Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4502, Someone From Profound Pill Sect


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Void Spirit Sword Sect was flourishing by the day. Soon, one month had passed.


Yang Kai stepped out of his secluded home on a bright sunny day. After one month of training, he finally reached the next Step in his cultivation. He was now in the Third-Step Heaven Realm; however, he had used up all the Red Jades that Miao Hong had given to him. There were many Black Jades in Void Spirit Sword Sect, so he decided to give it a try; however, he realised that just like what Miao Hong had said, when a cultivator reached the Heaven Realm, it would be ineffective to use Black Jades to cultivate. Red Jades would be a much better option.


He knew that he should head out to look for cultivation resources.


The notion made him feel slightly somewhat dispirited. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a difficult task for him. Now, he was a Heaven Rank Alchemist, and he possessed the pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill. Therefore, it wasn’t hard for him to collect some resources.


As long as he exposed the fact that he was able to refine the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill, countless cultivators would come over to request Alchemy services from him; after all, in this Divine Armament World, a lot of cultivators were stuck at the peak of Earth Realm.


Yang Kai had already expected this day to come; therefore, before he left Heavenly Martial City previously, he had insinuated to Miao Hong that he might return to the city soon.


Compared to Void Spirit Sword Sect, Heavenly Martial City was much more powerful, and it also had a larger population. Yang Kai had already decided to return to Heavenly Martial City and set up a Pill Shop. While refining pills for others, he could also collect the resources he needed. With sufficient resources, he would be able to reach the peak of the Heaven Realm at the fastest speed.


As for the Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill needed for achieving an ascension to the Spirit Realm from the Heaven Realm, Yang Kai could only play it by ear. He wasn’t in a rush anyway, and he believed that a solution would present itself eventually.


He left his secluded home while he was still lost in his thoughts, and when he looked up, he became startled for a moment.


That was because Wan Ying Ying was seated outside his home as she stared vigilantly at Li Zheng Qing, who was just standing in a nearby place with a helpless expression, as though he was waiting for Yang Kai to come out. However, the old man wasn’t in a healthy state as he had been injured. His face was slightly pale, and his arm seemed to have been fractured as it was hung close to his chest with a long piece of cloth.


Upon hearing the noises, Wan Ying Ying and Li Zheng Qing gazed at Yang Kai. The former got up joyfully and dashed towards Yang Kai. In an obedient manner, she called out, “Eldest Senior Brother.”


Yang Kai nodded gently and stroked her head. Wan Ying Ying instantly started blushing as she moved away and pouted, “I’m a grown woman, Eldest Senior Brother. Please stop treating me like a child.”


Despite what she had said, she appeared to be enjoying his touch.


Yang Kai laughed and nodded his head, “Got it. I’ll be more mindful.” Then, he gazed at Li Zheng Qing, “What happened? Who hurt you?”


An embarrassed Li Zheng Qing bent his back and replied, “Sir, I have no idea who hurt me. The person’s Movement Skill was brilliant, so I was unable to see them clearly.”


Yang Kai was surprised, “You’re in the Heaven Realm now. How could you not even see who hurt you?”


Although it had only been a month since he last met Li Zheng Qing, Yang Kai could sense that the old man was now in the Heaven Realm.


Li Zheng Qing started flushing, “I really couldn’t see the person clearly. I’m truly useless.”


“So, what happened?”


Li Zheng Qing hurriedly narrated the incident in detail, as that was the reason he had been waiting here in the first place. Before Yang Kai entered retreat to cultivate, he had ordered that no one should disturb him. Therefore, Wan Ying Ying had been standing guard outside of the secluded home, and she wouldn’t even let Li Zheng Qing come anywhere near the place.


Upon hearing his story, Yang Kai finally learned that about half a month ago, a Heaven Realm Master snuck into Void Spirit Sword Sect. No one knew who the person was or even if they were a man or woman. They also had no idea why the person had snuck into this place.


Li Zheng Qing and Zhuang Ju He ascended to the Heaven Realm not long after. Since this was a serious incident, they personally led their subordinates to look into the matter. Unfortunately, when they finally detected some traces and found the intruder’s hiding place, they were easily defeated by that person. Li Zheng Qing and Zhuang Ju He were injured even though they had joined forces.


Fortunately, that person didn’t seem to have the intention to kill, so after injuring Li Zheng Qing and Zhuang Ju He, they immediately fled. Otherwise, the two new Heaven Realm Masters wouldn’t have been able to survive.


Other than the ones guarding the Black Jade lode, the people from Tian Luo Hall and Roaring Tiger Sect had gone all out to look for that mysterious person, but they hadn’t found a single clue so far.


The reason Li Zheng Qing had been staying there was to inform Yang Kai about it as soon as the latter exited his seclusion.


“A mysterious person, heh…” Yang Kai frowned, “Why do you think that person came to our Sect?”


The elusive person never killed anyone, and they were able to defeat two new Heaven Realm Masters, so it was obvious that they were very strong. The person must be in the Third-Step Heaven Realm at the very least. There must be a reason for such a person to sneak into this place.


Li Zheng Qing replied, “Brother Zhuang and I discuss  it before, and we’re worried that the person came here for the Black Jade lode; after all, in Void Spirit Sword Sect, only the Black Jade mine could arouse the interest of Heaven Realm Masters.”


Yang Kai nodded gently, “It’s a possibility. Did you find anything in the lode itself?”


Li Zheng Qing shook his head, “That’s what’s strange about it. We didn’t find any trace of the intruder in the mineral lode.”


“Is that person still in Void Spirit Sword Sect?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes.


“Yes, I believe so.” Li Zheng Qing bowed his head, “That person is powerful. Even though we discovered them once, they didn’t immediately leave. Brother Zhuang found the person again last night, but they soon disappeared.”


“Interesting,” Yang Kai’s lips curved into a smile. There was a mysterious Heaven Realm Master who appeared in Void Spirit Sword Sect and kept hiding in different places. It was expected that the people here were anxious. Before they figured out the person’s intentions, the entire Void Spirit Sword Sect would be shrouded in suspense.


“Alright, I’ll…” Before Yang Kai finished his words, he saw a burly man rushing towards them.


“He’s from Tian Luo Hall,” Li Zheng Qing spoke up.


The burly man stood in front of Li Zheng Qing and cupped his fist, “Greetings, Sect Master.”


“What’s wrong?” Li Zheng Qing asked.


The burly man replied, “There’s a Heaven Realm Master at the bottom of the mountain who has requested to meet the Sect Master.”


Li Zheng Qing turned solemn, “A Heaven Realm Master? Did he reveal his background?”


The burly man shook his head, “He didn’t. However, he gave me this thing. He said that the Sect Master will understand it when he sees it.”


Upon finishing his words, he held out a token with both hands. 


A doubtful Yang Kai took it and instantly saw the character ‘Gao (高)’ on the token. Upon realising who the visitor was, he said to the burly man, “Invite him to the Reception Hall. I’ll be waiting for him over there.”


“Yes,” the burly man replied and turned to leave.


Li Zheng Qing gazed at Yang Kai and asked, “Sir, could the visitor be…”


“No. He’s from Profound Pill Sect.”


“Profound Pill Sect?” Li Zheng Qing straightened his face as the Sect was truly famous. It was one of Ten Great Sects in the Divine Armament World that currently controlled the Medicine King Furnace Divine Armament.


A moment later, a muscular man stepped into the Reception Hall. Just like what Yang Kai had expected, the visitor was the one he had in mind; however, what surprised Yang Kai was that the man was carrying a person in his hand. This person’s strength was apparently sealed, so they appeared weak while trying to struggle out of the man’s grip.


“Gao Ming greets Alchemist Yang.” The man directly threw the person onto the ground, and ignoring their glare, he cupped his fist to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai nodded his head, “Are you the bodyguard of Senior Brother Gao?”


When he saw the token just now, he reckoned that Gao Xin Peng must have sent someone over. When they parted ways in Heavenly Martial City previously, Gao Xin Peng said that he had to return to Profound Pill Sect as soon as possible to report the matter of Yang Kai’s existence to his Sect. Two months had passed, so it was about the right time for Profound Pill Sect to react.


“Yes.” Gao Ming nodded.


It was the first time Yang Kai heard his name, so he asked curiously, “You share the same surname as Senior Brother Gao. Are you two from the same family?”


Gao Ming nodded, “That’s right.”


“I see,” Upon hearing that, Yang Kai reckoned that Gao Ming’s loyalty could be guaranteed since he and Gao Xin Peng were from the same family. Gao Xin Peng must share the same concerns, which was why he asked Gao Ming to be his bodyguard.


Then, Yang Kai took a glance at the person who was squirming on the ground and asked curiously, “Who is this?”


The person on the ground was a woman, but her face couldn’t be made out for now. Although her Spirit Qi had been sealed, she was still squirming like a worm as though she was trying to flee. The sight was quite comical.


Gao Ming replied, “I detected this person’s aura when I was climbing the mountain. Since she was being rather stealthy, I decided to capture her. Please forgive me if she’s from your Sect.”


Yang Kai was instantly amused, “She’s not from Void Spirit Sword Sect.” Then, he turned to look at Li Zheng Qing, “Is it her?”


Li Zheng Qing shook his head, “I can’t be sure.”


“Just ask her about it.” Yang Kai rose from the chair and walked up to the woman to block her way. The woman immediately lifted her head and roared, “Get lost!”


Yang Kai adjusted his clothes and squatted in front of her before clenching her chin and lifting her up. He realised that she was a young woman with an alluring face and skin was as fair as snow.


Despite her beautiful looks, the woman was clearly quite fierce and incensed as the first thing she did was widen her mouth in an attempt to bite Yang Kai’s hand. 


Yang Kai exerted more force into his grip, which ensured that she was unable to close her mouth. She could only hoot in response.


“Are you the one who has been hiding in Void Spirit Sword Sect?” Yang Kai questioned.


The woman still hooted in response.


Yang Kai grunted and scolded, “I’ll release you, but don’t you bite me; otherwise, I’ll break all your teeth.”


The woman glared at Yang Kai without saying anything.


It was only then that Yang Kai released her, which instantly left some red marks on her fair face.


“Speak. Are you the one who has been making a scene in Void Spirit Sword Sect? Are you the one who hurt my subordinates?”


“So what if it was me?” Despite her alluring face, the woman was hot-tempered, “Release me if you have the guts and fight this Great Aunt!”


Yang Kai chuckled and gazed at Gao Ming, “What’s this woman’s cultivation?”


Gao Ming replied, “Sixth-Step Heaven Realm or slightly higher.”


“You’re unlucky, then.” Yang Kai started sympathising with her. A Sixth-Step Heaven Realm Master should be quite powerful, and she was basically peerless in Void Spirit Sword Sect; however, she happened to come across Gao Ming, which was why she was easily captured.




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