up with their demands; fortunately, the situation was getting better by the day. There were Black Jades being mined from the Black Jade mine every single day, and Yang Kai was a Heaven Grade Alchemist who could refine the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill.


As long as they worked hard in their cultivation, they would eventually reach the Heaven Realm in their lifetime. For a moment, their eyes were filled with great hope!


On the other side, Du Yu Yu and Shi Ming Hui stood together. Having followed Yang Kai out on his trip this time, it could be said that they experienced many new things.


Besides, their cultivation was not low. One was in the Seventh-Step Earth Realm while the other was in the Eighth-Step Earth Realm. It would not take more than a few years for them to reach the peak of the Earth Realm.


At that time, Yang Kai would be their biggest hope of advancing into the Heaven Realm! After all, it was not difficult for a Heaven Grade Alchemist like him to refine some Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills for his own subordinates.


After considering all this, the two of them exchanged a glance with each other and understood what the other was thinking. Even if Yang Kai were to remove the poison from their bodies now, they would not leave. They had made up their minds to follow him to the end.




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